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That Is a Go

I know take in my Bed it&039;s a present for you it&039;s the first ep ever Collected oh?

Thanks oh Keep It some more Special like

The Captain dog Headquarters her about wash away and That Flood Captain dog Headquarters

Sounds Like Flower outside has a Car Whoever Playing Right of Course

you Know how the beavers boat that beaver Dam for Captain dog you Mean That Thing you Mean if sticks that Kept The cat Food

Dog Headquarters Who float Away

Exactly Mission Is to find a Beaver to teach Us so we can Protect the doghouse for By

Any Chance you can teach us When are you Really Busy at all Wait i may be busy but the beaver creek is always

In mind this isn&039;t Just a stick collection Puppy Buddy it&039;s my beaver Dam

you Know beavers Have Those Big teeth Yeah They&039;re Kind of hard to miss Whoa we have to –

Maybe if we Can Chew down a tree Like Busy i love to no snakes toe meat soup

How Else can we Knock down a tree Was It really Power That&039;s how

welcome back have a Nice flight Yeah but We Couldn&039;t shoot Out a tree after all

This Looks Great Is it done Yeah the Water is still leaking Through Right There see

Then we&039;ll Help You find a Stick That&039;s the perfect Thing

Washes Away That&039;s a Good Thing We Already have a You are Damn looks pop-tastic we&039;re practically Beavers

it&039;s Just Water isn&039;t gonna Float Away after all Captain

It&039;s raining i&039;ll fix Up the Backyard so it doesn&039;t Flood Next time There&039;s a Storm

But for right Now

What do you Say we Curl up on the couch and Watch some i

Can&039;T tell you how Excited i am for our Vacation to florida Tomorrow

It&039;S the parrot i made Friends with When i first got to florida i was Feeling Homesick and he Helped me feel Better

Koscheck That&039;s when you Feel so parents can live a long Long Time hmm i wonder if i&039;ll ever see him again

Suffering Side Orders of Seaweed Salad i still Need to pack Lobster we&039;re gonna Play on the beach

Teddy i was Really Excited about coming to the Beach

Maybe He&039;s homesick you know like When he was a Kid That

Totally Makes sense i get it Let Your bob up last time he was in florida Was the parent i smell a Mission Let&039;s go

Bob Said that the pyrrhic Knocked down bob did Say he first mets of Hair while on a Walk in a Garden

Then We Should Go on a Walk i love walks

with all these Trees This huMp

Sorry nellie are you Bobby&039;s bored

Roly he&039;s not a Parent all

Right I Just Saw Wings and Got It yeah Bob&039;s burgers coconuts Out of trees and Eats Grapes and Dances and Sings

Hey i heard a Bird singing today i could take It to him singing Burns Up that old overturned Boat my puppy

Just Like That You are the best seagull save and pops in all of florida and i

Don&039;t know What Rhymes with florida

Right Jonathan Isn&039;t The right Kind of singing Bird he&039;s a Seagull

Flaps Bird As a Pair and Bob&039;s Blood Knocks coconuts Out of Trees i know i know oh?

Bingo those are Bird Knocking coconuts on that tree Just like Babu used to do

Thanks for Helping us find box Burner Jonathan and You to nelly to her hope you Get bob&039;s Bird back

To bob so he can Feel Better

Come on roli Let&039;s Get

He&039;s Not Moving We Need to figure out?

How to get him to follow us what a delightful picnic at the Beach Frank i Just love florida us for the Berry

Bob Said is Bird Like Grapes we can Use them to bring him back to bob&039;s hotel

Whoa to produce that both. Look like Bob&039;s border

olli there can Only be One Bob&039;s burgers What a shame repeating Things

So we Asked a Feature Phone was bob&039;s Bird

a Bird

you Know dancing

Bob&039;s burger might Need a Little Inspiration We Need to sing and dance and maybe Bob&039;s Board Will decide to

That first off Sang Pretty Well and It Sounded both The others They&039;re all Good Dancers to any

