Auto news on Youtube Jan 31 2018

He brought us Mormon games and

It’s my birthday very sad to say to those lips did not come out with a sequel to 22 so here

I am with no song to play

I’m gonna go ahead and apologize

If this audio is a little weird my live mic that I use that

I feel like like when you guys comment saying like you love my voice and have such great voice or I should start a podcast

I’m convinced

It’s just because of the quality of that

Amazing mic that I use it’s not actually my voice so if it sounds less appealing than usual today. That’s fine

I still unpacked when things here and getting situated in my new la house and

I don’t know where my mic is today’s you guys have already seen I’m going to be doing oh

Forgot for a minute. I’m gonna be sharing 23 things that I learned by

23 I would love if you guys would leave me a comment below not necessarily a thing for every year of your age

But just something you’ve learned over the past year share that with me we can all learn from each other and also if Milan gave

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Now be a huge birthday present if you followed me on there the links below think number one

I’ve learned sarnoff one kind of a silly no, but I’ve learned that I love

Brussels sprouts over the past year we were probably like that’s gross

But some of you probably recognize the greatest or the donor is like I have let me know in the comments if you like Brussels

Sprouts number two is to spend money on experiences not things you like over the past year

I’ve just like acquired so many like new possessions like mainly just clothes yeah

I’ve just been learning the difference between want and need a desire of new clothes and like new possessions isn’t really there anymore

I’d rather just spend money on experiences the past year I spent a lot of money on both so at least we can cut out

One of the two excellent, and this is something I’ve also kind of known

But that I was just reminded of this past year is that you’ll make friends in the most unexpected

Situations if you’re just open to it and just been reminded that gods really in the details

and you never know when he’s gonna pull a fast one on you and

Yeah, introduce you to someone that could be a great friends and a moron the story is it never be closed off for making it

friends I guess we’ll go with that number four is that you’re thinking really does shape your

Attitude and your well-being if you like over the past year

I’ve really liked I’m just completely stopped like when I have like an

Insecure thought or like a negative thought or like just something that has like no good can come from that thought you know what I?

Mean and it’s like pops in your head. I’ve sort of just like midnight blue not today

I don’t know. I’ve been actively not thinking about things that I don’t know like have no way of enhancing my life

You know what I mean number five whatever down for this one is don’t be someone who questions how things might be different

Basically trying to get at is that if you’re constantly wondering if a decision you made is the right one then

We’re gonna have no peace

Whatsoever with that decision because nothing you’ll never be able to move forward with anything or look towards the future if you’re trying to look

Both towards the future and towards the past and like wonder if what you did was right or wonder if you should still change that

thing so yeah that kind of questioning of

Choices or just anything along those lines does nothing but cause unrest whatever. I choose go with it

Don’t look back stop wandering, and that’s really what I found to be the way to

Have peace about your choices and to be able to really just be present in wherever you are now next thing

I’ve learned is just or that I’ve done and I guess over the past year is just say yes

Over and over to adventure and trips and just like random opportunities really I became such a like yes, girl

You know what I mean or?

Messier especially with travel I feel like I’ve traveled so much a while

And it’s definitely important to stay on top of your priorities and your work. I never want to be someone

That is so focused on

Like my like career

Advancement or my I don’t know what I’m trying to say just like I don’t wanna be so like serious about things that I don’t

Like just live and like say yes to fun things so personally, and this is this could be a whole number on its own

I’m just realizing like how thankful I am for my present situation

Because even when I do say yes to travel and things like that like in turn I’m still able to

Somewhat be providing for myself because I’m vlogging and things like that of all those fun times, so yeah

That’s like a two-in-one next one is that?

Some people are just always going to be negative people unless somebody really believes in cutting people out of my life

I mean unless they’re you know completely psycho

but when it comes to those really negative friends you obviously care about I definitely believe in distance and

Unfortunately people who do complain and be- do need to be distanced

Yeah, it doesn’t mean you care about them less

But you also just can’t have people constantly

Turning you up and putting you down all the time either every is that?

Decisions are just decisions and now a big event as they seem traveling mistress traveling moving is just moving like

Almost nothing in life is permanent. Yeah, I feel like over the past year. I just become someone who

Really doesn’t sweat

This big decision that much, but it is pretty much everything can be changed

Yeah, just choose something and go from there number nine. This is painful one

Hit me in the wallet quite a bit never lose sight of your phone

Or your wallet if you’ve been keeping up a blog channel

You know that I had my phone and wallet stolen right out of my purse a few months ago

I was a great time number ten. Just kind of again like a

Reaffirmation as I graduated college and all of my friends

Dispersed and everything like that. I have just been really glad that in college, and I’ve talked about this

I think in last year’s video as well investing like ninety percent of your time and energy

and you know resources whatever that may be into like the ten percent of your like friends or

Acquaintances whatever like your inner circle like invest 90 percent of you into like the ten percent so as I moved in

Transition the ones that I was giving 90 percent to in college for the ones that I still talk to all the time now

I definitely do keep up with others as well, but

Yeah, I think the same rule applies when you live away and when you graduate whatever it is number 11

What a financial know save for retirement and let me just say people

You mix the money with that

Already seeing that so if you’re not saving for retirement that is something you should hop on doing especially if you’re self-employed

And don’t have some like program already set up for you numbers. Well unlike another YouTube

You know so over the past year I signed with a manager in Lourdes Anna she’s amazing. I love her

I’ve known her for several years

I didn’t know I needed a manager until I had one yeah, I think I was a little prideful for a while being like

Mandoo immense. I’m just very glad that I decided to side with her number 13

I don’t know lately

Well especially with moving like I’ve been in a lot of

Situations or I kinda have to like stand my ground

With things if that makes it for example like I had my car shipped out here from the Carolina home

So stressful, and I got out here with a little damage on it

And the driver dude was like we spent an outwork standing outside my house of this dude doing everything he could to like

Excuse away than it wasn’t him to just like take my car and fix it – like

Not basically do everything in his power to not let me sign this form just like showing the damage

I was like dude you can call your supervisor the other driver whoever you need to call later

I have things to do I am signing this form you’re not taking my car anywhere

Give me the freaking form and so I could like write down the damage

Getting me fired up again

It was so annoying next this is an obvious one life is so much better when you don’t procrastinate for me my biggest

procrastination comes into play

Whenever it’s like the night before a trip if I have like an early flight especially I would be up so late

Editing getting videos ready because I don’t do those in advance for whatever reason I cannot tell you how?

