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Auto news on Youtube Jan 31 2019

okay so I’m actually gonna be putting on a dash cover now the dash is perfect no

cracks and we want to keep it that way so I got a custom dash cover to put on

so we’re gonna see how it turns out and how it looks all right so we got it

placed just for now I didn’t put the velcro down so you can see what it says

name of the car in gold now help protect the dash from fading more and cracking

so I put back plastic piece on all right here if you guys can maybe even see the

reflection this is a plastic smoked piece we got the seat covers put on

so you know then I’d wrecked it but they are fairly decent I got to put the rear

ones on which I don’t know there’s these are supposed to be all Universal but you

know how that is nothing ever fits as good as you want I’m gonna get these

better here you can see it’s loose I need to strap them down get them better

so they’ll turn out a lot better clean the dash of good cars looking good this

is my fin so it’s not gonna turn out as good so I’m loving the hood Porsches in

person it looks so much nicer I was going to put the new tires on frustrated

as you can see this is stone so putting on the jacket just kept going sinking

down down and since it’s on an angle the Jack wanted to go sideways so I’m I

don’t know I’m gonna have to take I can’t do it out front on the main road

because it’s way too much traffic so I mean they’re gonna have to find load up

the tires in the car and then go to a spot where where um it’s pavement and

private and do it or just say heck with it and take a toga Rodge to do it which

is probably what I’m gonna do yeah all right guys so of course we got the

license plates put on there

time to pack it away and call it a day

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Tangled | Best Cartoon For Children & Kids | Episode 66 – Emily Ford – Duration: 10:01.

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Back up to the beginning


Our dreamy real man’s along

I’m guessing since low tide turns out all of us had known

Reefs on my mirror handle. No, I know I has two moods surly and

Just the one mood actually

Sink what is wrong with you? You’re acting strange. And what does that weird thing you’re doing with your mouth mean?

Okay, always nice to meet people know


Tell us how you met her hook foot. We want all the details that

See glass

You don’t say

Hmm we’re just getting together to eat and you know

Talk. Yeah, I think he’s just a little anxious. That’s all he’s gonna be fine, uh hook foot

had never been on a date before so

Eugene and I promised to help our first step recon

Hey, hey, hey relax, you’re in great hands here foot. Okay, but love doesn’t need pointers

He just needs to speak from the heart and go it in

Who am I kidding? I’m gross


I’m so nervous. My ears are sweating anybody gonna rise her chin even the birthmark on her chin

You’d think at some point you’d get around to mentioning that she’s too fast, but also it burns with loneliness

Okay, fine, I’ll swim with the current first we gotta get you the right. Look let’s try this one that I like

You gotta put your best foot forward

Comforts got nothing to do with it. It’s you have would you I

Know how that works. Okay, so a big moment


Sorry battle fresh halibut

Here it’s wonderful

Little gift seaglass almost as Rimmer mates when we cry

I hope you enjoyed that little ditty we call it

Speed beat me

I’m trying so hard to impress you because I think Knights may have seaweed drying in the morning side

Seconds now you’re talking my language

Light I’m sure the promise of

A trip to use wheelies a is those three small?

You pierced my ears and skull like you need to tell you something

What it takes I’ll protect you from the bad guys

Is where we came in before

Yeah, will you rock Forks tonight

That’s not how knife fights work you are under arrest for a bet you’re the bad guy I don’t get it

This is the sacred mirror and there’s a show just to conceal stolen merch you used me

It’s not like that to lose those vada niché’s but then I fell for you hard

I felt kind of straight now your life. It’s too late for me

Would want you to be happy wouldn’t I?

Lucy won’t break. None of us can get out. Hey

When did you get a price Kim deal?

dry skin I

Go home looking for my wallet. I

Really feel a musical


Restroom not so fast. Yeah right back at ya. It took more than around

What broke your Jail now, what are you gonna do about it?

Gleave hook fucked and his friends alone or else


You gotta let the one you love swim away mermaid tears

And I guess sometimes you do have to work at it treasure every moment you

After mine mine, no yours. No. Wait a minute does the same?

Hey, I

Found out my father’s been lying to me for months a secret squad of guards hunted us in the Seven Kingdoms

But enough about me, let’s talk about you. How are you?

No, no, it’s okay. But hey, I know what will cheer you what me the people. Love you

Oh, I am so good at this look. Look it’s a cinema shaken

Mind me

Free pork you startled me. Wait, is it time for my fitting look?

