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[SF MuVi] Something Fun 9 : 미니 올림픽(Mini Olympic) 2 – Duration: 5:29.

We will use a pace counter for this game.

1 member from each team….

Da Won starts to mumble

Get it together

This is funnier

Please save this scene for the behind video!

Ro Woon supports Da Won

But he mumbles again

Let me do it~ You’re really bad at this

Eventually Hwi Young wraps up

1 member from each team play The team who guesses exact number on the pace counter wins (If all 3 teams are wrong, the team who gets the minimum error range with correct number wins) Maximum 2 members from other team can interrupt the player

Now it’s time to get ready.

The first player, Young Bin The disruptors, Da Won & Tae Yang

If there’s any physical connect!

Cha Ni also mumbles

Hyungs never lose the chance to tackle

And get scolded



You be quiet!

Interrupts persistently

Hey! You shouldn’t say that!

Da Won attacks Young Bin psychologically

He is biting Young Bin now!


And the result is?

I did it in every second

So it will be 60 times.

Young Bin says 60.



I shook his mind well

7 increased while he walks over to the camera

I will shake in the corner

With Zu Ho who has been together for 6~7 years

And Cha Ni who is sharing a room with Ro Woon We look forward to their psychological attack

What if Zu Ho can’t shake Ro Woon’s mental,

But Ro Woon shakes Zu Ho’s?

Is that possible?

For that, shouldn’t he have to use right and left side of his brain at the same time?




Will it end in silence?

Right in the moment of silence,

Hey! You can’t touch me!

What? What?!

Calm down and restart the game

If you touch him one more time,

I’m going to complain

But they keep touching Ro Woon

Help me!!

In Seong tackles to protect his teammate.

I will protect my team!

But not helpful at all



This is hell

We’re in hell!

Only 10 seconds remain in the middle of chaos

Time’s up!


For real???

Young Bin….

He said something to me lol

So what’s your guess Ro Woon?

We’ll use this scene as an insert!

Professional entertainer, Lee Jae Yoon (24, SF9)

I think it’s 150

No you did more! Probably about 300!

The result is 120

Margin of error 30

We won’t bother like white team did

We have set our limit

Jae Yoon’s idea to not get disrupted

Can’t approach him


You can’t count right like this

Nope I am counting 2 for each kicks

In Seong & Hwi Young can’t disturb him

Hey! Grab him!!!!!

Grabs him and attacks his mental

Jae Yoon gets disturbed

You have to keep on doing it!

Still playing the game while lying down on the floor

Success lol

I did 110 times


We won!

We won again lolWe won again lol

For the 2nd round,

Pink honey rice cake team wins again

I think we can turn this game around


The 3rd episode that makes you wonder what they are saying Coming soon

For more infomation >> [SF MuVi] Something Fun 9 : 미니 올림픽(Mini Olympic) 2 – Duration: 5:29.


QiYi 47mm Mini Valk3 Review & Solves | Lightake – Duration: 2:16.

Hey guys, its me CriticalCubing and today we are going to take a look at the Mini Valk3.

We all know how good of a cube Valk3 is.

It is the flagship 3×3 of the Qiyi company and the main cube of many cubers.

Qiyi came out with the Mini Valk3 as a remembrance of Mats 4.74 WR solve.

The Mini Valk 3 is 4.7 centimetres as a result.

Funnily enough, the Valk3 was also modelled after Mats 5.55 WR.

Apart from the change in size, the mini Valk3 performs similarly to the normal full sized


I do use similarly, beause the mini valk3 does have a minor flaw.

The mini Valk3 lockups up, mainly on the centers.

This problem isn’t seen on the Valk3 as the valk3 is quite a stable cube, yet on the mini

version, it lockups from time to time on the centers.

Apart from this, the mini valk3 performans exactly like the Valk3.

It has the same feel to it: hollow and bumpy.

It corner cuts the same, 45 degrees for front corner cutting and line to line for reverse.

Overall, as a mini cube, I definitely like it.

I personally use it more as a pocket cube, when I’m out somewhere and I need to take

a inconspicuous cube with me.

Taking a fullsized cube puffs up my pocket too much, so the mini valk3 is a nice alternative.

