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MINI BEAUTY HAUL (Rimmel, Ardell, and Revlon) – Duration: 5:11.

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am doing another haul

I bought some makeup it’s literally like less than ten things but I wanted to

share it with you guys cuz all products I have not tried or brands that I really

haven’t explored so let’s start with the lip products I got three lip products

one is from Revlon and this is their Ultra HD lip color I have been waiting

to try this and I finally got two of them this is the matte finish and this

is flirtation and I think I’m gonna swatch it just because this haul is so

short oh wow it’s got a really long tube and a flat applicator I love like

Coralie colors so it’s very smooth but it does feel kind of heavy there is that

it’s let’s see this is what flirtation yeah so I got this one and it’s kind of

like a coral a color but borders more on the pink side so it’s a good summer

color and I think it’ll be nice in my collection I might end up getting more

of these as time goes on but I really like how flat they are cuz I think

they’ll travel well but then I got another one from Revlon this is the same

Ultra HD matte lip color but this is the metallic finish and this is an lustre

and it’s kind of a grey so let’s just put this on again it feels a bit heavy

and this is not as pigmented but it might just be the swatch you know you

never know until the very end but it’s this color here and I think there was

one called chinchilla and I don’t remember what brand made it but I

thought it reminded me of like a metallic version of that then I got a

stay matte liquid lip color from a rummel I did not realize how cheap

Remmel is compared to some of these other brands like I’ve been sleeping on

rum and maybe it’s because we don’t have a

ton of it in America but I need to start getting on the Rummel train when I need

stuff and this color is called midnight and it’s just like this gorgeous dark

vampy lip because I need another one of those clearly but it’s like this nice

like deep plum color doesn’t really have a scent and neither do the other ones

but the applicators are very similar so that’s what that one looks like but I

really like these and I don’t really care about the whole like what colors

are supposed to wear thing I wear whatever colors I want year round then I

got a foundation from rumble and this is the stained mat just because I have been

using my wet and wild one and I want to change it up a little bit and I think

this one’s gonna be a little bit lighter weight on my skin so I got this one and

we’ll see if it works and this is the color light ivory and it looks like

it’ll be the right the right shape but yeah so there’s that another MUA brush

and this is for Halloween detailing it’s one of the point liner

brush of course I can use it year-round but I specifically got this brush to do

like teeth on skulls and teeth on other looks that you are gonna find out about

later um and then I got some lashes because I

threw out a bunch of lashes that were old and kind of you know beyond the

point of saving so I got three pairs and this is the Ardell faux mink and these

are the eight 10s they’re just kind of really thick and spikey they have lots

of layers to them and I love thick big lashes like this then I got the Arco

whispies in 600 these are a little bit more spaced out but I have a specific

look in mind that these will be perfect for but again big wispy really thick I

love that kind of lash and then I got the r-dog whispies in 122 which are a

little bit more natural and a little bit lighter so I’m going to try these um but

I did notice our doll has magnet Dec lashes now and if you want me to try

them out leave me a comment down below I guess just tele I was gonna have

something fun but just tell me that you want me to try them and we’ll see how

they work because if they actually work I will buy them and I will use them

everyday just like even without makeup to give me longer lashes because my

lashes as you guys can see even with mascara are not very thick and full or

long so if I can just like snap them on and go that’d be ideal but yeah that is

the end of this little mini haul it probably wasn’t even 5 minutes long I

hope you guys enjoy and make sure you subscribe check out my giveaway and I

will see you guys next time bye

For more infomation >> MINI BEAUTY HAUL (Rimmel, Ardell, and Revlon) – Duration: 5:11.


Modern Blind | நவீன குருடன் | Mini Series | MG Studios | With Subtitles – Duration: 1:39.


(annoyed guy rings)

watch out asshole!!!

watch out asshole!!!

(deep breathe)



sir, i afraid you are also like me!!

better get a stick like mine sir

it will be comfortable..even you can use as a umberlla

it will be comfortable..even you can use as a umberlla

it will be comfortable..even you can use as a umberlla

i help you this time and please don’t come out without the stick

i help you this time and please don’t come out without the stick

take my shoulder!!!

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여자친구 언박싱 GFRIEND Unboxing Summer Mini Album ‘Sunny Summer’ – Duration: 6:42.

Hello, I’m Unboxing Nano.

Today, I will unbox about GFRIEND’s Summer Mini Album

‘Sunny Summer’, all Ver(Sunny, Summer).



They came back on 19th July.

Let’s look at together.

Before watching, plz click to “LIKE”&”SUBSCRIBE”!

First. Sunny Ver.

I couldn’t recieve SELFIE POLAROID.

As soon as the notice appeared,

I purchased pre-ordered album. So sad…

Photo card is Umji


Member Eunha looks good

in her long hair

but I really liked short hair.

Maybe someday she will do it again?

This album is so cute.

Compared last album ‘Time for the moon night’,

This album is fresh.

The concept changes here.

Summer Ver.

Photo card is


The bangs are cute.


Title song is also good,

but I like 2nd track “Vacation”.

I recommend this song! 🙂

Let’s look at the poster.

Until now, I’m Unboxing Nano,

See you next, Bye♥♥♥♥♥

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DONUTS o DONAS Mini de Canela HORNEADOS 🍩 Receta by Marielly – Duration: 6:33. For more infomation >> DONUTS o DONAS Mini de Canela HORNEADOS 🍩 Receta by Marielly – Duration: 6:33.


Daily vlog | petrecerea NYX, un mini haul de home-deco si-o idee de mic dejun delicioso-satios – Duration: 55:02.

Good morning, girls! And boys! It is a

dark Wednesday today.

It’s raining cats and dogs. I’m out of focus, of course,

why would I? It’s raining so hard, since yesterday

it hasn’t stopped raining. I think it started around noon

and it is my understanding that the weather will be like this the entire week.

And I am in a hurry, meaning

I should leave the house in the next 45 minutes,

and even so, I don’t think I will make

it on time because every time it rains

traffic becomes a mess and

you can only imagine what that’s like. Besides this, I don’t know if you noticed,

I have a robe on because it’s cold. It got a bit chilly,

and that’s not ok. I also had a very hard

time waking up, and with this weather, the only thing I wanted when my alarm went off was to

my alarm went off ( and I snoozed it a few times) was to

just lay a bit more in bed with Rumbu,

because he was next to me, snuggled at my chest,

and he started purring when he felt

I had woken up.

And I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed for nothing in this world. But I have to.

I have Coke, of course, I didn’t even have time to make coffee,

instead I’m talking, I’m talking to you.

I hope I’m not waddling you, I opened the drawer.

I thought I would do another daily vlog because

tonight is the Nyx party.

It’s the grand finale

where they will announce the winner

of Nyx Face Awards, sorry,

it’s a bit early and it’s hard to be articulate.

And, in case you don’t know, I was part of the jury this year,

same as last year, for video quality.

Of course, I have to be there

for the party, therefore this si what I’m up to.

And to document the whole thing, I thought it would be a good idea

to make a daily vlog. It doesn’t hurt, I know you like them,

and I enjoy filming them.

So, that’s going to happen tonight. Until then though, I have to get

to the breakfast

I’m having with some nice girls.

I have a meeting with them somewhere at a place

called The Ark Bakery.

It’s somewhere near the Triumph Arch. I’m putting on some primer from Benefit in case you didn’t see,

and earlier I put on Mineral89 as a base,

after I’ve washed my face, of course.

This Ark Bakery is a place,

the focus is driving me crazy…

Ark Bakery is a venue near the

Triumph Arch where you can get

anything from breakfast, I think, to dinner. They have a large array of food,

but from what I understand, they specialize in

breakfast and brunch.

They have baguettes – it’s called “the bakery”,

so mostly lots of pastries and bread.


the girls said they wanted to go there because it’s closer

to them, therefore this is what

we are going to do. I don’t live in that neighbourhood, but

I will sacrifice myself. I’m just worried about the traffic,

like I said. And besides this,

I have to do some errands

today with some paperwork. I will take care of that as well, and tonight…

tonight is the party. The problem is that the party

is scheduled at the exact same time as another event

that I have to attend to because I promised I’d be there, and

it’s going to be a bit complicated

given this rain because normally

I shouldn’t have any issues arriving on time, I mean, to be punctual,

and get there at a decent hour

and when I need to be there, but given the rain,

I might be a bit late.

