Auto news on Youtube Oct 26 2018

Chris: I have a bad start

Tobi: I have microstutter I think

Nicho: Marcel too yesterday, idk what he did

Me: nothing, still have some stutter

Nicho: ups

Nicho: Oh no

Nicho: no worrys, will happen again

Tobi: who&039;s behind Marcel?

Chris: Olli

Olli: Smeels like a dive-bomb

Tobi: what did he say?

Nicho: he meant "Smells like a dive-bomb"

Chris: why is Tobi so fast

Me: he has no one in front

Chris: Tell me the type of wine you had

Tobi: Riesling

Chris: the best

Chris: With soda or pure?

Tobi: yesterday both

Tobi: was not the only thing I had

you know "Berliner Luft" (Berlin Air)

Tastes like mouth rinse

like you&039;ve brushed your teeth

Nicho: Like After Aight without chocolate

normal or strong one?

Tobi: idk, 30% maybe

Nicho: Ok, there is also a strong one with 42%

Tobi: ok makes sense because it didn&039;t taste like alcohol that much

and I think thats dangerous about it

Nicho: Can copy that

I have a friend who likes it a lot

unnecessary bla bla

Tobi: I loose a lot time in the carousel because I bottom out

Chris: and I think i catch up

bla bla survived curb, bla bla, lucky, bla

Chris: All three wide?

Me: no

Me: soon there will be a slip-stream battle

Me: aah shitty when you don&039;t get this right for straight

(too far away for slip-stream)

Nicho: You need a slingshlot

Me: Chris you&039;ve better not told Tobi to not brake here

Tobi: what are the restrictiors? Marcel 3%

Chris: Poweeeeer

Chris: front tyres don&039;t get warm enough

Nicho: me 2

Me: maybe I was braking a bit early here?

Tobi: I was late, almost crashed

Tobi: now my left front one is at temperature

Me: after you where too late on the brakes?

Tobi: no the hole lap

Chris: for me 2, all besides right front

Me: I have no idea, never look after it

Chris: Whats your top speed?

Me: 255

Tobi: 254

Me: You where wide?

Tobi: yes

Chris: Challenging corner for me

Marcel: but worked out fine

Chris: yes fast and without slide

Chris: There was a position change behind me, didnt recognize that

Me: at Schwedenkreuz

Chris: fastest lap takes Marcel

Me: I alway think he slides and must loose time, but he does not

Chris: was only a small slide

long silence…

all concentrating

Tobi: you are at the toilet or what?

Me: fastest lap is yours, I was closer to you before

Chris: Qualifying was shit against this lap

Me: I had -1.5sec on the clock but could only save -1

Tobi: I had -3.2

Me: Oh you where a lot better 😉

Tobi: I did my training through the race