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Auto blog on youtube: Auto news on Youtube Jun 5 2018

Auto news on Youtube Jun 5 2018

I teach women like you what they should have learned about money at home or at school but likely did not.

Today we’re gonna talk about car buying.

Yes. I am the go-to girl for my friends when they’re gonna buy a car,

and today I’m rollin’ with you.

So. Are you ready? Are you ready to car-shop more responsibly? Let’s go.

So, let’s talk about what you need to do before you head into the dealership.

You have to really get your credit straight.

Your credit is really going to impact what your interest rate is gonna be,

and your interest rate is gonna impact what your monthly payment is gonna be,

and your monthly payment is gonna impact how much the car’s gonna cost you in full.

You want to ideally have a credit score of 740 or better

because 740 is the beginning of what we call “perfect credit.”

With perfect credit you can command the best interest rate,

and when you get a great interest rate, that means you get a lower monthly payment,

and when you get a lower monthly payment, that means you pay less for the total car.

Here are two things you can do now to raise your credit score.

I want you to pay down as much debt as you can

because that’s 30% of your score — how much you actually owe.

And I want you to make sure you’re making on-time payments at at least the minimum

because that’s 35% of your credit score.

So, once you get your credit just a little bit higher,

every point counts, then we can move on to savings.

I want you to save because you should always put down a down payment

when you’re purchasing a car if you’re not gonna pay for it cash.

It would be awesome if you could buy a car cash,

but most of us can’t do that. So “no down payment” is a no no.

So now we have your credit straight, now we have your savings,

now it’s time to finance if you’re gonna finance your car.

Here’s the rule of thumb when it comes to financing.

The shorter the term, the better the term.

When you’re financing, I want you to remember that the goal is to think about the total cost of the car,

which is much more important than what you’re gonna pay monthly

— because if you really want it to go well, you’re really wanting to live a richer life as a woman,

you have to ask yourself, “How much money am I spending overall,

not just what I’m spending monthly?”

So, are you ready? Let’s go.

For more infomation >> The Budgetnista and Ford: How to Budget Before Purchasing a Vehicle | Ford – Duration: 2:27.


Danger Mouse (2015) Nero Come Home Episode 47 – Emily Ford – Duration: 14:16.

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Only just started Bevins sake

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Presents – Merry Christmas

For more infomation >> Danger Mouse (2015) Nero Come Home Episode 47 – Emily Ford – Duration: 14:16.


Video giới thiệu xe Focus Trend 4 cửa màu trắng-[Ford Cao Thắng]-Focus Trend Xe Hay – Duration: 9:26. For more infomation >> Video giới thiệu xe Focus Trend 4 cửa màu trắng-[Ford Cao Thắng]-Focus Trend Xe Hay – Duration: 9:26.


Danger Mouse (2015) Dark Side of the Mouse Episode 48 – Emily Ford – Duration: 14:29.

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Danger Mouse commence operation surprise blood


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Join us next time for more Danger Mouse

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I mean seriously, do you think sitting?

For more infomation >> Danger Mouse (2015) Dark Side of the Mouse Episode 48 – Emily Ford – Duration: 14:29.


Ford GT Comparison – We Drive Each Generation – Duration: 12:53.

When I say resale values your brain probably screams boring, but what if

we’re not talking about a Honda Odyssey? What if we’re talking about something

more interesting, for example this multi-generational trio

of four GTs. Are we going to use a discussion of Kelley Blue Book’s resale

values as justification to drive super cars? Maybe, but I promise we’ll all learn

something along the way. First though, let’s talk about the cars. We’ve got a

2018 Ford GT, a 2005 GT and a Superformance GT40 Mark 1 replica, sorry

we couldn’t find anyone to hand over the keys to an original GT40 for some reason.

For a speedy rundown of each let’s tap someone knowledgeable Kelley Blue Book’s

executive publisher Karl Brauer actually owns this car and is on the list to buy

one of these, so, yeah, he’ll do just fine. This is a 2018 Ford GT.

This is the third generation GT. There will only be 1000 of these made over a

4-year period. I think one of the most distinctive parts of this car is what’s

called the flying buttress. It actually allows for a large amount of air to pass

between the passenger cell and the outer fenders and then directed into the

mid-engine twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 that sits behind driver and passenger. That

engine makes 647 horsepower. It’s capable of pushing this car up to 216 miles an hour.

