Auto news on Youtube Nov 20 2018

My name is Claus Christensen

and today I&039;m going to try out the job as a laser operator.

In this TV series, we let employees at Volvo Cars swap jobs with each other.

At Volvo&039;s components plant in Olofström, Sweden,

Claus Christensen, who works as a User Experience Design Specialist,

tries Annie Nilsdotter&039;s job as a laser operator.

Claus lives in Copenhagen with his wife and three kids.

He plays the saxophone in a jazz band

and he also enjoys windsurfing.

Today I&039;m expecting a lot of fun and to see what it&039;s like to work in a factory,

and I&039;m very excited, and I&039;m a little bit afraid of breaking something.

The metal sheets come from our suppliers to press hardening,

where it&039;s heated at 900 degrees and then it&039;s cooled down in the press,

and then it comes to my station.

This is a B-pillar. This is what it looks like when it comes to my station.

After we&039;ve worked with it and the laser has cut it, it looks like this.

We&039;ve got these nicer edges and more holes.

– That&039;s what we&039;re going to do today. – Cool.

It runs around inside and cuts everything?

– Yeah, and the holes. – Wow. That&039;s so cool.

– You have to choose the right ones. – We&039;ll have to choose the right ones.

– So that&039;s 24 there? – Yeah.

It was really nice to have Annie by my side through the challenges today.

Annie asked me to try and use the lift assist that I had to move around,

and that was really difficult.

– Can I go in and try? – Yeah, go in.

The hardest part was to remember what button does what.

That one. Press it down. And then you use these buttons to go left or right.

After a while I sort of got the hang of it.

Perfect. That&039;s a good one.

And then you have to use that one.

Then you turn it right instead of left.

Yeah! That&039;s good!

Today I&039;ve learned how things happen in a factory

and how it is to work in a factory and how much the people around you mean.

Well, Claus did very well. He&039;s a very good learner.

I hope I was a good teacher as well.

And I think I managed the day without breaking anything.

Yeah, you did. You managed well.

Almost, but…