The size is neither too small, like the keychain cubes and nor too big like the full sized


However, I do believe that the cube can be made a bit more smaller, but we’ll need to

wait for Mats to get a faster official single before that can happen.

It also performs well and is speedcubeable.

Final verdict: It is a good collectors item and a good speedcube for taking on the go,

and it also has good speedcubing capabilities.

I will definitely recommend it for purchase and you can buy it for cheap at

The links are in the description.

Thank you for watching.

I’ll see you in my next video.

Take care guys, and see you later.

For more infomation >> QiYi 47mm Mini Valk3 Review & Solves | Lightake – Duration: 2:16.


Learning C with mini project – 01 – Software requirements, MVC pattern, Project – Duration: 7:59. For more infomation >> Learning C with mini project – 01 – Software requirements, MVC pattern, Project – Duration: 7:59.


Bottom Bracket- Mongoose Hitch: Mini Series Ep. 1 – Duration: 8:40.

the first order of business in this miniseries is going to be removal of the

bottom bracket and this is important because when these come from the factory

they’re usually way too tight and they usually don’t have very much grease

inside of them the problem with that is between the tightness and the lack of

grease they’re gonna wear out fast and leave you with tons of issues when it

comes to peddling so what I suggest is removal of the bottom bracket and then

really load these things up with grease and then you can go back through and

reinstall them knowing that it’s gonna be lubricated and set properly okay so

the first thing that you’re gonna need to do before you can actually remove the

bottom bracket is you’re gonna need to take your crank arms off now when you

receive the bike it’s gonna have to crank arms it’s gonna have the drive

side crank arm that has the sprocket as part of the crank arm and then it’s

gonna have the other side which is just an arm now one of the things you need to

know is that these have a square tapered hole and this actually fits onto the

spindle that runs through the bottom bracket and connects the two crank arms

together when you receive it it’ll actually have a 15 millimeter bolt

holding it on now mine’s changed a little bit because I’ve put new crank

arms on it but what you’re gonna need is you’re gonna need a socket wrench with a

15 millimeter socket you’re going to need to take those bolts out now when

you remove the bolts the crank arms will not come off and in fact they are gonna

be on there very tight really the only good way to remove them is to use a

crank puller now this is a maybe a slightly higher end crank puller but you

can get them as just a small piece and what happens is this outer collar

threads into a cut thread inside the crank arm and then basically you just

spin it and it’s gonna push the crank arm off and I’ll demonstrate that for

you on the bike the very first thing you’re going to need to do is you’re

going to need to remove the chain from this bracket up here and you can simply

just kind of pull on it and bring it in towards the frame and then your crank

arm should be loose now once you’ve got the chain off it’s a matter of actually

taking those bolts out so on yours you would use that 15 millimeter and take

these loose now on mine I’ve actually got an Allen so it’s a 10 millimeter

allen and basically it just goes there loosen it and out comes the bolt

now what you’ll notice though is that this crank arm is still on there super

tight it’s not coming off without that special tool so what we’re gonna do is

we’re gonna use our crank puller and what you want to do is take that outer

collar you just want to thread it down until it’s flush with the end of the

other piece and then you’re gonna take it and you’re gonna put it in there and

you’re simply going to thread it into the threads that are cut into the crank

arm now once it bottoms out you’re actually going to want to go a little

bit tighter what I found is majority of these use a 7/8 wrench however if you

don’t have that an adjustable wrench will work just fine do is you’ll run

this in until it’s completely tight and then all you need to do is hold the

opposing crank arm and run this one tool down and what this is going to do is

it’s going to pull the crank arm off of that spindle so just bottomed out and

now you can kind of work with the other arm and it’ll loosen up pretty easily

and then voila pops up and we’ll do the same thing for the other side

the next step in the process is to actually remove your bottom bracket cups

now that’s this piece here and you’ve got a matching piece on the other side

but it’s got a bunch of slots cutting now to pull this side all you’re going

to need is your adjustable wrench and basically you’re just gonna take it and

now just so you know on the drive side it’s gonna be reverse thread so you’re

going to want to go forward instead of backwards when you when you crank this

thing off can’t lose pretty easily once this comes off your spindle will

actually be free on the inside and you’ll also have a bearing in there and

it should be very heavily greased if it’s not it needs to be so you can pull

that bearing out set it aside and then you can actually pull your spindle

through now mine’s got this little sleeve on it and basically it just keeps

from moisture from dropping down the seat tube into the bottom bracket from

causing issues however years may not have that especially if yours is just a

new Mongoose we’ve got the bike spun around and now you can see the other

side of the bottom bracket Cup now this actually has this adjustable collar on

it and then it’s got a threaded Center section they do actually make a special

tool it’s a spanner that fits into these little notches cut into this for removal

