Auto news on Youtube May 24 2018

hey everybody its Justin and welcome back today we have an exciting video for

you today we&039;re going to be unveiling the new and improved BMW M3 in my garage

here let&039;s go ahead and get started

all right so there you have it a new BMW M3 in my garage nobody&039;s buying it

nobody at all this doesn&039;t look familiar maybe it does all right so not a BMW M3

it&039;s my old 325is I did not get rid of it I did not get a new BMW M3 I know I&039;m

a little late on the April Fool&039;s joke but we have actually done a lot of

upgrades to this thing in the off season believe it or not it has been m3 ties it

has a lot of m3 parts on and now we&039;re going to go through what we have already

installed on the car and we actually have some more stuff to install as well

let&039;s talk about what we&039;ve got and what we&039;re going to do all right so the large

majority of the upgrades that we did from an m3 part perspective are on the

front of the car if you guys have a keen eye for 3-series BMWs and the

differences between an M car and a non M car you&039;re probably noticing that these

front brakes are a lot larger than what are on the non M car or on my previous

325is before we had these brakes so this is actually an entire m3 front-end or m3

front brake setup so we have the m3 rotors we have the m3 calipers of course

we have m3 hubs and spindles and bearings and we also threw on some

stainless steel brake lines as well as a hard motorsports brake ducting kit so

that was a pretty huge upgrade from the stock parts on the car everything is

bigger from the bearings to the rotors to the calipers to the brake pads to the

spindles lot stronger a whole lot better performing and overall a much better and

reliable set up for the track driving that I do with this car now on the non

m3 part upgrade side we added new stock lower control arms and bushings we added

a z3 steering rack from a BMW z3 this makes the steering a lot more responsive

and a lot quicker as the stock steering rack is very very slow took many turns

of the steering wheel just to get the car to turn on the interior of the car

we added a Sparco 383 steering wheel to replace that gigantic stock steering

wheel and the airbag that goes in it alright so that covers all of the m3

upgrades that are on the car right now we have more to do believe it or not I

have a few parts actually more than a few parts stored up in my shed out here

I&039;m gonna go grab those and then we&039;ll go over what we&039;re going to be putting

in the car today

all right so as you can see we have quite a few parts here to go on the car

I have my new or not new they&039;re actually used apex arc eight wheels

seventeen by nine with brand new hand Kuk RS four tires I used to have a set

of these wheels for my BMW some years ago I sold them to buy the wheels for my

first FRS and anyways picked up this used set from a friend of mine not too

long ago so we can have a second set of wheels again for the BMW on the floor

here we&039;ve got the rest of the hard motor sports brake duct kit which we

have to get installed I have a new front what do you call these things a front

grille panel or front nose panel the one on the car right now is all bent up and

out of shape so we&039;re gonna get that replaced we also have the Sparco Evo

seat here you guys probably recognize this one it actually came out of my BRZ

what I&039;m going to do is put the Sparco Evo in the driver&039;s seat of the BMW so

it&039;s a more comfortable seats than the Sparco Sprint&039;s that are in there what I

did is I took the drivers Sparco sprint out of the BMW and put it in the BRZ so

both cars will have the nice seat in the driver&039;s side so it&039;s comfortable last

but not least in order to be a wannabe m3 you got to have an eBay m3 bumpers so

that is what is in this box we&039;re gonna open this thing up real quick take a

look and then finally get started on installing all of the parts on the car

and hopefully have it ready in time for the race weekend or actually going to

Pueblo Motorsports Park this weekend in about five days so we got to get it

going get the car on the track

all right so this is my m3 ebay bumper this is polypropylene some kind of

reinforced plastic terribly inexpensive these bumpers are I think I paid 130 or

140 dollars for this thing shipped so the reasoning behind this you guys are

probably wondering why did you go with a cheap knockoff m3 bumper on eBay well

for track cars like mine dedicated track cars and road racing cars they all opt

for these cheap eBay bumpers because they get trashed so often in racing

whether it&039;s doing HP de or time trials in a dedicated track car like mine if

you&039;re going off course you&039;re bouncing through the dirt potentially hitting

brush or shrubs or ruts in the dirt that kind of thing the bumpers get jacked up

in road racing there should be no question there all of the bumper to

bumper contact front ends to rear ends on the cars the bumpers just get messed

up so they get replaced a lot so my race shop SCR performance up in Loveland

Colorado here they had recommended to go the eBay route there&039;s no point in

spending the extra money on a real om style grill or something that you might

find from ECS tuning or something like that

eBay is the way to go these things fit really great or at least hopefully we&039;re

