Auto news on Youtube Dec 2 2017

Red is no longer fashionable, so we&039;re driving the white one. They&039;re standing next to each other.

The new Volvo XC40. We&039;re going to drive that one, a white R-Design.

The rims are a size bigger. This is a boring red one.

I wanted to say it has small rims. They&039;re 19 inch.

Crossovers have big rims. There&039;s a blue one over there.

I think it&039;s called Power Blue or Powder Blue.

It has a black roof. This one has a roof in the same color as the body.

Our car has a black roof as well.

This is very cool. Volvo did very good.

A Swedish flag sticks out from under the hood.

For those who don&039;t like flashy colors in the interior…

The carpet is orange.

Following Autoblog tradition we chose the most powerful engine.

The red one has a D4 diesel engine with 187 hp. This is the T5.

This is fun. You can go pedal to the metal. – Yes, this is fun.

The max speed through here is 30 kph (19 mph).

In front of that Pajero. It&039;s not slow.

Let&039;s test the roadholding.

I thought it sounded rattly for a gasoline engine, but Martijn told me to wake up.

We have a different car now. This is the D4.

Initially there are only powerful engines, such as the 2-liter turbo T5 gasoline.

It&039;s not a 5-cylinder anymore. It&039;s a 4-cylinder engine with 244 hp.

The XC40 does 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 230 kph (143 mph).

It&039;s a nice engine. You&039;d say it trumps this engine, the D4 with 187 hp.

It does 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 7.9 seconds and has a top speed of 210 kph (130 mph).

The top speeds are usually limited at Volvo. They didn&039;t say, but I think this car is limited.

However, this diesel engine is nice. It better suits the car&039;s character.

The difference in torque isn&039;t that big: 350 vs 400 Nm (258 vs 295 lb ft).

It starts at lower rpm, though.

It sounds more interesting as well.

The base model Volvo gasoline engines (the T5 isn&039;t top of the range) aren&039;t very exciting.

I know that&039;s not a reason to buy this car, but I had to say it.

There will be a number of other engines. The D3 diesel (148 hp), the T3 (148 hp), and T4 (187 hp).

Looking at the prices, I&039;ll list them all.

The T3 with a manual transmission and front-wheel drive starts at 40,000 euros.

If you want a diesel engine, it costs 42,000 or 44,000 euros. I think the latter.

An automatic transmission is always 2,000 euros extra, all-wheel drive is always 4,000 euros extra.

I think not many people will tick the all-wheel drive box for the XC40.

Can you keep your hands on the wheel?

It warns me when it&039;s time to use the wheel. That&039;s strange.

I can&039;t… – It&039;s going there by itself.

I don&039;t dare to. I don&039;t.

I&039;m a fan of adaptive cruise control and Volvo safety systems.

I think it adds something. It&039;s safer.

Adaptive cruise control is really nice, especially when it&039;s busy.

It&039;s brilliant in traffic jams and slow traffic.

In other situations it&039;s debatable, but the Pilot Assist…

It drives itself up to 130 kph (81 mph), but you need to keep your hands on the wheel.

It defeats the purpose and it doesn&039;t work well enough.

I&039;m not happy with it, but I can put it in normal adaptive cruise control with this button.

It won&039;t drive itself, but it does slow down.

I can drink some water and talk.

If we&039;re about to hit a concrete thing, it&039;ll brake hard. I hope.

The handling is as expected. It&039;s a Volvo and a small SUV.

It can have R-Design, but it&039;s not very exciting or inspiring.

I don&039;t know why you would buy this car. It is comfortable, though.

It turns a corner very safely.

The steering feels dead with little feedback.

It safely understeers at first.

There is no terminal understeer. When you lift, you feel some dynamics somewhere in the XC40 chassis.

I discovered a new rally stage. This is a bizarre road.

This isn&039;t completely the wrong car here. It has enough power, but isn&039;t as tight as a V40.

That one is lower. The road drops down here.

It goes very fast uphill. You don&039;t feel the g-forces on camera.

It&039;s like being in a roller coaster. Really bizarre.

This is a new platform; the Compact Modular A-something (CMA) platform.

Other cars will be built on it too, not just Volvos.

It was developed with Geely, the parent company.

The platform will be used for the new V40, a number of Geely, and the new Lynk & Co.

The latter will be introduced by Geely and Volvo.

You&039;ll see this platform underneath a number of cars.

Electrification has been kept in mind.

Volvo doesn&039;t say much about plug-in hybrids yet.

That&039;s interesting, because the T5 engine with supercharger, making it the T6…

It&039;s not yet available in the XC40. Add some batteries and you get the T8 powertrain.