And this event might be postponed,

it’s called World of Instagram.

It’s a conference/workshop

type of event. I don’t know exactly how to call it.

I was invited there to give a presentation.

And, theoretically, I should be speaking there,

meaning that I’ve prepared some slides,

something modest with some images to showcase the entire thing,

I’ve thought a bit about what to talk about,

and that being my personal story,

and my journey on Instagram,

what I think about it.

I was, of course, very honoured by the invitation,

I accepted, but it happened to be at

the same time with the Nyx party,

and there is a possibility

that this event will be postponed because

it’s held in a summer garden,

and given the fact that it’s raining

it’s highly likely that it won’t take place anymore

and be postponed until next week. We shall find out.

But in case they are both happening today,

I will have to figure out a way to get to both events.

So this is my schedule for today.

Now that you’re up to speed, I think I will shut up because

talking is slowing me down. So you know, I applied my eyeshadow

base, it’s the one from MAC

24 Hours Extend Eye Base,

you’ve seen it on my channel before, I think.

It’s this cute, little, black one. And I will continue

by applying my foundation – Revlon Colorstay

on a very beat up sponge.

I like this sponge a lot and I don’t know where

to buy it because I took it with me

when I had the Lancome Masterclass

with Alexandru Abagiu. I don’t know if you remember, it was sometime in May,

and it was all about makeup techniques,

all kinds of application techniques

how we do this and that, wha’ts better, it was very interesting,

and all the while Alex was

explaining us, there were other girls involved,

we had to practice

meaning that we were exactly what he was showing us, and

we had a few utensils at hand among them being this sponge.

We got to take them home and ever since we got them I continued using it

because I find it a bit different from the beauty blender,

and it’s also different from the silicone one, you know,

the one I regularly use.

Therefore, I liked this one, but it’s

getting worn, you can only imagine, it’s been

almost 2 months since I got it. It hasn’t been 2 month yet,

there’s still time, but

I could use a fresh one even though

I cared for this one and I washed it after every use.

Just as idea, this is what I use to apply my foundation.

Ok, now I’m really going to shut up to stop slowing

myself down, and I think I’m gonna talk to you

a bit later. I can’t promise I will have time to show you my outfit

in the mirror, but if I have time I will show it to you tonight.

No problem, don’t worry, I’ll be back.

– What did you do today, fattie?

– What did you do today, fattie?

-Who’s fat and fluffy?!

It’s evening and I’m back home

after a very long and very annoying day, to say the least.

The first half of the day was complete chaos.

I was telling you I had to run some errands with some paperwork,

and generally when it comes to paperwork means waiting in lines

as things work in our country.

And I went crazy, standing in lines,

I lost a lot of time in traffic as well, but the most I lost standing in line.

I waited in line for more than an hour to do something that took me,

I don’t know, around 2 minutes.

And there was such a racket there, they people standing in line

were fighting because someone skipped the line,

because someone came from I don’t know where,

why someone is friends with some dude.

No, no, no, I felt like crawling out of my skin, I just wanted to leave that

piece of paper and go about my day.

This morning was very ok and I have something to show you, but I will do it

when I get back home because I told you we’re going to

the Nyx party tonight, so

we will take care of that once I get home.

Right now, I just wanted to update you with what happened today

until I forget, and see what I’m

going to wear tonight. I still have time, it’s early,

I should leave in about 45 minutes

so I have time to get ready. I don’t think I’m gonna do much with my hair,

this is the makeup I have on, I’ll just touch up a little.

But other than that, this is it. I just have to change, obviously, because

I don’t want to wear these clothes that I wore all day,

because I probably sweat, and I want something more elegant anyway.

So, yeah, I’m going to see what I’m going to wear and I’ll see you at the mirror.

I thought I’d turn on the camera a bit while I get ready.

I’m going to be the Black Widow, I’m wearing all black,

not necessarily because I’m a in a grim mood, but I very much like

how this

jacket looks on me, and given the fact that it’s quite chilly

outside, I thought it would work really well.

This is what it looks like. I showed it to you for the first time somewhere in

the fall if you remember, in a haul. It’s from Zara

and I really like the neckline.

And because I wanted to put something on that would maintain this neckline,

I put on a corset. It’s not a bra for those of you ready to be outraged.

It’s not the case. It’s a thing that goes down.

It’s a very beautiful corset and I like how

this lace detail peeps through. I think it looks very good.

It’s sexy, but not too much.

And I’m perfectly covered everywhere else.

Other than that, my hair is exactly the same as this morning,

I’m not going to do anything to it. If you can see, I have

some sort of braiding going on. A french braid I tucked in

under. It’s like a twisted bun.

I hope you can see something here.

And now I’m going to go to the mirror, we’re going to move back there to touch up my makeup.

But first of all, I’m gonna pour myself a glass of Coke because I’m very, very thirsty.

And to show my accessories, I will have these pretty

sandals on. I’m super obsessed with them.

It’s a pair of very old sandals from Gucci. It’s an old design, and

I bought them second hand because I like them very, very much,

and I’ve been dreaming about them for years.

I also have this French, old purse

also vintage. I think it’s from the 50’s.

40’s, 50’s, something like that, and I like this detail very much.

And I also have a brooch that isn’t vintage, but

it’s very massive, I wish you could see it. There it is!

And I will pin this to my chest.

Ok, I touched up my foundation a bit, now I

would like to put on a bit of powder, and a bit of blush.

Studio Fix from MAC to lock everything in place.

Just a tiny bit. I’m not going to apply a ton of powder

because you know I don’t like that cakey look,

I just want a tiny bit

to make sure I don’t get shiny.

And let’s see what’s going on with my eyes.

If I need to retouch anything. I don’t think so.

Just a bit of mascara

on the lower lashes because I feel like it faded a bit.

And I have the Colossal from Maybelline, and

I’ve told you before I like it.

Brushing the brows in place,

put some lipstick on and that’s it.

This is my look. I don’t know why I’m sitting like this, probably so you can see me.

What do I put on my lips?

First let’s drink some Coke cause I’m thirsty.

I think I’m gonna use 05 from Sephora.

One of my absolute favorites, this one here, it’s a very natural shade,

a peach,

very pretty, with a slight sheen, but nothing to strong. It’s something

very discrete, but still noticeable.

Ok, this is the makeup done. We’re finished here.

I just have to pack a powder in my purse,

put on some perfume, pin on my brooch,

and maybe put some earrings on,

I feel like something is missing, but I’m not sure what.

Let’s go see the jewelry. We’re moving again.

This is going to be my look. I’m completely ready.

As you can see, I also put on some earrings,

these dangly one because I feel like they look good and they rest nicely on the clavicle/bust area.

And other than that, I’m completely dressed in black.

I have a pair of jeans from H&M,

the jacket is from Zara, the Gucci old sandals,

the purse is vintage, this is semi-vintage,

the earrings are from H&M. This is it.

Let me show you from the side as well.

This is how I’m leaving, I’m ready to party

with Nyx, meet other influencers and what else we’re doing there.

I will take the camera with me, of course, we’re going to film there,

I’m going to meet with Andra, I just called an Uber, and

he’s far away, unfortunately, but he’ll get here eventually.

Once he gets here, I’m meeting Andra, leave for the party

and film there. And to tell you something else,

since I still got plenty of time, I was telling you this morning

that there was a chance of another event happening today, but it got postponed.

It got postponed to Monday, the one with Instagram —

World of Instagram, it got postponed to Monday,

and it will, please go away! It will be the

exact same thing, just that the date changed because

there was supposed to be a lot of rain, which I can see ain’t happening,

but hey, that’s life. Therefore, I am going

to film on Monday for that event. I will probably end

this vlog in the following days, and I will start anothe one.

So don’t worry,

we’re gonna have that wonderful event as well.

Done, I’ve informed you, I’m going downstairs

to wait for my Uber.

I’m trying to fit everyone in frame, but I’m not really succeeding.

I have Andra here on my right and Hayky on my left

that has a super eye makeup on.

– Bring your eyes in here so that people can see.

You can’t really see the colors right, but it’s much better than

the camera is showing.