Like the number of times I’ve slept for like 30 minutes before flight the next day

And I’m like this is so much easier when I don’t do that

It’s why it’s my birthday right now, and I will go at 6 a.m.

To film 2 videos because I’m leaving for New York in a couple days

Which is still no tomorrow Wow ok I didn’t do as well as I thought my next and I have learned is to always

Pack in a carry-on. Especially ok especially for traveling to Europe number 16. This is something

I started doing in the past year just stopping taking everything personally like years ago

And this was because I was very insecure

I would read into

absolutely everything

that someone like

Said to me or said about me or tweeted or like every action of everyone was somehow like a reflection of like if they liked

Me or like if like and I’m talking about like friendships like being valued like in fringe now. I’m like opposites

I have a confidence spectrum so things aren’t really bother me like that anymore

But also when you have the opportunity to like read into something or be like offended by something

I’m just everytime actively to be like alright

I’m not gonna take it personally even if it is about me only person affected by the meaning that I attach to things is Me

Mine excellent is that used furniture is amazing I’ve been learning that moving in here

I can’t really see my room whatsoever right now, and it’s still not put together

I got it nightstand in a dresser and a desk for like $300 all like a white cute

Set we got this really comfortable like big u-shaped section

Let me have in our living room

That we got for like 375 which is unheard of for a sectional that looks like what it does

We’re sure looking to use furniture unlike those resale apps number 18 something. I learned so I got a credit card Sabrina

I got a credit card with Delta in the past year because I’ve been flying a lot, and I usually fly Delta

They’re my favorite airline

Basically my takeaway is that I’m just really glad that I got a credit card that aligned with something

I use the lots that I could be getting all those perks. I think it’s worth choosing one like looking into a credit card

Somewhere or something that you spend a lot of money on the next one

And I feel like this is a relatively recent one also related to YouTube

So I just feel like I’ve lately been able to like reconnect a lot more with like you guys and what every menace is basically

especially like in March

I will have been doing YouTube for seven years

and it’s just very easy to I guess like switch over into robot mode because you know what to do when you’re in like the

Routine things feel like there was a little while where I?

I don’t know. I guess like shifted into that robot mode a little bit. I wasn’t like

Feeling like really invested in like present when I was filming and like just in my content in general um

And lately I feel like I’ve gotten that back

I don’t know if you guys know whatsoever and with that I’m like

Loving YouTube like so so so much like now that I again not that I haven’t I’ve always loved YouTube and enjoyed making videos

But I feel like I’m having like so much fun filming which I think I lost for a little bit

And that’s just because I’ve been really present in this again, and when that’s happening and when you’re having fun

It doesn’t matter as much about how videos perform

Or what numbers are or anything like that because you’re enjoying what you’re doing number

20 is that talking about other people only makes you look bad

And this is coming from like I am the queen of ranting about people

But I’m actively trying to change that because that’s just like it’s just not a cute look

You know of course you need an event at times and of course people do bad things like it’s okay for

Like talk about that but being someone who just like

consistently it’s just like throwing others under the bus that just makes you the problem like it’s probably not everyone else’s problems probably you if

That’s the situation and I know I like lose a lot of respect for people or constantly talking crap about people so I am also

Toning that down in my life number 21 is to spend time as much as you can

with those people in your life that just have that she like radiates like

Contagious positivity and like joy now in my life. I have like a handful of friends who just like when I’m around them

It’s like I feel like more. I guess alive is kind of a good word for this

I don’t know and so for me like people that stand out like that my life or people like Danielle and it’s – my friends

names here one here one in Atlanta

I don’t know just like I constantly

Just gravitate towards people like that want to spend so much time with them. Um so my takeaway here

I guess or whatever is to make an effort just things much time with those people as you can and also

To be more like those people number 22, is that everything works out again

I feel goodman’s someone who’s kind of been on this page for a while

But it came to moving out here finding a place to live I didn’t know what I was doing for a long time I would

Have loved to have this word count like six months ago things all came together

Very last minute as I knew they would and everything as always all worked out yeah

I’m just glad I’m not someone who really stresses out about things like that it takes a lot trust me all these days

Which is like a great feeling number 23 finally? I’m also sprinting through this cuz I have a minute of memory card space is

To do what you know is best for you not what other people want you to do feels relevant because the movement to LA and

How I’ve known that this is something

I wanted to do and I’m definitely very supported by my family and doing this

I mean, I know they would have liked me to stay and North Carolina more or just like somewhere closer

So there was a minute where I felt guilty about moving out here

and yeah

Basically when we’re done with this on a very quick turnaround is

That you shouldn’t feel bad for making the decisions that are best for you

You should make the decisions that are best for you

I don’t ever want to be someone who looks back at my life and regrets not doing something and I’m not moved out here

I know that would be something that I would have always wondered about so yeah. Oh, this is gonna die tens

I guess that’s pretty much all that was thank you guys so much for watching again

Make sure you subscribe I’m 23 Oh weird that’s all. Hope you enjoyed it, and I’m excited for a fun year ahead

See you guys in my next video