Proton rated among most reliable cars

LONDON: Proton has cause to celebrate following new research released by Direct Line Breakdown which has revealed the most reliable cars on British roads.

According to the research, Proton’s range of cars has been listed as the fifth least likely to suffer mechanical breakdown, coming hot on the heels of Honda, Toyota, Mazda and Nissan.

The results are in contrast to general consumer consensus which saw Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW topping the poll and were perceived to be the most mechanically reliable by motorists.

The research on which cars are most likely to breakdown was based on Direct Line’s call-out records, which shows that consumer beliefs are inconsistent with reality.

Simon Park, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, for Proton Cars (UK) Ltd said:  “We are proud to see Proton ranking at number five in this research, and it is testament to the genuine experiences of our extremely loyal customer base.  Many of our customers have owned a Proton for years and have been very satisfied by how reliable they are.”

Proton’s current line-up includes the 5-door Savvy city car, the 3-door Satria Neo and new Satria Neo Sport, 5-door GEN-2 family hatchback and the 4-door GEN-2 saloon and LPG dual fuel GEN-2 ecoLogic range.

Direct Line, one of Britain’s largest provider of motor vehicle insurance, is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Set up in 1985, it is based in Croydon just outside London and also provides roadside recovery services.

It commissioned the research to find out if common consumer opinion on many makes of car is borne out by experience. It offers tailored prices for individual cars so drivers of reliable cars pay less. 

The research was undertaken by YouGov from April 26–28, with a sample of 2,011 adult respondents.


“This research shows how motorists tend to think the more expensive cars are more reliable which isn’t always the case,” said Direct Line’s Emma Holyer.

“Only 1% of consumers thought Protons were trusty whereas it’s actually one of the most reliable cars on the market.

“We believe that if you drive a reliable car you shouldn’t be paying out for the cost of your recovery agent constantly having to attend call outs for cars more likely to break down.  It’s only fair you pay a price that reflects the risk you represent.”

Direct Line was the first major operator to offer tailored pricing on the individual driver, rather than the conventional approach of one price for all.  Motorists switching to it from other operators save 20% on average.

Despite the reliability of Japanese and Malaysian cars, the same cannot be said for their drivers.

Direct Line statistics show that more than half of all breakdowns – across all makes of car – can be attributed to driver fault rather than mechanical so breakdown cover is essential no matter what car you drive.

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