gonna find out that it fits really great I&039;ve been told that the fitment is

pretty much perfect with these things so we&039;re gonna go ahead and get it on the

car here it also comes with this mesh front grille as you can see here which

we will probably put on and the big deal with the m3 bumpers is well with the

hardened Motorsports brake duct kit that I have it is specifically designed for

the m3 bumper ports so I needed to get an m3 bumper because it doesn&039;t

necessarily work with my stock 325 bumper so we&039;re gonna start ripping

things apart get this guy on get the nose grill on and hook up the rest of

the hard motorsports brake duct kit as well and then we got a

bunch of other stuff to put in the car 236 bumper removal is pretty

straightforward at least from what I have read

researched I actually have never removed the bumper on this car I&039;ve done it

multiple times on the BRZ or I&039;m sorry on my FRS have not done it on the e36

yet but what it looks like is there&039;s this strip across

the front of the bumper and I&039;m not gonna do a detailed how-to on how to

remove this stuff I&039;ll kind of give you guys the overview and then throw it on a

time lapse but you remove the little bumper strip here there&039;s bolts behind

it obviously I have to remove my tow hook and then on the rear side of the

bumper back here and here and then on the underside are some other screws and

bolts that tie the bumper into the fender liner once you get those bolts

and screws removed the bumper pretty much just pulls straight out now a

similar process with this front nose grille the metal panel piece that is all

dinged up and dented on my car there&039;s a number of bolts around the top and

around the inner sections of the grille area that hold that in when I get the

bumper off maybe I&039;ll try to show you a little bit closer look at that we have

to take the headlights out as well or at least you have to to make it an easier

process getting that nose grille out so we&039;ll probably do that also so let&039;s go

ahead and crank up the time-lapse we&039;ll get started and rip things apart and

hope everything goes well

so the bumper came off pretty easy just about as I had suspected four bolts on

the front of the bumper underneath that rubber strip that I had showed you and

then a handful of little bolts around the fender liner and on the underneath

now there is a metal support beam on the stock bumper that needs to be moved to

the m3 bumper so this little piece down here it&039;s kind of a I can&039;t tell if it&039;s

a metal or some kind of hard plastic but anyways that needs to come off and then

that needs to go on to the backside of the m3 bumper which we&039;ll show you here

real quick so that piece will fit in here in this area on the m3 bumper and

that acts as the bumper support for the bumper and kind of what holds the bumper

into place so next up we&039;re going to get this nose panel off on the front of the

car and then probably take the headlights off as well

so for this nose grill there is about 12 different bowls that you have to get off

in order to loosen this thing up and be able to remove it there&039;s two on the

edge of the bumper side two and four on the top here and then two on the inner

side of the bumper will try to point out the different bolts here real quick

on the underside of the ends by the wheel weld there is two right up in this

area there&039;s two bolts down in this area one on top and one on the bottom there

already taken out here&039;s the side with the bolts still installed one there one

down there and then you have the four top bolts two up here and then two

exactly on the other side with all of those bolts remove this thing will pull

right out so we&039;ll get this thing off real quick here and then take a look at

that compared to the new one that I have or I guess the new used one that I have

so neither of these front nose panels is very pretty

so the one reason I got this other one is because it&039;s not dented this is the

newer one of the two that I have this is the one that I just took off you can see

there&039;s all kinds of dents and dings in these areas and what it does is it makes

it select the grilles you know standard BMW grilles they don&039;t really fit and

stay in there there&039;s another big dent there it&039;s dented down here and overall

just not in the best shape now the other used one that I picked up super cheap a

long time ago you&039;re probably wondering why I&039;m putting better parts on because

I just mentioned you want to go with the cheap stuff for the race cars but this

was cheap I don&039;t even remember how much I paid for it but the grilles fit in it

it is straight and it&039;ll allow the hood to line up a little bit better so it in

itself is not very pretty but better than the one that I had on there before

now while we have the whole front end of this car off what I&039;m gonna do is a

little bit more weight savings on the car and actually remove the entire air

conditioning system so the AC compressor the a/c condenser and the fan down here

and the related hoses and components now the good thing with doing this is I

don&039;t have to worry about emptying or bleeding out the AC system because when

