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BED WARS! | Minecraft Hypixel Mini-games | Episode 1 – Duration: 14:03.

Hello YouTube, welcome to another episode of

Minecraft minigames and Hudinio and I are back together. Yeah. Yeah

It’s been a while. But yeah, who do you want to play? You want to play bad Wars?

Yeah, it’s been so long since we’ve done any type of PvP and I kind of went into it a little bit

Yeah, we played a game before this almost one

But then we didn’t

So, yeah, let’s do it let’s do for me Paul before before again

Okay, let’s see how we do at least at least it’s it’s we we got into it a bit

Yeah, like I kept me forgotten where B Dimond islands were like I can put like like oh yeah there on the side

Yeah, we didn’t do terribly. I don’t think we could have done better. No. No we

We’re the last team standing


Yeah, but III stupidly didn’t see my team a destroyed the bad sir

Okay, I am going to buy some stuff. I’m gonna buy wool. I’m not gonna care about any other stuff

I’m gonna put my things away and I’m going to build to the diamonds Islands. Alright, you do that

I’m gonna go right for the Emerald Island

Emeralds are more selfish. I think but that’s kind of how I roll

so I got that I

Know like if you have a lot of diamonds initially it definitely boosts. Yeah

Your team oh man

Blue is going there as well the diamond and I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know if I’m gonna be fast enough


Everybody branched out in different directions. I think it’s good. I think it’s good. Okay. I’ll see you where I am. I’m close

I’m close. I’m close

Okay, someone yellow is on the main island you’re weak and I have three diamonds

You have three cheese look at you


Think we have kind of a good team. Um

Let me buy some team upgrades maybe regenerate because like the first we can do. Yeah

We can do haste as well


I’m just going to put them in the chest. I’m gonna put them in the communal chest

That was so stupid. I wanted to be cool and I jumped off the island into the void

Yeah, we’re off to a good start yeah, we’re not doing too bad I’m gonna grab some more diamonds

I found where were the diamonds that was so stupid because the thing is there was like a guy

There was a guy in

Me me and I kind of freaked out. Oh I said, did you run in already hit you?

Know I just I just fall into the void stupidly that reminds me

Let me turn chat back on so I can see these things. Oh

Man a blue mist camping on they’re destroying our bridge over to the diamond violence our man

Sucks. What? Do I need any blocks?

Okay, I

Can’t do anything crap. I don’t have a bow

That sucks. We at least have the other diamond islands. So that’s not super bad

Yeah, I’m gonna do a little work on the bed

I don’t normally do this but I think we yeah, yeah, we should we can’t forget the bed either


Boom I have three more diamonds


Is so stupid that that one diamonds that I find. Yeah, so they come so the diamonds come in packs of three

No, no. No they need. Ohms. I said there’s somebody someone’s invisible in our island

Really? Yeah, our beds going. Oh, oh

Everybody’s gone he dropped tea and tea on top of our bed and oh

Yeah, we were not ready for that. Okay, let’s buy I’m gonna buy in action for us then. That sucks. Yep

That’s the worst. Okay. Well, there’s no need to know

And I buy

Well, yellow also doesn’t have a bed. So

That’s haha blue is on the way

And I’m here alone. No, you are here. I

Know I don’t have it wouldn’t oh, we got a nice

Yay. Oh, I got a diamond from that. That’s cool. Yeah, you get whatever they’re carrying. Yeah. Yeah, I

Mean, okay. Try to see if I can grab

grab an iron swords the rest of back

Um, yeah blue and rads is yeah blue is on to be annoying yellow is on the way

Well, there’s a guy over there I should grab a bow yeah on he’s destroying our bridge. Yeah well

Over there

What do I have in him, where’s the rest of our team oh

Here. Yes, here we visited. Uh, he didn’t know her bed was destroyed


Yeah, I’m dead I want to get him he was a bit deep fast, yeah I’m coming for him don’t worry oh


Don’t lag because on my screen I’d made that jump and then I rubberband and fell through. Oh, that sucks. Oh no for me