Cass what are you doing who snuck you out of Corona before your coronation? And well, he read my journal. Oh

Okay, don’t worry Cass

Okay, not not great timing but different room different circumstance. Is that what it killed? Don’t waste your time

You shouldn’t be punished for something one light

Variant, how did it get past the guards?

Strong. Nope. Got it. No need to finish that thought

Passed out the banner

You and

Our first priority is getting to the bottom of who was respect by is dangerous

They assure you he will pay dearly listen. Daddy your majesty

Rapunzel I know these past 80

So in light of this vicious assault it is with heavy heart that I make

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Dirt 4/ Ford Fiesta R5/ THRUSTMASTER T300RS – Duration: 5:07.

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2018 Ford F150 Truck Review | Jim Trenary – Duration: 4:13.

What’s up everybody today we are at Jim Trenary Ford in Moscow Mills, MO.

We are going to look at the 2018 Ford F-150.

This is the 4 x 4 SuperCab.

Now this is Motor Trend’s 2018 truck of the year.

With its muscular new styling front and rear the 2018 Ford F-150 is the truck that altered

the truck landscape and continues to power ahead.

Whether you’re hauling a truck load of material or you got suckered into moving your neighbor,

these tiedowns are very handy and dependable even for the toughest jobs.

The F-150 is an appealing combination of power and fuel efficiency.

With the 6 trim levels to choose from, the Lariat offers the best balance between luxury

and everyday pickup usability.

It doesn’t cost much more than the XLT, with which it shares most of its features and the

new SuperCab length gives you a ton of more space.

The new, more powerful and efficient engines, the 10-speed automatic transmission, the refreshed

exterior styling, are all part of the 13th F-150 generation introduced in 2015.

High towing and payload ratings are ideal for work and play.

Comfort and safety tech spans blue-collar basics to luxury living and it does come equipped

with a 5.0L V8, 395 horsepower and 400 lbs. of torque.

The tow capacity on the 2018 Ford F-150 4×4 SuperCab is 9,000 lbs.

As you can see it does have 18 inch chrome wheels, manual folding power mirrors, halogen

daytime running lights, fog lights.

The interior of the truck was designed for comfort and luxury.

It’s all power everything.

Power doors, power windows, power locks, eight way power adjustable seats,

auto start and stop technology, and electronic, shift on the fly four-wheel-drive.

There’s a whole lot to like about the F-150.

All the seats provide both appropriate support and all-day comfort, and the climate control

system is top notch.

Plus, the cabin is very nice, and quiet and calm.

Nearly everything you need to put away, can be handled by the large, deep center console

bin with a removable tray and a handy nook.

Two average-size cupholders, door pockets and a glovebox give you plenty of storage


The backseat bottom flips up easily for additional storage on the flat floor and there’s a narrow

bin beneath the seat to handle long items.

Another great feature is the clear display with logical menu structure and very crisp


The screens switch reasonably smoothly and the map supports swipes and pinch-and-zoom


The audio quality in the stereo has tight bass and minimal distortion even at the loudest

volumes with B&O Play premium audio.

The voice controls respond well to your requests, and when using CarPlay, Siri takes over, and

that makes a world of difference.

Speaking of storage, let’s be honest, you have to have room and safety features for

the dogs and kids, right?

The lower LATCH anchors lack doors, but are prominent and easily seen and reached.

The upper tether routes under the headrest and there’s plenty of space even for the largest

rear-facing car seat, for the little ones.

The 2018 Ford F-150 4 x 4 SuperCab does have a familiar smooth ride with V-8 vibes and

it is surprisingly quick.

There’s a lot of very nice features on this truck including dynamic hitch assist, electronic

parking brake, and your rearview camera.

Lots of storage options inside and out make the F-150 one of the most capable utility

vehicles you can buy.

Even without sliding tie-downs, the cargo bed is versatile.

The locking removable tailgate works great too, to get in and out of the bed of the truck

with ease, and the trailer package, the chrome step bars, make the F-150 an all around great

looking truck.

To test drive this truck or any others that we do have in stock, come on and visit us

in beautiful Moscow Mills, MO, or you can go to our website,

For more infomation >> 2018 Ford F150 Truck Review | Jim Trenary – Duration: 4:13.


Tangled | Best Cartoon For Children & Kids | Episode 65 – Emily Ford – Duration: 10:01.

