Auto news on Youtube Nov 20 2018

In the last episode we started the offroad trails…

One of them was cut short because of the KTM’s feaver

122 C? It got hotter standing still?

The second trail didn’t go that well either

How’s the road?

Ok, how should we go about it?

Grab hold of it and back it off

And on the second trail we missed all the objectives

Let’s have a closer look, we just went past the objective

All in all it was a wonderful day

Happy buggers

We leave Jajce. Today’s track, just like every other day

is yet to be decided.

All we know is we wanted to get to a pyramid on a hilltop

The roads are awesome

free as they can get

curves, potholes, wind, gravel

amazing scenery

We find our way to what seemed like a ski resort

We named it “Ranca” (like a Romanian ski resort)

and we stop for the morning coffee

There’s an illycaffè!

That’s a 5, no, 7 starts joint!

From the beginning of this journey, and till the end

You’ll see

All 6 have been cold, each at a time

Now is Mihai’s turn, he’s not feeling to well today

Wait, wait, wait for it…

Chher up everyone, the other bike too…

This place looks just like Ranca

Ddid you enjoy the road here?

It was awesome!

We should rent a horse

Take it for a spin offroad

Misu, should we get a horse?

That must be a GS!

The GS is coming!

Those are just as wide!

We leave Ranca for the famous pyramid

My friends learn this is the Visoko Pyramid of the Sun

its origins have been quite controversial among researchers

It starts raining and it’s freezing cold

I’ll also put the rain pants on I don’t get my balls wet

Where is that, over there?

We past some villages,

and we end up in “cosmos”

… at the “Cosmos” terrace in Visoko, what did you think?

Move a bit forward please

Wow, the guys are taking us to the VIP lounge

The guys find a cozy spot on the couches

and we all wait for the dark clouds to pass by

Meanwhile, they manage to catch a quick power nap

…snoring and everything included

For more details (not about the snoring part) and pictures go to the motorcyclingTO Facebook page

We should also fuel up

All done here..

The sun is up again, no sign of the rain so we head towards the pyramid

I think that’s the way

Should we turn right?

The track goes forward…

Vlad, what is your take?

Easy does it…

Here’s a bunch of tourists

We finally get there and admire it from afar

like all common mortals

Pyramid of the sun my ass…

Guys, let’s dress up, that cloud is heading this way

We’ll have to stop in 10 minuts anyway…

Have a look

Should we dress up?

At least put the pants on

The rain jacket goes on easier

It already started raining

Look over there, it is already pouring!

Yea, and it’s heading our way…

We soon leave and it looks like the clouds want to join the group too

Fortunately we soon manage to outrun them

Guys, in winter does it snow around here?

I wonder how locals manage to drive around these streets in winter

Just look at these slopes

I’ll just turn around here in front at this gate

High fives all around!

Come on kids!

You should have seen their smiles!

I think this is the spot

That seemed to be it, go in there guys

The GPS points to that sideroad

The guys also manage to find a camping

but it doesn’t seem to be the one we’ve been sent to

The one the girl sent us to seems to be a bit off

Tomorrow you’ll feel better!

Luci will fix a shot for you

Yeah, an aspirin shot!

Ask him whether there’s another camping around

Well, he’s the owner of this palce…

In the end my friends decide this camping is way too quiet

…not something they’re accustomed to

they decide to continue ahead for a few more kilometers

and if they don’t find a more suitable place to return here

Yeah, what did you expect?

That place seems to be very close.. when we turned the bike around,

in that curve, there’s another entrance with some little flags

I think that’s the place.. let’s check it out anyway

That’s it, near the flags where the grey car is parked.

Looks like there’s another one up in front.. “rent a boat”…

Oh, this is the second entrance…

My GPS indicates it’s just that way

Check out that little house in the middle of the lake!

…and here we are

We ended up in a camping near the lake

The sign at the entry read “Welcome bikers”

What more could we ask for?

We have been, for a night,

part of that special family

they weocomed us wholeheartedly, they caught fish for us

and cooked amazing food

They made us feel incredible!

In the next episode we go on one of the most challenging offroad trails of the trip

…and the weather.. does not seem to be on our side.

…or is it?

You’ll see!

I am Motokoto.

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