Auto news on Youtube Jun 16 2018

Fresh on the lot here at Lanoue Chevrolet we have a 2015 Chevy Trax

it&039;s a 1.4 liter four-cylinder automatic with about 98,000 kilometers on it

this 2015 Trax has fog lamps it has 18 inch aluminum wheels it has a roof rack

so it does have a back up camera it has your rear parking sensors and is an all

wheel drive so here in your cargo area there&039;s lots of space we also have your

spare tire underneath here along with a cargo cover so we have an all black

leather interior with a leather wrapped steering wheel we have power seats as

well as powered windows both front and back and it comes with premium Bose

speakers here we have your heat controls which come with your heated seats as

well we have your am/fm XM radio which also has bluetooth on your steering

wheel here we have your cruise controls and all of your Bluetooth control so

here in the front is what acts as your console kind of since we don&039;t have one

over here it has your auxilary and your USB port and we also have a sunroof if you&039;re

looking for a more compact family car this 2015 Trax is just for you call

Lanoue Chevrolet for more information at

(519) 682-2424