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WEEKEND IN MY LIFE IN LA! | Morgan Yates – Duration: 13:24.

Morning, guys, welcome to a little la, day in my life, today is saturday june 9th is around 10 a.m.

I slept in and woke up probably around 9 and laid in my bed for an entire hour just on my phone

Just relaxing but at least i was, awake, we will give me that it’s better than

Sleeping till 10:00 i feel like so or maybe not actually i don’t know

Which one’s worse today i have a very exciting, day plan you know carolyn is in town so

We have a fun little, day, ahead i’m meeting up with her earlier this evening and we have some fun things we’re?

gonna Be doing in santa monica we’re going to a

Kalani, concert and before that i just have a lot of stuff i need to get done so i’m just

Gonna, be showing you what a full day in my life, is like in la

Which if you’re

Subscribed for my vlog channel then you see blogs like this right so make sure that you’re subscribed over there

Lastly today’s video is in partnership with fabfitfun

Which i’m so excited about which is a quarterly subscription service and you get a lot of really cool, products and it’s being

Delivered today so i’m gonna be showing you guys everything is in that box and telling you a little bit more about that later

On but right, now i’m starving because i laid here for an hour, so i’m gonna go eat breakfast

So it’s getting all this stuff out to make us move people

Guys, i’m not with it yet today this is why i need food i just grabbed, my tortilla chips cuz

They, were on top of this stuff in the pantry so i had to move this and instead i just brought it with me

Nothing like a little added crunch right

And there, we have it folks, my, box just got here and i’m gonna go through and show

You, guys, everything that’s in this month’s box here’s what this one looks like, super cute in summary if you’re

Not familiar with that bit fun basically it is a seasonal subscription service this is their summer editors box basically every

Box contains full-size beauty fashion wellness health products everything, along those lines and it comes out four times a

Year and it only costs forty nine ninety five and you get i want to say like two hundred

And fifty dollars with the products in every, box so it’s a great deal i love that helps, me be able to discover new

Products, also now you have to customize, some of the items in your, box so i will show

you, guys What is in mind if you like what you’ve seen second and you want to check this out i am gonna have a link

Below this box and you can get $10 off your first

box with the code yates 10 first of all i can’t with two discount codes for hellofresh to get $50 off and

For a company called color lover to get $10 off in order of $50 more so those are just like

Bonus little deals in case you’re wanting to buy other stuff

Not showing you those up close because they, don’t want anyone steal my code but this is everything that

We have in this month’s box so it looks like

When you open it and what we’ve got first of all this is the sponge elle definitely not you supposed

To, say that there’s an accent over the e, oh it’s a

Body, wash infused buffer it smells really good that’s, what it looks like

And it’s like squishy it’s a sponge so you just get that way then you wash your body with

This that’s a really good idea next up and this, also it is such a?

Beautiful day outside you, guys i’m excited to go be outside i forget done a lot of stuff that i need to do

Oh, i’m bad at pronunciation we’re

Just gonna go ahead and get that on the oven i think it’s this pronounced foreo smart beauty coach facial cleansing, brush

Hold up, measure skin moisture reveal skin age oh lord, oh i know

That customizes cleansing routine app, oh you have an app that record your progress, oh this feels very, soft, okay?

So this has really really, soft bristles this is a lot, softer than i expected this i feel like

Oh, it’s already it’s already ready you wash your skin, like this


So i guess you put your face cleanser either on this or on your face and then turn this on and wash your face, oh?

So i guess you touch these things to your face and then press this to take a

Picture, and that’s how it analyzes your skin, so i’m gonna film with this app. And then i’ll show. You guys later comment below

how old you think, my skin is

Here’s the glimpse spoiler i’m 23

So we’re gonna see if that’s about lo will do that in a little bit next in the box

We have this is h cosmetics lip statement palette i don’t believe i have any lip palette so this

Is what that looks like and it comes with a, little brush as, well so that you can

Apply, this easily, these are really pretty, summery colors i don’t typically branch out with, my lip shades that much for example i can

Tell this is the color that i would like that one right there because it’s similar to the lip colors i wear all the time

However i don’t have any colors in my possession they’re, like, these, orange show

you or even this like lavender you color right there it could be really pretty so because i’m going to have this because now i

Can branch out on try some new shades next

We have this wish rice milk and rose cream cleanser gently cleanses suits and moisturize they thought, about everything at

This compare, well this so that you can, wash your face

It’s a very fresh, like rose scent next, we have an, eye, mask, from free people i feel wonderful about that

Heavy, duty so this has an. Adjustable strap on the back, which is nice oh?

Okay, that’s what i thought so the inside is this like

Clear gel packet so this definitely goes in i guess the fridge so it’s like a cooling mask i have a

Big head so i need to loosen that probably all the way yeah

yeah, we did

That’s gonna put me back to sleep next

We have this i don’t know if this is pronounced ahava or a ava called dead sea water and as a mineral hand cream

It even smells kind of like a beach like a good smelling beach kind of like a

Kind of like, what an ideal ocean i feel like, what, smell like i’m really liking this

Ooh, be honest i don’t even think i own any other hand cream therefore this definitely like

Isn’t it something i normally go to if that’s a reason that fabfitfun is so awesome because it introduces you to products that maybe you

Wouldn’t buy on your, own or just have never thought

About exploring so for me so far in this box is definitely in the hand cream because i need to have this next up

We have this brand called korres


Core i don’t know, says japanese rose shower gels we’re

Hitting all the pampering, like skincare shower products in this box

So it’s all that sweet essence of rose buds creamy foam shower gel with, wheat we yeah, okay?

With wheat proteins to also have a little bit of a rose, theme going, which, makes sense because it’s summer lastly

What i love it comes with you little zip up pouch bag

To, store all of your products

And that you just got if you’d like to check out their summer edition, box i’m going to have the link below

And you can, also get your first

box for $10 off with the code yates 10 again i love it they send you full-size versions of the products and

To, me that’s what makes this word 4995 easily because it’s not like a subscription service where you’re getting sent little samples you’re

Getting the whole real, deal so if you love a product

You, have the entire thing i’m also very excited to see what my skin, ages i’m a

Little worried, about that, so i’m gonna download this app. And we’ll scope this out in a second feels like, summer

Guys, this is gonna be the summer spirit because everything smells like flowers no surprising that, my only package i got today usually

Our house gets a lot, well our house did get a lot, we have three more over there but

This, is the only one for me so, now i’m gonna go ahead and get you some other things i need to do today

all right

So i’m over here setting up this little thing and it’s asking me questions i had to choose a picture i chose a selfie with

Me and chick-fil-a are we surprised, no so my skin is oily?

23, well how, does sun affect it. Oh she’s ready to connect

Okay, okay there is me press and hold it against, my skin right cheek


Telling, me to like, where to put it and then remove

According to the skin sensor your moisture levels are low. Today, well

Not surprised i’ve drink nothing, today, my, skin’s in my prime

Be sure to stay, well hydrated yeah and you, do that my gosh i love that so then you can, wash your face like

Oh, my, gosh, wait it turned it on

Well i’m not, washing it stop stop stop, okay, some time has passed i was finishing editing, my video that’s going up tomorrow

And just doing some other like random editing worki things so now

I have packed up my

Bag i’ve explained that danielle’s in town and i am about to go see her and i’m staying at her hotel tonight after all of

Our festivities just because it’s easier, yeah, so i’m going

To, drive over there i’m gonna try to pull a prank on danielle, we have this thing where every october at

House, key comes in like 80 times, while we’re in the room without knocking

so i’m gonna do it

housekeeping housekeeping

We’ve had the worst look with

every go tell like, well we sleep this happened in madripoor asleep someone comes in and mops the floors right up next i

Was like there’s a body here like

So i just thought that’d be funny

Found another friend

And we’re gonna go to somewhere in santa monica have a fun time, you’re at 3rd street promenade

Hop and destination

Uses danielle’s requests of where to come casey the first time, we ever hung out, was here to remember that

we met on youtube 6

Years, ago and this is the first place we hung out i don’t get the color very abnormal cream she is thriving just watcher

Look, at that head tilt. Oh look, at that get in the knees in

Hello! A little nodding, lips are coming three to five, oh the hands look out danielle don’t run out there now

We talked, about this

She’s like, oh should i go i looked left, oh danielle, we talked, about this i backed up because i’m scared they’re

Gonna, give volunteers i don’t like being a volunteer

Dinner dinner we got some tacos all right, we were now, back at the hotel room i might actually combine this with tomorrow tv because

My the highlight of today is no more danielle and i we’re gonna go to that like pride festival happening because

Kalani’s performing tonight and i love her and i saw her when she opened for demi lovato several months back and i only like?

One song and then i started listening to her and now i know

Like literally every song, and i’m such a fan and so when we found out she was gonna be performing tonight, we were like?

we have to go so we’ve literally been planning this for a month and then i

Am right now tickets are sold out, which never happens you can, always just buy, them there at the door so

I really wanted to do nobu glossier kalani, life’s hard, we know, what am i cool to go but

oh, well

Yeah, i think i’m probably, gonna combine this with tomorrow

So that starts in three two one bye good morning and it’s sunday morning about to go downstairs and get a quick bite and then

danielle is

heading, off to the airport sadly for me a little sunday i don’t have much planned on

Danielle’s packing up it’s been a good little weekend all right it’s

Gonna, be so, weird we’ve seen, each other so much lately you like coachella and in spain, and then this but i think i might

I’m down, because everybody’s like friends that live there she’s coming back

To i’m literally down i would love for you to meet my orange county friends too

So i might actually see her next weekend because she’s. Gonna. Be back something that always happens we’re

Like, by when am i gonna see you and then it’s like, four, days later i’m on the, same place so morning views

Alright, people i’m not back at

my house i have

Showered clean up a little bit i got in my video for today

I’ve been editing a much vlog finally catching up on that if you

Do not know i have a vlog channel i will have that linked below

So that you can go check out all these videos that are going up over there that i’m finally catching up on which feels so

Good so now but when i just film a vlog i can edit it than i or the next, day

And get it up finally here’s my outfit just a little t-shirt. Jeans fan slip-on situation agent

Gonna, go get some lunch right now hotdog he’s on her hey, people will hop that he’s pretty

It’s not free you don’t have to live, like, five dollars off yeah, and with adrian

We haven’t hung out in a. While, we hug i mean we live together so it’s kind of we do but it’s not like

we go places

I know i’ve missed, like actually doing things together you know

I’m gonna, go eat some lunch eat or at. Hot-dogging, we have bowls of rice very confused i guess they were in other trades i

Love, fly, this it’s beautiful i miss living here

It maybe, ask you stats out. You notice on your chair, maybe underneath your chair there’s a little car

On my, summer bucket list one of the things on it was watch movie with movie snacks so we happen so typically

Was watch a, scary movie with movie snacks but i don’t don’t think adrienne’s, about that so

Hey, true, so we’re gonna watch it on our little team he’s up, we have movie candy?



Well is because we like to stretch out, my stretch out your stretch out

And we have a candy selection i think i’m gonna go for

Lifesavers gummy sounds fun or swedish fish comment below. If you like, these i’m probably returning i love them