Auto news on Youtube Dec 2 2017

Hi guys!

My name is Alfonso with Atlantic Marine

We just repowered this Aquasport

This is a 20&039; Aquasport

The customer had an old 2-stroke engine and he

upgraded to a 4-stroke Suzuki 150 with a 25" shaft

Right now that engine is currently on

They&039;re very, very, very quiet

Now the cool thing about this one is that the customer went with the standard analogue

system, but upgraded, if you look here, to the C-10 gauge

Which the C-10 gauge does multiple functions

It checks the temperature of your engine, your boat&039;s battery, the trim that you have

on your engine, the RPM&039;s

You can just have the fuel running right now

The RPM if you just want to see your RPM

This engine comes with a six year warranty

Financing is available for five to six years directly with Suzuki

Visit our website or give us a call at (305) 826-2202

Hold on now, Mike

I&039;m gonna step on it

Here we go!