Auto news on Youtube May 24 2018

Auto blog on youtube: Auto news on Youtube May 24 2018

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Amysen Smart Plug Wi-Fi Mini Socket Review – Can They Keep Up? – Duration: 4:10.

Have you been looking for a feature rich smart socket?

In this sponsored video, we are going to be taking a look at the Amysen Wi-Fi Mini Socket

to see how it stacks up.

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The Amysen Wi-Fi Mini Socket Smart Outlets arrived well packaged in this compact box.

Looking inside, there are two Smart Sockets and the instruction booklet.

The Smart Outlet itself is round with a switch on the side.

The switch can be used to turn the Smart Plug on and off if you do not want to open the

app to do so.

Setting them up is very easy, though it will require a smart phone or tablet.

I use an Android phone, but the apps talked about in this video should be available for

Apple as well.

The first thing you will need to do is go to the App store for your device, and install

the Smart Life app.

Once you have it installed, run it for the first time and set up your account.

Remember the email address and password you use, as you will need it later to connect

it to you Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

I have been using different smart plugs for a while, so you won�t see those steps in

this video, but once you have the app set up it will be just like this.

Hit the plus sign in the upper right of the screen to start adding a new device.

Click on �Electrical Outlet� and then click on �Confirm Indicator Light Rapidly


At this point it is going to ask for your Wi-Fi password (forgive me for hiding mine)

then hit confirm.

The connecting screen will come up, and the first few percent will take the longest before

it speeds up and completes.

Congratulations, your Smart Socket is set up!

Hit the pencil to change the name of the socket if you want to, just make it something you

won�t forget.

Hit done, and your socket is ready.

At this point you can set up a schedule, a timer, or set up the random function.

The last one is great for having a lamp come on at random times if you are going to be

away on vacation.

I have been using these sockets for a couple of weeks now, and they have been great.

We have been using them to control banks of LED Grow lights in our indoor tent and have

no complaints whatsoever.

Just keep the draw below ten amps and you will be golden.

If you want to connect your Amysen Wi-Fi Mini Socket Smart Outlet to your Amazon Alexa,

the process is a little more involved, but if you follow these steps you will have it

going in no time.

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your device, click on the three lines in the upper left

and click on skills.

In the search box that comes up, search for Smart Life and then click on it when it shows


Click on enable which will start the account linking process.

When the account linking screen comes up, put in the email address and password that

you used when you set up the Smart Life app (forgive me for hiding mine.)

Once you have them typed in click on �Link Now� and choose Smart Life from the drop

down that appears, then click on �Link Now� one more time.

On the next screen click on Authorize to finalize the linking process.

Click on the X in the upper left corner of the screen to close the authorization process,

and then click on Discover Devices.

Alexa will spend the next twenty or so seconds discovering new devices, and then tell you

how many it has found.

At this point you now have voice control of your Smart Socket with Alexa.

After using these for the last couple of weeks, I have no problem recommending them.

Make sure to take a look at all of their specifications before you buy them, to make sure that they

will fit your needs.

Clicking on the Amazon Affiliate link in the description below will take you right to the

Amysen Wi-Fi Mini Smart Sockets to purchase them.

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GIS How to Plant Tomatoes From Fruit |Fresh Seed |Mini Tomato | Garden Tips – Duration: 8:58.

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb. Good morning

Today I will try to sow some types of plants

First, I would pick the tomatoes that would be seed directly

Sowing Tomato

1. Picks tomato that we want to sown its seed

Choose ripe and good tomato fruit

2. Place the planting media into the basket

3. Water the planting media

We can soak the media until the water completely seeps up to the bottom ground

4. Slice the tomatoes

6. Put the tomato slices in a row

7. Cover again with the soil about 1 cm

8. Water the entire surface of the planting media

8. Put the planting media in shady spot

Moving Tomato Seeds

10 days tomato plants

Tomato plants that have been sown must be moved to a pot or planting land immediately

Otherwise, they can wither and even die

To move the plants, first prepare the planting media

consists of soil, manure and charcoal husk with a ratio of 1: 1: 1

Water the planting media

Prior to removal, tomato seedland need to be watered first so as not to dry or damage during the removal process

Take one clump of plants

Make a hole in the soil as a place to put tomato plants

Take one plant from a grove that has been set aside

Do this carefully so it won’t brake the plant’s root

Place the plant into a pot

Do not overpress the soil around the plants

so it will not damaged or even rotten the plant’s stem

Water the plants

That’s all our tips today

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Thanks for watching

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Mini Militia Mod super game. – Duration: 2:59.

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Лучший маленький гитарный комбик BOSS KATANA MINI – Duration: 4:36.

Hi friends! You are on the POP-MUSIC channel, and today the boss came to visit us.

The little boss – BOSS KATANA MINI.

So, let’s figure out the device capabilities. What can we see? It’s small,

it’s compact, here the battery compartment is.

So you can take it to the trip.

The front panel. Here is a 3-gain-mode switch,

3-band equalizer, delay.

And on the back panel there are two

inputs or outputs, as you wish. An output for the headphones and external sound source.

So as I said earlier, the combo has 3 modes: Clean, Crunch, Brown.

These are different gain-modes. Let’s listen to them all with different delay levels.

And here a remarkable function is hidden. Here on the rear panel

is the lettering REC OUT, so we can take this combo

and record in line. Let’s do it!

And now there is a time to sum up. The combo is compact,

it has a compact sound.

But it’s good for camp-field-type situations, so you can calmly play sweep picking near the barbeque.

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Carrot Basundi | E28 | Summer Special Sweet Recipe | Mini Food | MCS – Duration: 6:09.

It’s really delicious….

really good

I’ll prepare in home for you

taste it…’s hot????

where is the almonds ??

she ate

♪ it’s thundering …. and raining

Don’t shoot closeups…

at least I’ll be looking better in long shots

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Grad School Graduation Mini Vlog + How we Paid for Grad School – Duration: 11:42.

Hey everyone! It’s Akeiva and Meshack and welcome back to another episode of

The Bemused! If you’re new here, on this channel we talked about financial

education and provide really good tips for people like us- students and recent

college graduates. So, if you’re new here, consider subscribing. So, as you can

probably hear and see and tell, we’re not in our normal environment today because

we are currently at our hotel and coming up on the last day of our graduation

weekend. So, as you can hear, my voice is shot but it’s okay. So today we’re just

gonna show you guys a little mini vlog of our crazy weekend. He graduated on

Friday with his MBA from Widener University in Pennsylvania and then I

graduated yesterday, which was Saturday, in Massachusetts with my Masters in

Financial Planning so it’s been definitely a crazy weekend traveling

here, there and everywhere, sleepless nights, my voice sounds like this but

it’s all good. So we’re gonna show you guys some clips of our weekend is

going so far, and of course this wouldn’t be The Bemused without throwing in some

financial content, so then we’re gonna talk with you guys briefly about how

much we paid for our degrees and how we financed it. So sit back relax and enjoy

our exciting but stressful weekend.

So guys, it is now after 8:00 and – 8:05 – I have to leave the house at 9:00 to catch

my bus that leaves at 10:00 and as you can see I’m clearly not even home and

I’m not even packed so we’re gonna see how this goes because yikes. But here’s the

agenda Imma try to be like superwoman, put like an

agenda right in the left right here so- go home,

catch my bus for 10 o’clock which should get me to New York by 2:30 a.m. -is when

it’s scheduled to get in- get to my parents’ house- should be about 4 a.m. and

then get ready to go to Meshack’s graduation because we have to leave the

house at 6:30 a.m. to get to his graduation in Pennsylvania for 9:30. So wish me luck!

Waiting in line…

Mr. Rosen, Deans, faculty and family and friends of the graduates of 2018- welcome.

Under the authority vested in me by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the state

of Delaware and the trustees of Widener University, I confer upon you the degrees

for which you have successfully completed the prescribed courses of

study and for which you have been recommended by the appropriate college

or school faculty. This is signified by the diploma that you will be receiving

and is conferred with all the rights privileges and immunities apertaining

thereto. Widener University graduates of 2018, I

salute you!

It is Saturday May 18?19? What’s today’s date? (19th)

Saturday, May 19 on my way to Akeiva’s graduation – Boston

This is where the tent is. They have a nice field. It’s like WAU – fake grass. (They take care of their fake grass)

Another 469 will receive a Master of Science degree today. You’ve increased your professional expertise with a deep

dive into a specialty- accounting, finance, financial planning, human factors and

information design, information technology, marketing analytics,

business analytics and taxation.

Madam President, it is my pleasure to certify that all the

aformentioned candidates for graduation have satisfactorily fulfilled the

requirements for the degrees indicated as prescribed by the faculty and the

trustees of this institution. I am honored to present them to you now for

conferral of their degrees.

So we’ll start with me. My Masters in Business Administration at Widener

University cost me

and that’s including

tuition and fees. My degree (my master’s in financial planning) cost me a grand total of

and we’re just focusing on tuition and

fees in this video. That’s a lot of money. Yeah that’s why it’s called Bentley cuz

it’s expensive. That’s why it’s called Widener

cuz we’re affordable but you get a quality education. That’s why it’s called

Widener? Yes. Can’t even come up with a good joke. Anyway, so how did we pay for

grad school? So, for me, it was a combination of a very hefty scholarship

which I was very grateful for, loans and a little bit out-of-pocket so of the

forty five thousand ten dollars, most of that was just straight tuition. My

tuition only for my ten classes cost me forty four thousand four hundred and

fifty dollars of the total forty five thousand and then the rest were fees-

academic fees, technology fees, and parking fees and so ninety percent of my

tuition was covered by a scholarship. Of the forty five thousand ten I had a

scholarship for forty thousand and five dollars so that was, of course, a really

great help. I wouldn’t have been able to go to this school without that

scholarship cuz of course on top of that I still had to pay to live and take care

of myself and you know rent in Massachusetts, in the Boston area, is very expensive so

definitely, you know, went a long way. And then I paid five hundred dollars

out-of-pocket. That was actually part of my deposit that I mentioned in a

previous video that I’ll link up here if you guys haven’t seen that yet about our

life after graduation video and then the rest of that was loans. So definitely

took out a few thousand there to cover that shortfall. So that’s how I paid for

grad school. I paid for grad school pretty much the same way. Mostly

everything was loans. A few things came out of my pocket but honestly my

approach wasn’t really to spend that much out of pocket because, like I

mentioned in a previous video, I wasn’t working throughout the program so mostly

everything was paid for loans. A few things here and there out-of-pocket like

books really and some fees like parking or little fees like that that I felt I

should just pay out of pocket. I didn’t really have any living expenses, which I

mentioned in another video, because I stayed at family. Recently which,

completely different topic, but I’ve been commuting back and forth to school.

[Big life update from our last video] so I had some large expenses for that. It cost me

a little over, oh my goodness, like almost two thousand dollars in travel back and

forth from New York to Widener sometimes twice a week and now I’m currently doing

that once a week. So that’s how we paid for grad school in case anybody was

interested in knowing. If you’re applying to grad school soon just knowing that

there could be, you know, big differences. Even though he needed- I think you had

one more class than I did to get your master’s degree- he was still paying

like ten thousand dollars cheaper than I was at my school. So, you know, just being

aware of the different costs and the scholarships that might be available cuz

even though, of course, my tuition was a lot more, I had a really great

scholarship, so that definitely combated the cost of grad school. Yeah

unfortunately my school doesn’t have – doesn’t give out scholarships.

Not sure why or if it’s just a me thing but I did ask and they said that they

didn’t give them out. Yeah so that’s what we have for you guys today. Hopefully you

guys enjoyed our little mini vlog. Let us know in the comments if you like this

type of content. Do you want to see more vlog content from us? I don’t know. Let us know

what you want in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe! turn on

notifications and we’ll see you next time. Bye!