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In the previous episode, along with 2 friends from Bucharest

we went Rafting on the world’s coldest river, Neretva.

The morning finds us in a new formula,

8 people, 3 motorcycles and 1 car,

trying to get into Tito’s nuclear bunker near Konjic

Last night, after talking to other tourists, locals

and the guys at Hitko Rafting,

we learnt that in order to see the famous bunker,

one should have the visit scheduled beforehand.

Without any arrangements though, we leave for Konjic.

And because yea, we are a lucky gang,

around 200 meters away from the entrance,

we cross paths with a small yellow car. Guess what?

those were the guides leaving, probably no other tourists

They quickly turned around and explained the procedure to get inside.

Apparently a part of the complex is an active ammunitions factory and that was it.

Here we are inside the bunker, sometimes

at over 200 meters underground.

Shortly after leaving, the dark clouds ahead

let us know it’s bath time.

[Marina] We’ll get so hot if we dress up…

[Mihai] You’ll be hot for no more than 30 meters..

The torrential rain accompanies us for most of the road today,

and wakes up to a wet reality.

[Mihai] River crossing guys!

[Mihai] Roll up your pants 🙂

[Mihai] We’ve waited a long time for this.

[Mihai] That was light, want to go on the other lane where the water’s higher?

Entering the gas station, we squeze out water from our gloves,

the rest of the water remains in our clothes,

and today’s destination is…

still unknown.

[Musca] Dude, when that car came throwing water all over the place I didn’t see anything.

[Adi] “waterproof”…

[Igi] – No kidding?

[Adi] Not really, I am soaking wet…

[Igi} When I’m not wearing the outer layer water

the water accumulates here

[Mihai] Yea, I get that too, and then water drops in my gloves.

[Mihai] …from the inside layer

[Musca] What is today’s destination?

[Adi] This is where my route stops – in Mostar.

[Igi] Should we visit Mostar again?

[Adi] Do you know how those corrugations were making the bike feel inside the tunnel?

[Adi] Let’s move the bikes somewhere else.

[Igi] Neah, they’re ok here, that guy can just back up.

At some point, the girls ask for a break

and for the first time in this trip,

the guys stop in under 2 minutes.

[Marina] I am surprised we stopped so fast…

[Mihai] Order and it shall be done!

[Luci] After we’ve been complaining for 2 weeks now…

[Mihai] Complain no more!

[Luci] We stopped in under a minute!

[Mihai] She didn’t even finish talking ans I pulled over

[Musca] After I entered the water I hit a boulder which

damaged the fender here

[Luci] Yea, we heard the bang too

[Musca] Guys, what’s the destination for today?

[Adi] “Llago di Ggarda”

[Mihai] Here’s a main road near the lake

We start on an offroad with no rain in sight.

The rocks, wet road and puddles,

come as the icing on the cake after today’s wet ride.

The sun has already set

and we are yet to reach today’s destination.

We’re freezing cold…

After a full day,

we ride past the Blidnije lake,

since we couldn’t find any accomodations as we imagined,

only to end up in an awesome location.

We quickly check into this awesome place and the night is still young.

[Mihai] Come on Marina, stop laughing

because these guys will think we’re drunk and send us on our way!

[Marina] Can I get off now?

[Adi] They have free roms, come on!

[Mihai] I don’t want to stay here, let’s ride for 100 more kms.

[Adi] We have two large rooms, the entrance is over there.

[Marina] Ramo, if you want I have some sport trousers for you.

[Mihai] “they’re a bit damp but should work” :)))

[Mihai] What shoes do you want to wear?

[Marina] I will wear sandals, my feet are still wet.

[Mihai] Which sandals?

[Marina] The black ones you didn’t like

[Mihai] The ones I threw away?

[Marina] You wouldn’t have dared…

[Marina] This is our room and that one is yours?

[Mihai] That’s cool!

[Adi] And they have an even bigger room!

[Mihai] Is that a window over there?

[Marina] We won’t knock in the window

[Adi] I really enjoy sleeping in the tent…

[Marina] Yea, right…

[Mihai] Another day camping…

In the next episode we say our goodbyes to Musca and Denisa,

we cross into Serbia,

Suzi’s Hyperpro suspension isn’t feeling too well,

and after a failed attempt to cross into Kosovo,

[Ramona] That old lady said something about the police.

[Adi] Yea, she said the police won’t let us cross.

We check into the famous city of Novi Pazar

I am Motokoto,

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