now I don’t have one because this is actually a really old style bottom

bracket so it’s not in my tool set because my tool sets a little newer so

what I’ve always just done is used a screwdriver and a rubber mallet now I’m

sure I’ll get some flack for this but it’s the simplest and easiest way and

I’ve been doing this for a long time and never really had any issues and

basically you just tap it until that comes loose and then you pull that

threaded piece off and then the cup itself will thread right out of the

bottom bracket on the frame

once that’s removed you’ll also see there is a set of bearings in there that

should be very heavily greased if they are not they need to be and this is the

most important thing when you buy a new Mongoose is to make sure these things

are loaded up with grease because they come sometimes almost dry ok there

you’ve got it that was the removal of the bottom bracket super easy only takes

about 5-10 minutes if you’ve never done it maybe 20 now when you get this thing

apart this is kind of what you’re gonna see so you’ll have that first piece with

the two flats that we removed with the adjustable wrench this is your bearing

that sits inside of here you’ve got your spindle your next bearing you’ve got the

other side your cup and then you’ve got the slotted collar that threads down on

the cup now before you go back together you’re gonna want to grease the heck out

of this thing and I greased every single surface I load these cups up with grease

i grease the entire spindle i grease everything and I use a bicycle specific

grease made by dual Co and it works actually very well to lubricate

everything it does a great job when you go back together make sure that you put

this piece on first this is the piece that you need to install with the

adjustable wrench and tighten it down until it’s snug then you can put your

bearing on your spindle kind of demonstrate put your bearing onto your

spindle make sure that the cage is facing away from the race on the spindle

then you’ll put it through your bottom bracket and it’ll sit inside here then

you can put your other bearing in onto the spindle same thing make sure that

the cage is facing away from the race then what you’ll do is you’ll install

this you thread this into the bottom bracket until it touches and then you’re

gonna take this collar and you’re gonna thread it on there and you’re gonna run

that down until it hits the bottom bracket on the actual frame itself and

then what I do is I just kind of spin it a couple times to make sure it’s not too

tight and I make my adjustments as necessary so sometimes you might have to

take this off tighten this in even a little bit further and then tighten this

down even more all right quick and easy so that was the

first episode in this Mongoose miniseries that I’ll be doing now make

sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button because I’m going to come into

you with a lot more on this bike how to grease your hubs how to disassemble the

headset and remove it and I’m even going to make a makeshift paint booth for this

thing and I’ll show you guys how to do it in your garage so subscribe give it a

thumbs up and if you have any comments or suggestions throw them down below

thanks again you guys

For more infomation >> Bottom Bracket- Mongoose Hitch: Mini Series Ep. 1 – Duration: 8:40.


mini paredao 2018 – Duration: 3:12. For more infomation >> mini paredao 2018 – Duration: 3:12.


Dr. Pillai’s Meditation – Mini Mystery School Part 1 – Duration: 22:06.

Close your eyes.

And then, thoughts are bombarding you.

You attract those thoughts because you have a relationship with those thoughts.

And where are they stored?

They are stored in the Akash.

Akash is the Ether.

And that’s the bank where you have put those thoughts.

And those thoughts are entering through the eyes, through the ears, through the nostril,

both nostrils, through the mouth, and through the skull.

They are entering into the system.

And we are unaware of this process.

The eyes, the ears, the mouth, they are all involved in the process.

They are all receiving these thought patterns that go to constitute your mind.

There are simultaneously other processes going on inside.


Go and think about the entire body, the skin.

Think about the skin from head to foot.

There are innumerable openings in the skin.

The pores are openings through which the thoughts are entering.

So you think through the skin, as well.

The skin is breathing too.

There is a breathing layer of the skin right over the skin.

The moment you begin to do this technique, then you are in another dimension.

Now while you are doing this, what happens is you have the ability to see that you have

not been be able to see.

That is the Beings around, the Angels, because you are into a different state of Consciousness.

All that you are doing is simply focusing your attention on the skin, and the breathing

the skin through the pores in the skin, innumerable.

And if you will just remain in this condition, this is what the Yogis do.

I have been in conversation with the Yogi’s who are very committed to help humanity to

get beyond their mind, to get beyond their ego, to get beyond their rationality, to get

beyond their skepticism, to get beyond this illusion of matter.

All of these are perceptual fallacies.

So we are living in a world of fallacy.

So once you focus attention on this, then you are into a different dimension.

Now the breathing of the skin, and there are many, many layers.

At least, there are seven layers over the skin.

Some people say five, some seven, some people say there are more.

These layers constitute your Aura.

We are unaware of all of these.

We are only aware of certain thoughts that we are used to thinking that constitute your

personal Waking State of Mind.

“I’m so-and-so.”

“I do this job.

And this is my income.”

“This is my bad relationship.”

“This is my limited money situation, limited health.”

And all of these are a set of identities that you are unable to transcend.

And that is the main problem.

Although teachers have been talking about every moment is new, that’s not happening.

What is happening is the same bank balance, the same disease in the body, the same bad


They are real.

We have to break that.

These things become real because of the polluted air that you are breathing.

The polluted air carries these thoughts individually.

The air you breathe, the oxygen you breathe, and the oxygen that I breathe are different.

The contents are different.

Now keep focusing on the entire skin and the pores.

There is also something happening through the pores in the skin, something is getting

out, and something is getting in.

Just put that idea.

I don’t want to go and complicate it any further than I have done already.

The eyes, the ears, the mouth, the nostrils and the pores of the skin — just focus attention.

That there is another layer on the skin, over the skin

that is responsible to give you the mind principle.

The contents are flowing, the contents mix up with the air that you breathe in.

It is the right time to pray to The Divine because The Divine can enter in an Altered

State of Consciousness.

It can enter through your Aura and help you to change your thought patterns, to change

your health, to change your relationship, everything.

I’m channeling information.

I say I’m doing this.

The Beings that want to help humanity say that, “Ask them to focus on their palms,

and the fingers, the two palms and the fingers.

Let the palms face the sky.”

There are two kinds of thinking going on inside you.

One is God thinking.

And then the human thinking.

You are thinking.

And God is also thinking, almost simultaneously.

But you choose to think from your Ego.


Because of the limitations that’s the air that you breathe in, the karmic association

with your Ego, and with a certain content type that you by mistake have decided to associate


Although I am speaking these words, it’s not my Ego talking to you.

It’s a session filled with Divine Compassion.

You will see images showing up, just as I see a Lion.

You may see something else, but don’t allow your human thinking, at least during this


The human thinking is that which will be skeptical, negative, which would say nothing is going

to happen.

I am going to remain the same and die, again all over.

You can change everything about you by associating yourself with the Divine within,

and disassociating yourself with your ego, with your karma, with the polluted air that

gets through your nostrils and then gets into the brain.

This is the Ultimate Teaching.

It’s wrong to think that this is the only way to get beyond the mind, the ego, and identify

with God.

There are ever so many the linear realities of saying this is it, this is the only way,

is the human misunderstanding, misperception.

There is nothing local.

There is nothing linear in Divine Consciousness.

There is no Time.

That’s why change is possible at any moment.

So that’s why I have been teaching my knowledge, for like four decades, with this body and

with this mind that has changed a lot.

But I have never ever felt as satisfied, as I do now when I am teaching this.

And I am doing it out of love with no expectation whatsoever.

It has been given, and it is God’s Compassion.

You can do that, but having said that, as I told you, as Time moves, Time is moving

at a tremendous speed now.

That’s why we have more progress during this time than ever before in the history of the

human race.

And I am going to be a channel to access this, and give it to you, and that is going to be

the Mystery School Teaching.

So especially for those people who have been studying with me, if you have a question why

do I have to do this?

I have given at least a hundred techniques.

Are they not enough?

Yes and No.

Yes, because they are techniques you won’t find, unless you do a lot of research.

So what I have given already are very, very powerful ones, but they all have the limitations

because they were delivered at a time I was not that evolved.

As time goes on, there is more knowledge.

I am trying to access the Wisdom that is going to be revealed in say – 2030.

That’s when man is planning to go and live on Mars, but there are many ways of going

to Mars other than just taking the physical body there.

We have to understand a lot more about it.

So what you need to do is just to do this Meditation which I taught you.

There are many elements to it.

You can take everything that I have just said, and then turn it into a separate exercise.

Your life can be changed in the split of a second.

For more infomation >> Dr. Pillai’s Meditation – Mini Mystery School Part 1 – Duration: 22:06.


Самый КРУТОЙ РП [Hypixel Mini-Game Sky Wars Minecraft] – Duration: 5:18. For more infomation >> Самый КРУТОЙ РП [Hypixel Mini-Game Sky Wars Minecraft] – Duration: 5:18.


MMD Vines and Memes Mini Compilation | Cuphead | Bendy | Undertale | Mario | Fnaf | – Duration: 1:12.

No one’s answering I guess I’ll have to call on someone





Rachel is so annoying

I heard you talking shit about me??


That little mouse cos i’m an albatraoz

Well you know I’ve always wanted to come in here and now that I got a mustache the timing feels right -Wow all this stuff

Wow all this stuff looks pretty good

Uh can we get some salami yeah, Brian Brian? Let me handle this

What are you doing?

Speaking Italian

You can’t speak Italian just because you have a moustache

Change your shirt

bra first of all I look good in this shirt

second of all I look good in this shirt

And third of all I look good in this shirt so tell me I don’t look good

For more infomation >> MMD Vines and Memes Mini Compilation | Cuphead | Bendy | Undertale | Mario | Fnaf | – Duration: 1:12.


【自動車の歴史】ミニ(MINI)の歴史、ルーツとミニクーパーなど車種の特徴を知ろう! – Duration: 3:21. For more infomation >> 【自動車の歴史】ミニ(MINI)の歴史、ルーツとミニクーパーなど車種の特徴を知ろう! – Duration: 3:21.


DJI Spark Review – The Best Mini Drone With Camera – MEGAPIXEL – Duration: 3:12.

The DJI spark is a diminutive drone that just screams to be put in your bag and taken everywhere

you go.

It’s likely to appeal to all levels of users thanks to its extremely compact size and strong

feature set, but this miniaturization does come at a cost.

Compared to most larger models it has shorter battery life, lacks a 3-axis gimbal and, notably,

does not support 4K video capture.

But, did we mention that it’s really small?

With an MSRP of $499, the Spark doesn’t have a lot of direct competition from models of

comparable size and feature sets, though the closest alternative is probably the Yuneec

Breeze 4K.

If size isn’t a critical factor there are models with more impressive specs, such as

DJI’s own Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 SE, in the same price range.

The Spark is also available in a ‘Fly More’ combo that adds a remote controller, charging

hub, spare props, propeller guards, and extra battery for $699.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s qualify this review (and really, any drone


A drone is not a flying camera.

Rather, a drone is an aircraft with a camera attached to it.

Therefore, the true value of a drone is a balance between the aircraft and camera.

The cameras in all three models are similar in size to the ones found in many smartphones.

They’re not going to be low light champs, but they’re still capable of producing good

photos and video.

What really jumps out here is the Spark’s lack of a 4K video option.

Of course, HD is usually fine for web streaming, which we suspect will be a pretty common use

case for this model.

What’s all this mean?

The Spark is an extremely small, lightweight drone that seems perfect for throwing into

a backpack, tossing into carry-on luggage, or just having with you all the time.

OK – let’s talk about what it’s like to actually fly this tiny beast.

For more infomation >> DJI Spark Review – The Best Mini Drone With Camera – MEGAPIXEL – Duration: 3:12.


How to make a electric coca cola road roller mini at home – Duration: 13:59.

How to make a electric coca cola road roller mini using dc motor

For more infomation >> How to make a electric coca cola road roller mini at home – Duration: 13:59.


MINI、初のDCT&新ターボシステム搭載へ…クーパーS が超進化 – Duration: 2:02. For more infomation >> MINI、初のDCT&新ターボシステム搭載へ…クーパーS が超進化 – Duration: 2:02.


Bugün (Mini Belgesel) – Duration: 17:17.

We started playing on 24th of April, 2015.

-We’re.. -We’re Padme.

Not Padme Amidala from Star Wars. Padme means lotus flower in Sanskrit.

-And it symbolizes rebirth. -Yeah.

It symbolizes the rebirth from swamp.

– And, in our logo.. – Yeah.

And.. Let’s not talk about it now.

We started playing in 2015 or so.

-April 24, 2015. -Yeah, we started at that time.

We were studying in Bogazici University back then.

We met there and so.

There is a music club at school, we were exploiting their place.

-We were practicing there. -We were rehearsing in their studio.

Then we made a video for “Ölmek Ýçin Öl”

a song of our fellow band, Hedonistic Noise.

(We were messing with them as they loved Nirvana)

We made a nice cover.

We made a really nice cover.

After seeing that we damaged the equipment,

our “dear” managing board of the music club decided to

..kick us out without informing us.

So, they told us that we couldn’t perform at Taþoda Music Festival.

We said “Okay”, “but at least you could’ve informed us.”

But actually, it goes way back before then.

Those people are dickheads.

Motherfucking elitists.

And, yeah, I remember…

As it is a “big” and “serious” club, they hold open board meetings.

In one of those meetings, a dickheaded son of a bitch said,

by the way…

“Those who don’t know how to make music shouldn’t be here.”

“They’re abusing our facilities” Such a shitty manner.

They got some rooms to make music.

You can sign your name and use one for an hour.

It’s like, “I’ll be using the room at this hour”

The guy said:

“I come here and I see a guy playing the piano…”

or a girl, or who the fuck that is”

“But he can’t do no shit. Why is he occupying the place and my time?”

He said something like that at the meeting.

That was the first time I ever said something to someone from the club.

I said “What the fuck?” or something.

That was the beginning.

The light hurts my eyes.

-I don’t know, it’s more like… -He sees himself above us.

We are all there to make music and he says:

“If you can’t, don’t.”

But I think it’s more about their past.

All through their lives, they exercise power over people.

They start despising people at school.

Then, when they grow up,

just like security guards, they need people to bash in the head.

They are tought that is how things change.

-They… -By force.

-Yeah, I guess they are trying to express themselves.

As a result, we were kicked out after the video.

We couldn’t perform.

However, we wanted to perform.

We wanted to perform in that festival, with or without them.

BÜMK, sorry, BÜMK stands for Boðaziçi Üniversitesi Müzik Kulübü.

-Please, go on. -Okay.

We wanted to perform, and then,

we planned to give a concert in a basketball court in the campus.


within this period…

We worked on the plan for two straight weeks.

-“What should we do?” -Yeah.

Okay, when it’s 8:30 sharp…

We’ll talk at 8:20.

-When will we start? -At 8:30

The extension cable will be ready for use at around 7:20

Then we’ll throw it up.

We’ll tie a knot.

We’ll throw it up again.

Before the concert, we’ll set everything up.

Then we’ll hide them behind the basketball court.

-I’ll tell on you guys. -I can’t see no shit!

Carrying them behind the court will take 30 seconds or so.

I’ll plug the cables in.

After that, we’re done.

We’ll start playing. We’ll lock the doors.

You should lock the doors after getting out.

Because if they call the security, guards will try to stop us.

I’ll take care of the padlocks, Fatih’s got them.

-Social.. What is it called? -Köy Kooperatifi.

Yeah, there is a club called Köy-Koop.

A friend gave us its keys. We’d get the electric from there.

We had planned to get power from its first floor.

Then we learned that..

every floor had its own fuse-box.

If they wanted to cut our power..

cutting the first floor’s power would be enough.

But the restrooms are on the first floor, too.

During the festival, there is always a long line for the restrooms.

So, we thought they wouldn’t do that.

It would be wiser to let us be, rather than..

depriving people of self-relief.

And then..

At first, it went like this:

Before starting, we locked all the gates to the basketball court.

We asked everyone to leave the court.

We were like,

“There’ll be a basketball match here.”

We asked some guys to play basketball in the court.

Yeah, they played basketball for us.