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For more infomation >> Tangled | Best Cartoon For Children & Kids | Episode 65 – Emily Ford – Duration: 10:01.


Ford GT:野心家的跑車傳奇 – Duration: 10:49. For more infomation >> Ford GT:野心家的跑車傳奇 – Duration: 10:49.


Megan Mullally Had a Baby Talk Conversation with Harrison Ford – Duration: 6:36.

-Our first guest tonight is a two-time Emmy Award-winning

actress you know from her work as Karen Walker

on “Will & Grace.”

New episodes air Thursday nights at 9:30, here on NBC.

Let’s take a look.

-♪ Good riddance, goodbye ♪

♪ Every trick of his, you’re onto ♪

♪ But fools will be fools ♪

♪ And where’s he gone to? ♪

-Please welcome back to the show

our friend Megan Mullally, everyone!

[ Cheers and applause ]



Welcome back! -Thank you!

Thanks for having me. -Delighted to have you.

Do you like when you get to show off your musical chops

in an episode like that? -Well, I mean, I know

everybody was probably expecting jokes,

and then I started singing, but I think, like, pretty much,

like 10 people know that I sing.

But I kind of started as a singer,

and I’ve done Broadway musicals and stuff like that.

So it was so nice of the writers

to write this episode where I get to sing.

-That’s great! -It’s pretty cool, yeah.

-And you’re actually coming here to New York

to perform with — you have a partner.

-Yeah. -A singing duo.

Nancy and Beth. -Nancy and Beth.

This is Stephanie Hunt. That’s me.

And we have this really fun band.

We sing in harmony,

and every song is choreographed by me from top to bottom.

And we wear little matching outfits.

And we have five pieces behind us.

it’s this really cool band. It’s hard to describe.

It’s just very celebratory. and different.

-That’s awesome. Is it great to return

to those roots and be onstage, singing like that?

-Oh, yeah.

The band, in many ways, is kind of my favorite thing,

just because, with Stephanie and I,

it’s like two little girls playing, you know.

-Yeah. -It’s just pure creativity.

-And you do have a lot of control

when you’re not doing it as a television show.

When you actually just go out in front of an audience,

it must just feel so freeing. -Yeah, it’s fun,

because we call it punk vaudeville sometimes,

because there’s no way to make up our own category.

But we get out there and the songs —

the songs are really sharp.

And then it all just falls to pieces in between.

-[ Laughing ] Uh-huh. -You know?

-We’re like, “Now what do we do?”

We don’t have anything planned. -That’s great.

-It’s great. -You just went through

the awards circuit, you were at the Golden Globes.

Did you have a good time at the Globes?

-Did you get to bump into people that you were excited to see?

-I did. I’ve got the secret. So, if you’re —

If you’re ever going to present the Golden Globes —

and I’m sure most of you will… -Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

…go — just hang out in the greenroom.

Like, don’t go sit there, just go straight backstage,

through an alley, sit in the greenroom,

and wait until it’s your time, and then leave,

because, you know, you get to, like, people-watch.

And I was standing there, talking to —

This is my favorite thing that happened.

I was talking to Sam Elliott,

who is really tight with my husband,

if you can imagine that much —

-Your husband, Nick Offerman, and Sam Elliott.

-Yeah, Nick Offerman. -That makes perfect sense.

-That much testosterone. [ Cheers and applause ]

It’s like ultra man, you know? -Did they meet, like,

chopping down trees in the woods?

-Yes, exactly. [ Laughter ]

And so I was talking to Sam,

and Harrison Ford wandered up to say hello to Sam.

I don’t know him. Sam introduced me.

And I said, “Hello.” And I said, “you know what?

You were one of my all-time favorite guests on ‘Letterman.’

You were so funny, because he would ask you a question,

and you would just go, ‘No.'”

[ Laughter ]

Like, he had this weird thing going with Letterman.

And he goes, “Oh! How is Dave?”

And I was like, “I don’t know.” And he said…

[ Laughter ] …”I hope he’s well.”

And he said, “Oh, I thought you were a writer.”

And I said, “No, I’m an actress. I just presented.”

And he goes, “Ohh!”

I said, “I’m on a television show.

You wouldn’t know.” And he goes, “Oh, gosh. Oh!”

And I said, [Baby talk] “Harrison made a boo-boo.”

[ Laughter ]

[ Normal voice ] And he literally went,

[Baby talk[ “He did.” [ Laughter ]

“He did make a boo-boo.” [ Laughter ]

[ Normal voice ] And I thought, “I love this guy.”

-That’s the greatest interaction you possibly could’ve had.

-He went full baby talk. -Wow!

-Yeah. -What a jackpot!

-I know. -Also, when you meet somebody

who is a giant icon like that, it’s so great

when they’re the one who makes the mistake.

-Totes. -Because usually,

the lower-status person gets nervous and screws up.

-Yeah. -But he blew it.

And then you got to reap the reward.

-And, I mean, it was so delightful.

-Yeah. That’s just great. And then you hosted,

and you were wonderful at the SAG Awards.

-Oh, that’s very nice of you. I had a lot of fun.

-Did you enjoy that? -I did.

I had, you know, great — Everybody was great,

and I had a lot of fun and, you know, cute clothes and…

-Yeah. -I don’t know.

-You got to — You sort of made fun

of some people — Emma stone, Lady Gaga.

Fun “making fun of.” -But in a nice way,

because I don’t want to do anything mean-spirited.

-It was very friendly.

But did you run into anybody backstage?

-I said that Lady Gaga did my eyeliner,

that she’d been doing my eyeliner

for the last 15 years, that she just —

She just can do anything, was the gist.

And so I went back — I got backstage,

like, right after the monologue, and she was standing there

and she was like, “Oh, my God! That was so great.

You’re so funny.” And blah blah blah.

And she was super nice. Like, really normal nice.

And I was like, “Oh, good, thank you.

I mean, you know, you’re the real thing.

I mean, I’m with Tony Bennett, your voice –“

Like, nobody has ever told her she can sing.

[ Laughter ] So I was like, “I’m really —

really gonna blow her away with this one.”

[ Laughter ] And she was so nice.

She goes, “Well, you should come see my jazz show in Vegas.

You know, it’s all that kind of music.”

And I thought, “I’d love to.” And I said, “You know,

I feel like I’m gonna call you Stephanie.”

And she said, “You can call me Stephanie!”

I mean, isn’t that nice? -That’s really nice.

-Because that’s her name. -Yeah.

That is her name, for anybody who doesn’t know —

because otherwise, you sound like a crazy person.

-Yeah. -Yeah.

“I’d like to call you Pam!” -“I’m gonna call you Bill.”

[ Laughter ]

She is a lovely person. -She was so nice.

-And that is — I mean, I think — the only reason

to go to those shows is to have those, like, actual in —

like, sort of nice moments backstage that are —

-Yeah, backstage is where it’s at, man.

You know, just walking by people,

just like, “Hey!” it’s great.

-Yeah. -I love it.

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2019 Ford F-150 Review: All The Facts – Duration: 8:02.

The 2019 F-150 continues on the trail blazed before it by America’s best-selling truck

over 3 decades running.

However as technology advances so does the F-150.

This is a truck that covers the gambit from a bare-bones workhorse in the XL to a luxurious

home on wheels in the limited, and an extreme off-road monster in the Raptor.

There is an F-150 for everyone!

But what’s new in 2019 and which trim is right for you?

Let’s dive deeper.

Last year saw the introduction of a new engine to the versatile line up with the 3.0 Power

Stroke turbo diesel.

This small powerhouse provides best in class power, towing, and payload ratings, along

with the best fuel economy as well.

With 240 horsepower, 440-foot-pounds of torque at a low 1750 rpm, 22 miles per gallon city,

30 highway, and 25 combined, Ford leaves the competition in the dust.

But if diesel isn’t your thing Ford also offers a base 3.3L naturally aspirated V6

in the XL, an optional 2.7L EcoBoost V6, the famous 3.5L EcoBoost which offers the best

towing potential, and the good old fashioned muscly 5.0L V8.

The Raptor, of course, has a high output version of the 3.5L EcoBoost with 450 horsepower and

510-foot-pounds of torque, however, now this high output version is also standard on the

luxurious Limited trim.

A ten-speed automatic transmission is paired with all of the engines sans 3.3L. This advanced

trans delivers improved performance over the 6 speed with better acceleration lower in

the power band and three overdrive gears.

Now with this transmission, you also get selectable drive modes with normal, tow-haul, and now,

snow/wet, an Eco mode, and a fun sport mode!

