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How To Travel On A Super Tight Budget

what’s up everybody Larry Porter here and I am back once again and in today’s

video we want to talk a little bit about how to travel if you’re on a super tight

budget alright you do not want to miss this

we’ll be right back

all right welcome back welcome back so if you’re looking to travel and you kind

of running low on money you have a super super tight budget I’m gonna share with

you today four tips they can pretty much help you out get you going in the right

direction so you obviously want to save money so make sure you pay attention to

these tips all right tip number one you want to make sure that you focus on

last-minute bookings okay well you be cruises vacation packages you can save a

lot of money just by going on the last minute now you must be very flexible

okay cuz you might be you gonna have to go during the times that the trip is How To Travel On A Super Tight Budget

available during certain hours okay certain days so you might say you have

to be flexible with your vacation options but however it just but just by

you waiting to the last minute most cruise liners or vacation packages and

agents are ready to book and feel slots at the last minute because they don’t

want it to go empty so they’d rather look ready for it to go ahead and fill

up and the best way to do this they run a discounted price to go ahead and feel

last minute slot so whether it be flights or cruises whatever the case may

be wait to the last minute okay like I said

yeah you’re gonna have to be flexible with your time and schedule however you

can save money and travel by doing last-minute bookings okay tip number two

group rates okay go in with people going on or group rates on cruises group rates

on vacation packages the more the merrier the more people hated the last

month you have to pay so utilize group rates now if your introvert like me I

don’t like better a lot of people’s but it’s okay

you know what fine fine your perfect circle and gal going together and

utilize the option of group rates for major discounts group rates okay now

this is my favorite a lot of people are not doing this but this is something

that’s game change something new I want to say to new blood a lot of

people are not doing it so it should be new now being away utilize charter

flights okay instead of going through the commercial flight airlines utilize

your own private charter flights they have a lotta charter flights set up

through vacation packages if you don’t find one through online you may have to

go through a travel agent which I recommend any way they can make sure you

get plugged in at a good vacation packages by utilizing a charter flight

now a good thing about utilizing a charter flight a private flight a lot of

the vacation packages are this kind of cheap because you’re utilizing a charter

flight so it would save your money hundreds of dollars on airline tickets

because you have a private flight you’re utilizing charter flights included with

your vacation package okay so even if you usually a charter flight just for

flight by itself you still save your money but if you’re included with a

package you know you you’re saved big-time cuz now you saving on the

flight and the trip because it’s a bundle package so utilizing vacation

packages and they did include a charter flight okay and last but not least

become a travel agent if you traveling or you want to travel and you want to

save money try and do all this on a tight budget why don’t I get paid to do

it that’s right travel the world get paid to do it and

if you got a tight budget guess what you can get money make money off your own

vacations okay if you’re going on a vacation package and you planning one

why don’t I get paid from your own vacation your own personal vacation so How To Travel On A Super Tight Budget

if you travel on a tight budget this option will be for you this is the

option that you can’t turn down become a travel agent I’m just being real with

you you know because every trip I go on I get a commission back on my personal

trip this is not and I’m not talking about my clients trip of course I get

commission from clients but my own personal travelers my own personal

vacation I get the Commission from Dan so you want to think about this as an

option if you really serious about traveling on tight budgets

if you’re new to the industry and you really don’t know how to become a travel

agent you need a little guidance watch their presentation by clicking the link

below I have a free presentation that can sure show you more on how to become

a travel agent online without having much knowledge in the industry at all

all right so if you find value from this video like it subscribe leave a comment

and we will see you on the next video all right peace and happy traveling

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In this world it doesn’t matter whether someone is rich or poor, everyone has 24 hours in

a day.

Then why it is so, that some people go ahead in their life but some people get stuck in

a position for the whole life.

Today I am going to discuss about this topic from the book “Rajal Neeti Time Management”

by Rajal.

Because at a very young age, this book’s author Rajal has gotten 9 degree certificates among

which there are 4 professional degrees like llb,journalism,pgdba, and b level.