What looks like integrated rear spoiler is actually deployable. They’ll

do that in track mode instantly or in sport mode if you go above a certain

speed. It will also rotate near vertical to give you extra braking force when you hit

the brakes hard. This car was meant to beat Ferrari on the racetrack just like the

original GT40 of over 50 years ago. The mid-generation, the ’05/’06 Ford GT, that

one was meant to beat Ferrari on the street. The car was benchmarked after the

Ferrari 360. First and foremost, it’s a true GT Grand Tourer. I have driven one of

these from Los Angeles to Denver and back in one shot without stopping

anywhere except for fuel. They’re three pedal cars that’ve got an actual

transmission that you have to shift yourself, no paddles no hydraulic

clutches. It’s all you, and this one is powered by a 5.4-liter supercharged V8.

It makes 550 hp. You see a lot of similarity with the 60s Ford GT. It did

pay great homage. I can’t imagine a greater beginning for a historic

automobile line like the Ford GT than the original GT40. This particular GT40

is not an original from the 60s. Ut was actually built recently by a company

called Superformance. Ninety plus percent of this car was mechanically swapped into

the old one. In fact, they were even able to continue the serial numbers from the

60s on these newer ones. So, if the flying buttress is the craziest part of the new

GT what’s the craziest part of the old GT? It’s got to be the door design. The

reason they did this is because they used to have what they called a LeMans

start. You actually started as a standing driver, and when they dropped the

checkered flag, you had to run across the street, jump up on the seat and then drop

down. This is the only car in the history of LeMans to win the race twice. The same

VIN number vehicle won LeMans two years in a row. No other car company has ever

done that. A car that looked just like this did it twice.

Clearly each of these GTs offers a unique form of badassery, but how does

that relate to this video’s resale value premise? Well, when Karl bought his 2005

GT it cost around $150,000, now it’s worth twice

that. If in the 1960s you’d had the forethought to nab an original Ford GT

for about $20,000, your car would now be worth millions, yes millions. If history

is our guide, any guesses on what might happen to prices for the half-million

dollar 2018 Ford GT In one fun example, celebrity wrestler/actor

John Cena allegedly sidesteps Ford’s two-year resale restriction selling

his 2018 GT for a tidy profit. The exact price hasn’t been revealed, but we’ve

heard rumors it’s well north of $1,000,000.

The key takeaway is that unlike most cars, Ford GT resale values increase over

time. Even better, these are appreciating assets you can

drive. What’s that like? Here’s Kelley Blue Book’s executive

editor Michael Harley in the 2018 GT. You know this thing feels fast, but there is

a much more visceral punch in the stomach from the big ‘ole V8. This is the

turbocharged V6. It’s a little bit of a delay, especially if you’re in one of the

taller gears. The best way to get this thing to really punch you in the back is

drop it down to second or third, build up the boost, and then mash the throttle.

This is unquestionably faster than the other two, but initially, right behind the

wheel, on the street, it doesn’t feel it. Let’s try the old paddles. Dual clutch,

lightning-fast response, but I’m still not getting the ear-to-ear grin that

I get with a manual gearbox. One thing I’ve really noticed about the ’18 is the

brake technology. The ’18 GT is running the latest, which is carbon ceramic

brakes, which are virtually immune to heat buildup. If you step on the brakes

your instantaneous pedal response goes directly to those calipers. It stops on a

dime adding a ton of confidence. For me personally I’ll actually give up a

couple hundred horsepower if I can get better brakes.

You jump in the GT40, or you jump in the ’05 GT and there’s a little bit of

suspension compliance, even a little bit of body flex. The ’18

feels like it’s carved out of a block of carbon fiber that was thrown on a CNC

machine and out came a Ford GT. There’s zero body flex. There’s zero body roll,

and I have it on one of the softer settings right now. I cannot imagine what

it would feel like in the track mode where this thing drops down on its hauches

and the fenders are literally rubbing on the tires themselves.

You know, everyone talks about these generation gaps and everybody initially

would think, wow, the technology gap really has to happen between that 60s

car and the ’05 car, but that’s the misconception. The real technology gap is

that 13-year span between the ’05 and the ’18 because then all of the sudden now we

have traction control, stability control that allow even the most inexperienced

driver to become bloody fast with very little skill. You drive the ’05 you

drive the 60s car and it’s a white-knuckle ride because you start to

get that car sideways and your brain is the only computer working to straighten

it out. It’s a thrill it’s an adrenaline rush, and it what’s makes those cars more

excited to drive. If I was going to drive New York to LA and back I’d take the ’05.

It might lack the sophistication of the 2018 but Karl’s 2005 GT remains a

world-class supercar. This car weighs about 3,500 pounds. This particular one’s

been modified. It makes 680 hp at the rear wheels, probably about 700 at

the crank. The hydraulic steering in this car is more intuitive than modern

electric assisted steering, and it absolutely adds to the experience. You’ve

got heel and toe capability with the three pedals. You’ve got the great shifter

here from the Ricardo transmission. Like most modern supercars, this one also has

four-wheel disc brakes. They will hold the car down with full confidence from

100-plus miles an hour. You put it together and you end up with this great

man machine interface. This car is still pretty old-school compared to some

modern supercars right? It doesn’t have an active suspension. You get one setting

and one setting only. It doesn’t have stability or traction control, in fact

the only thing that separates this car from a 1960s racer is ABS. It does have

anti-lock brakes, otherwise if you don’t know how to drive the car there’s no

electronic nanny to save you from crashing. I’ve got a lot of experience with this

car because I’ve had it for 13 years, and I’ve put 31,000 miles on it, and because

it was designed more as a road car more than a race car you end up with a

vehicle that’s much and easier to drive in real conditions without feeling

compromised. For those purposes when you decide you want to go you go

the kind of noise that engine makes behind you it’s raw by 2018 standards,

and just enough raw for someone like me. I love it.

The 2005 GT is unsullied by modern electronics, but the Superformance GT40

takes unvarnished high-performance driving to another level. First

impression is that the car smells like gasoline thanks to the carburetors, and

the straight pipe exhaust is loud especially when you press the throttle.

Lots of noise, lots of speed, 560 horsepower and a 2300 pound curb weight will do that

for you.

The transmission is a five-speed dogleg gearbox that means first gear is down and to the

left. The clutch is super heavy and finding third gear when you’re in fourth

is a bit tricky, but for driver involvement, this little lever is very

involved. The technology in the Superformance GT40 Mark I is pretty

basic except for one detail, the speedometer. It’s a GPS speedometer. Guess

what, it doesn’t work. When it comes to adding technology to the old GT40 the GT40

says no thanks. As you’d expect the steering is completely unassisted but

the efforts aren’t as heavy as you might imagine.Even if you’re picking your way

through a parking lot, the reward for your extra a little bit of effort is the

level of detail about what the front tires are doing that you will not find

in a modern car. I challenge you to find a more communicative vehicle in the

modern context, doesn’t happen.

In similar fashion, the brakes are completely mechanical. It takes a lot of

effort, but they are effective. When you drive a GT40 every day is leg day.

When you think of the concept of fun there’s many kinds of fun.There’s like

an evening at Chuck-E-Cheese and then there’s like I survived the knife fight,

this leans a little towards the knife fight edge of the spectrum.

Unlike cars that are built today, where your mind can drift from the task at

hand, Superformance GT40 Mark I demands constant attention. If you like

driving, and I mean really like driving, this is the ultimate plaything.

Iinsanely fast and delightfully profitable, there are a few better

automotive investments than a Ford GT, but what if like me you don’t have the

money or access to buy one, then Kelley Blue Book’s five-year cost-to-own data

is a doubly important way to maximize your non-exotic car buying dollar. And

just to keep you engaged we’re gonna toss in some random GT shots while we

educate. Let’s say you love car A, but car B is a bit cheaper. Kelley Blue Book’s

five-year cost-to-own incorporates a bunch of data including projected resale

values to estimate total expenditures over an average ownership period. Run

the numbers and the price of the car you prefer might be the cheaper choice

over time. Voila! Unassailable financial

justification to buy the thing you want. You’re welcome.

On that note, for better or worse, humans have a knack for justifying our desires,

but that tendency is far less nefarious when supported by hard data in the

automotive realm. The most truly justifiable purchase is one that

services both your wallet and your soul, now which one does that


For more infomation >> Ford GT Comparison – We Drive Each Generation – Duration: 12:53.


Fiat Chrysler following Ford’s footsteps phasing out small cars – Duration: 2:33. For more infomation >> Fiat Chrysler following Ford’s footsteps phasing out small cars – Duration: 2:33.


✅ Kia Stinger GT drags Ford Mustang GT – video | CarAdvice – Duration: 1:23.

Mustang or Stinger? Four doors or two doors? Twin-turbo V6 power, or naturally-aspirated V8 power? They’re all good questions, and they’re all answered by the video you’re about to watch

Although the Mustang has a purer bloodline when it comes to drag racing, and it’s a more natural sports car than the Stinger, the two are quite closely matched

Where the four-door Kia produces 272kW of power and 510Nm from its 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6, the Mustang counters with 339kW and 556Nm from its 5

0-litre V8. It should be a one-sided race based on those numbers, but the US-market Stinger GT used in this video has an ace up its sleeve, in the form of all-wheel drive

Which car is quicker? Check out the video. The drag race starts at around three minutes