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Auto blog on youtube: Auto news on Youtube Nov 20 2018

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First Test Drive 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat Review – Duration: 4:00.

Hey guys, it’s Drew at Sherwood Ford here

First Drive on the 2019 Ranger

This was a complete surprise but

obviously we’re quite happy to get

our hands on it for just a few minutes

and give you guys a first look and

tell you what it’s all about

What was that steering wheel feel like there?

It feels good

We’ve got the 2.3L Ecoboost engine

same engine that’s in a Mustang

configured a little bit differently

Right. 10-speed transmission

First thoughts inside, steering feels great

You’ve got the B&O Audio Play System in here

Beautiful white stitching on the vehicle

There’s all kinds of features throughout this Lariat

Now talk about that

I mean we’ve got a Terrain Management System

I can see here we’ve got Adaptive Cruise Control

on the steering wheel

We’ve got parking sensors

Electronic Locking Rear Differential

Just going through here we’ve got

nice heated leather seats

It’s lower, it’s not as tall as an F-150 obviously

But it does raise you up, you know

more than being in an actual car. Right.

One of the things that I’ve always felt was missing

in the mid-size segment was

the drive-ability of those trucks with the engines

The engines always felt like they were working really hard

and they did that so you’d have

the power when you needed it

But when you were driving around the city

You know it was

it just felt a little bit overworked

and this vehicle with this engine

feels phenomenal. Comfortable, quiet, smooth ride

those shifts on that 10-speed are really like butter

Yeah, you don’t feel anything

and it has a nice rigidity feel to it as well

as we’re going over some of these bumps

It’s very comfortable

I’m very comfortable sitting in the drivers seat here

A little center console we’ve both got our arms on it

and it’s just fine. Same thing on the door panels

So underneath the truck, you know we’ve got

the two drive shaft system on here

Spare tire’s underneath. We’ve got the tow hitch

All of the skid plates and protection

for you know going off-road

Nice rear view camera I noticed.

Front and rear sensors

Yeah, this is very comfortable to drive. This is awesome

We’ve been waiting a long time

and this certainly did not disappoint

Now, these seats are

like back, and I still have pretty decent legroom here

Well it looks great

We’ve got a center console

Cup holders

Manual sliding rear window, rear defrost

USB Ports all over the place

There’s a tab here

So it does drop down

and then the base of the seat

lifts up as well

Oh yeah, we’ve got lots of storage.

Storage compartments, your Jack

Yeah, again I would say, you know its

and adult could sit back here

I would say it’s very similar to

to a Crossover

comparable in my opinion to almost like an Edge

in terms of how much space.

Interior roominess. Yes. Right

So comfortable for adults. Up to 5

Yeah. Rear back pockets

Cupholders in the doors

Power Driver Seat I’m assuming on your side

Same as on the passenger side here. Yes

Yeah, heated seats

Nice solid feel

Yeah, this is a nice sneak peek

give you a quick look

As soon as we’ve actually got one in our showroom

we’ll be sure to let the interworld know

Absolutely, it’s going to be a fantastic vehicle

Can’t wait for you to experience it as well

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Música Ford presents Grupo Fantasma – Duration: 3:01.

So, the band formed in 2000

here in Austin, Texas,

as a sort of meeting of two separate bands

that have been playing around town for about four or five years at that point.

It was just like a one-off experiment really to do

some cumbias,

like old cumbias that we loved,

and that we were into old Colombian music.

And it went from there.

So, 2000, we’re going on 19 years now.

I think what this band is really good at is that.

When we write music it’s not just one person´s song.

If I was to write a song,

it’s not gonna be all me.

What’s cool about is that,

I can share an idea with the members of the band,

and everybody has an input.

Like Beto, we’ll put a little bit of his kind of style,

which is whether, it’s gonna be Rock or Funk,

or whatever.

So, at the end of the day,

the song that I originally would bring in,

would be completely different.

Because everybody has a little bit of their input.

And it just becomes as unique as Fantasma.

“El Fugitivo” is the third part of a trilogy.

On two of our previous albums,

we had songs,

one was called “Montero”,

and one was called “Montañoso”.

“Montero” was about a person being chased

for a crime he didn’t commit.

I wrote a song, it was called “Montañoso”.

Which was a kind of the continuation,

the second part of the story about a mountain man,

a recluse who’s been hiding,

and he gets found,

and he has to get on the run again,

and then “El fugitivo” is kind of like, the closing of the story.

Here’s the fugitive,

he’s come to the United States,

he’s like hiding.

Basically, living a clean slate,

and somehow, where gets out who he is,

and he gets captured,

and you know, ultimately comes to his demise.

It’s something we really appreciate, having Ford acknowledge us,

and approach us.

They could have chosen any band.

They could have chosen any group to partner with.

It’s awesome, you know,

they’re willing to say,

Hey! we’re gonna put our name behind you guys,

and let´s move forward,

and expose the band,

and the company as well.

Beyond this album,

the next thing we look forward to,

I guess the next milestone,

will be our 20th anniversary,

and especially with a group this large,

you know,

we’re not in Rolling Stones territory yet but,

you know,

who knows, maybe one day we’ll get there.

!Ford es lo mejor en Tejas!

For more infomation >> Música Ford presents Grupo Fantasma – Duration: 3:01.


Ford EcoSport: Swing Gate| EcoSport | Ford – Duration: 0:49.


The Ford Echo Sport is equipped with a rear swing gate that opens wide to easily

load and unload cargo.

Let me show you how.

To access the interior cargo area from the outside, your vehicle must be unlocked.

Or you can get in without needing to unlock your vehicle, if you have

the available Intelligent access key and are within three feet of the door.

To open the rear swing gate, press the soft release button located directly under

the right-hand tail lamp here, before pulling on the handle.

Gas spring assistance enables the door to be opened and

closed with minimal effort, it’s that simple.

Any questions, go to