Auto news on Youtube Oct 15 2018

So this is how Global Treasury Services at a bank works

Treasury services acts in an advisory capacity

to help businesses manage their money

and the day-to-day financial structuring of their operations

Think of it this way, we&039;re working

on a group project at uni and I&039;ve ended up as group leader


It&039;s now my job to make sure that

this group project runs as smoothly and

efficiently as possible. I&039;ll organise meetings,

structure the presentation and basically make sure we got a good grade

That&039;s how Treasury Services works

If a client has multiple operations globally,

we use our innovative tech systems

to analyse complex data in order to help them

run their finances as efficiently as possible

For example, this could be foreign exchange transactions

or setting up payment structures

for thousands of bank accounts

My coursemate Jack is the client

His ideas are all over the place

Oh mate, you&039;ve got to help me

I&039;ve got so many notes and no idea how to structure them

Just calm down. Treasury Services acts as a consultancy

where we advise the client on how to manage and structure their finances

I&039;ll take a look at these

Have you tried ordering your notes in

chronological order and seeing if you can find any comparisons?

Okay leave it with me and I&039;ll get it done

Treasury Services also works closely with

other lines of business to achieve a client&039;s

overall objectives. Let&039;s say, a client is

about to acquire another business. This is Naomi


She represents the Mergers and Acquisitions

department of the bank. She&039;ll have advised

the client on the acquisition and how to raise the equity

Treasury services then transfers the money

and handles the financial logistics of

combining the two companies

Here&039;s everything you&039;ll need, all you have to do is

put it into a PowerPoint presentation

So, Global Treasury Services

manages clients&039; day-to-day financial operations

and both helps and advises them

with their cash flow

Mate have you seen my wallet anywhere?

I can&039;t seem to find it