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Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we have 450hp to keep company.. no wait, 451!

If you remember, about a month ago I got to drive the new Audi RS5. Sadly, the time was limited so I got to make only 1 video in which my M3 blew my ears

click above if you miss the video!

Today I’m back behind the wheel of the new RS5! The owner doesn’t want to be shown but I thank him anyway

and if you want you can follow him on Instagram at @AudiRS5Driver.

I remind you when I shoot the video with the RS5 many were disappointed because I didn’t tell you more of it and today I take the opportunity to drive it and tell you my driving sensations.

Let’s start from the look of the car: black with tinted windows and chrome wheels that make a good contrast, this Audi RS5 is beautiful!

And compared to the older generation I find it a bit smoother but also more muscular to look at.

As you might see both from the road and my movement, this road is rather bumpy and full of bumps but

driving in Comfort mode, the suspensions are set in to absorb this roughness without even realizing this road truly sucks!

Also, the steering is very smooth!

Overall, in this setting we’re driving a sports car that gives me the impression you can daily drive it.

One thing that impressed me from this Audi is the trunk because it’s very spacious, a whopping 465 litres!

As you can see we have also 2 rear seats that are spacious!

And now by driving gently in the countryside we can appreciate the Audi interior

because I think that on the market, Audi is one of the best manufacturers concerning the quality of its interior.

Everywhere we lay the eyes and hands, we can feel the quality. I like this use of leather, alcantara and aluminium very much.

Also the Audi virtual cockpit we find in front is very innovative.

Basically, it’s a huge display that allows us to see trip informations like the classic rev counter, speedometer,

now I set to see the pressure and temperature of the tires,

then another rather useless feature we can see are two indicators that show me live the amount of power and torque,

now explain, if I need to look at the road why do I even care to look at the amount of power I’m using?

Oh well, useless things aside!

Let’s change the settings on the RS5 and switch to Dynamic.. I’m driving an RS, after all!

Did you hear? First difference is the exhaust, the valves open and we can appreciate the sound of this engine

that btw, in front we have a 2.9L twin turbo V6.

Compared to the previous generation, it loses displacement, cylinders but it gains two turbos!

That means now this generation of RS5 produces 450hp and 600nm.

To make a comparison, the old N/A 4.2L V8 produced 450hp, the same power!

I think Audi could have pumped up the engine a bit more but what is really impressive is the difference of torque because the old engine produced 430nm and you can feel the difference when you accelerate!

We have a more agile and responsive car!

It’s a shame we don’t have the sound of the N/A V8 anymore!

This RS5 has the sport exhaust option that

I have to say, it’s not a N/A V8!

From the outside, the sound is not that bad. The problem is that

I think there’s too much soundproofing so you can’t enjoy completely the sound of this engine

so it’s not very engaging and it doesn’t pushes you to redline it.

Btw, compared to the N/A if that one redlined at 8200rpm, this one stops earlier at 6700rpm!

You can’t deny this new RS5 goes truly fast with this engine!

The old RS5 went from 0 to 100 kph in 4.5s, this one does in 3.9s!

Thank God these steel brakes are very powerful and

with the minimum touch of the pedal you can feel there’s breaking power because this Audi is not really light!

You can feel the acceleration with all this torque because you get pushed against these fabulous seats that are like a couch, very comfy and adaptive.

A real treat of this car I’m driving is the Dynamic Pack that not all the RS5 have.

I find it a very useful option if you want to make this car even more sporty and quick because

this pack include first of all the speed limiter to 280kph, sport exhaust, the LSD which is not mechanical but electronic and last, the electronic steering.

What does this mean? With all these elements the Audi RS5 becomes an even more complete and quick sports car

because I remind you the straight competitors of this car are the C63 and the M4.

Even I think you can’t beat the RWD!

A point in favor of this Audi is indeed the Quattro traction because it makes the car more versatile and daily drivable.

The owner of this RS5 did go for this car also because he likes to go on snow also.

And you may say you can do that also with the others, on winter tires you can go on snow but the result won’t be as good as on the RS5

just to make an example, years ago the owner also had an M3 E92, he told me he didn’t like it very well on winter tires on the snow.

This AWD system allows to the RS5 to have an optimal acceleration, I push full throttle and I can’t feel the tires powerslide!

Which can be both a good and bad thing, good because it gives you a strong sense of security, bad for me because I like to go sideways!

In these straight lines I just smash the foot on the throttle and once my eyes lay on the digital speedometer I get impressed to see it raise so quickly because

even if it may not impress the fact Audi didn’t raise even by 1hp the new RS5,

it’s a completely different car compared to the old one!

And you can feel it’s a lot quicker!

The C63 and M4 can only dream such acceleration!

Another thing you can only dream to see on Audis again is the manual gearbox, something that is not available on Audis anymore.

On the RS5, Audi has fitted a 8-Speed double clutch transmission and how does it behave?

In Comfort, you can barely feel the gear changes, they’re very fluid and easy, as you might expect on such setting.

On Dynamic the situation is different, by pressing these paddles behind the steering that btw, I don’t like to the touch very much they’re plastic

I don’t like the noise they make, it sounds like a joystick!

Plastic noises aside, this gearbox behaves nicely in Dynamic because the changes are immediate and not too harsh it’s good because it’s a daily sports car.

To appreciate this acceleration but also the traction of the RS5 in the best way, let’s try a launch control!

Automatic gear change, electronics off, foot on the brake, build up the revs and then take the foot off the brakes!

The indicators show 100% of power used!

This acceleration is insane!

It’s an engine with lots of power and torque to offer but I admit

I’m notstalgic for the old N/A V8 and even it’s less performing I think it still has more character than this engine!

Undoubtedly, this new RS5 is a monster of power, I think in its segment it’s the best compromise if you want a sports car to push fast and daily drive,

But I think its rivals offer more fun and sensations.

With the RS5, Audi has created an incredible car, here we have lots of tech, power, quality,

but maybe Audi misses the driving sensations.

After all, we’re talking about a a car that if decently specc’ed, it costs about 100.000€!

And I wanna ask you, would you spend 100.000€ for an Audi RS5?

Honestly, I would go for other cars!

I thank AudiRS5Driver for having me lend the car for the afternoon,

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