I bought the car the owners said that the system was completely dry it had no

more air conditioning refrigerant in it and it needed to be refilled and I never

did that because I didn&039;t really care about air conditioning in this car it

was mostly a race car and a future track car so we tested out on the bleed valve

there&039;s zero pressure in the system so we&039;re good to go they&039;re already started

unplugging some of the piping and the tubing and I&039;m gonna go ahead and do

this kind of offline taking everything apart because it&039;s gonna take a little

bit of time and I just want to jam it out and get it done so I&039;ll show you

everything that comes off of the car once it is done we&039;ll give you a quick

look at the condenser section on the car that&039;s this fan up in the front and the

condenser is the little radiator system in behind it so all of this stuff will

come out and then the compressor for the AC is kind of up in that area you can&039;t

even really see it and then there are some additional parts down here in the

hoses and things that go along with it so we&039;re gonna go ahead get all that

stuff removed and save some weight on the car make this thing even lighter

than it is already and voila we now have an empty front and

no more condenser or fan in front of the radiator we have the compressor removed

from underneath the engine there that little canister and the associated hoses

are also out as well alright finally we got all of these air conditioning parts

out of the car let&039;s take a look at what we have all on the floor I&039;m gonna try

to weigh it up here I&039;m not sure if I&039;ll be able to do it or not but anyways

let&039;s take a look at all of the pieces so here we have the AC compressor this

is the heaviest piece in the car that lug that sits on the front of the engine

this thing took me a while to get out of the car and just because of the space

and the restricted area that you have and really all it is is these four bolts

here one two three and four and then you have

the tensioner that holds the AC belt in place that runs off your engine these

long hoses that go up into the engine bay to the AC system itself this little

unit here I&039;m actually not even sure what that does and then over here we

have the condenser fan and then the AC condenser which is this radiator looking

thing here so all of those AC parts on the floor weighed just about 40 pounds

so knocking off 40 pounds on the car is pretty significant just with that

compressor the condenser the pulley and the various little components hoses and

things that go along with it so a good drop from the front of the car now we

can get started on putting everything back together turn this into the Amma

three that I&039;ve always wanted

all right the new nose panel installed without a hitch everything fit pretty

well I&039;ve got the new bumper preps new the new m3 bumper that is and this one

was a little bit tricky only because of this piece here the big support brace

this is the I don&039;t know metal piece it&039;s metal it doesn&039;t sound like it now

because it&039;s attached to all of the plastic but that one was a little tricky

to get installed there&039;s the old bumper over there but we were able to get that

installed and everything worked out okay

so the m3 bumper is now ready to be test fitting to test fit at first I had a

hard time with the hard Motorsports brakes ducts they have these little

brackets that come with them these little guys that connects the hard

braked up tubes to the lower subframe somewhere I couldn&039;t figure out where it

goes exactly so I have to get that installed again at a later time possibly

if I can&039;t get it done before the race weekend but now we&039;re gonna test fit

that m3 bumper and see how that works out

all right everything is mocked up on the car now

I haven&039;t tightened anything down like the headlights or even the front nose

panel here or the ends of the bumper this is really just the test-fitting

phase and I&039;m gonna make sure everything is fitted properly but so far looks

pretty good my wannabe m3 is nearing completion at least for this phase of

the project let&039;s take a closer look at how things turned out

all right so not half bad for a budget eBay bumpered bmw m3 with other m3 parts

on it but we still have more work to do I&039;m gonna button up all of these parts

that I just test fitted get everything secured in place then call it a night

for tonight I think tomorrow we have my Sparkle Evo to put in the car and that

hard Motorsports brake kit or brake duct kit if I can call the shop and get the

tips on how to get that thing installed we&039;ll install that thing as well but

that&039;s not a deal breaker if I don&039;t get that installed this go-around we do need

the RACI is stalled for obvious reasons so we&039;re gonna finish this up pick it up

in the morning all right after some poking around and making some phone

calls and a visit to the dealership I was able to get the hard Motorsports

brake kit installed and got the bumper back off of the car and basically I was

missing a little screw attachment where the hard Motorsports brake duct tubes

mount to I&039;ll try to show you that in a second but these little teeny tiny

plastic things that a screw goes into and actually I think I have one over

here show you what it looks like for those that are doing this brake duct

install and it&039;s only because I have an on M 3 so the m3s have these little

screw dealies so these little guys actually pop up into the frame rail and

then allow you to put a screw into it and that&039;s where the mouse go for the

hard motor sports brake duct kits we&039;ll take a look at it here now right up in

there you can see where that little plastic piece went that little white

line and there&039;s another one back here but those are what you screw this little

bracket into or the mounting bracket for the main tube and then here&039;s what our

main brake duct tube looks like

and it comes out on the wheel well side obviously this is a flexible tube so

when the wheel turns getting do that one-handed but the tube squishes with

the wheel or with the turning of the wheel that is so that it stays out of

the way so now we can finally button the rest of this up get the m3 bumper on

there get it all bolted in and secure it I got to put the grill on it – real

quick actually and then I&039;ve got to mount my Sparco seat in the car I&039;m

doing a hard mount on it so you got to do a lot of test fitting and REE bolting

and test fitting and bolting to get your seat position just right because there

is no slider and obviously it&039;s a hard mounted back seat so it doesn&039;t recline