The interesting thing about this book is that there are a lot of real life examples given

in this book to make us understand why time is so important in our life and if we want,

how we can easily manage our time.

So let’s see some of the awesome smart ideas from this book,

There is a lot of money left on a road, some of them are 1, 2, 5 and 10 rupees coins and

some of them are 10, 20, 500 and 2000 rupees notes.

Two friends are collecting those money very fast, so that no one else can take those money

before them.

But here the 1st friend is collecting only the coins and the 2nd friend is collecting

only the notes.

Can you guess which friend will collect more amount of money and which friend is more clever?

Yes you are right.

One who is collecting only the coins is a stupid, while the other one who is collecting

only the notes is so smart.

But most of the time in our life, we also act like that stupid friend while managing

our time.

As he was doing by only collecting the coins.

That is, we spend our most of the time doing less valuable things where we can use those

time in doing some more valuable things that will give us more and better results in our


Like if you are a student then you should spend most of your time studying those questions

which are likely to help you secure more marks in your exam, and in the exam also you should

attend those questions first which answers you know very well.

So, smart idea 1: Use your time smartly

There are two twin brothers living in a city.

Both of them was born at the exact same time, in the same family, with same face, height

and parents.

But today, the circumstances in both of their lives are completely different.

One of them has completed engineering degree from one of the very famous college in India

and currently he is working in a multinational company at a very well position.

But the other one is still struggling to secure a good income even at the age of 30.

So, why is it so?

Because, the second brother had not studied anything after his 10+2.

He had wasted all of his time roaming around with bad people and gossiping around with


Now at the age of 30, when he is finding it difficult to secure a good income, he is confused

about what to do.

Whether he should again start his study or should he start doing some kind of job.

I believe you must also know someone who has wasted all of his precious time in his earlier

life, just like one of the twin brothers and now he keep regretting for that all day long.

Intelligent person is someone who learns from other’s mistakes.

So I hope you will not let your condition to become like that stupid twin brother, who

first wasted time and later time has wasted his life.

So, smart idea 2: Stop wasting your time

A man is waiting in a long queue to buy a train ticket.

After waiting for an hour when finally it was his turn, the person sitting on the ticket

counter asked him where he wanted to go, the man said “I don’t know where I want to go”

You may be thinking, is that man a stupid or what?

If he didn’t know where he wanted to go then why had he waited in that long queue for an


But the sad truth is, the condition of maximum of us is just like that stupid man.

Our problem is that we start doing whatever work come in front of us.

What to do, when to do, how to do and what can be get done by someone else we never think

about this things.

So as you stand in a queue to buy ticket after deciding where you want to go, similarly you

should always fixed your end goal first, before start doing any work.

Then you need to figure out ways to do the work more easily in less time.

Many studies have also shown that if we do proper planning before start doing any work

then we can save upto 90% of our time.

So, smart idea 3: Fix your goal first

There were two woodcutters living in a colony named chalak chetan and ghasita ram.

Among them chalak chetan always used to cut more woods.

So one day ghasita ram decided that from then he would add more hours to his work so that

he could beat chalak chetan in wood cutting.

So first he added one hour to his work, but still he was lagging behind chalak chetan.

So he added 2 more hours to his work.

But the interesting thing is that, after adding 2 more hours to his work, he was able to cut

even lesser woods than before.

It made ghasita ram disappointed.

So he decided to ask chalak chetan about his secret of cutting more woods in less time.

On the next morning when ghasita ram asked chalak chetan about his secret of cutting

more woods, chalak chetan replied, that he used to take a rest of 30 minutes after continuously

cutting woods for 2 hours.

And in those 30min he used to sharpen his axe.

Because if he continued with that axe for long hours without sharpening it then after

a time he would be unable to cut even one wood in an hour.

So chalak chetan was doing smart work while ghasita ram was doing hard work and the result

is in front of your eyes.

Just like that before start doing any work if you take some experts advice on that particular

field then you can also save a lot of time.

So, smart idea 4: Smart work is always better than hard work

“Rajalneeti time management”, a book by a young indian writer Rajal is a very good book.

After reading it, if we want we can easily apply the ideas in our life which are shared

in this book by Rajal.

And it will definitely help us to achieve more in less time.

And the best thing is that this book is written in very simple Hindi language, so if anyone

likes to read books in Hindi or wants to learn Hindi by reading books then I will definitely

suggest him to read the book.

If you want you can buy this book by following the link given below in the description.

At last a little request to you, if you find this video useful then please share it with

your friends.

So that they can also find, solution for life problems.

Thanks for watching.

More wisdom more solution better life



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Prosto Smart WiFi utičnica – Test i review – Duration: 1:38.

Regards to all,

In this video I will present you a Free Smart WiFi socket.

This socket provides you with control over all your devices, even when you are not at home.

First, you need to turn the power plug into the power supply and the desired device in it.

Now you need to install the mobile app.

The application is available for Android and Apple devices.

You can install an application by scanning the QR code in the guide

or through the link you can find in the description of the video.

Devices connected to a socket can be switched on and off remotely.

The socket supports voice management with Amazon Alexe and Google Home Assistants.

The application time can be programmed when turning the device on and off,

or to be activated and deactivated by a certain timetable.

This Wi-Fi socket is ideal for automating the operation of electrical devices.

The maximum load it supports is 16A ie. 3680W,

so you can put in consumers like a water heater, a heater or a lamp.

The socket also has protection for children.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call us.

You can order the product via our website

And do not forget to take a video and make a video.

Greetings until the next video.

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ClevAir | Smart solution that will optimize old buildings – Duration: 4:08.

Hi! I am Sjur Usken. I am from Smart Plants.

We are producing ClevAir

Which embeds intelligence

into existing buildings

to automatically optimize them

Installed in under 15 minutes

and on buildings up to 20 years old.

But, why we are doing it?

There are a lot of buildings

and they are responsible for 40% of global carbon dioxide production.

Yes, 40% percent according to UN.

Think about the weather. It is more and more extreme.

We are observing environmental migration.

And it goes just one way.

What will you answer your children

of what we could have done differently?

And when it comes to children.

Think about the indoor climate where they learn.

Research based on 54 schools

shows that children have worse results

in math tests and in learning in general when indoor environment is bad.

when indoor environment is bad.

Our children will join the global competition when they will grow up

so they need the best conditions

to learn

We must take care of it together

What about the office workers?

Scientific research showed

that workers can be 8% more efficient

when they work

in good indoor environment.

How much is that worth to your company?

We have been experiencing every day that existing buildings

can save a lot just by having insight into what happens in the building

And then go even further with automated optimization of the building.

Earlier it was too expensive and not user friendly.

But now we see it is profitable

even for small projects

to include advanced management technologies.

Technology is here

Technology is developing very rapidly

and It is not easy to say what we

wil be witnessing in 20 years.

For example – everyone heard about self driving cars today

But it was not so obvious few years ago.

If you had asked 4 – 5 years ago “when will self driving cars be on our road

A person who is interested in technology, like me,

would answer: “In 2030”.

But we have them already today.

The technology development for autonomous buildings

is advancing with similar speed.

So, how many of you have autonomous building


That are optimizing automatically.

Adjusting to current weather?

And also preparing for the weather which is coming?

Adjusting to amount of people which are going to be inside

and other factors?

How many of you have such a building today?

And maybe best of all

building which is automatically saving resources.

But also

running the building operation by itself.

We are installing ClevAir

in office buildings, shopping centers

, big industrial buildings.

One of our customers saved 300,000 NOK (39,000 USD)

So our solution paid back in less than a year

We see that ClevAir has enormous potential

among so many existing buildings

Potential to change existing buildings into smart ones

New buildings are being built smart and efficient

but we also have to take care

of those already built.

So, come and talk with

us about our solution

and see how building management can become smart

How it is profitable for you

and for the environment.

Thank you very much.