Auto news on Youtube Sep 9 2018

I was talking to someone the other day

and he has a very succesful company

Which is why

he can drive whatever he wants.


he drives 90.000 km per year

A year ago he chose an Audi RS6

and a year later

and 90.000 km&039;s..

he got rid of it.


It seems really cool, an RS6

which it is!

But not for 90.000 km

You keep filling it up!

But you want something special..

you want performance


You&039;re looking for the golden combo

of practicality

so a high range

a lot of km on a single tank

AND a lot of power

Which are contradictory

You end up with diesel performance cars

Of which not many are left

Porsche gave up on them

They had the Panamera 4S diesel

not anymore..

BMW has the M550d

and Audi has this SQ7 diesel

I think this is a gem..

A V8 diesel

The only one left..

Space and comfort..

Unlike any other car..

That combination makes this Audi SQ7

the ultimate mile eater!

But when you are used to an RS6

and you step in this thing

You give it a bit of throttle

Don&039;t forget; You&039;re used to a lot of power

And still..

This 4.0 V8 BiTurbo

with an electric compressor

really makes an impression!

It&039;s not the 435HP

which is not that much

for this kind of car

But 900 NM!

So more torque than an RS6

That torque is what you feel in any situation

Going half throttle to overtake someone..

or when you push it on a back road..

You really use the torque!

Another benefit..

the ultimate benefit..

You don&039;t need to fill it up every day

This SQ7 has an optional 100l fuel tank

If you drive this in a normal way

Not holding back, you can do 12km per liter

So 1200km on a single tank!

It has an 8 speed ZF gearbox

So not an S tronic

Those gearboxes can not handle 900NM

This is a great combination.

We know this gearbox really well

But every brand has its own configuration or programming

So they use this gearbox

But they feel different.

The combo of that V8 and this gearbox is sweet!

It responses really sharp

even though it&039;s a diesel.

Also on paddle commands

Up and Down shifts are super

So it manages to compensate its weight!

which is also because of an 48 volt system

that stabilizes the car.

So it keeps that weight level at all times.

It&039;s also a nice car to corner with..

But don&039;t use the dynamic setting

because the power steering then also goes into that mode

which is very very bad in Dynamic!

It&039;s soo heavy

it&039;s ridiculous!

Almost funny..

So go to Individual

and put the steering in Comfort

Makes for a better driving car..

The SQ7

is the ultimate

performance car AND mile eater

Everything and everyone in it..

and just go!

If you&039;re interested..


Audi specialist

And maybe you&039;re the new owner

of this beautiful car..