or anything like that so you have to get the seating position just right and it

bolts in there solid and stays in place we&039;re gonna get to work cuz I gotta hit

this thing going by the morning so we can get off to the racetrack

I will spare you guys the visual trauma of me test-fitting the spark array seat

in and out of the car 20 probably 25 times over just to get the seat height

and the fitment proper and instead just show you the finished product came out

pretty well and is looking to really slick with the Sparco steering wheel now

the bumper I had one more last thing to do and that was to update my

glow-in-the-dark Batman duct tape over the fog light covers I think it looks

pretty sweet and goes really good with the all-black Batmobile theme of this

car and one last thing to do before we get this thing back on the ground

getting the wheels and tires back on those Hankook rs fours on the apex arc

eight wheels and then we&039;re ready to get it off the quick Jack and on the ground

all right I think we&039;ve finally wrapped up a haul of the work for the e36 bmw

for this week we did so many things obviously we went over the m3 upgrades

that had done to the car by the shop the steering rack upgrade the Sparco

steering wheel we added the EBA m3 front bumper and the new front nose panel on

the car as well along of course with the hard motorsports brake duct kit we took

out a whole bunch of the a/c stuff that we&039;ll see on the floor this is basically

all of the stuff we have taken out of the car this week and we&039;re just about

ready to head on to the track we got the wheels and tires back on those apex r8

wheels with the new hand qu car S four tires so really pumped to get this thing

on the track it&039;s been a long time in the coming since last season I got a run

out to get my trailer I&039;m going to show you guys one last look at the finished

product and then I am heading out

For more infomation >> My BMW M3 Reveal! – Duration: 23:47.


Should I Buy The 2017 BMW M2?! *Sounds | Accelerations* – Duration: 7:54.

Right guys welcome to Stef ABtv if

you are new to this channel make sure to subscribe for plenty of automotive

content and today we are in the BMW m2 and I&039;ve been kindly invited down by BMW

to test drive the BMW m2 we are in our own

cars which is absolutely fantastic that just sounded absolutely mean so this

will be my first ever drive of the BMW m2 so I can&039;t see what it&039;s like we&039;re

at Bedford autodrome I&039;ve got my own BMW m2 it looks absolutely stunning

Lets see what it&039;s like to drive

the first thing that I know is about the BMW m2 is this beautiful steering wheel

and instrument clatter in front of me and the sound of that exhaust

it sounds pretty fantastic the paddle shifts feel very comfortable as well

I got a nice click to it I hear that and the rev matching I can see this is gonna

be fun I like the fact that it&039;s a smaller

length will pose a smaller wheelbase and the likes of the m4 and the m3 I like

the fact that it&039;s almost it&039;s it&039;s a baby powerhouse yeah these brakes really But

that rev-match that crisp tone of their exhaust note on the m2 I love it

we can then those gear changes that I

thunderbolts they just kick you now to the s-bend


the thing is with this car it just makes you want to drive fast which here is

fine completely fine we&039;re on a public private road we&039;re on a circuit

effectively on the public road I&039;d be be too scared to a really long it

encourages naughtiness

yeah they said…

listen to that sound this feels like a proper M car and I&039;ve had

two e46 m3 but what they&039;ve done now with these…

BMW are just making me really smile theres 70

with these 85 miles an hour slowing down

I&039;ll tell you what the thing with his car and I&039;ve I&039;m rambling a little bit

but quite frankly I don&039;t care because I&039;m having such a great time the thing

with these car that exhaust though

you can never get bored of that no listen

on the brakes downshift again that rev-match and in the bottle

it just wants to keep giving I mean we&039;re doing lap after lap after lap and

each time I feel

I feel more and more confident in this thing

they&039;ll be squeaky pop glamour on that corner over there rev-matching

Oh yes that German grunt. now I realize that this isn&039;t probably the

review that most of you guys are expecting to see on this channel this

car but this is plainly simply an opportunity that I&039;ve been given by BMW

to basically rag an M2 around a track and if you were me would you

decline it

this is too much fun it&039;s addictive this is the problem it&039;s adding the seats I&039;m

in holding here they&039;re so comfortable the cabin is it&039;s beautiful this – this

it looks classy the steering or the feel of this do the pebbles it&039;s just you

feel really connected with the car and

noise is the noise are the pinnacle for me that that&039;s where it peaks and

is this car fun right so in summary what do I think

fun factor is lay out their performance is right up there

sound you tell me he&039;s right up there and my word those are the three things

that you need in a car sound performance and looks and this little car is not

that little but this car at all

I don&039;t even saw that I almost killed a rabbit

the one positive with it he&039;ll help me to draw back a bit and really boot the

car now that rabbit just came out of nowhere

I think you get a lot of car for this price tag I don&039;t even know how much

these are on the secondhand market it&039;s tempting

I did indeed brilliant right let&039;s park up and it&039;s summarize I yeah again if I

could describe this car in one word it would be awesome and I&039;m not even joking

it would literally be awesome but guys that&039;s the end of this kind of first

look or first drive even for the BMW m2 I really hope you&039;ve enjoyed the video

and again if you haven&039;t subscribed already make sure you do follow me on

Instagram for more pretty YouTube content loads of car stuff on this

channel so yeah smash the like button comment below I&039;ll see you all very soon

thank you very much

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How to paint the leather steering wheel BMW 520 – Duration: 4:47.

Reparation (painting) leather steering wheel

Step by step process

First wash the leather to clean from dirt

Next is drying leather

The next is sanding and puttying of the skin

When putty is dry, with fine sandpaper clean all unevenness

And at the end leather is painting and drying

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Kurz informiert vom 23.05.2018: Mark Zuckerberg, Diesel-Fahrverbot, HTC U12+, BMW – Duration: 2:13.

For more infomation >> Kurz informiert vom 23.05.2018: Mark Zuckerberg, Diesel-Fahrverbot, HTC U12+, BMW – Duration: 2:13.


Is the BMW M2 Better than the M4? [REVIEW] Sub ENG – Duration: 9:29.

Ciao everyone, here it&039;s Marchettino and today let&039;s have fun with the BMW M2!

Right, today I&039;m behind the wheel of the BMW M2, I&039;m not hiding I&039;m truly excited to drive this car because

I think the M2 is the best M you can buy nowadays on the market – obviously brand new.

If I set myself a higher budget with the idea to buy a BMW, I think I would have gone for this.

I find the M3 very pretty, not to mention the colour!

For being an exotic, the size is right – it&039;s not too small and not too big like an M4 for example.

It&039;s compact but still, it has 4 seats – 4 seats that are real because you can sit in the back without problems.

In terms of power I already drove the M4 and I can tell you I find it a bit exaggerated, it&039;s more challenging because it has lots of power and torque hard to unleash whereas

this M2 we can define it more civilzed and practical, in fact in front of us we have a 3.0L inline-six turbo

able to produce 370hp and 465nm of torque that sound pretty much like this!

Sound is not bad at all and as I told you I think

all this power is the right power to have fun without being costantly worried to risk to slide and crash.

We&039;re talking about a RWD with almost 400hp, you need to be careful anyway but compared to an M4, I think you have more fun with a car like this.

The engine sounds pretty good for being turbo!

By smashing the foot on the throttle you feel a bit of turbo lag between the response of the throttle and the engine

but you can feel all the 465nm of torque that keep you pushed to the seat!

and the engine pulls nicely up to 7000rpm!

One of the things I like most about the M2 is that all the power gets unleashed without much problems

compared to an M4 with the electronics ON, you can feel the electronics that costantly cuts the power and if you turn them off you need to have good skills because it slides all the time!

You know I&039;m a lover for the manual gearbox but honestly this double clutch is not bad!

Gear changes are quick and at every upshift you feel the kick in the back, it&039;s not a flat gear change.

Overall it&039;s a good gearbox and what I love also about the M2 is that on request you can have it manual too.

If we press again the manettino of driving settings and set Sport+

we unleash the best of this M2, its most racing side.

Gear changes are even more sharp and quick, electronics is partially off by making this car even more fun and tail happy.

I like the steering very much because it&039;s not just very precise and accurate but also very communicative,

around these tight corners with the electronics off you have a perfect idea of what&039;s going on the front tires but also about the grip of the rear tires.

Overall this M2 gave me the idea of being the car I was expecting it to be, I think it&039;s the perfect sports car to daily drive and

to take on a racetrack or winding roads like these on weekends!

In Comfort it feels like to be driving a normal BMW with exhaust valves closed and soft suspensions but by switching to Sport or to those who da dare more – Sport+

The suspensions get stiffer, the steering more direct, and this car becomes into a pocket rocket

that is more usable, enjoiable and fun than an M4.