You can find that one in the XC60 and XC90.

In theory it should fit in this car, but will Volvo do that?

It will be a small SUV with a lot of hp.

I think that&039;s not very interesting. A fully electric XC40 is interesting, though.

It will be introduced mid 2019. You know how that goes. It takes a while.

We chose &039;scenic routes&039;, which means we&039;re getting a more idilc route.

Fortunately we&039;re in a SUV, because this is off-roading.

It is unpaved.

The satnav is still…

I&039;d like to see asphalt again.

You can drive here with any car, but it&039;ll get more exciting with front-wheel drive when it starts to rain.

Look, there are other cars.

That man was fiddling with his satnav as well.

I see houses there.

Dusty. It is a fun place to drive, though.

I can use some asphalt now, though. You&039;re the navigator, so I hope you make it happen.

Here we are. I told you this route is half an hour faster.

And a half an hour more sociable.

You&039;re losing that half an hour by washing the car.

The story of this car is a bit difficult. It&039;s an urban active off-roader.

The seats are higher. Volvo describes the target group as those with deeper pockets.

Who have those when buying new cars? Older people, especially in the Netherlands.

There will be private lease. Volvo is working on that.

The styling… I&039;m going to urban jump down.

The target group would do this.

And fall off. There was a fun sneer during the presentation.

This isn&039;t the shrunk version of the bigger off-road car.

Are you dissing BMW or Audi, or the XC60&039;s design team?

The new XC60 was criticized to be a shrunken XC90.

It&039;s not that bad when you put them next to each other.

The XC40 is very different. That&039;s because of the roof with two colors and this angle.

It seems the standard solution for off-road cars or crossovers in this segment.

It&039;s typically Volvo. It has to do with &039;presence&039; on the road and the lights.

The taillights suggest Volvo estate.

The Volvo V40 has this too.

It&039;s a new version. Does it have a white tint? I don&039;t know how that happened.

A number of things are different from older Volvos.

The rear looks naked, but it does have the Volvo letters.

The front has Thor&039;s hammer LED daytime running lights.

It&039;s nice and pronounced. I think it looks like a chunky car; a success.

On the other hand, cameraman Martijn and I feel like we&039;re looking at a caricature of the car.

As if someone has overdone it.

It&039;s there, thanks to the huge wheels. This is 20 inch.

These are big rims.

17 inch is standard. I haven&039;t seen those yet, but it may be disappointing.

I wonder how this car looks when it&039;s on 17 inch rims, a boring color, and no R-Design.

You&039;ll miss some sporty accents. It may be a bit boring then.

The interior is recognizable as Volvo. It&039;s pretty.

I think the materials are almost as good as in the V90, XC90, XC60, etc.

The displays are exactly the same as in the bigger Volvos.

It has an upright iPad-like display. It works okay.

I liked it better in the beginning, but others have progressed further.

It would be nice if Volvo put some more effort into that.

It&039;s nice and big, though. The display is standard, as is the display instead of gauges.

That&039;s pretty.

The XC40 doesn&039;t have a younger target group, but the styling is younger.

For example, the orange carpet; on the doors as well. It&039;s funky.

Different colors for the roof are optional.

Someone asked me how the room compares to the V60.

I think this one is roomier. It feels that way.

The rear seats are okay. I can sit behind myself, but barely.

I can sit behind myself in the V60 if I amputate two legs.

The trunk space is more practical and more square. This car is tall; a traditional Volvo.

It&039;s angular and has a more practical layout.

It&039;s no shooting brake such as the Volvo V60 with a slanted roof line, sacrificing space.

We&039;re still wondering wether this car will be a success.

I think many Volvo owners will drive an XC40 as their next car.

V40 owners who want something different with more space.

V60 owners is also a possibility, and owners of the previous XC60.

This car is smaller, but not by much.

Plenty of possibilities within the same stable.

This segment is overrun by other cars.

The Volkswagen Group has the Ateca, Kodiaq, Tiguan, Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA…

There are Korean models that fit in this segment as well.

How to call this… Martijn calls it funky.

It looks good.

What should you compare it with?

The Renault Captur. It&039;s not my car, but I think it looks good.

It sells really good, so I think Volvo will score with this one.

It&039;s practical enough and has many safety features.

The pilot assist and semi-autonomous driving. It&039;s hard to hit this pole. You can&039;t.

Blind spot warning. When I leave my parking spot it brakes when a car approaches.

It has it all. And it&039;s still a Volvo.

That is a premium brand. It&039;s seen as superior to normal brands, especially in the Netherlands.

It looks nice. You know this segment isn&039;t really my cup of tea.

It is a nice car, though.

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