Alright well, I just saw it


Okay. Well, let’s do another one. Alright

Alright, let’s try the same tactic as before. I’m gonna build two diamond islands

I’m gonna gear up first because I am the worst

Okay, that’s

Beginning I’m going some fast well wait I can get chainmail and

Tools oh I don’t have enough iron

Nobody’s ready? No, I crap I run out blocks. I

Wouldn’t be able to make it back

Damn it

If you have blocks you can finish the thing

Okay, I need to grab a full stack I had I didn’t I had 48 and I just came a bit too short

Wow I say

Louise on other islands, I’m yellow is on that one. Fuck. Oh is it ain’t no they’re not

So nobody’s actually watching our bed and I didn’t plan on doing it but I guess

Yes, I’ll be my job for this this episode will diamonds

No, no, I

Got one in my teammates say anything. He was just looking at us really

Looking at me I had four diamonds and someone hit me in the boards

That dude was I was just building up and that dude was literally just watching me. Oh

That really sucks. He should have at least like came to aid he oh that dude sucks. Yeah, that’s not cool. I

Mean I don’t know what he could have done but at least something I guess. Oh, that’s so stupid. We missed four diamonds

Okay, I’m gonna try Emerald Island. What’s what I can do there? Probably nothing

Going on. I need one more gold Knight gets more wood to reinforce the bed that I’m leaving it. Oh, wow the middle

I know. Yeah

Alright that’s good enough I don’t care enough about the bed anymore

You know we should get more diamonds

Time I have two diamonds so oh

Man I had for sure is that our beds Oh No, somebody did a blast charge on the wall

I was running on but I managed to escape over it

Okay. Oh

I was close to diamonds can’t get me anything. Okay?


Well, not any very good position to be honest no

Am I not good someone else is finally reinforcing the bed

Okay, I’m trying I’m gonna I don’t have pretty much anything on me. Anyway, so I’m gonna start building to the other islands

I don’t have enough although

Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna be out soon

Oh no, no is that our beds are been destroyed? Nope. Yes, it is destroyed

Damn it

Crap an armed fire


Ha ha ha. It’s so frustrating. He pulls something. I just I was working so hard on that

Okay, well

Let’s just go kill some guys now they wasted that entire time

reinforcing our bed

Just for it to be blown by tea and tea. I think I need to

Rush TNT and then just walk into their bed. Oh, you know they oh, I’m dead. No dad

yeah, I was I was diggin the things on new blue suomi but they they dug the

Thing under my feet ball was making it. Yeah

They believed me. Oh

Well, I have an emerald which is selfish red team you’re the only one left of our team me oh, yeah


Let’s make this quick then there’s no one in there Bayes is like a few guys from green that keep disconnecting. Yeah

Fairly safe

Got it. Yo this guy there now, that’s fine

Yeah, but they can see you

Kelly I’m

Yeah, your nametag on they can’t now but he’s getting he’s coming. Oh, wait. Wait. No he’s coming away. He’s gonna kill you


Oh man, that’s so good. All right, actually you just hide out here if you build that up just hide and sneak

Yellow and yellow and blue we’ll just kill each other. Oh

That’s the plan maybe okay I need

They wouldn’t they wouldn’t expect you to be in in Green’s base, yeah

Like in their beds, okay. Hang on I need to focus for a second

Iron sword. I already have I can get a bow 12 a

bunch of arrows


Invisibility potion visibility pushing a bow what ton of arrows? Okay Oh


It’s nerve-racking just coming your way my way. Okay? Yep. That’s not gonna see you and they’re gonna kill you


Guess he’ll pull dang it. He had he’ll pull on. All right. Well, that was fine. I mean I destroyed green and

Killed their last menu or menu remember?

Yeah, let’s get out of here back to the lobby

All right, that’s gonna do it for us for this episode

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You said you’re doing better so that’s that’s actually something to look forward to I guess but yeah and definitely check it out

All right, so, that’s it. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye. Bye. Yeah