I’m back at home,

you can probably tell by the brown tile

behind me, and these wonderful shades.

I got home about 10 minutes ago, Andra hanged around a bit

to talk and plan. And now

I came to the kitchen to put this beautiful bouquet of flowers

in a vase and water.

I got it from Nyx, it’s really beautiful, thank you so much!

To eat something because I’m starving.

I haven’t eaten since

I don’t even know how many hours ago.

I think around 8 hours.

I didn’t eat anything at the party, I barely managed to have a cocktail, you probably saw.

But I didn’t

eat anything at all and I’m hungry. I feel the need to eat something even though it’s quite late.

But at least something light

because I’m gonna faint until tomorrow if I don’t eat anything. And after

I’m done here I will tell you all about the party,

to update you with everything that happened today, show you what I have in that bag.

Did I tell you? I don’t know if I told you, I have a bag from Dior with some stuff

I wanna show you. And I just want to catch up with you.

But first things first: flowers, Poirot that just fell

and I think he’s gonna jump on the table…

It feels so good to have eaten!

I didn’t eat much, just a banana and some cottage cheese

from Covalact, but enough

to get a bit of energy back because I was wasted.

And once I did that, I grabbed

the bag I wanted to show you, got into bed, and now

I can talk to you at peace.

I have makeup remover next to me

so that I don’t have to get out of bed again.

Even though I have to turn the lights off.

I forgot about that. I still have to do something, but at least I’m not going to far.

And I say this because I’m tired and the only thing I want to do

is take my makeup off and go to sleep, and be done with this day

so that I can rest a bit.

But, until then let’s ease into and tell you a bit

from today and then I will talk to you in the morning.

First of all, like I said, this morning I had a meeting.

I meet with the girls from Dior

that gave me some cute products.

We went to get some breakfast, it wasn’t really a brunch,

at the Ark Bakery,

I ate some scrambled eggs thatyou probably saw, I drank

some coffee, I chatted with the girls

because we know each other, we’ve met a couple of times before.

We had a little catch up

to see what they’ve been up to, what’s the deal, what’s happening with them,

and the reason for our meeting

was this new makeup collection

from Dior that is called Dior Backstage.

The launch is pretty big here in Romania as well.

I think it was already launched in Baneasa about a week ago, and next week

is going to be the big event to launch in more stores.

And they gave me a few products that I’m going to show you,

to test them and see what they’re all about.

It was really, really nice, the scrambled eggs were really good, the venue

was pretty nice, and I was happy it wasn’t crowded because

I’ve been there before and it was always full.

And I think that is why I never went back, except for the distance

because it’s pretty far away as well.

But it wasn’t crowded this time being that we went on a week day,

it was really ok. The rain stopped

during the day and that was wonderful.

Let me quickly show you what’s in the bag and then we’ll carry on with our topics.

Let’s see… I have a huge box.

I’ve placed you on the laptop

so that I can use both hands while I open the bag

because there’s no way I can open it and hold the camera at the same time.

and I’ll let you watch my wonderful lamps while I open this.

If I can manage to get it out of the bag…

There we go!

This is it. It’s a portable thing you can carry with you

and inside we have a few cute thingies.

I’m sorry if I’m shaking you, but I have my laptop on my legs.

Let me move you a bit further.

Is this better?

That’s it! Perfect!

Inside we have some stuff from this line

that caters to a more younger audience, it’s not really

aiming for the classic Dior client.

This is a cartboard that was on top and these are

the products

that I have. They’re mostly

shadows, lipsticks,

these here. Here we have some foundation.

This one is a good match for me, I think. What do you say?

We’ll see, maybe I can mix it with something.

Let me show you a lipstick as well and then I’ll leave you alone.

I don’t want to inssist too much. Something like this.

This is the packaging. It smells so good!

Something minty. Dior Addict

Lip Sugar Scrub.

Ok. We shall see.

This is interesting stuff, I think I will

also go to the store launch.

Like I said, it’s going to launch in more stores. And I think that’s going to happen

sometime Monday. I will go and probably

when you will see this vlog it would’ve already launched.

But I’m going to show you a few things.

These are some shadows.

We have brow stuff, eyes stuff, lips stuff. I’m not going to insisst,

I just wanted to show you some stuff.

I also want to thank the girls

for giving me the opportunity to test this stuff.

Once I left there,

the meeting with the girls,

I carried on with my day and the stuff I had to do.

And around the afternoon, I wanna say,

but I don’t think it was afternoon yet,

I don’t know, somewhere around

2 and 4 o’clock, something like that

I had to go take care of that paperwork, like I’ve told you

I got so angry about that.

It always bothers me when I see

how hard it is to do anything in this country, and maybe it’s not like this everywhere,

but it’s absolutely terrible when you

need to go to a

state representative.

It’s constantly like this,

at least this has been my luck so far. Every time I

end up in this types of situations

I get a lump in my throat because I know I have to wait around in lines, and

give priority to God knows who

because he’s friends with I don’t know who, and so on…

And again, maybe it’s not like this everywhere, but

I’m sure it’s happened to you as well, and I think

most of you know what I’m talking about

when it comes to waiting in line and how things work here

in some cases. Moving along form

this waste of time,

I think you saw that I came home,

I did some things around the house

while I “refreshed” myself so to speak,

and I was so sleepy… I would’ve liked to lay my head

on a pillow and sleep for a few hours,

but I said I would go to the

Nyx party and couldn’t not go

after I confirmed I’d be there. But it was really cool there,

it was held in a restaurant,

I think

right in the Herastrau park,

it’s called Nuba.

So cool, music, good vibes, lots of people.

I didn’t get to see everyone, I mean

some girls messaged me on Instagram

that wanted to see me and take photos with me,

I don’t think I got to meet all of them, but

I saw some of them, we kissed, we talked, it was very nice, there were lots of peers there,

I talked with them as well, that was very nice too.

The moment on the stage: I went on the

stage when they called my name, and I stayed there

until they gave out the prizes. And I want

to congratulate all of the participants, not just the finalists,

not just the final 5. Congratulations to everyone

that was part of this competition. I think there were

a few dozen. It’s hard to say if there were 40 or

80, I don’t know, something around that number.

But congrats to everybody! Good for you! It’s a lot of work,

I realise how hard you’ve worked, and I’m

convinced that many more deserved to win.

To win first place, but since it can’t

be shared,

unfortunately, there was one big prize, and the others

received awards for,

some special prizes, meaning there was a prize for education, another one for technique,

one for innovation,

another for storytelling so to speak, and

I found all of them to be very good, but Alexandra won.

Congratulations in case she is watching.

Congrats to her and everybody! You are special

and I’m convinced you put in so much work.

You have all of my respect and appreciation.

I would also like to thank Nyx for

giving me the opportunity to participate again this year as a member of the jury

and to evaluate the video quality portion of the competition.

Thank you so, so much!

It was a very special night, I had Andra by my side,

ther was also an artistic moment at the end, some boys and girls danced.

Very cool, overall I was happy. I didn’t stay

long because, like I said, I’m very tired.

But the 2 or 3 hours I spent there, I enjoyed

and it was a nice way to end the day.

And then I came home, you saw

Andra was all up in the makeup,

she was looking at the stuff I got,

and the rest you know.

And now that you’re up to speed,

I will do what I told you I would do. I’m ending today here,

I’m going to take my makeup off, go to bed, and I will talk to you in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed it so far,

day 1. We’ll continue in the morning. Good night!


My curls are completely ruined because it’s raining so bad

which you probably saw if you made it this far in the vlog,

and I hope you can hear me over the noise in H&M.

I’m in the H&M store in Unirea, I’m waiting for Andra while she went to try on a dress.


we came here because

I need to buy some stuff from H&M Home.

I need some bed sheets, I need some

bowls and other kitchen stuff basically,

and I thought we’d come here, and when he were headed here

it wasn’t raining, it was just windy

and looked like it might rain, but we hoped it wouldn’t.

But, you can see my reflection there,

but the rain started

about 10 minutes ago. It was gloomy all day long,

and maybe you saw that this morning I had some fabulous curls. I also had red lipstick on,

but they’re completely gone. Both the lipstick and the curls. And I look something like this right now.

Yes, so that’s the plan for now,

buy this stuff from H&M Home,

we also want to go to Zara Home. They have cool home stuff there as well.

And there’s also sales,

and the dress Andra is trying on is one I have as well, and I will insert

a photo here. It’s the long, blue one that I wore when we took the photos

in the poppy field, if you remember them.

Andra found it on sale and went to try it on.

We found some bed sheets that we don’t need

and other useless stuff.

Little vases and…

– Are they vases? Or glasses?

– It’s a mug and thingy you pour milk with.

– And some bunnies for holding candles.

Those are very cute. 20 lei a piece.

But still, something for the kitchen?

You know what I was saying earlier that it’s raining?

It’s not raining, it’s pouring!

We’re good! We’re definitely good!

Can you hear this? It’s raining so hard

and we’re moving alongside the mall

at Unirea. Next to…

KFC. No, but I wanted to say about the balconies…

We’re trying to stay covered

so it doesn’t rain on us too much.

For those of us that have hoodies,

meaning Andra, life is good.

For those like me it’s not so good.

And we don’t have an umbrella. It’s ok, we’ll grab an Uber.

We got a few bowls, a few

mugs, milk pourers, plates,

not too much. We’ll keep looking.

I don’t know how well you can hear or see me,

but I finished with Andra,

we’re done shopping in the mall.

And now I went to Mega Image to get

some stuff to eat

tomorrow morning, and now

I’m on my way home, I’m almost there.

But I’m going home, the rain has stopped luckily

which is absolutely wonderful. I’m done with the stuff

I had to do tonight, therefore all I need now is a warm bath, some pjs,

a cat, and that’s it!

Ok. Hold on, let me sit down.

I’m so pissed about my hair!

I liked it so much how it turned out this morning,

my curls came out so good, and it looked, I don’t know,

it was that retro glamour

that I haven’t worn in a long time. Like I said, I haven’t worn red lipstick in a long time,

and today was some sort of reunion so to speak

with me from a year ago, and

I liked it, it was cool.

it’s just that this rain, you can see the state I’m in, and my skin is very itchy.

Poirot is around me,

but let me show you what I got. I got 2 big bags

because of the sales, and I saw a lot of

cool stuff and I got a good deal. And I thought

it would be nice to stock up on

what I need for the house.

And let’s go through them chronologically.

Andra got some stuff, I got some stuff as well. First of all, I got some bed sheets from H&M Home

This is what it looks like. If you can see, it has fireflies and all sorts of bugs and flowers on it.

My leg is so itchy!

It comes with a pillow case

and a duvet case, and I got for 50 lei

discounted from 100 lei. So at half of the price, I think it’s a super deal.

And I think I’ve told you before that all of my bedsheets

are from H&M Home. They’re cool, they’re made out of cotton, they wash well,

I’ve never had any issues with them, and I thought it was good to buy them now.

And so you know, I always buy them on sale.


next I have lots of ceramics

that is all wrapped up,

and one more thing,

I got a,

how do you call it? It’s called a place mat in English,

but I forgot what it’s called in Romanian.

They’re these pieces of cloth or plastic you eat on.

It’s for the look of it and to prevent the table from getting dirty.

And I thought this one was cute.

I think I have to iron it a bit which would be wierd.

It was 10 or 15 lei.

Next I have… Aaa, the girl at H&M was very nice and

she told me she watches my videos. She recognized me

in the store, and she told me she recognized me by the kimono I was wearing.

The gold – mustardy one.

She said she watched the video I was talking

about it and said I didn’t know what I would wear it with.

And now that she saw that I found what to wear it with she was like ” wow, so cool”,

and she was very nice, and I’ve told you before that I really enjoy meeting you guys

so I was very happy to run into her.

Therefore, I got this bowl which I hope you can see.

This is what it looks like,

it has some cute ridges that resemble flowers. I need this kind of bowls

because I always eat either fruit,

cereal, or I leave them in fridge with

eggs in them or things like that,

and sometimes I don’t have enough.

So I bough this. It was 15 lei down from 30.

So you know, you can find this stuff online as well.

In case you don’t have an H&M in your town, and I know there are many towns that don’t,

you can find them on the website.

So, have a look because it’s worth it, they have very cool stuff.

Next up, like I said in the store,

I got 2 bunnies that are

candle holders.

You just stick in a long candle in it

and it looks very good. And especially for Easter

I think I will like to use them to decorate the table.

We’ll see. I got 2 of them.

I hope!

Yes, I got another one. They were 20 lei a piece

down from 60 lei. Wow! That’s pretty expensive.

I wouldn’t pay 60 lei for this, but 20 works.

And I got another bowl,

cute as well. This one wasn’t on sale, I think, but I liked it very much.

This is what it looks like. It comes in a coraly, pinky, salmony color.

Some focus?!

It has a gold rimming here, and it’s cute.

I will enjoy eating my cereal in the morning out of it.

This was 30 lei.

And it also came in green and white from what I could see.

This was H&M Home. Now, from Zara…

It’s absolutely brilliant in Zara.

If you’ve never been to a Zara Home,

go in just to see what it smells like.

I don’t know what those people spray the store with, I imagine their own products,

but the smell is brilliant!

Everything smells and looks so good in there,

and I really like their stuff.

Most of them, some are a bit too modern for my taste, but

others I really like.

And I have dishes, cutlery, decorations

from them around the house. There is stuff,

not a lot because I generally prefer vintage,

but there is some stuff I have from there.

And let me show you what I got this time:

We have the following…

I think everything I got from them was on sale. Leave me alone!

That was Facebook.

They packed it really well.

I got another bowl.

I have a problem with bowls, it happens…

The inside is blue, the outside is white.

It was 10 lei down from 20 lei.

Good price! Next, I got soaps,

liquid soaps.

I’ve told you, if you’ve watched my hauls before,

that everytime there’s sales,

I stock up on soaps from Zara Home

because they smell really, really good,

the scents are super interesting, and the price is quite good,

and they last. And I even remember someone telling me, last year, I think,

one of you, one of my followers,

that she watches my videos with her mother,

and this stuck with me,

and they found out from me that Zara Home makes soaps,

and they went to the store and they’ve been returning customers ever since.

I can’t remember the name of the person, I’m sorry, but I remember

exactly when she told me this. If you’re watching, I hope you still buy them,

and look, they’re on sale.

I got 2 of them, one is Golden Grass

and the other one is Royal Garden that smells

amazing! They’re floral-fruity scents.

Very pleasant, foamy, everything you want.

They’re super good and they were 15 lei down from 23 lei.

Andra got 2 as well.

Next up, the stuff I got here

wasn’t planned, but I thought of them as a set.

The first thing I reached for was the bowl, obviously.

I saw a very cute bowl

that looks as if it were old.

It looks like it is vintage, and you know I like that.

And it looks something like this.

It’s a simple white bowl,

it’s just that the edges look slightly worn,

old, I don’t know. If you can see, there’s these brown-ish areas

as if time has gone over them

and left its mark.

But the bowl is new.

And I saw this first, and after I saw this,

I started seeing from the same set the mug, the milk jar,

and the soup plate, the flat plate, and other stuff.

So I bought them all to have the entire set.

Therefore, this was 15 lei, next…

I’m sorry for the noise,

but it is what it is…

Then I got the mug that looks like this.

It’s very rustic, I don’t know…

It makes me think of the south of France, or French rural areas.

And I like it very much.

Next we have a plate,

a plate that was 15 lei as well.

This is what it looks like. It’s a soup plate.

And we have another smaller plate.

A flat one this time. This was in a set with something.

Yes, it was in a set with, I think it was a set

with the milk jar?!

Oh, no! It was something else. I’ll show you in a minute.

This is what it looks like. This is 30 lei,

but it came with some sort of bowl,

for soup, I think.

This is it. Look how cute it is.

Very pretty… And these 2 came together for 30 lei.

And we have one more thing,

some sort of small pitcher or milk jar.

Idon’t even know.

Everyone uses it as they deem fit, but

it’s really cute, and I wanted to have the entire set.

Look how pretty it is! I like it a lot!

I thought it was super cute

and I wanted to have the whole package.

There was another plate that was very big, but it was expensive. It was around 100 lei,

and I said it wasn’t worth it because I wouldn’t use it, so I stuck

with these because there is some stuff here that I will definitely get use out of.

I mean, I don’t want to buy stuff just to look at it, I want to use it too.

So this was the shopping. After that we went into Zara (the clothing part)

where again, I bought some stuff, but I’m not going to show it to you now

because it’s already late, and I don’t want

to turn this video into a haul.

And that was about it for this evening,

after we left Unirea, we came straight home,

I spent some time with Andra around here,

we talked and made some plans. She went home, I stayed here at my home.

I now have 2 cats that are ecstatic with all the wrapping

and bags they’re basking in.

I don’t know if you can hear that Rumbu is

watching the other and growling a bit. Whatever,

our normal activities. This is all I wanted to tell you.

That’s it!

Now I am going to sit down and look through the comments because I posted a new video tonight,

and I want to see what’s going on there.

After that, like I promised, I’m going to unpack,

take a bath, I want to put on a mask because I haven’t been able to

that in a long time,

but tonight I’m going to relax

and chill.

But first I need to clean up here.

Thank you for watching so far, we have another day tomorrow, and then we will conclude this daily vlog,

but we have a little more to go.

Good night! I’ll see you in the morning. I’ll be back!


Good morning! I’m saying good morning with these rolls in my hair.

I will get rid of them, don’t worry!

I just made them and they’re still warm, therefore,

I’ll let them cool down a bit, and then I will brush them out appropriately.

But for now, I wanted to say good morning,

to tell you that I’m very excited that it’s Friday, that it’s the weekend,

to tell you I woke up easily, I didn’t have any trouble doing so.

I woke up very gently given the fact that I slept around

5 hours or something like that, but I didn’t have any trouble waking up.

I was actually very productive, and I think

this is thanks to the sun as well.

It seems to be very light and pleasant outside.

And it fills me with joy. I even changed my bed sheets

which was absolutely wonderful.

I always like the feel of fresh sheets

that the cats will take care of by tonight, I’m sure.

And aside from that, I arranged my equipment around here

which you probably already saw because after I finish my makeup,

eat breakfast – which I will do in a minute,

I will film a video this morning.

I have a bit more time on my hands so I can afford

to talk to you, film, and

I will take you with me to the kitchen to show you what I’m going to eat,

to show you a breakfast idea

which I think that by the time you are watching this video,

you would have seen on my Instagram because I plan on taking some photos as well.

The idea being something with oats.

Oats, fruit, almond milk or whatever vegetable milk

you have. You will see!

Let’s go to the kitchen to show you what I’m talking about, and then we’ll come back here.

Forgive my face, but it’s still early, therefore,

this is what I look like. Thank you for tolerating me!

Ok, to explain what I did here,

and what we are going to because we’re not done, we need to start with this.

This one, not that. We’ll get there too.

You probably saw this bowl being prepared last night.

If you watched closely, you saw that I did something here.

And here we only have oats. The classic, simple ones,

the ones that horses eat too.

And they are soaked in vegetable milk.

In my case AdeZ, I have 2 versions,

I have the one with almonds and mango,

and the simple one with rice.

I soaked them in the rice milk.

I haven’t opened this one yet, but I got it out to show it to you.

And I have another one, just a sec…

I have this simple one too,

just with almonds.

Th bottle is empty, but I wanted to show it to you, s you know they have different kinds.

And they’re those

vegetable products I talked to you about

in the video I made in Milan, if you remember.

I was telling you back then that they don’t have any added sugar,

just the sweetness from the fruit, and they have all kinds of fabulous combos

with seeds and fruit juices.

They don’t have any lactose, they don’t have any sugar

as you can see, they’re rich in vitamin E,

and they work very well as a snack during the day too.

I want to show you how I use

it with oats for breakfast.

You can use them in smoothies and other stuff too, but for the moment,

we’ll resume to this. So I literally soaked the flakes in rice milk

and let is sit overnight. I drowned them in there,

put them in the bowl and let them sit overnight.

Once I did that, I will start adding fruit and

nuts and whatever I have in here.

I got some blueberries,

I have some blackberries right here,

I also like to add a banana for sweetness,

if it fits, I’ll also add some peaches.

Or depending on what fruit I have around the house at that time.

It’s not necessarily a fixed recipe.

I can add strawberries, raspberries,

I can add, I don’t know, mango,


Whatever I like and got laying around the house

Ad this is just a nut mix

with raisins, some dehydrated fruit.

Some stuff like this

that I buy already made from the store.

I put them in here and mix them all together.

I don’t always have time to prepare this entire thing,

and if I do, I just throw them in there, mix them, and

eat them as is,

but right now for the sake of showing you

I will make an effort and execute something nice,

and decorate a bit too.

And I will start with the banana,

these are all washed beforehand.

So we don’t have any issues with them, but

I like to slice the banana somehow…

I’d like some focus on it…

Next I want to put some blueberries in.

I basically make sure to cover the entire oat surface

with fruit,

not necessarily for decor, but it counts a lot

for sweetness. It’s not bitter or anything like that,

but I usually like sweet food as you probably know.

And since I don’t want to add any sugar to this, and prefer

to keep the no sugar element

except for the natural one from the fruit,

I like to use their sweetness,

instead of adding other crap in there.

I think it’s more than enough.

And if, only if I want more,

I can add some nuts as well. I’m running out of bowl room,

but just a pinch, as an idea, for taste.

And that’s about it… this is breakfast.

It looks really good. It takes me 5 minutes tops.

2 minutes at night to soak the oats,

I leave them in fridge overnight,

which you don’t have to do, but that’s what I do because I like them cold,

and in the morning just the time it takes me to decorate the bowl with some fruit on top.

And it took me more time now because I wanted to place them nicely.

But other than that, it really doesn’t take up a lot of time,

it’s not rocket science and I assure you it’s very, very yummy.

And now you will see that eating will take me less thant it took me making it.

You make it in 5 minutes, you eat it in 2. That’s it.

Let’s grab a spoon.

Done! I finished eating, I finished filming,

I even cleaned up a bit.

I was super productive this morning, I’m very thrilled with myself.

Yo! Go Balaban!

And I also got dressed, and came to the mirror to show you my outfit,

and to let you know, I’m not even in a hurry!

Me, the one that’s always on the run…

But this time, I’m not in a rush.

I will turn around the camera, I’ll show you what I’m wearing, and then I’m going to leave for work

because we need to do that as well, until tonight when it’s the weekend.

Therefore, hold on a second to turn around.

Oh, my God, my hand is shaking so bad! I have a bit of Parkinson going on,

but I hope you will get something from this.

I’m dressed in 100% items I bought last year.

And I don’t know if you remember this white dress from H&M,

I wore it and loved it so much!

And I want to wear it again this year, of course because

it’s still so cool. The only thing is that it’s a bit big on me now

around the waist because I lost some weight

since last year, as you know, and it’s a bit loose

around the waist. If it was a bit tighter, it would have been perfect, but even so

it’s completely fine, super comfy, I really like this detail

here on the neck with these very

cute pleats. It’s super fabulous and super light.

On my feet I have some very old sandals from

Marc Jacobs. I don’t know if you can see that the heel is in the shape of a heart.

That heel is gorgeous! I like it a lot.

The bag is vintage, it has about 3 or 4 times my age.

Because what’s the problem with that?

And on my arm here,

I have a cameo bracelet. Very beautiful as well,

I will show you right away, other than that some

simple, pearl earrings, and a ring on my finger.

And this is my entire outfit. It’s nothing complex, it’s just something light and airy

to avoid getting hot, to feel comfortable

during the entire day.

I will turn around the camera to show you the details, and then I’m really leaving.

The bag, first of all. Old, of course.

Cameo bracelet, slightly oxidized, but we’ll roll with it.

And we also have these cute ruffles on the dress.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what bra I have on, it’s not a bra,

I have this, some sort of skin-colored bustier

that holds me tight and I am worry-free.

Done! We’re leaving! Do I look good? I look good!

It’s evening now and I’m talking to you from a museum.

If you can see, I’m at the Art Museum which is about to close in about an hour,

and we wanted to come and see Luchian’s exhibiton

that is here until September, right? Yeah.

I’m slightly sensuous with this messed up hair,

uncombed, tousled, curls long gone,

my hair has long succumbed.

I wasn’t even dreaming it would last the entire day,

but I see myself very “senzuao, coracao, abrazao” just so you know.

On the other hand, I wanted to tell you that

the clean bed sheets, you know, the one I changed this morning

so that it would be fresh and clean…

It’s gon, of course,

because both fluffies took care of that,

therefore, it’s not black yet,

although you saw it was white, light in color,

it’s not black, but it’s grey.

Which I think is awesome, it didn’t even last 24 hours

I wanted to do the closing for this video

because I have a lot of material,

and I feel like it’s going to be a long one,

and after I finish talking to you

I will start editing it

to have it ready on time.

Therefore, I just want to bring you up to speed with what I did during the day,

to tell you what was up with the museum

because I don’t know how much I got to talk and explain,

but you mostly saw everything.

The morning started off really well, it was chill,

meaning I had time to do things at my own pace,

to do my usual habits, pleasures and so on…

I left the house and I had to come back because I realised I had forgotten something.

And I’m not usually the superstitious type,

but I learned from my grandma that it’s not good to come back once you left the house,

and it kinda ruined my vibe a bit,

but then I was ok.

During the day…

Friday’s are usually chill for me when it comes to work,

therefore, I didn’t have much on my hands,

and somewhere around, I don’t know exactly… Was it 5, 6?

I think 6 pm or something like that,

I went to the museum, the Romanian Art Museum

because there was an exhibition with Luchian’s work,

and I was in the neighbourhood with Andra,

and we wanted to go see it for a long time

because it’s been open since May.

You can imagine, it’s now July, it’s been 2 months

and we kept postponing it, and postponing it.

We realized we were in the area and we said let’s go

since it’s not that big, it won’t take us a thousand years,

we can do what we have to do afterwards,

so we’ll go and see it for half an hour or however long it could take,

and then we leave. And this is what we did.

We went and it’s really not that big,

it’s just one room where there are indeed

lots of paintings. There might be a few dozen,

but it doesn’t take longer than half an hour

to see everything in there.

It’s really nothing complicated.

So, we spent about half an hour there.

The ticket is 10 lei, the exhibition will be there until September,

and I highly recommned you go see it.

Maybe you saw that generally, when I leave the country,

I try as much as possible to , of course,

to go to museums as well.

And I always recommend you do that,

here or abroad.

And I couldn’t miss this one given the fact that its right around the corner,

here in Romania, and because the ticket was so cheap,

it would suck if I wouldn’t go at these ones back home

So I went there, Andra was with me, she liked it

Cute, we really enjoyed it.

And we actually want to go to another exhibition, one of my followers recommended I go there.

I’m sorry I can’t remember the name, but if you’re watching right now, thank you so, so much!

She wrote to me to tell me that at the Art Museum there is another exhibition until September as well,

with jewery and cameos. And you know

I’m super passionate about cameos.

I have some very interesting pieces with cameos.

and we would have liked seeing that one as well, but

first of all, we didn’t have time,

and secondly, we didn’t buy the tickets becasue I heard the ticket office is quite far from the exhibition itself

so we said we’d come another time and see it.

Time was short, we had to go back as well

so we said: next time.

But as a general idea, you now know this exists.

In case you’re from Bucharest or you make a quick pit stop around here,

I feel it would be interesting to see or do when you’re in town and in need of some activities.

and after that I came home,

I ate, and after I ate, I got soooo sleepy,

I layed on the bed and dozed off.

And I didn’t sleep, I just kept dozing off and waking up again.

And that lasted for about an hour.

Until the cats started playing and that was the end of it.

And then I picked up the camera, and as you can see,

I’m talking to you and trying to end this vlog.

I hope you liked it. I hope you found it cute and interesting,

and that it relaxed you,

and cheered you up which is what I wish for everytime

with my videos – to bring you joy in the heart,

and to relax you.

For it to be nice and sweet.

I want to thank you very, very much for watching.

As always, I’m looking forward to your opinnions in the comments down below.

Have a great day or night, and I can’t wait to see you next time.

Lots of kisses, good night, bye!

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everything just perfect perfect clothing no not these yeah not this one either

is this even a hat what is this a bonnet or a chef’s hat please his meals had to

be perfect dear we’ve prepared you a great feast in

the next room yes a tenderloin steak you know it is dear extra rare you know

that’s the way I like it extra rare with those little sear marks

from the grill yes we know that’s how you like them now are the sear marks

going diagonal from the left or from the right I don’t see why that would matter

obviously you know nothing about steak and when it came time for the prince’s

bedtime he liked to have his favorite pillow fluffed just right now make sure

you fluff that pillow an odd number of times last time you fluffed it an even

number of times and I got no rest at all as you wish my dear and so that is how

the prince was raised he wasn’t a bad Prince just very spoiled and one day he

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princesses here for me to see as you wish my son

guard go fetch some princesses for my son to choose from yes your majesty

yes thank you your majesty ow yes yes your majesty I will round up the

princesses and so the first round of princesses came before the prince

yes sending the first one this ought to be good hello Princey baby huh you

gotta be kidding me yeah I know my beauty is pretty

overwhelming son she is of royal blood ask her the questions no I don’t even

see the point but alright so do you like cats or dogs better oh I totally like

dogs I have like 47 at home yeah that’s one done alright what’s your favorite

pizza topping pineapples what else pineapples

alright who’s your favorite superhero superheroes oh I don’t like superheroes

at all alright that’s it send her off to the dungeon the dungeon

isn’t that a little harsh yeah the woman says she likes pineapples on her pizza

come on so the Prince sent her on her way and they sent for the next princess

the next princess may approach hello your royal majesty well you seem like a

basket full of good cheer okay let’s get this over with

which do you like better are cats or dogs neither what animal do you like

vultures anyway we’ll move on to the next question

what’s your favorite pizza topping I don’t like pizza it’s too fun mmm you

sure you’re not looking for the funeral parlor it’s just around the corner

anyway what’s your favorite superhero Thor sister Hela yes there’s no some of

the superheros a super villain yeah I think we can safely eliminate you from

the list very well then be on your way fine that one was even worse than the

first one and can we please just send me a blonde I don’t care what she looks

like as long as she’s blond did someone ask for a blonde holy Moses

no no I didn’t ask for a blonde well since she’s here dear you might as

well ask her the questions mmm all right what do you like better cats or dogs oh

well I like cats of course mm-hmm son she got the first question right all

right let’s not panic okay what’s your favorite pizza topping well there’s so

many to choose from but I especially like anchovies son anchovies are your

favorite as well yeah that’s pretty common though let’s

go on to the next question what is your favorite superhero well it depends what

you’re talking about Marvel or DC nope wrong answer get out of here but son you

didn’t answer her question look I’m the one asking the questions around here and

I am NOT gonna marry that woman fine

and so the prince was beginning to get very frustrated yeah let’s call this one

a day I don’t think I’m gonna find a princess out of that group patience my

son the right one will come and you’ll know at the moment she walks in through

the door hmm what’s with all these questions we have to ask tradition Park

another guest is at the door yeah they better let her in I hear a

storms coming I’m sorry I arrived at such a late hour but there is a terrible

storm outside Prince sat up and was smitten immediately just as his mother

had said but the mother was less impressed she was suspicious of this

newcomer what Kingdom be ye from? I am from the eastern kingdom m’lady

no the East I’ve heard some good things about that place tell me what do you

seek merely shelter for the night my lord I suspect she has other motives I

just told a curiosity do you like cats or dogs better I have always liked cats

I have several myself and treat them all like royalty

yeah treating cats like royalty I like the sound of that but what of the pizza

my son oh yeah how do you like your pizza with anchovies my lord and I’d

like to share them with my cats yeah y’all have to have me over for some

pizza sometime that’s my favorite too two correct answers means nothing the

last girl had as much ask her the last question No who’s your favorite

superhero why Captain America of course oh yeah he’s my favorite too no he isn’t

you know your favorite has always been Iron Man but the prince was already

falling in love oh no I’m like Captain America

he’s always been my favorite I do not mean to be rude but I am weary from the

long journey can I seek shelter for the night Capital idea watch Captain America

and have pizza together son the princess is weary if she is a princess and she

should be sent to her own quarters no let me have any fun around here give us

a minute to prepare your room but the Queen had a plan the Queen took a single

pea and put it beneath the mattress it is said that only the most sensitive

princess can sense a pea from under a mattress instead of the Queen should the

princess her quarters for the evening is the bed to your liking my dear I do not

wish to complain but something is wrong with this mattress this upset the queen

for it meant that the princess had felt the pea I shall fetch you another

mattress no princess can feel a pea through the thickness of two mattresses

but when the princess tried the second mattress she still knew something was

not quite right is your bedding to your liking My dear I do not wish to complain

but I fear something is amiss do you have another mattress curses she still

can feel the pea yes dear I shall get you one presently Thank You m’lady and

so the Queen got another mattress this extra thick mattress will surely do the

job but when the princess climbed upon the high pile of mattresses she still

felt that something was not right I still feel uncomfortable but I dare

not complain to the Queen a third time she will think I am

rude so my dear I have brought you the tallest finest and most comfortable

mattresses in the kingdom how do you feel oh great good I will sure sleep

well tonight ha I knew she was not a royal blood and so she went back to tell

the prince the news so the princess tossed and turned all night but she

simply could not sleep because there was a pea very far beneath all the

mattresses the next morning the prince and his mother had a chat Oh mother I

fear I may be in love how wonderful my son who with the princess who arrived

late last night in the storm oh well that is a shame for she is not of royal

blood not of royal blood she’s a princess I looked her up

ah but a true royal would have felt the pea I placed beneath the mattress last

night even if the mattress man you thought my questions were weird huh

only a true royal has the sensitivity to be able to feel a pea beneath the

mattress but I know she’s the one I’m gonna have to ask her myself

fine then guard yo send for the girl yes your majesty

ow yes your majesty yeah this all works out I kind of grew accustomed to her

don’t worry son someday you’ll find your true love it’s just not going to be her

planet the princess arrives you sent for me your majesty

yes we did how did they sleep last night but the princess did not want to be rude

so she lied oh great real comfortable bed you got there thank

see son she could not be of royal blood for she did not feel the pea beneath the

mattress jeez I’m a royal blood and I couldn’t fill pea beneath a mattress

never mind she is not the one for you be on your way okay fine

guard she’s taking too long take her away come on little lady

ouch I’m so sore what’s wrong I didn’t want to tell the Queen but that was a

lumpy mattress I’ve ever been on won’t be as mattress eh wait a minute

what’s this about a lumpy mattress mother oh I fear it is true she is the

one jeez mom why are you interfering don’t you want me to be happy I fear

that you will leave me forever now that you have found her and you will have no

use for me yeah of course I’ll have a use for you I’m the pickiest Prince

around you’re the only one who really gets me Oh son thank you you may marry

with my blessing and so the prince and the princess did get married and they

lived together with the Queen and the castle happily ever after you know I

like the way my fur matches your dress hey if you like this video did you know

that we’ve made at this point nine other fairytale videos you can check them all

out on our fairytale playlist and if you like fairy stories be sure to check out

our forest princess series and our fairies in the room series you can find

the playlist on our channel if you click the little thumbs up and subscribe

you’ll see lots of baby teeth for stuff that we just know your law

and don’t forget about babyteeth more and the Jillian and Addie channel for new

fresh content all the time goodbye thanks for watching

For more infomation >> The Princess and the Pea! A Babyteeth4 Mini Movie – Duration: 14:52.


Miniature Gulab Jamun | Gulab Jamun Recipe | Miniature Cooking 18 | गुलाब जामुन – Duration: 6:47.




Milk Powder

All Purpose Flour

Baking Soda



Crumble Well

Smooth Dough

Sugar Syrup Ready

Lemon Juice


No Cracks

Fry – low flame

Golden Brown


For more infomation >> Miniature Gulab Jamun | Gulab Jamun Recipe | Miniature Cooking 18 | गुलाब जामुन – Duration: 6:47.


✅ Raffaella Fico incanta Moggi con il suo mini-bikini – Duration: 2:06.

 Alessandro e Raffaella si sono lasciati andare alla passione in barca, poco lontano dalla costa

I paparazzi non si sono lasciati sfuggire l’occasione di immortalare la scena, con i due che si scambiano baci roventi prima di tuffarsi in acqua per spegnere i bollenti spiriti

Alessandro e Raffaella fanno coppia fissa da tempo. Prima di conoscerlo, la Fico avrebbe dovuto sposare l’ex compagno Gianluca Tozzi, altro “figlio di”

Quelle nozze non sono mai state celebrate. I due si sono lasciati e hanno ritrovato l’amore accanto ad altre persone: Raffaella è legata ad Alessandro, mentre Gianluca ha sposato la modella Sofia Valleri che gli ha dato un figlio

 Alessandro e Raffaella non nutrono una forte passione per i social network. La showgirl pubblica solo di recente scatti sul suo profilo Instagram

Nemmeno Alessandro ama esibire in pubblico i dettagli della sua vita provata che preferisce trascorrere insieme alle persone a lui più care, Raffaella compresa

Non si hanno notizie di un eventuale matrimonio tra i due. La Fico, considerate le due relazioni importanti naufragate in passato, ha imparato a evitare di sbandierare ai quattro venti i suoi progetti

Intende realizzarli prima di parlarne e con Alessandro ci sarebbero tutte le basi per far sì che un matrimonio possa essere presto celebrato

   Photo Credits Instagram

For more infomation >> ✅ Raffaella Fico incanta Moggi con il suo mini-bikini – Duration: 2:06.


PUBG Win Compilation 7 – Mini Edition – Duration: 3:30.

Where was he? By the wall? (Yes.)

He stood around here *marks map*. (There, I see him, he jumped.)

Both of them are going to “parabole” <satellite dish>.

On the other side of the road? (Yeah, on the other side of the road.) Ok.

They’re on their way to cross. 1 has crossed.

Knocked 1 of them, the other 1 is still on the other side of the road.

No one expects or looks at the little shitty window!

That was a finish. (Yeah.)

He’s still standing by the tree.

I’m starting to get low on ammo on my ???

There, he died.

Ah, nice.

The ironsights on the AK isn’t the best…

… I had to push my face all they way into the screen.

He’s probably considering to swim soon.

Please stand still for a moment.

Knocked him. (Nice.)

…but he.. (…he’s not alone!)


More shooting over there.

You got the kill. (There, mine died.)

Coming out of the bluezone, 220!

Ooh Pffffffffffffffffff

Hoo.. nice. That was him.

Use the wooden thing here


Got shot from the tower, unfortunately.

2 by the large tree! 2 by the large tree just right of the tower!

It was a 1 vs 1? Thought it was 1 vs 2!

It was, but he didn’t revive <for some reason>.

There was definitely 2 alive. (Oh, there was? Couldn’t see.)

I’m 99% sure it was 3. <remaining>

Is that here? (Yes.)

1 tried to get a kill from the car, did you see that Aleks? <For an achievement>

Oh yeah, it didn’t go too well. (Nope!)

3 people

Where is he standing?

Where the buggy is driving

1 is running straight towards the drop.

Woah! Kar from the left somewhere!

Is there shooting ??? …shooting at you? (In the yellow houses, Jensen. Up by you. The yellow houses to the left.)

Shall we shoot on the ones looting? *tilting sounds*

Kristian, he’s driving on you!

And he fucking hit me as well!

Are you kidding?

This can’t be happening.

Heh. (Yes.)


I’m bleeding to death… so there’s 3… 2.

It’s just you and him left, Nex.

You can see…


We had to make it exciting, Aleks. Wouldn’t be fun with a 3 vs 1! (Hehehehe)

For more infomation >> PUBG Win Compilation 7 – Mini Edition – Duration: 3:30.


Share What You Love Mini Album Tutorial Part 5 – Duration: 46:53. For more infomation >> Share What You Love Mini Album Tutorial Part 5 – Duration: 46:53.


How to make Mini Drill Vise Metal – Duration: 14:05.

Please helpme SUBSCRIBE and LIKE thanks all

For more infomation >> How to make Mini Drill Vise Metal – Duration: 14:05.


VIXX’s Leo unveils more ‘Canvas’ teaser images for 1st solo mini album – Duration: 1:25.

VIXX’s Leo is inching closer to his solo comebackSEE ALSO: [Interview] Ask anything and everything: Let us know your questions for IN2IT! On July 22 KST, Leo dropped new teaser images for his upcoming solo mini-album ‘Canvas’

Previously, Leo had released a poster with the announcement, as well as an artistic concept film ‘LEO FROM LEO’

In these new photos, Leo solemnly fights the sunlight and poses for the camera, lying down on textiles in a fashionable outfit

 Stay tuned for Leo’s new solo comeback! The album ‘Canvas’ will be unveiled on July 31 at 6 PM KST


For more infomation >> VIXX’s Leo unveils more ‘Canvas’ teaser images for 1st solo mini album – Duration: 1:25.


AFAITH TELESIN GRIP AND MINI TRIPOD for GoPro Hero5 vlog setup – Duration: 7:12.

Hello I’m Neil thanks for clicking on this video welcome back to the Happy Hut.

Today I’m unboxing this it’s labeled the Telesin monopod for action cameras but it’s actually

listed as the Afaith aluminium alloy extendable handheld selfie stick with telescoping pole

for GoPro Hero 6 GoPro Hero 5 hero4 – they’ve got all the bases covered basically.

I’ve got this – the GoPro Hero 5 black and I wanted a grip for this for vlogging so

let me just open it up and what I’ll do is while I’m unboxing it I was looking for something

really specifically good for vlogging with a GoPro Hero 5 black.

By the way I know I’m not in the happy hut today – that’s round back there.

It’s such a gorgeous day, I’ve got a table and everything.

When it comes out the box it comes with this paper warning attached which I’ve really carefully

torn off.

Basically what it’s saying in quite broken instructions is if you can see here there’s

a lock symbol – there’s a lock.

If you turn it one extra turn this mini tripod locks into place but when it’s stored as a

hand or if I try to pull it off while it’s locked like that the legs will snap if I try

to open up the mini tripod.

So what the warning’s trying to say is twist it into its unlock position and then you

can open it up easily.

So I hope you can see that and then when it stands but obviously it goes down so you’ve

got to then put it into the lock position so it’s like that – it’s just that one final

turn that will mean that it doesn’t collapse.

But if you try to fold up the legs while it’s in locked, they will snap.

The legs are plastic and there are little feet I don’t know if you can see that.

That’s it – it’s just either open or closed but it could not be clearer that you have

to have it in that unlocked position to unfold or fold up the legs and then twist it into

lock to keep them there.

What I was looking for wasn’t a selfie stick it was a hand grip, and I wanted as small

a hand grip as possible.

And on the pictures on Amazon it looked quite large but in reality it’s about 20 centimeters.

This is rubberized – and the, the pole itself is aluminium and the other thing I wanted

was the tripod thread so the Afaith comes with the GoPro top attached – that’s permanently

attached to the first top section of the selfie stick.

So this is my GoPro frame… put the GoPro in… oh by the way it made a video for a

screen protector I’ll put that in the description.

This is what it looks like so you’ve got a POV of how it would look like to vlog with

this the Telesin aluminium selfie stick/ Hello this is how the GoPro looks in the frame

without a microphone but just gives you an idea of the kind of arm’s length distance

with the stick has with it down at this lowest setting.

On the box it says that that distance is 90 centimeters and then to bring it down just

twist and push.

It’s a collar you can put on the top here – phone holder on – and then here you can

use your phone as your viewfinder for your GoPro.

So what you’ve got now is a viewfinder that’s in your field of vision and you can see what

you’re shooting without having to look off-camera.

And take off the GoPro mount.

Put on this tripod mount oh man look at – this is how well built it is – the bolt has flown

off the back.

You have a smartphone hand grip.

Unfortunately the smartphone holder – I just gave it one extra turn – and it just

snapped clean off the this is now useless.

Look at that!

It’s just it’s just a plastic thread.

This doesn’t work don’t trust this holder with your phone – so this collar is I mean

it’s completely and it’s just junk now that is completely useless

And if you’ve got this far into the video thanks so much for watching I hope this has

been helpful and this stick does seem really sturdy it does seem like it does the business.

I’m gonna put all of these GoPro Hero 5 black vlogging setup videos into one playlist and

again if you click on the “i” in the corner along the top of the screen or look in the

links in the description below you’ll see a link to this stick and I’ll also link to

my playlist for some of the other videos — I’ve got an unboxing I’ll be putting the microphone

videos on there as soon as the mic adapter arrives and if I figure out a vlogging setup

that doesn’t involve a bit of plastic then I’ll put that up as well if you have made

it this far into the video really appreciate it – erm, it’d be great if you could send

me a little wink by giving me a thumbs up or the answer we’re doing we’re trying to

get our subscribers up to the thousand subscriber mark at the moment is two hundred and two

you can help me go over the line of the thousand and then YouTube unlocks all these amazing

extra things I can do with the channel as soon as I hit a thousand subscribers if you’re

kind enough to hit subscribe that would really help me get closer to that goal.

But anyway I’ll put all the links in the description if anything else comes up with this I’ll put

it in the description as well.

This is a long video thanks for sticking with it this far and if it has helped so if you

have any questions leave a comment below it be great to hear from you.

Please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face.

Thanks, bye!

For more infomation >> AFAITH TELESIN GRIP AND MINI TRIPOD for GoPro Hero5 vlog setup – Duration: 7:12.


We shall call him Mini-U – Ubuntu reveals tiny cloudy server – Duration: 6:29.

 Canonical has released a new cut of Ubuntu it recommends for use in the cloud and containers

 “Minimal Ubuntu” is based on either Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS. A Docker image of the latter weighs in at positively paltry 29MB, making it a highly efficient starting point for developers needing to rapidly shovel out containerised applications

Images of the OS for the cloud are said to be “less than 50% the size of the standard Ubuntu server image, and boot up to 40% faster

” We think that makes them around 400MB.  The Ubuntu team told The Register that while an optimised kernel for Azure existed, they had yet to publish a Minimal image for Microsoft fans (although one is planned at some point

)  Canonical was keen to point out that Minimal Ubuntu “preserves full compatibility with standard Ubuntu operations

” That means it’s possible to build custom images by adding your desired packages

 Like Windows NanoServer and ServerCore, this distro is not intended to be a sysadmin’s or developer’s daily desktop

Indeed, Ubuntu said the new cuts “are not intended to be comfortable to use at the command line”, but instead will be the kind of thing you’ll spin up and drive with automation

An unminimize command will install all the packages found in a standard Ubuntu server, including various GUI-fied niceties

 Ubuntu was keen to point out that its minimal issue balances compatibility, familiarity and size on Docker workflows with Kubernetes

 Canonical also reckons that the shrunken size will result in fewer vulnerabilities over time because, well, there is simply less stuff in the distribution to attack

 For those who eventually want a full-fat experience, Minimal Ubuntu can be quickly rebloated into the familiar server package set

Otherwise, users must make do with a completely stripped-down experience, shorn of the fripperies of the modern age such as editors or documentation

 Also notable is that “Minimal Ubuntu uses the optimized kernels on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud

The downloadable Minimal Ubuntu image ships with a KVM-optimised kernel and tuned for boot speed and size

”  AWS only adopted KVM in late 2017, and did so for new instance types powered by its “Nitro” server architecture

This means Minimal Ubuntu will do best on newer AWS instances. There’ll be no such complications on Google, as it’s all KVM, all the time

 Speaking of those clouds, Minimal Ubuntu’s already in ’em across all regions, just waiting to be applied to an instance

 The 18.04 Long Term Support (LTS) release hit earlier this year, and LTS users were saddened to find it shorn of the Unity desktop, with the GNOME shell taking its place

The Minimal image will obviously suffer from no such issue.  For those of you who’d rather run them somewhere else, downloads are available here

 Ubuntu’s a little late to the game with this release, as the two versions of Windows mentioned above have been around for many months and Microsoft just announced third version of Windows Server for containers

CoreOS, VMware’s Photon OS and Red Hat Project Atomic all target similar uses. But at least Ubuntu’s in the game now

® Serverless Computing London in November will give you the state of play on serverless and function as a service, and explain how to put them to work in your business

Full details, and ticket information, at the website here.