Auto news on Youtube Nov 8 2018

How can you improve quality and make life easier for your customers?

We build marine diesel engines

for both pleasure boats and commercial traffic.

The problems we faced with the huge variation in our products

made it hard to quality-assure the products in the old way

with instruction booklets and operator training.

One of the big challenges was how to inform operators properly

so that they can do things correctly.

What was Volvo Penta&039;s solution?

Digital instructions!

With Casat we can give our operators the right instructions when they need them.

Before the instructions we had to read engine plans

and search through files if we needed to double-check something.

They weren&039;t necessarily always up to date and could be wrong.

Jesper Broberg, work at MVV International and product-owner of Casat.

Volvo Penta&039;s products are getting more and more complex.

This interferes with timing, work instructions and tool integration.

All this we&039;ve tried to solve in our system.

We&039;ve tried to create a tool for assembling all the input articles,

timing the assembly, producing instructions and taking photos.

We then check how long it should take, how long it took and the level of disruption.

Traceability is also important in such complex products.

Now we have the instructions containing all our options.

Differences are fed in so all we need do is follow the instructions.

The training time has shortened and we have a better idea of material use.

This type of technical solution gives our customers

a much more quality-assured product and a faster lead-time,

in that we can run production fully mixed in the order in which product orders come in.

When we started the project in 2013,

we delivered about 40% of our products without having to make adjustments.

Today, that figure is 86%.

The old paper-based method is the past.

This is the future.

It&039;s indispensable and it works almost everywhere.

You can have it wherever you want.

Smart industry – Tomorrow&039;s industry