The performance of this M2 are remarkable, 370hp may be a not so impressive number but still, this car goes from 0 to 100kph in 4.3s

with a top speed limited to 250kph and overall these figures and performance are ideal to have fun.

And another factor to keep in mind is the the mod factor because it&039;s turbo which means with a few mods you can unleash lots of power and even more performance!

A stock M2 is enough to have fun to me, in terms of performance is similar to my M3, I can&039;t think of an M2 with full exhaust and ECU remap!

It&039;s a second hand car that can be bought at 45.000€ and it&039;s a car with a great potential,

So at this stage of the video you may have understood that I like this M2 very much!

After having acted like an hooligan around winding roads in Sport+, I have set back to Comfort in the city and here&039;s the double character of the M2,

from a civilized car that can be daily driven you press a button and it becomes a truly exciting and fun exotic to drive.

I thank Alex the owner of this 2 weeks old M2 with just 1000km – we just finished properly the break in period!

Make sure to Like the video if you enjoy it, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven&039;t yet and as always thanks for watching, ciao!

For more infomation >> Is the BMW M2 Better than the M4? [REVIEW] Sub ENG – Duration: 9:29.


2018 BMW M3 CS – Where is the problem? – Duration: 6:05.

Automotive journalists can be spoiled.

Give us 600 horsepower, and we’ll invariably think that another 100 horsepower or so wouldn’t


This crowd is hard to please.

But every once in a while, there’s a car that leaves us wanting nothing more.

Today, we have driven one of those: The BMW M3 CS.

It’s the latest and ultimate expression of the current-generation M3, the culmination

of what this nameplate represents.

The M3 CS marks a significant step up from the base M3 and even from the Competition


The horsepower increase over the M3 Competition is modest, from 444 horsepower to 453 (the

regular M3 makes 425), but the torque boost is strong: The S55 twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter

inline-six, in this iteration, peaks at 443 lb-ft, versus 406 for the base and Competition


The result, Munich claims, is zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed governed at

174 mph.

In our test of the Competition model, it got to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds flat and was governed

to 163 mph.

The ease with which the M3 CS attains triple-digit speeds is incredible.

There is an excess of power on tap at all times, delivered with a mischievous eagerness.

We didn’t detect the slightest turbo lag, and this straight-six relentlessly revs up

to 7600 rpm.

The exhaust is louder than on the regular M3 (it varies with the selected driving mode

via electrically operated flaps in the exhaust system), and when you take your foot off the

gas, there is a perfectly engineered crackle.

Sport Plus is our favorite setting for the powertrain, and we prefer the fastest setting

for the gearshifts of the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

Because, alas, there is no manual-transmission option on this ultimate M3.

To be sure, the dual-clutch gearbox does everything right.

The shifts are quick and refined, and if you prefer to use the console shifter instead

of the paddles on the steering wheel, it is configured properly: Pull back to upshift,

push forward to downshift, just like in a racing car.

This is exactly as you want it, given the severity of the M3’s acceleration and braking


The chassis works in perfect unison with the engine.

Compared with the base M3, the entire window of characteristics is pushed toward an even

sharper, more competitive edge.

Frank van Meel’s team has tinkered with the stability-control system, the electrically

assisted steering, the rear differential, and all the driving modes.

We drove the M3 CS on Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, size 265/35ZR-19 up front and

285/30ZR-20 in the rear, and with the optional ($8150) carbon-ceramic brakes.

Less-aggressive summer tires will be standard in the United States.

The differences among the driving modes are significant—the Comfort setting of the dampers

leads to a relatively wallowy ride for such a focused driving machine, Sport is ideal

for most occasions, and Sport Plus is so stiff that it works well only on very smooth surfaces.

The same settings apply to the power steering.

We find that an artificially heavy steering feel doesn’t signify sportiness, and thus

we prefer either the Comfort or Sport settings but not Sport Plus, which is heftier without

adding any feel for the road surface.

You can also fiddle with the stability control; while turning it off entirely is recommended

only for expert track drivers, we found the intermediate setting to be a smart and happy

compromise between hyper-vigilant intervention from the computers on the one hand and a reckless

dismissal of electronic supervision on the other.

But the M3 CS leaves you the choice.

Approaching the limits of adhesion in the sportier modes is a safe and fun affair, with

plenty of feedback from the chassis.

Even if you happen to be stuck in traffic, the M3 CS offers something more than the standard

model: Its cabin is adorned with specific microfiber suede decor.

The strips on the passenger side of the dash and on the steering wheel are pure awesomeness.

And the light-gray and black leather on the seats is specific to the M3 CS.