<i>It’ll be real quick.</i>

<i>Don’t, man.</i>

<i>It’s already done.</i>

We locked all the gates.

And we..

got the power from Köy-Koop.

We threw the extension cable to the court.

-We even wrapped it up. -7 meters long construction cable.

I got it from the construction of a mosque. We used that.

<i>If someone pulls, it will fall down.</i>

<i>Maybe we should tape it.</i>

<i>This fucking wood cut my hand.</i>

<i>How do we do it?</i>

<i>You got it?</i>

<i>If we can’t throw it,</i> <i>we can pull it up with a rope.</i>


<i>-There might be some chalk.</i> <i>-Son of a cunt! Fuck this!</i>

<i>Tea break! The fuck is this!?</i>

<i>Now you’ll see my rage!</i>

<i>Okay, guys! The joke is over.</i>

<i>Take the camera, man. Take it.</i>

<i>*music for retards*</i>

Before starting, at 8:00, we took all the equipment behind the court.

There was a wall over there. We hid the equipment behind it.

Before 8:30, around 8:00,

we turned all the switches off so as not to draw attention.

We were like 20 people carrying stuff to the court.

After 5 minutes, all the equipment was ready.

We set the speakers, amplifiers, drums.

We even did the fucking sound check.

All of this was done in 5 minutes by 20-25 people.

I was surprised to see that, too.

I wouldn’t have guessed that we could act so coordinately.

And there is the fact that we were not high.

Wait a second, how do we go to the court?

-You should go through the corridor. -OK.

Is this the hiding spot, bruh?

Yeah, all the outlaws are here.

<i>I’m innocent.</i>

Are we going?

Do you remember what you gotta do?

Let’s start, man.

Come on! Let’s go!

Let me finish my cigarette first.

-What time is it? -8:27


We’re seven minutes behind the schedule.

Take this, man.

Do you need help?

Wrap it around my neck.

-Do we plug it in there? -Toprak plugged it in here.

Good to go!

Watch out!

And then..

we started playing and people were showing up.

I don’t know. They showed up.

We really had fun. It was probably our best concert.

There were people listening all around the court.

Especially the front and the sides… It was really crowded, man.

There were people on the steps, too. Many showed up after we started.

By the way, we had not announced the gig.

We thought it would be a problem.

Only our friends knew about the plan.

We started to tell people just an hour before the gig.

<i>Isn’t 8.30 a good time for punk?</i>

I mean, we did something without those cocksucker motherfucker sponsors.

We had no monitors, we played without hearing no shit.

But it was good, it was fun.

I mean, we wanted to perform and,

that fucking club said “You can’t.”

Who the fuck are you?

Something happened after the concert.

Some guy showed up, he was from the inspection board or something.

There are too many fucking boards.

Those fucking corporate wannabe dickweeds.

-He said “Man, this was a great protest.” -Yeah, yeah.

He came there to say this. We had unlocked the gates after the concert.

At that moment, I thought that..

he was checking if the equipment was stolen.

But nothing was.

Also, some members of the board were filming us.

Yeah, they were taking videos of the equipment.

Motherfucking sons of bitches. Whatever.

I’ll curse like Ercik, “Fuck you, haters!”

Anyway, yeah, the thing about the protest…

Protest… I said to him,

“If something is to be a protest..”

“ should be against something.”

“We did this just because we wanted to.”

They don’t ever get it. They don’t do anything solely for will.

They live their lives imitating others or hating what they do.

So, they can’t get the concept of..

..doing something just because you want to.

And they keep doing that.

Yeah, it’s all about ego.

They’re still trying to take credit for the gig.

-Fucking numskulls. -Do you have any water?

Yeah, sure. I mean..

Inevitably, there is an opposite side.

We’re human, after all. We want to state our opinion.

There are always two sides.

Even AKP supporters think they are the righteous.

I mean, I think they’re not. I think I’m the righteous.

So this contrast is very natural.

In fact, our music is all about that.

We’re trying to tell people that we just wanna do what we wanna do.

Actually, we’re not trying. We’re doing it.

But it doesn’t mean they understand.

We are just doing it.

If they don’t get it, they can fuck themselves.

They can keep thinking that we are just breaking stuff. 218 –>