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Auto news on Youtube Dec 2 2018

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We’re playing this awesome game called Dragon’s fire. You should ride the dragon with us, except you’re playing it wrong

You just want to get lost in the magic of a fantasy world yell

Fantastical adventure it will leave you frothing with joy. Let’s get magical bro. Oh right homework

This is it works man, come on, you know, our brains can’t do math magics that we don’t check it

Just a half-elf battle mage


Better we a regular key that opens a magic door a regular door

Our party travels upon the southern road toward Taku Rilla. What for leg Ahava Hey trailing behind

some trees

Okay, roll the guys in this game these dice determine your every action. I’m number one. That’s good, right? Oh

I wish to search for the fairies Oh

Sadness. Yeah, this is boring. It’s magical there is not I told you to play by the rule

Hmm I’d imagined I’d be a little taller than this

Really go ahead and

Obviously we’re now stuck in here because you’d you meant like for real. Of course. This is actually pretty cool

We can see a dragon for real. That’s the kind of imaginative excitement that got us into this mess

Let’s start. We’re all great adventurer Stockton sir. It’s our turning in

Good morrow my lords and gentle folk

Thanks, like you’ve never

Imagined bro

Prepare to taste the ten man’s war

I can’t attack him. Of course. You can’t you have to roll the dice to attack now the rats get to roll


Didn’t you see how the rats were distracted for a moment that’s your best felt your rules are taking the magic out of mess

That was against the rules of the gank there appears to be a secret passage from where the rats get ready yourselves

Dance with mermaids and jellyfish massages mermaids and fairies are not going to help us find the key now

Follow me the key to getting us out of here. What are you doing?

Bro that is a straight-up dragon the we can be riding right now. Yeah from the comfort of our couch No

Yes, they broke the rules what you’ll about here are ruining this magical game

I’m riding the dragon

Phantasy congratulations

Hey saw Lucas pop pretty do me do me

Should we add some tassels

Tassels and glitter or against costume regulations. It was just him eavesdropping on you like a creep

How does one drop the eaves then like a creep I?

Was not being a creep

Someone say something. I’m not listening anymore. Oh

You like reading lips huh read this

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Best Cartoon Animation Compilation For Children & Kids – Emily Ford 86 – Duration: 4:26.

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Are you feeling it laughing?

What’s with the overbite overbite

Well, I say if you haven’t fun, what do you know about dance Raven what do I know about dance

Hmm you have the skillset you the pain of the pedesta?

oh, yeah, then let’s see what you’re made of the power of dance will be yours to command and your feet breezy we’ve got

Then show but I know someone who can

Now I’m gonna head back to the dance dimension there’s some rugs didn’t eat cotton now look it’s all pictures

I will be embarrassed being with you guys

betray the trust of a demon


You mean my backup dancers they dance the forbidden dances, oh eternity

That’s whack

Super wack. So just in time for the show Raven. Ah

Oh snap, easy Raven easy. Beat me in a dance competition and I’ll release your friends ha

but it looks like you can and that means

How smooth of your moves now Raven mom, you’re not even good enough to be one of my backup dancers

There’s no dance. You don’t need rhythm for

But also kind of fun

It’s about enjoying yourself

You know type we’ve got more food that we could ever eat

Do not forget my famous coconut syrup you want some shredded coconut on that bro, you know it

That is the unexplored side of the island is where the

That’s good start this whole time

So much better than the diabolical cooked no I let these would be really good tasks

Currently focused on the potatoes

They won’t roll they were the book is we have found something quite

For more infomation >> Best Cartoon Animation Compilation For Children & Kids – Emily Ford 86 – Duration: 4:26.


Best Cartoon Animation Compilation For Children & Kids – Emily Ford 87 – Duration: 4:26.

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Little girl I’m protecting you out of here

The Teen Titans you guys look awesome hair sure does but what about that dude? Oh

I’ve told him a million times capes and hair or a simple man winces wind even coming from

Now to finish this guy off man forget you guys hon you to make like an egg

Your dad’s not gonna be happy about this no

Man, you let him get away cuz you had the white bird Dookie. Oh, man, I’m wearin

Okay before I stop by to wear cake. Yeah, we’ll come on up all night Oh

Hammer pants a big hat a wig no wait, I’m done. I’m not gonna be part of this

No, you’d be going further away, but you’re not. Yeah, well look at you. Just fine – great

I knew you were walking away, baby. I don’t want a cake. Maybe I want a mustache

Here we go again with the mustache for what? It’s worth robbing. Your kid looks amazing

I’m holding a baseball and onion

What is it?

