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BMW M3 E92 DKG Driven – Better than the Manual? [Sub ENG] – Duration: 14:03.

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we go for a ride in this splendid E92.. sssh, don’t tell my M3!

This car doesn’t need introductions, in recent times you’ve seen plenty of content about the M3 E92.

Today I’m driving this splendid M3 E92 belonging to my friend Simone at BMW Meeting Club Italia – Hi guys!

Today I’m behind the wheel of this M3 because it’s DKG – Doppel Kupplung Getriebe, double clutch in other words.

When I thought to buy my M3 I didn’t even consider to buy it with this transmission, I wanted it manual and I don’t repent of this choise but today

I wanna see if the lack of the clutch pedal the driving experienced is spoiled or if the fun factor is still alive in this M, what do you think?

I think it’s very alive in this M, DKG is a great transmission it’s not like the SMG of the E46, this transmission enhances the engine, I think you’ll have fun.

Ok, no Armytrix here, you have a slighty more civiled exhaust. – Yeah a comfy exhaust!

This M Performance ain’t bad though

Let’s say, the base is good it’s hard to make a bad job – With such kind of engine!

It’s interesting to think that the M3 E92 is the first BMW with a double clutch – Exactly, when the E92 came out in 2007

it was the first to fit a double clutch, it’s the DKG that still today it’s fitted on M models and the only double clutch available for BMW.

The E92 was the first to have this gearbox, it was a great success back in time – Yup, also because it was innovative, just think that

Ferrari introduced the double clutch in 2008 with the California. – Exactly, very good example.

Not bad!

It’s fun, isn’t it?

It’s like a thunder!

Not bad, what I like also is the selector which allows to increase or reduce the speed of gear changes.

Exact. This was available also with SMG back in time, but it works and it’s useful

maybe you don’t use it that much because you don’t switch speed changes all the time but you find the best compromise to drive and you can costumize your driving style very much.

For being BMW’s first double clutch it’s not bad – It’s not so for women, uh?

It’s not so different from a modern double clutch in terms of response, not bad.

As I said, the only let down of DKG even in today’s models is the standard use, for a daily driving it’s a bit intricate

at the contrary of a ZF which has limits in terms of sports driving, this DKG is not good for a daily use but when you push it, it shows its sports character

let’s say the best of the M3 is unleashed not in the traffic but around roads like these! – Exact!

Another interesting thing I discover on this M3 are the adaptive suspensions because mine doesn’t have this option.

EDC are very useful, if I had standard suspensions I would have changed them – Mine’s stock

It’s all about how you use them, when you push it to the limit you realize the brakes and suspensions lack

EDC fills this gap because in comfort it’s pleasant – Also because even if with these sporty seats, the quality of the ride is very good

But when you put Sport+ you feel the car is planted – Well planted on the road considering it’s a RWD with 420hp.

You think that full throttle the car slides completely, EDC in Sport+ makes it very stable.

As you said, another defect of the M3 E92 are the brakes because they’re underpowered for the weight of the car.

They’re underpowered on most M models, carbon ceramics are a smart upgrade to do. Every M has underpowered brakes especially for a track use

What do you have on yours? – Full D2 Racing brakes with 380mm disks and calipers with double pistons and it’s the best upgrade I’ve ever done

This engine is amazing, with double clutch it’s always at high revs whereas with the manual there’s that moment the power delivery stops, here it’s endless!

You know what, it works on all cars but having an additional gear, it means a lot.

I have a 6-speed, here 7. – You keep the revs very high, here you have the gearbox in your hands so with many gears you always find the right gear

this is very helpful both on road and track, more on road at the end.

Matching the double clutch with this engine it’s a lethal combination!

It’s a shame they never did it with the M5 E60, just imagine that engine with this gearbox and its reliability!

I don’t get it, DKG came out in 2007 when the M5 E60 and M6 E62 were in production and it would have made sense to produce a restyling with DKG.

It would have been amazing! – I wanted an E60, I didn’t go for it because I dislike that gearbox.

It they made it with this gearbox, I would have bought it.

The good thing you always have the hands on the steering wheel.

This road is good fun!

Here you have long corners, it’s the right road for the M3.

With these suspensions and gearbox, it feels like to be driving a completely different car compared to mine!

The different is huge!

The suspensions work very well with DKG – You feel the car is perfectly balanced

So balanced that when you drive on high speed tracks like the Nurburgring, you don’t even shut the electronics off

because the car with such low torque, it allows you to have fun – To unleash it properly, it’s less rough and nervous

What a machine!

Come on, how can you not love it?!

I think the M3 E92 in general has one defect which led to other small things: it’s the weight.

It’s heavy. – Not just because I feel it here, but because I had the luck to drive an M3 GTS – You B*****D!

I drove it!

I had a great time; – 200kg lighter! – kids watch your videos? – We’re gonna bip it! Also my parents watch them.

Kids, if you watch his videos you’re done!

Anyway, I feel it because the GTS is 200kg lighter, it’s also stiffer because of the rollbar, bigger engine (4.4 instead of 4.0)

it’s that 200kg less that you feel insanely, it’s the perfection of this, not because of the various dynamics but because of the weight.

It’s like driving this with 3 passengers – Exact

Long live the N/A! – Let’s hope so, because it’s a hard time!

You know that makes you have boner? Shall we say that? The led lights that show up above 7000rpm – It revs up so quickly it’s helpful

Compared to mine, another difference are the seats, this one has the M Performance that honestly I’ve never seen

They look very good too! They make a good difference also while driving – For a sports driving you tell the difference because the standard seats are more like a couch,

very soft, they offer a good lateral support but you can tell these are made for a proper sports driving.

Mountain road, good weather, sunset, N/A V8, what else?

.. The truck that blocks the road! – Perfect! – You made this moment so romantic.. everything ruined!

Here’s the romantic moment you mentioned – How romantic we are!

It’s tough to admit but.. – Say it! I wanna hear you say it in front of everyone!

Me, manual purist, I have to say the E92 with DKG is amazing!

I’m happy! We can close everything and go home! – It’s a bomb!

This driving dynamic, this insane engine, mixed to this gearbox

what happened? – 3 degrees outside, don’t worry nothing is blowing up!

I was saying good things about the gearbox – Engine check light and everything!

Overall, it’s crazy.

It’s a great combination.

I appreciate this car and its performance even more, because this gearbox allows you to go faster.

I keep it manual though.

You had to say that! You couldn’t give me a bigger satisfation, it’s already a satisfacation you said it’s beautiful and pleasant

And I add: I keep mine which is the version for men.

Let’s say that, with this story..

I already told you what I do with the automatic and why I bought it, so at McDrive there’s no need to use the gearbox and I grab the hambugers, there’s a reason for everything

It’s annoying to use the clutch at McDrive, you wear the clutch!

How can you eat the hambuger with the manual? Nuggets, how you eat them?

So you can eat BigMac while driving! – Strictly with no salad, salad is bad because a real man eat hambugers without the salad!

Simone, I thank you for letting me drive your M3 – It was a big pleasure

If you have a BMW I advice you to join his club

BMW Meeting Club Italia, an official BMW club, we’re on Instagram but on Facebook mainly

Like the page and subscribe to our forum where we share lots of things, make events and it’s a great pleasure to have you with us.

Make sure to Like the video if you enjoy it, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t and as always thanks for watching, ciao!

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Why The New 2019 Toyota Supra Is Powered By A BMW Engine – Duration: 10:37.

Did you know the new Toyota Supra is powered by the BMW b-58 engine that’s


Welcome back to the channel on your buddy mark with exotic car place and


it’s nice

because this was such a controversial discussion love Toyota to utilize BMWs

drivetrain for the new Toyota Supra the question was asked of Toyota’s chief

design engineer Tatsuya tada who actually had a great response and it

came down to economics because when we talk about economics BMW actually is

providing not only the engine but the 8-speed automatic transmission as well

as a large part of the chassis from there cars are going into this new Supra

now that saves a whole host of dollars for research and development and that’s

why Toyota elected to utilize something by BMW

now BMW had the perfect ingredients they had a performance engine it was six

cylinders inline and it was turbocharged and it also provided a hefty amount of

horsepower that was consistent with the brand it’s consistent with the

expectations for a new Toyota Supra which will be of course hitting the

streets much much sooner than later of course now Toyota knew that they had to

sleeve in a six cylinder turbocharged engine into the Supra because anything

different than that would be heresy it would be frowned upon extremely by the

purist it was bad enough that they had we had to reach out to BMW already to

provide the drivetrain and gearbox for this particular car and as I mentioned

before Toyota utilized that not only the engine they used the 8-speed auto and

the chassis from BMW now fret not you purists out there of

course the engine was fettled slightly so that the Toyota

design engineers or the engineers at Toyota tweaked things so it is it

matched more of the Toyotas or the Supras expectation of performance it was

different it was a different power delivery then you would kind of get from

a BMW it was unique if you will now the 8-speed auto was as well tuned

specific and the chassis will be dialed in according to more the Toyota

specifications so ultimately we know it’s economics and that was admitted to

by the engineer at Toyota but economics comes in three

fold there’s three key reasons why a car company would consider economics when

designing a car and you guys all know already by now that Toyota and Lexus

have great cars great drive trains in their history and I know you’re gonna

ask the question why would they not utilize an engine from say the ISF but

that’s an 8 v8 how about the wonderful LFA drivetrain well see that’s where

economics comes in because the LFA if you guys didn’t already know was

scrapped a couple of times it was reworked the original prototype came out

with an aluminum chassis or aluminum shell and of course they quickly

realized that it was way too heavy with all the glass and the aluminum it was

still too heavy to be effective so they reworked everything and they created a

carbon fiber chassis or carbon fiber body shell to drop some the weight well

that reworking cost a lot of R&D research and development dollars and

unfortunately that put Toyota or Lexus in a place where they lost money on

every single car that they sold did you know that

so that is why largely Toyota is very sensitive to the research development

costs on a low production car such as the Toyota Supra so again before we get

into the top three reasons remember Toyota is no longer looking at

low volume cars they’re not looking at especially car anymore as a matter of

fact Toyota is really large into the hybrid cars they’re looking at their

mainstream stuff the cars that you know are the tried-and-true reliable you know

sedans and SUVs that cater to a large volume of people they’re not really

focused anymore on the low volume cars like a Supra or LFA they really tread

lightly because they know the kind of dollars and economical implications it

has if you make a bad move so here’s the three reasons to consider why Toyota

opted to go with a BMW drivetrain number one is the deliverables so

they designed a car the new Supra has been sitting in the wings for quite some

time now there’s been a lot of debate about it there’s been a lot of

discussion about what it’s going to look like the performance the whole

attributes of the new Supra now unfortunately by the time they decided

to pull a trigger the deliverables needed to be there they needed to have

all the parts in place the research and development had to be not only in in

place it actually had to be completed they had to have an engine that was

strong enough as well as met the criteria that they were looking for for

that car and of course they didn’t have the deliverables they didn’t have an

engine suitable for the duty that they were expecting for the new Supra so they

had to go seeking for an inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine and

they found it at BMW the second reason why Toyota likely opted for a BMW

drivetrain and transmission is accountability

now I come from a business in my previous life where often you seek out

for contract help for building for designing as well as supplying of parts

and equipment now that not only is a convenient way to spec something let

somebody else handle it for you and design and worry about all the details

it’s also a way to shed accountability now we know that some of these cars are

high-performance engines

high-performance cars the Supra the LFA BMW M cars all those cars are

high-performance and there’s a risk of reliability concerns Toyota and Lexus

know already that they do not want to risk that reputation so what do they do

they seek out a third-party like BMW to provide that equipment the transmission

the engine part of the chassis they’ve sub that out for BMW so number

one it gets that deliverable which we already discussed but number two if

there in fact is a problem with the drivetrain supplied by another vendor it

is very very easy for Toyota to do a…and wash their hands of it and say well that

was actually provided by BMW number one we can shed some blame and number two we

could also chase that third party now for quality control deficiency repairs

and all those kind of things they can seek out BMW now for damages and

additional costs associated with that third party engine supply now the third

reason why they probably decided to go with a BMW drivetrain is experience now

whoa hang on guys I know a lot of you guys are gonna argue and say well Toyota

they’re perfect they built a Supra they built several generations of Supra they

built the LFA the ISF they know how to build a car we know that that’s not the

question when I say experience they’ve learned

not only from their own experience on losses economical losses they that that

they sustained with the LFA that’s part of the learning that’s part of an

experience and they know that a low production car is going to cost them

dearly to possibly create research develop that car and put it into

production lots of additional cost so they’ve experienced that now they’re

going to learn from that they also understand that BMW is very experienced

in designing high-performance engines do you forget about a lot of the crazy cars

that BMW has created or created engines for we’ve got the m4 GTS

we’ve got the m5 e60 right here with the wonderful v10 we’ve got a lot of the

newer creations they also created monsters like the McLaren f1 do you

forget that animal over 600 horsepower and was legendary still to this date

they know that BMW is very experienced in high-performance drive trains and

they’re going to tap into that experience bank and rely on BMW to

provide an engine that is tunable reliable powerful and most of all suits

the application that Toyota was looking for in the new Supra so everybody I

really really hope you enjoyed the video three main reasons why Toyota opted to

walk away from designing their own engine and subbed out an engine designed

by BMW and utilize that engine in the new Toyota Supra and I really hope you

guys if you have any other theories on this please make sure you drop a line

down in the comment section below I’d love to hear your opinion on this do you

think it’s a bad move by Toyota to adopt a BMW engine do you think it’s a good

idea that they did this and why I’d love to hear your guys’s reasoning about that

and as well make sure you give my video a thumbs up like and don’t forget to

subscribe down in that little subscribe button at the very bottom I’d love to

see you guys on the next one bye bye

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That Was Fast: BMW Cuts Z4 M40i’s 0-60 Time Down To 3.9 Seconds – Duration: 2:42.

As the all-new Toyota GR Supra launched yesterday with an estimated 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) time of 4.1 seconds,

BMW made a “slight” adjustment to the specs of the Supra’s sister car, the Z4 Roadster

More specifically, BMW cut the six-cylinder Z4 M40i’s 0-60 time from 4.4seconds to 3.9 seconds, making it the quicker of the two cars – on paper, at least.

Why did BMW underestimate the Z4 M40i’s acceleration in the first place, you ask? Well, the automaker is known for being conservative with the performance estimates of its cars

Toyota, on the other hand, isn’t.So when the Japanese automaker announced the Supra would go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds,

it put BMW in the unwanted position of having to explain why the 382-hp Z4 M40i is half a second slower than the 335-hp Supra

Instead of doing that, BMW has slashed the roadster’s 0-60 time to 3.9seconds.In addition to that, the automaker released the vehicle’s curb weight and gross vehicle weight

At 3,443 pounds (1,561 kg), the Z4 M40i is only 46 lbs (21 kg) heavier than the Supra which tips the scales at 3,397 lbs (1,540 kg)

The Bavarian car’s gross vehicle weight is 4,092 lbs (1,856 kg).Considering the curb weights and the power difference between the two cars (the BMW has 47 extra horsepower), the updated 0-60 time for the Z4 M40i makes sense

As for the other member of the Z4 U.S.lineup, BMW didn’t update the specs.The Z4 sDrive30i four-cylinder model carries on with the previous 0-60 estimate of 5.2 seconds.

If this isn’t a good example of why we shouldn’t take 0-60 times too seriously, we don’t know what is

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New 4-Series M Sport Individual Headlines BMW’s 2019 Spring Updates – Duration: 2:41.

BMW is putting the finishing touches on the redesigned 4-Series, but that hasn’t stopped the company from announcing the new 4-Series M Sport Individual

Available in Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible body styles, the 4-Series M Sport Individual features a number of unique touches from BMW Individual

Among the highlights are a Tanzanite Blue metallic exterior, high-gloss shadow line trim and 19-inch V-spoke alloy wheels

The model also comes equipped with the M Aerodynamics package, a variable sport steering system and an M Sport suspension on rear-wheel drive variants

Interior changes are more modest as drivers will find BMW Individual extended leather upholstery in Opal White

The model also has an M steering wheel, piano black trim, heated front seats and a lighting package

Last but not least, the Coupe and Gran Coupe have a BMW Individual anthracite headliner

The 4-Series M Sport Individual was announced as part of BMW’s spring update which also includes an assortment of other changes

Most of the updates focus on minor things, such as new wheels and paint, but BMW revealed a handful of models will now have “darkened rear lights

“Among them are the 2-Series Coupe / Convertible, M2 Competition, 3-Series Gran Turismo and M4 Coupe / Convertible

Newer models will also see some changes as the 8-Series gains several new BMW Individual paint finishes as well as seven combinations of BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather

Customers will also be able to order new Black Ash Silver Effect high-gloss wood trim

Likewise, the BMW X5 gains new paint options and Fineline Black wood trim with aluminum inlays

Performance updates a minor this time around, but the X1 xDrive20i, X1 xDrive25i and X2 xDrive20i will come equipped with a gasoline particulate filter starting in March