Suffering Side Orders of Seaweed Salad

He said the same thing Bob tears Wreath Frustrated Suffering side orders of Sea back to bob so we can surprise


but i Am Encouraged That enough Father&039;s Mood

Numbered i said who i think it is

What i&039;d recognize That Voice anywhere

I&039;m singing and dancing and Wow Suffering Side orders are seaweed

Bob&039;s probably The best Puzzle porter Together When i know i wish i knew how he does it oh

Bob Uses the picture on the puzzle box to help show him how to put It together That&039;s a strange-Looking Spotty Kitty no

time for Work i was really Looking Forward to framing This puzzle on Hanging it up in my Kitchen

I don&039;t know what i&039;m gonna do now well i&039;ll see you pups When i get home so

All We Need to do is find in my new leopard easy

order Luck Worthless oh

Leopards live on the other side of The World in Grasslands and Forests and i do like to be alone and hide in high Places

and your cat look you Should

Help Us to see your only hope i

Don&039;t know look

Wow This Place is Huge

and Hot Really hot

Very interesting

Rolly This Is a giraffe oh?

My you

Startled me Howdy down there Puppies i&039;m Barry i

Can&039;t move oh My you&039;re stuck to the sap What&039;s up not much What&039;s tap with you


Yeah We Need your guest skills to help With Spotty cat. Whoa okay oh Yeah oh?

Look Who are there it looks like a Watering hole


Why of course you&039;re sitting in one of his paw prints

Boy is that a portrait Indeed it is Leopards are quite big cats

Do you Know where the leopard is now oh my god lipper&039;s

Just Try It then We Try to talk with Him i&039;m Just gonna have a Little Snack Along The Way?

Hey My favorite cat Toy How did that Get Here

I forgot i brought and Kiss i Feel the urge to close It i is right oh?

Oh these squeeze it down lower It Sounds Even funnier

We Really Need a Leopard Right Roley Really

You don&039;t need me


Would You Mind if i maybe

Get Your Squeaky Toy of course not and thank you for helping us out on our Mission

But Thank Goodness You did because you look Just like a Little Spotted Leopard

Well Now that i&039;m done i better give you two of That

I&039;ll Go Get the Water started oh i know bob Davis S but so she left her tour with titus maybe we can share it

I don&039;t know Guys i&039;m Doing Just

Let&039;s bob gonna though Let&039;s took Already Yeah What&039;s your waiting for he&039;s never going to throw The stick guys?

Why else Would you wave it Around While She&039;s getting Ready to Throw It bob&039;s using the stick to pretend like he&039;s an orchestra conductor

I got a little carried Away didn&039;t i well That&039;s Just Because i&039;m so Excited to take you guys to the concert in the park

Tomorrow And since There&039;s a Fence Around This area you can Play With the other dogs Will i keep an Eye on you

1 2 3 1 2 he&039;s waking you but She&039;s never gonna Throw That stick

and I&039;m gonna Find a Way to take It i can&039;t leave the concert Without my special Baton

Did you Hear that if the conductor can&039;t leave the musicians without her baton the no Beauty officer

We&039;re trying to get that Baton stick thingy back to the conductor so the concert Will be Cancelled Cancelled

No, no, no we gotta get that Baton

I mean Gone oh Thank Goodness Here&039;s my Baton

Silly Doggy I Need to go backstage to Get ready the concerts starting soon this is Bob&039;s

Heels Chasing Contest If we Don&039;t Get all of These Sheets back

There won&039;t be any Music to read and no Music means no concert for bob

That&039;s how a Doggie does that i think We Got all the Pieces of Sheet music

Wow we did it We Got the call back to the stage so now bob&039;s calves are too Saved again

we&039;re Pretty Good This Whole Saving Thing you know oh i know

Yeah he needs Listened to his favorite Music with His two favorite gone i Mean Puppies Just

Everyone Ready to tune Up and Play

As a Special treat i&039;d Like Someone from the audience

To help me conduct the orchestra for the famous big gong finale me yes you

you two stay Here

Pay Attention Honey Watch His the time he&039;ll tell you when to play

Here it comes The Big gong finale i&039;m so Excited

For more infomation >> Puppy Dog Pals Leave It To Beavers Top Cartoon For Kids & Children – Amber Morgan – Duration: 16:22.


