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Auto news on Youtube Sep 20 2018

If I had to explain to somebody what a 1980s turbo was in a few kilometers,

I would probably let him drive this car: Porsche 3.3,

300 horsepower, turbo without filters, straight from the 1980s madness.

It’s black, it has a huge rear spoiler, it’s drop-dead gorgeous…

This is a real Turbo: you can feel it when it kicks in.

You get no help from it and suits her nickname perfectly: the “Widowmaker”.

It’s totally and unbelievably insane!

The sound of an air-cooled engine is already something incredible but…

the Turbo is a symphony of merciless sounds and sensations.

You are frightened just by sitting in it… and you are right to be so because

it’s not a car with which you can be cocky…

Listen to this…

3.3 as I said, 300 horses…

There’s very little doubt: this is the rudest and manliest car Porsche has ever made.

Clutch, gearbox, steering, pedals: everything makes you sweat.

It’s a nightmare on the hairpins because the turbo lag is… proverbial.

Every single lag of the turbo translates into a huge kick in the ass.

What a temper…

When I talk about a car with temper this is what I mean.

It’s a car full of unique quirks, it doesn’t resemble any other one.

The 4-speed gearbox is quite hard to understand and once you understand it, it’s…

…woah!… it gives you a nice feeling.

It’s hard to talk on this one, you need to focus inch by inch and every

ounce of your force is needed.

I recently had the chance to drive the GT2 RS, the ultimate turbocharged car from Porsche

and I’m sorry to say this (actually not that much…), but with less than

half of the power, this has a much richer personality.

If I had to describe to somebody what a turbo is, I would take him for a drive

on this and without saying a word, he would probably realize what a true turbo feels like.

Actually, the turbo was criticized back then because of the lags

and the fact you had to anticipate if you wanted to drive fast.

We lost the shivers down the spine though,

something just the 80s and some of the 90s cars can make us feel.

The charm of these cars… this one is also black with black Fuchs wheels,

that huge rear wing, the grinning front end and this sound…!

This is one of those cars that drives me crazy.


My wrists and ankles already hurt even if I’m used to drive rough cars:

this is… on another league.

And yet there’s nothing on the front so you might think the steering is easy:

it’s precise and yeah, it communicates with you, it reads everything underneath…

It’s by no means an easy nor predictable car.

She quite deserves the “Widowmaker” nickname.

The sensation of fear and danger I thought to get

became TRUE pleasure just a few minutes later.

When the turbo kicks in, she takes you away…

Since the front end raises, you don’t get a sensation of control when you speed up:

it feels like you are turning with the rear wing rather than with the wheels.

It seems like the front tires communicate with the back

and the traction on the rear end seems to be the one that steers the car.

I think it’s a unique sensation you can experience on an old RWD Porsche 911 Turbo…

…and maybe it’s a good thing because… these cars hurt many people.

I can tell you that this can be very terrifying with a non-expert person behind the wheel

because it’s unpredictable, it’s… mad.

Despite this, some could make magic with it…

Now I’m going to lower the window and let you hear something you’ll really like,

let’s see if you can hear it… Listen…

You have to be extremely brave to keep your foot down on a turn

because when it kicks in… it REALLY kicks in.

The gear changes are long, it takes some effort…

I think it’s simply irresistible,

to me it’s a truly irresistible car.

It’s one of a kind: there are no others like her, so what can I tell you?

There’s a straight here, second gear, 3000 rpm and still nothing, wait… Now!

The lag is so marked, when you change from 2nd to 3rd at redline there’s still

a moment where it needs to catch some breath.

When a turbocharged engine revs high, it usually doesn’t need to recover… not this one.

That’s why I think it’s dangerous on the straights too:

the kick will always be present, not just from low to high rpm

but even when the engine is already revving high.

I waited so long to drive this car, I waited many years and

what many told about it is… worrisome,

starting with the “Widowmaker” nickname and I have to say she deserves it:

it’s a very difficult car, it’s not easy to learn, it can make you sweat

even if you have been driving it since the day you bought it.

It was a hard day, I sweated a lot even if I know these roads (luckily),

this helped me a bit, but the car has a true visceral behavior,

it’s really hard to tame… 300 bhp in the early 80s without filters, basically on/off…

Actually I thought the turbo would have been even more ignorant and evil,

but it can be managed.

The problem is when it kicks in and you don’t expect it:

you need to be ready with the steering, your arms and muscles.

You really need muscles with this car, you can have a hard time with it,

anything can happen.

You have to be extremely careful and respectful if you want to exaggerate.

Written and directed by Davide Cironi

Filmed and edited by Stefano Ianni

Filmed by Francesco Colantoni

Thank you to Federico for the 930

Translated by Elia Pozzani

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For more infomation >> The Widowmaker: Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 (930)- Davide Cironi Drive Experience – Duration: 14:22.


Porsche Boxster 986 buying advice – Duration: 11:37.

This is a Porsche you can really diss.

It’s no 911. “It’s no 911? Never mind, I don’t want it.”

It doesn’t have the prettiest headlights.

The first version had a 2.5 6-cylinder boxer engine, but it had only 201 hp.

Still, this package makes for a nice car.

The weight distribution is much better than a 911.

This one has a real mid-engine. The engine sits behind our seats.

That means this car’s balance is better than a 911.

The basis, when looking at all the ingredients, is better than Porsche’s icon.

This car, alongside the 911 996 with the same egg headlights not everyone likes,

has saved the company. They made a lot of money with it.

It was their sales success.

Otherwise, Porsche may not have been around anymore, or had to change completely.

We can tease them for it, but driving this car now shows me how much fun it is.

This is a real sports car. It has continuously been updated, both in engines and other options.

It got a bigger facelift in 2002. For example, it got park distance,

the PCM infotainment system and satnav,

the engines got a horsepower upgrade, and a glass rear window.

The engines got upgrades during the car’s lifetime.

They’re all real boxer engines and 6-cylinder engines.

We can criticize the current Boxster for having a small 4-cylinder engine.

These sound really good.

ENGINES gasoline

About 40 of this generation Boxster are for sale on AutoTrack.

The prices have a wide range, depending on the car’s condition.

The prices on AutoTrack range from 10,000 to 25,000 euros.

This varies with the mileage, the maintenance history, and overall condition.

You have to consider what budget suits you and what car goes along with that.

Don’t forget to reserve some money for maintenance.

PRICES minimum, maximum

Of course there are plenty of alternatives.

Instead of an expensive Boxster you can buy a cheap 911 of this generation.

The better choice depends on your personal situation.

A 911 has the advantage of having rear seats, so you can seat kids there.

It’s more difficult for adults to sit there.

Alternatives are the BMW Z4, Audi TT…

Cars with the sporty looks, but not necessarily the horsepower.

The most important thing to watch out for is to realize that these cars are 20 years old.

Some are older, some a bit younger.

That means you have to take a good look at the overall condition.

This car is great, but you’ll also find completely different cars.

Look at the maintenance history, what documents are present, and the car’s overall condition.

Also, the tires. Porsches formally need tires with an N code.

Those are more expensive because they’re specially made for Porsche.

The previous owner could have saved costs on this.

The parts are readily available.

This Boxster 986 and the 911 996 are part of the Porsche Classic collection.

That means 52,000 parts are available for these models.

That won’t be a problem.

There are a number of things with the powertrain to be aware of.

Like I said, this is a mid-engine car. That’s great for the balance and weight distribution.

However, it’s problematic for the mechanic who has to work on it, because it’s hard to reach.

The engine will have to come out for certain things.

It’s difficult to see and it’s hard to reach.

Some repairs are more expensive than with a VW Golf where you can reach the engine form above.

The cold start. Preferably go on a test drive with a cold engine.

This generation boxer 6-cylinder engine is allowed to produce a puff of blue smoke on a cold start.

What causes this? The cylinders are horizontal and oil can seep in.

This burns. It’s okay if it does so for a short time.

If you have doubts, it’ll be a good idea to get buying advice.

If there’s more white or blue smoke, other things are wrong.

You have to watch out for that.

Another important liquid for the engine is the coolant.

Check the level and look at the inside of the cap.

There can be a mayonaise-like substance.

This can indicate a leaking head gasket or a malfunctioning oil separator.

This can be expensive, so that’s something to keep an eye on.

The notorious EMS bearing or intermediate shaft bearing can break.

Grit gets into the engine if you do nothing about it.

That’s not good for the engine. The engine will be done for.

Porsche has had issues with it up to 2009.

“Issues” is a big word, but the problems were fixed after 2009.

That means it’s a thing to watch out for with this generation.

You want to see it has been replaced or that it has been inspected.

The costs to replace it aren’t so bad.

If you’re not sure, budget it in when buying the car.

You buy a car for 15,000 euros, replacing the bearing is about 1,000 euros,

include some other things… It’s not that bad at a specialist.

It’s smart to do this with an enthusiast’s car. People will look at that when buying the car.

The body and interior. It’s a performance car.

You can laugh about that when it has the 2.5 with 201 hp, but it’s a sports car.

Make sure it stands straight on its wheels.

If it has been damaged in the past, it shouldn’t be a problem provided that it has been repaired well.

A number of things for the convertible top.

Casper made a special video about this.

You’ll have to watch that for any convertible you’re buying.

There are a number of things to watch out for, such as the windows.

When you open the door, it should lower 15 mm and go back up again when you close the door.

If this doesn’t happen, the window mechanism can be broken.

The top. Look at how it works, the seams, how does it connect here…

The rear window is made of plastic up till the facelift.

The plastic gets milky over time and you can’t see out of it.

Fortunately, it can be replaced separately.

The Boxster got a glass rear window after the facelift.

That’s nicer and sturdier, but do check if it sits well in the top.

It shouldn’t be loose or damaged.

Just check the top. Open and close it.

Look at it and do a good inspection.

Then there are leaks.

A convertible is more susceptible to this. It’s that simple. It happens.

Less can happen with a metal roof. The top itself can leak.

Another thing that can leak are the drain reservoirs under the top.

You can see them when you open the top a little bit.

They can crack and the water flows into the interior.

How to detect this? Feel if the floor is moist or maybe it smells moldy.

This is important to check, because the alarm’s computer sits underneath the driver’s seat.

I don’t know how you’ve experienced this, but computers and water isn’t a good combination.

This is a thing to watch out for with the electronics.

Of course you’ll check if all the electronics work.

The power seats, the A/C, satnav, etc.

You can check everything. Park distance, if available: try to hit a post and wait for it to beep.

You can be more subtle about it, but do check everything.

That computer is an expensive part.

These are Porsche parts, which are more expensive than VW, Kia, or Renault parts. It’s that simple.

Also check the central locking. This can be your alarm computer or the key fob.

Both aren’t cheap to replace.

If there’s an issue with the lights, this can be the bulb itself or a faulty switch.

You really need to check these things.

This car is really pretty.

I’m not trying to sell someone else’s goods, but this is a very pretty Boxster.

It’s a 3.2 S with a manual transmission.

An automatic transmission was available as well, so this one has yummy specs.

I wouldn’t mind touring with it for a while.

I won’t do that. This doesn’t conclude the video, though.

We found this car at JC Baarse in Aalsmeer.

It’s really pretty. I think it’s incredibly pretty.

I am advertising a bit, but it’s really pretty.


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