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This piece that I&039;m working on is

named after a Russian cruise ship

called the Lyubov Orlova that was moored in

St. John&039;s in Newfoundland.

It was apparently being towed to be scrapped

and the line broke and it went loose in the Atlantic.

Legend has it the boat was filled with cannibal rats.

So it&039;s a little bit of a sort of creepy soundtrack to this

ship that&039;s adrift in the Atlantic.

There&039;s just these layers of, kind of, abandonment

and hauntingness that kind of attracted me.

Musically, it lined up metaphorically with some of the

musical ideas I was already exploring in terms of drift,

and endlessness,

and also the tone and texture.

I have a custom piece of software that was written

to do interactive music, and generative music, and

adaptive music, and

it helps me script and design the music

and how it should flow,

when it&039;s random, when it&039;s sequential,

how long the silences should be—things like this.

So I compose the music

and write it in these tiny little components

and then load these into the custom program

and design it out and then hit play

and audition it and just continue to refine it from there.

These are almost soundtracks for me.

So a lot of the sounds, like in this case, I&039;ve got some

random bursts of static.

I mean, I like working with noise, but in this case it was

almost a literal noise and imagining like a dead radio

on the ship, that&039;s maybe still partly working

and still picking up signals.

And then there&039;s just some

you know, haunting voices, some sort of harmonic

strings, some other layers

that are just really there to provide atmosphere.

I thought this might be

a step even further in terms of providing someone a

background to work to, or a background to think to,

or a background to just relax to,

or to just immerse yourself in and become a

you know really deep listen for a while.

It&039;s meant to be just something

you can sort of come into and out of.

For more infomation >> The Ghost Ship That Inspired Scott Morgan&039;s Music – Duration: 2:36.


Pedestrian hit while crossing Morgan Ave. – Duration: 0:24.

For more infomation >> Pedestrian hit while crossing Morgan Ave. – Duration: 0:24.


Candice King Talks Joseph Morgan Reunion on The Originals Klaroline Fans Will Be Very Happy – Duration: 3:15.

Candice King Talks Joseph Morgan Reunion on ‘The Originals’: ‘Klaroline Fans Will Be Very Happy’

  Klaroline fans, rejoice! As Us Weekly previously reported, Candice King is set to appear on the season 5 premiere of The Originals, but it sounds like her appearance may be longer and juicier than expected.

They’re still filming, and I may or may not be heading to Atlanta one more time,” King told Us exclusively at the Pediatric Aids Foundation’s A Time for Heroes 28th Annual Festival on Sunday, October 29.

So I’m just as much in the dark as all the fans are.

It’s been really fun to continue that storyline, knowing how much it meant to everyone that watched the show.” While she did play coy on what Caroline does on the show, she gave a little teaser.

“I can say that I worked a lot with Joseph Morgan,” the 30-year-old actress said. “The Klaroline fans will be very happy.”Klaus and Caroline fans got their first look at the reunion when King shared a photo with Morgan last month.

Had fun playing with this hooligan over the past couple of days,” she captioned the Instagram photo on September 27. Thanks for having me Originals! onefortheKlarolineShippers” Caroline has had quite the history with the Mikaelson family, especially Klaus.

Druing the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Alaric opened a school for gifted children, thanks to a huge donation — $3 million huge — from Klaus.

Then, in the season 4 finale of The Originals, Klaus’ daughter Hope was attending said school.

Klaroline fans will never forget the line Klaus once said to Caroline when she was with Tyler: “Tyler was your first love, I intend to be your last.” The Originals returns to The CW with its final season in 2018.

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