Piers Morgan&039;s blazing Lord Sugar rant sends Susanna Reid into meltdown – Duration: 3:37.

Piers Morgan&039;s blazing Lord Sugar rant sends Susanna Reid into meltdown

The controversial Good Morning Britain presenter launched into a blazing rant about the business mogul Piers Morgans bitch fit was spurred on after he received an email from The Apprentice star telling him explicitly not to imitate his guests voices.

Naturally the 52-year-old was furious with Shugsys recommendations and derailed the show into a car crash segment on the no-nonsense TV personality.

FEUD CONTINUES: Piers and Lord Sugars feud is far from over.

He started: Do you know what Lord Sugar said yesterday? He launched The Apprentice yesterday and he said I launched Piers Morgans career on TV.

Really? He talks about this one thing I did – Comic Relief The Apprentice, where he fired me – stupidly, because I made the most money. As Piers continued to moan about his telly rival, his co-host Susanna Reid had fallen asleep next to him.

But that didnt stop him, as Piers carried on: That was in the middle of 2007.

ASLEEP: Susanna dozed off halfway through Piers Morgans rant.

RAGING: Piers brought the show to a complete standstill as he ranted about Lord Sugar.

Piers Morgan I had already been the star of Americas Got Talent, the number one show in America, for an entire year.

So if your watching old growler, leave it out. Eventually Piers came to a grinding halt, and his deathly silence woke Susanna up from her kip.

Susanna slammed: Well Lord Sugar, congratulations, you have successfully wound up Piers Morgan this morning.

Youve got exactly what you wanted..

SLAMMED: Lord Sugar emailed Piers Morgan this morning.

Unlucky for Susanna and viewers up and down the country, Piers and Lord Sugars feud will be televised live next week when The Apprentice big man joins Good Morning Britain for a chat, ahead of the new series launch next month.

Piers promised: Weve got him on next week and Im going to rip him to pieces. We cant wait for Susannas constant eye rolls.

Catch Good Morning Britain weekdays from 6am on ITV.

For more infomation >> Piers Morgan&039;s blazing Lord Sugar rant sends Susanna Reid into meltdown – Duration: 3:37.


Puppy Dog Pals Captain Rolly Top Cartoon For Kids & Children – Amber Morgan – Duration: 17:30.



Flying saucer-like

Saucers are scary

Don&039;t worry, Roley captain dog isn&039;t afraid of flights in dog. Oh, he saves the day

I know you to love captain dog as much as I do so I got his tickets two captains

I can&039;t wait to show you two once we get there

It&039;s a puppy size play area of the city where captain dog lives and you guys get to play around in it

There&039;s even a contest for whoever built the best part of the city, I really hope I win that Blue Ribbon

What did you hear that captain dog Bob needs us to protect us happens while he&039;s gone

Kosta was broke Rolly

Rolly and bingo you mean if it isn&039;t Captain John&039;s in the bar tonight, I&039;m Colonel catastrophe if this is lieutenant

I&039;m boys

Sorry Carl catastrophe, but bark smell belongs to every dog. Let&039;s see what lieutenant doc has to say about that

It was a brave thing you did captain dog I like being captain dog

Great work today captain dog the only thing we haven&039;t seen you

OK, we&039;ve got a minor odor fix and now a fine sauce of stuff you ready captain ah

He dig the perfect hose for burying things

And he&039;s the bravest brother in the whole world who&039;s always there when I need him and we&039;re gonna fix

Looks like you guys had fun and the monorail still working perfectly ah thanks for protecting it for me while I was in


New guy &039;s would love the doggy scuba gear I made because you two love splashing in the water well

I had ordered to let me see if I can oh, it says it got lost at sea lost at sea

According to this your sec the second box. Oh, I really hope they find it

Well, I need to get to work anyway. Have fun big scuba doggy here. We can search the sea and find it


No, it looks like maybe it will look like this one hot off the boat near the Great Barrier Reef

Wherever that is let&039;s go a scarf

The Great Barrier Reef is this near the ocean or could have floated to a Knightly yanks

That&039;s a lot of places to search we better get started


Is it this barrier reef grapefruit, it looks like the ocean is having a party down there. Those must be dogfish fishies

Now remember sea pup Roley we&039;re looking for a box with a paw print inside a bubble one bubble box

Orange coral caves and I&039;m in a beautiful yellow cake so I&039;ll add the same cake keep scoop and Roley okay?