As previously mentioned the F-150 features best in class towing capabilities with the

3.5L EcoBoost, you can conventionally tow 13,200lbs when properly equipped.

The 3.0L diesel offers towing of 11,400lbs.

The F-150 has smart towing features like trailer sway control that works in conjunction with

advance trac with roll stability control.

When you are hooking up your trailer the dynamic hitch assist offers a line of sight guide

so you ensure a perfect line up every time.

A factory integrated brake controller allows you to manage those heavy loads when braking

and BLIS the blind spot warning now extends to include your trailer.

Also, the class-exclusive pro trailer backup assist that takes over the steering wheel

for a more natural turn of a knob that lets you focus on where you want the trailer to

go and the truck counter steers its self!

And it’s not only towing, the F-150 also offers the best in class payload ratings of

up to 3,270lbs!

Also, a plus when working with your payload is the LED lighting all around the truck.

The F-150 features LED box lights, class-exclusive LED side mirror lights and LED trailer hitch

lights which means the F-150 is a workhorse 24/7.

And in this bed, you have extra amenities for the working man, with a remote tailgate

release, an integrated tailgate step that makes access to the bed easier, a box link

system that allows you to customize your tie-down points, stowable loading ramps, and class-exclusive

deployable box side steps.

If you need to store your load inside the cabin there is plenty of room for that too.

With a flat load floor and rear seats that fold up, you have plenty of room to lay out

your gear.

The 2019 F-150 is not only a capable truck, but it is also a tough truck built to last.

The all-aluminum alloy body is made from military strength aluminum, the same found on military

and heavy industrial applications.

The high strength to weight ratio keeps the truck rigid and the footprint light which

all leads up to its best in class towing and payload capabilities.

The aluminum also alleviates the famous rust in Fords of the past along wheel wells, cab

corners, and rockers.

In 25 years you won’t see the 2019 F-150 rusting away in some random field!

The high strength steel frame is also stronger than before but fabricated in a way that minimizes

weight for better overall performance.

When you need to take your F-150 off road this truck is prepared for the job.

Simply shift into 4 wheel mode via a dial on the fly or in the higher trims an automatic

4wd mode is offered.

The FX4 package that can be added to any trim gives you a locking rear dif, hill decent

control, off-road tuned shocks, and skid plates.

Plus an available 360 degrees split-view camera that really helps when you need to see all

around you on tight trails.

And for the hardcore off-roader, the Raptor has seen an upgrade for 2019 with its Fox

live valve monotube shocks.

These new shocks feature a bypass system to deliver the best control and off-road experience

possible by providing continuously variable compression damping to adjust for the changing

off-road conditions.

The Raptor’s terrain management system allows you to adjust your truck to the conditions

faced ahead with normal, sport, slippery, tow/haul, deep snow/sand, Baja, and rock crawl


But new for the 2019 Raptor is trail control.

This is a sort of cruise control for the off-road.

You can set your speed from 1-20mph and the system manages the braking and acceleration

so you can keep your focus on the steering maneuvers to get the truck over rough terrain.

As we started off this review we mentioned that as technology moves forward so does the


Well, the F-150 offers some of the best technology to find its way into a truck.

Right on the dash is an available 8-inch productivity screen that allows you to customize and sort

through important data at a glance including towing and off-road information.

Adaptive cruise control with stop and go lets you set a set distance to the vehicle in front

of you and will slow, speed up and even stop according to the traffic in front of you as

well as resume once traffic starts moving again.

Pre-collision assist will help you when an unexpected object obstructs your path with

automatic emergency braking and warnings if you can’t stop in time.

Lane keep assist will vibrate the steering and give torque sensations when you drift

out of your lane.

Ford Pass Connect allows you to use your truck as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices from

up to 50 feet away.

You can also use the Ford Pass app to start your truck, lock it, unlock it and view important

information such as oil life, fuel levels, and service intervals.

The SYNC 3 system is your central hub and now features some special 21st century amenities

such as smartphone integration with Apple Car Play and Android Auto; And now you can

also utilize Waze for navigation and even connect to Amazon Alexa that offers over 50,000

skills including adding to your cart on the go, and control your connected smart home


The F-150 is the first truck you should consider when shopping around because why waste time

on subpar competition that doesn’t equal up.

And when you decide to shop make Richmond Ford Lincoln your first stop because we put

our customer needs first as we are driven by you!

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