Auto news on Youtube Jan 7 2019

Hi, my youtube friends.

Before one week, me and my friend bought Ford Escort

each paid for it 60eur.

We where buying it during night time

Ford was under snow coat, and we did`not even wathing it.

Seller told us that it`s in running condition.

It got Technical inspection for another 2 month

and road tax is paid for year 2018.

When we bought Ford, we did`not look at it whery much

we checked engine oil level, and other fluids

and went to abandoned airport.

Ford survived abaut 3 hours.

Because we crashed into snowbank, that was not snowbank.

There where frozen tree branches and mud.

At that moment Ford broke down.

We broke axle and steering rack end.

When we delivered Ford to home.

We understood that it`s difficult to get parts for it.

New parts pays as much as Ford.

Used parts is difficult to find, because all fords are rusted already.

After one week we found all parts

fixed our Ford

thought that i will film some video, with name “Why i bought Ford for 60eur.”

But unfortunately Ford again broke down

because after 30min the same axle did`t survive.

Also, after firs hit in snowbank we uderstood that we bended frame.

So thats why, i will make video, to show how we destroy Ford.

Dāvi, wait a little bit.

It, was little story abaut our Ford.

I am sorry, that i could`t film longer video,

but the main idea why we bought it you understood.

Ofcourse Ford was worth of that money.

We had fun atleast 4 hours

I hope that soon we will buy another fun car.

Special thanks i would like to say to people who stole battery from our Ford.

Actually battery still was in good condition, i hope it will last you long.

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