I&039;m coming up throw a wet tell them that turns into purple. We said it fell off a boat

Let&039;s head back to the surface and look for a boat. We can see maybe one of them will be the right boat I

Don&039;t see any boat

Way out here are you on vacation with your family to want the mission to find a lost box Bob

To catch up with my family I better go


Well this boat must&039;ve been pretty cool before it went along glug glug and sinks above the ocean hey

You don&039;t think this was a pirate. Ship. Do you I do now

Well, we searched this whole thing and didn&039;t find the missing box for Bob

I know the only box around here is this one wait

Maybe that&039;s Bob&039;s there are thousands of sea creatures around here

Maybe one of them saw the Box fall off the boat and let&039;s go find a sea creature

Well then why are we moving anyway

Well if the world wants us to go this way, maybe it wanted the box to go this way, too


Yeah, you box ended up. I don&039;t know if the box is there, but I do see something familiar Jonathan the seagull

Yeah, we&039;re looking for a box that fell off for well, then you&039;ve come to the right spot

What does the box look like well it looks like Bob&039;s box. It&039;s brown look. It&039;s a paw print instead of level

This is Bob&039;s lost box. We found this jonathan was standing in front of this this whole time here

I&039;ll help you grab it not so fast

There that wants to see in this pause there was to see the ocean

Yeah, we found it Bob Jonathan was sitting on it. Oh, this is so exciting

I can&039;t wait for you to see what I got you

Thanks for checking my eyes doc

I&039;ll make sure to keep these sunglasses off for the rest of the day did just like you told me to

I&039;m sure they do

But I can&039;t see them very well

the eye

Doctor put some drops in my eyes for a special test this time around so I&039;m gonna be seeing things blurry for the rest stop

Getting home so you do the extra good puppies on the way, okay?

And away we go

Did you hear that wrong length of his blurry eyes, I&039;ll even have to show them the way home. We&039;re gonna lead the way

Okay, hey is that my neighbors I hear

Oh, hi Bob where you added well my puppies, and I are headed home. So maybe we&039;ll see what we get there

Jim it is but he&039;s probably gonna do some shopping before he goes home

All right come on boys good leading been going wrong

Is that way

We made it through the park and bother safe

Are we back where we started though, yep this mission is harder than we thought I

Think I&039;ll buy some flowers to take home so I can look at him after my vision clears off

Well this must be the flower store right Peck

Hi, you looking for anything in particular

Nope, but I&039;ll know it when I smell it

Do you like that one, I don&039;t know it smells kind of funny

Oh look great in a vase

Thank you

This way guys will be hope enough to

Please sell fresh fruit Sporting Goods and wind chimes

Everything I need for a happy life hmm. I should buy some fresh help them out

Wow this place sure is big I

Have an idea I

Don&039;t know what kind of fruit is this?

Whoops excuse me oh

That Way&039;s blocked oh good plan bingo hey this feels just right

Got everything we need Thanks, just gotta pay for this stuff, and then head home

Well it&039;s hard to see for sure, but maybe they sell hats in here

There we go it&039;s a perfect fit huh, I wish I knew the fastest way to go

You want to go this way, okay?

I&039;m glad the sidewalks not so crowded anymore

then I could yeah all three of us got here with no problem at all I

Like your silly two of these too I

Guess they do go with the hat, thanks mr., ball Hey

This way you used to you know, there is nothing I like to see mokey

Wait for it wait for it

Arf even sang me a lullaby go to sleep

I&039;ve sang many verses it did not work

Maybe I should have true our mission is to bring Bob some sheep so he can count them and fall asleep tonight

Counting sheep is just an expression guys

It means you imagine sheep and count them in their sheep real sheep, so we&039;re gonna find supper Bob

Me neither how can we get him to follow us from if we can&039;t ask him

I&039;m a dog too. Oh, she&039;s pretending I bingo and rolling i&039;m Strider

What brings you pups to the farm our owner Bob needs to count sheep so we can follow you you got to keep the Sheep?

Together don&039;t let anybody wander off no wonder. You look. We&039;ve got it right Roley I

I wandered off look. You know it&039;s even more fun than herding sheep what?

Nothing herding sheep is the most fun thing in the whole world wow she is really into this so the puppies can try

Your turn wow those sheep got out of line fast, then let&039;s get them back in line even faster

We do it keep practicing they just have to get used to you then

They&039;ll go wherever you want them to go and let&039;s keep at it

Till we get used to us, but there&039;s one super important thing left to do

Close the gate always Oh

Got it and walk in line and turn and bark and stare like this

Just promise to look after all the sheep okay everything

Yeah, we did it rolling not when bob is ready to go to sleep

It&039;s nice appear though, I&039;d like a warm cloud. Let&039;s make sure all the sheep. Are you yeah? Oh no?

Straighter would keep track of every single sheep. We&039;ve gotta go find that oh


That&039;s not good on the upside you might learn to read or write Roley

Do not belong to me

We need to get the Sheep to turn before he runs into the story time

What animal is on this page? Yeah, the turn where did it go us?

Let&039;s get this sheep back to Bob&039;s house. We can counter the Koala sleep tonight

Sheep come from I think maybe that farm where I buy my vape truck. Let me see how many there are

one two

Three we did mom&039;s counting sheep now. We&039;ll fall asleep for sure

Dog you kept track of every single sheet. I knew you could do it

I just hope bob is able to go to sleep to it

Please get this last sheep to the rest of the herd. Will you Stryder little sheep dogs of your own?

Thanks for teaching us come on Strider. Let&039;s go home

Mission accomplished Roley Bob counters sheep just like you wanted Annie felt the sweet dreams. Rolly sweet dreams bingo

Sweet dreams Bob sweet dreams Bob. Oh, yeah, sweet dreams. Hissy. Did you just?

For more infomation >> Puppy Dog Pals Captain Rolly Top Cartoon For Kids & Children – Amber Morgan – Duration: 17:30.


Susanna Reid flashes cleavage in eye-popping dress on GMB: &039;Piers Morgan&039;s got an eyeful&039; – Duration: 3:49.

Susanna Reid flashes cleavage in eye-popping dress on GMB: &039;Piers Morgan&039;s got an eyeful&039;

Just when you thought the telly siren couldnt get any sexier, Susanna Reids hot dress cements her as the UKs no1 eye candy.

The 46-year-old made viewers rise and shine in her figure-hugging floral frock, with a deep v-neck to ensure maximum cleavage for first thing in the morning.

The black dress, tastefully patterned with scarlet flowers, gracefully fell over her knee.

The queen of breakfast TV paired the sophisticated outfit with a pair of black high heels which accentuated her shapely pins.

SCARLET: The low-cut dress was embellished with red hot flowers.

HOSTING: Alongside Piers Morgan.

Fans of the former Strictly finalist took to Twitter to praise the hot look, with her 451k followers flooding her with compliments.

Susanna, looking very beautiful as usual, hard to improve on perfection, wrote one follower.

Another added: Truly speechless.

Youre a very beautiful woman, you truly are.

Susanna, you could wear a bin bag and look stunning, wrote a third.

ROW: Things got heated with Piers.

Commenting on the plentiful cleavage, another follower said: Piers Morgan has been getting an eyeful. Speaking of Piers, the wind-up merchant had been up to his usual tricks on GMB by winding up his co-hosts.

The 52-year-old needled Charlotte Hawkins over the rumoured Strictly curse, and criticised her presenting skills.

SMILES: The threesome continued with the show.

His attitude lead to Susanna complaining that working on GMB was detrimental to her health.

But judging by her Twitter photos, Susannas in better shape than ever.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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