The exterior is distinctive as well, thanks to dark-gray wheels designed to resemble those

on DTM racing cars (which are skinned to resemble M4 coupes) and a pronounced Gurney flap on

the decklid.

Like the hood and roof, the spoiler is made of carbon fiber.

BMW says the CS is 110 pounds lighter overall than the standard M3, not accounting for the

couple-dozen pounds of mass reduction that comes with the carbon-ceramic brake package.

It was all but impossible to find fault with the M3 CS, the first four-door sedan to wear

BMW’s storied CS badge.

Sure-footed and civilized yet aggressively playful, it will be priced at $99,245.

Hurry if you want one: Almost all 1200 units are already spoken for.

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BMW 新型 8シリーズ フルモデルチェンジ 復活 高級クーペ / コンバーチブル 2018年6月15日発表 – Duration: 9:29.

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BMW「X8」を商標登録 X7との違いは レンジローバー意識か – Duration: 7:12.

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公式リーク…BMW 8シリーズクーペ 新型、6月公開へ! – Duration: 2:50.

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송해 건강비결 BMW의 비밀 그리고 매일 4시면 가는 목욕 장수비결 – Duration: 6:24.

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✅ Security company uncovers vulnerabilities in several BMW models, enabling the marque to issue soft – Duration: 3:14.

A team of ‘white hat’ hackers has uncovered 14 software and hardware vulnerabilities in a range of BMWs after carrying out what BMW says is the “most comprehensive and complex testing ever conducted” by a third-party company

The hackers found a range of vulnerabilities in the BMW i3 and X1, as well as the previous-generation 5 Series and 7 Series

Eight of the flaws related to the cars’ infotainment systems, four were linked to their telematics units, and two concerned the vehicles’ on-board diagnostics’ gateway

• Car security: staying one step ahead of criminalsThe Chinese cyber-security firm that uncovered the flaws, Tencent Keen Security Lab, said “these attack chains could be utilized by skilled attackers at a very low cost”, adding they would allow hackers to “trigger or control car functions over a wide-range distance”

While nine of the attacks required a physical connection to be made between the cars and hacking equipment, five could be enacted remotely by exploiting weak points in Bluetooth and GSM connections, as well as BMW’s ConnectedDrive infotainment services

After a year’s worth of research uncovering the flaws, Tencent Keen Security Lab alerted BMW to the vulnerabilities

The carmaker confirmed Tencent’s findings within two weeks, and subsequently announced it had addressed the vulnerabilities with “upgrades [that] were rolled out in the BMW Group backend and uploaded to the telematics control units via over the air connection

“BMW was so impressed with the Tencent’s discoveries – calling its endeavours “outstanding research work” – that it awarded the company the first-ever BMW Group Digitalization and IT Research Award

The two firms are now “discussing options for joint in-depth research and development activities

“• How to avoid keyless car theftBMW’s decision to reward and plan future projects with Tencent Keen echoes similar programmes employed by Silicon Valley tech companies

Facebook has paid out $6.3 million (approx £4.7 million) to white hat hackers for pointing out vulnerabilities since 2011, while Google has awarded $12 million (approx £9 million) since 2010

With internet-connected cars becoming increasingly standard within the marketplace, and huge investment in autonomous cars from industry, manufacturers may turn to white hat hackers to unearth security flaws more frequently in the future

This practice could act as a safety net for vulnerable software, enabling weaknesses to be patched before being exploited

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New 2019 BMW 3 Series spied again ahead of Paris debut – Duration: 7:11.

New 2019 BMW 3 Series spied again ahead of Paris debut

BMWs next 3 Series has been caught on camera again, with a substantial drop in camouflageBMW is gearing up to launch its most important car of the decade: the all-new, seventh-generation 3 Series.

The saloon will be the brand’s star at September’s Paris Motor Show and will usher in a new platform and more electrification when it arrives in UK showrooms early next year.

Ahead of its Paris debut the new saloon has been spied testing yet again, and the wraps are really starting to come off the firms next Mercedes C-Class rival, confirming an evolutionary redesign. • Best executive cars on sale.

Under the skin the new 3 Series makes the switch to BMW’s new CLAR platform, which also underpins the larger 5 Series and X3 SUV. This allows a new generation of powertrains to be fitted.

The most significant of these is a fully electric version, which will sit on the same platform and be badged i4.

Based on the Vision Dynamics concept from the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, its set to arrive in 2020 and will have an all-electric range of up to 435 miles.

Before that, two plug-in hybrid variants will be launched to satisfy consumers’ growing appetite for PHEVs.

The first, expected to be badged 325e, will feature the same powertrain as the MINI Countryman PHEV, which comprises a 148bhp 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine and a 110bhp electric motor.

