Auto news on Youtube Oct 31 2017

Throughout the day there are so many opportunities to serve

We are all taken care of by so many unseen

Loving people. Who makes your shoes? Who grows your food? Who brings it to the grocery store?

Who takes care of

Making sure that you have the things that make your life


wonderfully supportive and

fulfilling? and think now of ways seen or unseen

that you can be that

caretaker and that support to others. And as you go out into your day look for all of those opportunities

to serve. It may be as simple as someone with a load of packages at the post office needing you to hold the door or

someone who is

asking for you just to listen to them

Remember the word silent and listen have the same letters and

sometimes that is the greatest gift, to

listen to another and open heartedness and

let them be supported and the equanimity you&039;ve developed by taking care of yourself

So that then you can take care of others