Auto news on Youtube May 24 2018

It’s back, it lives as the company says

It’s the Vitara

Now, sometime ago we went on a quick trip to

Thunderbird in La Union

with a large number of motoring media friends

to introduce this, the new Suzuki Vitara

On that drive we were able a few quick points

such as the engine size and the dimensions of the car

Well now, why don’t we jump right back in

and continue where we left off

The Vitara is neither snazzy or flashy

No, it’s not like it’s dressed

in a Dolce Gabanna suit running around in Yeezy’s

No no no, nothing like that

But it’s well groomed its what it is

It’s got LED headlamps, LED DRL’s

You got fog lamps down here

A very massive intake there

and an emblem that size that could very well fit

on Calel’s chest

Now, the GL and the GL+ both come with solid colors

The GLX like what we have here comes in 2-tone

the red and the turqoiuse blue come with a black roof

and the orange or the Autodeal orange

as I like to call it comes with a white top

Now, down the side you’ll see that the Vitara

has got indicators on the side mirror

its showing off some muscle down here

which continues up and over the wheel well up here

and it does very well by sitting nicely on 17-Inch tires

Good grooming continues down the back

with hexagon shaped taillights and a very tight bumper

save for one little thing, there’s a hole in the middle

of the bumper which obviously for top spec cars

It’s supposed to be a rear fog lamps or at the very least

it should be a reflector

It’s better if they continued it I mean it’s there already

would’ve been nice

No power tailgate, not really a problem for a car of this size

Very welcoming is the space in here. 375L of space

and surprisingly this thing pops up to reveal another

4-Inches deep and its also got 12V socket on the side

which is great for those coolers with refrigerating systems

absolutely great. Now, the 375L of space as I mentioned

obviously doubles when you put the seats down

Let’s have a look inside

Straight up gotta say the plastics in here, not very nice

Leans more on durable, but the toys in this thing

That’s great. Now, the instrument cluster

nothing to brag about but its got cruise

its got paddle shifters, start-stop button

an infotainment system that’s bigger than an iPad

which doubles as a reverse camera

A two-pane sunroof

ABS, airbags and my personal favorite

the analog clock found in the middle of the dash

it’s just so cute and you would definitely

not expect it to be in this car

Now, here in the back sadly there are no toys

for the rear passengers

No air vents, no charging ports, no center armrest

no cupholders, just basically bottle holders

on the side of the doors

Now, there are no air vents as I mentioned

but the air condition is strong enough to

to keep the entire cabin cold

which should fit four adults no problem

as that drive that we took to La Union

there we’re 3 of us but 4 not really gonna be a problem

What might be a problem to some though

is that see the dual-pane sunroof does not come with a

solid cover, its comes with more of this mesh that you see here

So there is still a lot of light that come in and that

that could really be a deal breaker to some

All 3 variants of the Suzuki Vitara come with a 1.6L engine

and a 6-speed automatic transmission which produces

a 115horses. In terms of fuel economy

well the drive to La Union, we were able to get 16km/l

we drove it ourselves in traffic all the way out north yet again

and together we we’re able to get 10km/l, not bad

if you’re wondering if Suzuki’s gonna bring in the diesel engine

Sadly, they’re not gonna do that in anytime soon

Now, the drive itself is peppy and smart, it’s pretty good

When the Vitara get’s going, it will get going

However at stand still, there is this little bit of a

slight backing up, it’s odd

Nothing to be alarmed about really but it’s like

when you’re in there, you’re thinking

Am I driving a ‘matic or a stick?

Its a bit off

Now, at higher speeds the engine rev and NVH

will start to creep up on the cabin

and I do mean higher speeds like a 100km/h and more

Now the seats, that’s a bit of a contrast

No lumbar support but that’s beside the point

What I’m trying to get at is that when you first enter the car

the first thing that you’ll notice is the plastics

that are all over the dash and you’re thinking, durable right? Great

But the seats, have suede

Now, you put water on the dashboard no problem whatsoever

wipe that stuff off, you put water on suede

Oh boy, that’s a big problem right there

However the suede does come into play on turns

because of the slight body roll that suede

will keep your butt in place

Its 500mm shorter than the previous model and

its got a 185mm of ground clearance

so you can basically liken this thing to an HR-V

or the Juke which is perfect for those

with an active lifestyle because this thing

well, I like it to a car that can immediately get out of the city

and bring 3 of your best friends along

Capable, not exactly posh but it is definitely functional

whilst there are points against the Vitara

You’ve gotta admit that they are outweighed

by the points for the Vitara

and the price, that’s the kicker

See this GLX comes in at P1,098,000

Now, that price gets you a well groomed compact crossover

with a lot of toys inside

so I’m guessing, it kinda add of excuses

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