Auto news on Youtube Jan 31 2019

– Hello folks, what floor?

– Oh we&039;re car shopping.

– Ah you&039;re going down, way down.

This floor root canal.

– Oh this is bad.

– This stop jury duty, remember innocent until proven,

well he did it, right, we all agree he did it?

– Okay six hour flight middle seat,

who&039;s got vitamin C?

This floor the talk.

– Your bodys changing.

My body changed, even grandma&039;s body changed.

– Vegan dinner party, is that even a thing?

– We&039;re having beet loaf, Sergio&039;s specialty.

– Why thank you. – Yay.

– Car shopping, off you go.

– No sorry, we&039;re getting a Hyundai.

– Yeah, we used Shopper Assurance, it was really easy.

– Hyundai, going up.

– [Announcer] Hyundai Shopper Assurance,

transparent pricing, streamlined purchase,

three day worry free exchange,

and test drives that come to you.

– Not so fast, Captain Colon, back it up.

Thank you.

– [Announcer] It&039;s car shopping made better.