It’s likely BMW will also roll out a second, more powerful plug-in hybrid, badged 330e, which will make use of a 20-litre turbo and electric motor to develop around 280bhp.

The pair will also be compatible with BMW’s inductive charging tech, which launches with the larger 530e later this year.

Of course, the plug-in hybrids will still play a secondary role in the engine line-up; a new range of petrol and diesel powerplants will continue to be the more popular options with buyers.

The petrol motors will kick off with a 1. 5-litre three-cylinder engine in the 318i, while a 20-litre four-cylinder turbo will feature in the 320i and 330i, with power expected to range from 190bhp to 260bhp.

All of the diesel engines used will be 20-litre four-cylinder units, with outputs starting at 150bhp and going up to around 230bhp.

Lower-powered models will come paired with a six-speed manual box, while an eight-speed automatic will be standard on the more potent versions. BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive will continue to be offered on selected variants, too.

Based on a wealth of spy shots and our exclusive images, we know the new 3 Series won’t benefit from a dramatic redesign. Sharper lines and a new headlamp and kidney grille arrangement will feature.

It’s important that BMW keeps the design of the 3 Series as inoffensive as possible to ensure it remains one of the brand’s biggest sellers with fleet and private buyers.

The car’s new backbone also means the German manufacturer doesn’t have to alter the size of the 3 Series in order to gain improvements in passenger or luggage space.

The Mk7 saloon will grow slightly in length and width and shed around 30-40kg of weight thanks to the cutting-edge architecture.

Auto Express understands the cabin will feature an evolutionary design, while BMW has confirmed the latest model will benefit from the car maker’s latest iDrive 70 operating system.

Once the bread and butter of the line-up has landed in showrooms, BMW will then turn its attention to the M Performance and full-blooded M models.

The M340i and M340d are likely to be the only variants in the standard range available with a six-cylinder engine, developing around 360bhp and 320bhp respectively. Both will be four-wheel drive as standard and use an eight-speed auto.

The new M3 isn’t due to arrive in dealers until 2020, but will make the switch to all-wheel drive for the first time. It will get a version of the selectable 4WD system that first appeared in the latest M5.

The 30-litre six-cylinder twin-turbo motor will be reworked from the existing M3 to develop around 460bhp – a 30bhp boost over today’s model. While this is not a dramatic increase, the addition of 4WD will significantly improve the M3’s performance stats.

The 3 Series range will also expand to include a more practical Touring estate by the middle of next year, while the Convertible and more svelte 4 Series and 4 Series Gran Coupe will appear before the end of the decade.

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BMW X1、一部モデルの装備充実 コンフォートパッケージの標準化など – Duration: 2:02.

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BMW X1、一部モデルの装備充実 コンフォートパッケージの標準化など – Duration: 1:56.

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Supaquick BMW Toyota Competition – Duration: 0:16.

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テスラの小型EV、 モデル3 の高性能版は「BMW M3より速い」 – Duration: 2:48.

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BMW,서울오픈아트페어 공식 후원 – Duration: 2:54.

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✅ BMW 8 Series Coupe 2018 release date CONFIRMED: Here is when and where the car will launch – Duration: 2:43.

8 Series Coupe 218 will debut at Le Mans 8 Series Coupe 218 will launch later this year at Le Mans

The new luxury sports car will be presented for the first time on 15th June 218, on the eve of the 24-hour race

At the event the M8 GTE, a sportier and performance-focused version of the car, will also be competing at the competition

claims that the production version of the M8 GTE, benefits massively from the company’s motor racing experience

In particular the M85i xDrive Coupe, is said to offer “outstanding dynamic handling characteristics

” Related articles 8 Series design LEAKED ahead of launch this year and some peopl

8 Series Coupe 218 design revealed in new teaser image ahead o. This is said to be down to a new V8 engine, intelligent four-wheel drive, controlled rear axle differential lock and Integral Active Steering

The car is also said to benefit from feature such as: adaptive M suspension technology Professional featuring Active Roll Stabilization and 2-inch light alloy wheels boasting high-performance tyres

“There isn’t be a better setting for the world premiere of the new 8 Series Coupe than the 24-hour race at Le Mans,” says Klaus Fröhlich, board member of the AG, Development

“The race is a pure demonstration of passion, dynamics and long-distance capability

“These characteristics define our new sports car in a special way.”The market launch of the new 8 Series Coupe will begin during the course of 218

Previously, Chairman of the Board of Management of AG Harald Krüger has said that the 8 Series be “the next model in the expansion of our luxury-car offering and will raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment