Auto news on Youtube Jul 10 2018

A custom gold 1967 Citroen was put up for sale on Craigslist&039;s Sacramento page for just a single dollar

 But it&039;s not the price of the car that has raised eyebrows – it&039;s the naked woman sculpted along the length of the entire automobile

While beautiful women have been used to entice car enthusiasts for decades, this Citroen has taken the idea to unusual heights

 The woman does not have a face, but she does have a curvy body split across both of the car&039;s side panels – and a full head of hair

  Her wild curly mane fills the entire hood of the car, while the fingers of each hand graze the headlights

 Each rear door features one cheek from her pert derriere, while a breast hangs down toward the bottom of each passenger door

(of course).  But just how this unique Citroen came to be remains a mystery.  The Craigslist post only had one line, which read: &039;1967 Citroen

Runs. Has a salvaged title. For sell or trade. Great for parades. If interested call

&039; And for those who were hoping they still had a chance, it seems the car has been nabbed

  Share this article Share The posting has since been deleted by the author, according to Craigslist

 Maybe we&039;ll next see the car in a parade.