Yeah, so what I like taking baths what they’re not that bad dad, they’re fine

Look at them like this one. I pretend to hold in my

Tell me what you think

Please just like but Julie

Not now. I’m in the middle of something very important

Do you want to taste the blood pudding pill oats and Cyborg left? Do you think he’ll ever come back?

Yeah, no gates

Like steal everything out of cyborgs room. Look, he’s got that sweet zebra print. It’s really popular. Oh wait miss. Its that’s Leopard

I do kind of miss him. I’ll never forget that day. We did make a good team

I just hope we can stop them without cyborg

Silver Plume

Going from good sir. Okay. I’m about to get dark so cool. Now you can now you can

Keep wrapping you round and round he goes look at that blowing movement

See we were still able to take this prune down without cyborg. Oh no guys, it doesn’t look like this is over

Let’s get out of here

You guys hold the door I’m going to run for my life I shouldn’t have fought with cyborg about a stupid cake

Thanks cyborg, no dude, that’s why I grew this mustache though. You like it

Love that if we weren’t will we be playing rock-paper-scissors right now? Yeah. Okay. One two, three rock

Know what? No, you know football with a face on it if I didn’t have you to talk to

Friends the skull of the pirate bellybutton the skull of the pirate vibe ball player with the face on it is Riya

Did someone say wish?


Super creepy bro. Even that suits creepy. Yeah. I wish that we were off this table

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Đánh giá bộ sưu tập xe oto Toyota Fortuner – Lexus – Ford – Camry – Kia – Huyndai – Honda – Duration: 10:35. For more infomation >> Đánh giá bộ sưu tập xe oto Toyota Fortuner – Lexus – Ford – Camry – Kia – Huyndai – Honda – Duration: 10:35.


2019 Ford Edge ST: FULL REVIEW | The Edge on STeroids! – Duration: 23:09.

Good morning, everyone

Midsize two row crossovers over the past decade have started a die-off until is basically just the edge and Murano left

However, starting in 2019

This segment is experiencing a rebirth both Chevy and Honda have new entries due out early next year

Which is why Ford took the time to fortify its leadership in the segment with an extensive refresh for 2019

What we have with us today is the brand new sport model the ST finished here in a menacing full black

of course, you want to give a special thanks to our friends at Madison County Ford Lincoln for providing this fully loaded edge and

if you’re in the market for any new Ford

Be sure to pay their dealership a visit or check out their website, which we provided a link to in the video description

So with that said let’s go ahead and see if the edge has what it takes to battle the new product onslaught

So getting started here at the exterior, the entire edge lineup has seen real extensive changes this year

The main thing Ford did was massage the blunt look into a softer and more sophisticated design

But then for the ST

They turn right around and took the elegant out in favor of an aggressive black mesh as opposed to the standard silver finish

the headlights too were upgraded to look sleeker and the upper two trims now have full LEDs instead of the

HIDs from last year and then down below you’ll see that the glow stick lights have been replaced with traditional LED fog lights

Now the siding back have seen far less changes than upfront but there are still some nice refinements

For one the LED tail lights no longer connect to each other. So instead you have a black piece that goes across the back

no matter what trim issues and

Then setting off the rear our standard circular dual exhaust outlets or for the esti

These are large horizontal exhaust outlets that show it means business

Overall I have to say I’m impressed by the updated design for the entire lineup

But especially for this murdered-out ST which looks exceptionally clean in person

But what makes this particular

ST, really stand out are the optional 21 inch gloss black wheels

They are definitely worth the nine hundred ninety five dollars, especially if you’re going to go with the black exterior

Otherwise the esti comes standard with 20-inch contrast alloys the

Titanium with 19-inch nickel painted alloys and then the SE and SEL both have 18 inch silver painted alloys

Moving on to the mirrors they are always power but the base model doesn’t have heating approach lighting or LED turn signals

Interestingly though unlike the rivals board includes standard blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert across all the trims

Now those systems are part of Ford’s brand new co-pilot 360 system

Which packages nearly every other safety system into standard equipment

It includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection

Lane Keeping Assist Auto high beam headlights and the blind spot monitoring that I already mentioned

Additionally, there is a co-pilot 360 Plus package also offered and that further adds adaptive cruise control with stop and go

Lane centering and evasive steering assist

This means that the edge now has more standard safety equipment than the Nissan Murano or the upcoming Chevy Blazer

Finally we’ll wrap up the outside at the fuel tank

now the size vary slightly depending on whether it’s front or all-wheel drive, but all models do get good ranges of

515 miles on the top end or

389 on the low end which is predictably this ST

But anyways, that’s all there is to cover on the aggressive exterior

So now let’s go ahead and see what upgrades Ford has made to the inside

So for the edge for does nicely include standard smart entry and is really nice-looking key fob here on the st

We do have special st badging as well as the remote start system

Now to get inside the vehicle there is a sensor behind the door handle so all you have to do is grab it

All right

So checking out the cabin of the 2019 edge as you can probably tell there’s less changes in here than there are to the outside

Now as far as your colors and materials what you’re looking at is cloth on the SE and SEL in Ebony or dune

Full leather on the titanium in ebony ceramic or cognac and then here on the st

All you get the option of is just the black with my co inserts

Turning to the door trim, it does have a really upscale

Look, you’ve got leather all through here as well as a special portion with a contrast stitching

The top part is padded and the door handle is made of real aluminum

on your top two trims, you will find 3 person memory seating and

Then your windows are one touch automatic for the front two

Of course on the st. You’ve got your special Ford Performance branding as well as your metallic pedals

By coming over here to the seat this is 10-way power adjusting and it comes on all but the base trend

And then like I’ve already mentioned here on the st we have these special micro inserts

Little nice feel to them and you get your special st embroidering

So like I already said the cabin is not hugely different from last year

However, as far as the materials are concerned it did not need an upgrade

Now pretty much all the areas that you could touch are soft

So you’ve got some soft touch plastic across all the upper – and then right here in the middle on the st

We have a faux carbon-fiber

Down through here. This is also padded and then in the middle, you’ve got a piano black trim

Now push-button start is standard on every edge so I have to do is press it to go

When you power the vehicle on you will find an 8 inch display on your top 2 trims and this is also optional on the


Now over here with the gauges

You’ve got a pretty unique setup where you actually have to multi information displays on both sides of an analog speedometer

Now this is your out greatest set up. It does come standard on the titanium and st

And then like I said, basically you just have the ability to reconfigure both of these display so you can take your tachometer off

And replace it with different things like your driving controls and safety systems

And then on this side, you’ve got a second pad and it does the same different things

So you have a navigation phone voice? So it just allows you to split

Basically all the functions so you can have two things up at the same time

Now coming back to the steering wheel you do have a thin rimmed steering wheel

It is leather wrapped on titanium and st and of course on st

we have special branding as well as color contrast stitching really nice-looking with

perforation as well

now as far as your buttons

Like I already mentioned you’ve got two pads for your two multi information displays

Here is your buttons for your adaptive cruise control. And then on this side, you’ve got your all your audio functions

Back behind the shifter your top two trims again come with rain sensing wipers and here on the St

You do have paddle shifters as well

And then I am also happy to see that you’ve got a power adjusting steering wheel

Now moving on to storage the edge has seen improvements this year so starting out with your center console, right?

Up and you’ve got a basically of one tier with nice felt lining and they push that out of the way

You’ve got an extremely deep

Console going way down as well as having a little area tucked in underneath of this part

It is eliminated and you also have a 12v outlet as well

In addition to that you’ve got several little cubbies sync up a little area good for sideways phone

another area good for standing up your phone and

Then if you open this up

You got a really surprisingly deep area that has been expanded this year since we have a an electronic shifter

There’s no get to in a second

But it’s extremely deep

ST Here. We also ma titanium. We also have wireless charging as well and two USB ports

So like I just said instead of the physical controller this year we now have Ford’s new rotary controller

it’s really easy to get used to all you have to do of course is

Turn it over to drive and then you can press s here to go into sport mode and shift with those paddle shifters

Going into reverse you will find a standard backup camera across all models

However here on the St

with the optional 401 a package, you’ll find an additional camera system now it is not a

360-degree bird’s-eye camera, but instead a front 180 camera

So shifting in a park here so I can show you you just press this camera button and it launches you into your front view

If you press it once more then you also get your corner view as well. So it’s kind of interesting

I believe it’s this way on the Explorer as well

but it’s better than

Not having a front camera at all

And then back behind the shifter you will also find an electronic parking brake

As well as your buttons to defeat the auto start/stop system

Parking sensors and this button here is for your auto park function good for both parallel and perpendicular spots

Now moving on up to this panel, it’s pretty much dedicated to your climate controls

You it is dual zone automatic on the titanium and st and a manual setup for your SE and SEL

But controlling this system is pretty easy. You’ve got all your functions represented here with physical control. So you get your fan speeds

Temperatures as well as other functions laying both sides here

Can also make similar adjustments up here on the screen if you prefer so you can adjust all the same things

And you do have physical buttons for your three-stage heated seats and three-stage ventilated seats

Though the heated steering wheel is accessible by hitting the menu and hitting that right there

Our big central knob here is for the audio system

So we’ve got a brand-new 12 speaker bang an Olsen sound system on ST and Titanium’s. So let’s go ahead and take a listen

Just like all four bang & olufsen sound systems, I’m really impressed. That sounds great

But anyways that brings us to our sync 3 system. So let’s go ahead and take a quick look at that

So this is the same version of sync 3 that you seem pretty much all other Ford’s so you’ve got your basic

Homescreen and then you’ve got shortcut buttons that go across the bottom

So you can just click in any of these sections like audio control the Bluetooth audio from here and switch sources

Then I’ve already mentioned your climate controls. You also have your phone button

Its gives you access to your contacts which automatically sync over as well as text messages

All the top 2 trims we do also have standard navigation

It’s very responsive map

You don’t have to have navigation though, you can use Android auto or apple carplay if you prefer to that set up

Bus pretty much just a quick covering of the main features

However, we do have a really detailed tech help video available

If you want to learn more a link to that is in the video description

Now moving on up board does nicely include this auto dimming mirror with your three Homelink Universal remotes on the SEL trim and up

And then turning over here, you’ll notice the really large panoramic moonroof

Now this is optional on your SEL

titanium and ST

As you can see it’s really large including this front panel which opens up on this all the way

So it gives you a lot of open airspace and includes your windscreen as well

But overall, I really like the way Ford balances sport and luxury in this cabin

Now I’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason to check out all the rear areas

In the back of the edge st you’re going to find a large amount of space

You’ll find forty point three inches of rear legroom and forty point six inches of rear headroom

That does place it larger than the Nissan Murano and Hyundai Santa Fe

Now the seat itself is made of that Alcantara and leather design. It’s very comfortable and soft

And moving over to the door trim. It’s also Nate made of nice materials

Just like the front so you have leather where your armrest as was a stitch design above it

your window is power and

Down below that you do have some door storage

All edges do have nice amenities in the rear since they do come standard with these air vents and on the ST and

titanium you do have the option for these two-stage heated rear seats and

down below that you do have a 12-volt power outlet and

A looks like a house with a stop on that as well

And above that you do have a large storage area

As was a nice bit of harness so let the rap thing does have some cup holders in the end

Now up top

We do have this beautiful panoramic moonroof that really airs up the cabin and you do also have an assistive coat hook and LED lighting

Now behind rows five eight driving position I do have plenty of space

So I have probably six to eight inches of rear legroom and my feet do have plenty of room to move up under the seat

Sliding over even with the seat scooted all the way back. I still have several inches of legroom

So your space is not going to really be an issue in the edge

So overall, I’m a big fan of the edges rear seat

It’s spacious and comfortable impacts a lot of the features that the luxury offerings have in the class

Now to fold the seat you do have this little handle if you want to do it up here

Where there are buttons and the trunk, which I’ll show you in a bit

Now coming around to the trunk it is hands-free power on the titanium or optional on the st

So just wave your foot right under the bumper and it will open right up

So inside the trunk of the Edge ST you’re gonna find another large amount of space

You’re gonna find 39 cubic feet with the rear seats in place expanding to 73 cubic feet with them folding

That does make it larger than the Nissan Murano and Hyundai Santa Fe once again

now, of course

It is finished nicely back here with a nice carpet floor

And here’s the buttons that I was mentioning earlier too powerful the second row. So just push it and it does fold nice and fast

In addition to that you do have a 12-volt power outlet as well as some storage areas and

Underneath the cargo floor you do have a spare tire

Now the passenger seat does have SD Brandi was the same beautiful design and on this model

It is 10-way power adjusting or it would be six way power adjusting on the lower models or fully manual

Now in front of the passenger you do have nice materials with the padded dashboard so with some faux carbon fiber trim

Down below that you do. Have a nice glove box

It’s good-sized and dampen

And above that you do have a Sun Visor with a mirror and light you can also detach it and extend them

Well guys, that’s all I’m going to cover up here

So now let’s go ahead and see the big feature of the edge st which is the powertrain

Now of course this is the ste so we have the performance powertrain


Most edges come standard with a 2-liter turbo four and that produces 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque

Now for 2019 this 2-liter turbo does have more power than last year and that’s a good thing because the optional three and a half

Liter v6 has been dropped from the lineup entirely

Now for the st. And the st only you’ve got a

2.7 liter turbo v6 and that produces

335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque

As far as the transmission all models come with an 8-speed automatic

With standard front wheel drive or optional all-wheel drive

Except here on the st. Where you’ve got standard all-wheel drive

And then as far as your fuel economy’s they are right in line with what you get from the Murano

So for your two liter with front-wheel drive

You’ve got 22 city 29 highway 25 combined

Drop into 23 combined when you add all-wheel drive and then here on the ST with its

2.7 liter and standard all-wheel drive. We’ve got nineteen city twenty six highway 21 combined

Well guys for you enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2019 Ford Edge ST

Stay watching for a quick look at the pricing and don’t forget to those like and subscribe buttons below

We’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies