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Wait for it oh he&039;s not hiding under here

I cannot fall asleep last night. I just didn&039;t feel tired

Tried everything I can think of to help me get sleepy

I&039;ve sang many verses it did not work. Maybe I should have tried counting sheep

Hey, where&039;s my messenger bag? I&039;m actually asking Oh

Oh, yeah

Our mission is to bring Bob some sheep so he can count them and fall asleep tonight counting sheep is just an expression guys

Thank you three

See I&039;m already sleepy, but you know what&039;s even better than imaginary sheep

Excuse Bishop can we have your attention please I?

Forgot all together now that&039;s right get those hooves in gear

One sheep two sheep three sheep

Wait they&039;re not a sheep. Hi bingo and Roli i&039;m stridor

What brings you pups to the farm our owner Bob needs to count sheep so he can fall asleep

But we don&039;t have any sheep in our house come on George. No nonsense

The trick to hurting is you got to keep the Sheep together. Don&039;t let anybody wander off. Let&039;s do this for buck

Let&039;s get the sheet to walk in a straight line and then turn run beside them and bark like this keep it moving

You know it&039;s even more fun than herding sheep

Then you make a serious hurting face and stare at them like this

Let&039;s get them back you mind even faster

You can do it keep trying

Let&039;s keep at it, so he used to us


Yes now you&039;re hurting like James yeah bingo and Roley

But there&039;s one super important thing left to do they could get lost so close the gate close the gate

Got it and walk in line and turn and bark


Hey, Rolly hey sheep I love all these sheets now – – pudding dogs ever

Like a one cloud. Let&039;s make sure all the Sheep

This is making me tired 23:24 Oh

Time right right thanks

Well that&039;s not good on the right

That&039;s right

Let&039;s get the Sheep back to Bob&039;s house we can counter the koalas link to them

Come from yeah, are you missing any sheep?

You are well. I found them yeah

We did I was counting sheep now. We&039;ll fall asleep for sure

Thanks for calling about my sheep. They were harder to roundup than I expected

That&039;s why I have a sheep herding dog. Please get this last sheep to the rest of the herd. Will you Stryder?

Go for it. Thanks for teaching us come on Strider. Let&039;s go

Taoming heat made Bob sleepy and herding sheep made me sleepy meat soup

Sweet dreams dizzy. Did you just wake me up to say good night?

What are you singing about those quotas are doing that collars were great next time we&039;re at the beach

Can&039;t wait to tell you all about it when I get back where it&039;s a little more quiet

What am I supposed to be listening to some more singing back to me

And then things got really peaceful, which I liked the singer Simon kind of said do we go find out?

What does your stand about so we can help them go on that&039;s not so full of dog singing. I&039;m a robot a

robot song

What did you hear that singing coming from it was hard to tell I guess for me to look around or figure that out

Well it was a chance to see in front of an audience, I&039;m never gonna pass that up

Okay, Roley why should we live next?

I don&039;t know

I haven&039;t heard that singer singing for a pretty long time out here looking out bingo and Roley leave us alone

Cupcake on a mission to find whoever it is my brother heard singing

Have you been singing to me, yeah, I was the one singing

Whales right

After I swam and swam, and you looked around for my family, but I

Couldn&039;t find that so we&039;re gonna have to figure out how to get you from here to there

And if we&039;re gonna help, you well get anywhere. We should probably swim like a while while we&039;re doing it

Would you learn it, Josie what what are you two doggies doing going? Splashy? Splashy flashy like a whale?

Rolly and bingo you to be the motors, and I&039;ll be the captain

Let&039;s try to make this voyage little less spinny

Wow I

Didn&039;t come in this way

And I don&039;t know how I&039;m gonna get out this way either because I haven&039;t learned how to jump out of the water

My mom was gonna teach me on this trip

Okay, I know it&039;s a little scary for

Sure I

Like seeing those two being so happy yeah watching

And here&039;s a picture. I took of two whales jumping out of the water

You know next time I go whale watching I should take you guys with me

Special delivery

Boy am I late let him go one way and then go the other


I almost forgot

Tomorrow&039;s Mother&039;s Day, and if I don&039;t mail this card today. My mom won&039;t get it in time

Oh mom&039;s gonna be so happy when she sees this envelope in her mailbox

I think oh don&039;t have my keys have fun doing whatever you do when I&039;m not here

It&039;s the card in the envelope for Bob&039;s orange loving mom

No Bob must have dropped it on his way out the door

Who&039;s with him so fast all boo pew pew pew pew?

No, no one is going to be sad because really they&039;re going to deliver that card ourselves ARF would be happy if you did that

Also our space would be drier

Do you think you can keep an eye on this car while we do our mission

But we do know where shooters pops took a flag stamp on here, Roley look

There&039;s a just like the one Bob put on the envelope um bingo and this is Roley

We&039;re looking for Bob&039;s mom. Sorry. There&039;s no one named Bob&039;s mom here

Fire truck time hook hurry up tell the tale everybody in town

Five good time gotta make her siren sound

Okay, we&039;re still looking for a place with a flat you see what no, but I do shake up taking office. Oh

Man, why are they practically everywhere we go we&039;re taking us somewhere with a big flag in front so she can have a happy Mother&039;s

Day and we didn&039;t think you&039;re gonna find some place with a big flag in front around here oh

How come a Bob&039;s mom has school deston school books from school our projects all over the walls?

Because I don&039;t think this is Bob&039;s mom&039;s house

Maybe it&039;s not the flag on the envelope that says where it goes

Maybe it&039;s the whitening so if we have the envelope wicked we will it goes. What do you mean if we had?

I don&039;t know where we&039;re going. I know I&039;m just figuring out what I should ask for for my birthday

Great job Rolly now. We just need to wait for the truck to stop so we can

So here&039;s what we&039;re gonna do well crawl on our bellies to that bush then climb up the fence like it&039;s a treat

My way would have worked too

Hello oh hi mom you got the Mother&039;s Day card oh, that&039;s great

Aren&039;t they funny they just go ruff ruff

The golem retriever

Well it looks like you two are in the mood for a fetch filled day

But I&039;ve got something better than a drippy old stick he fended it just for you

I&039;ve already started over on several versions of this invention because they weren&039;t working right. I hope this is the one that finally works

Somebody needs to bring it back

When that stick went somewhere, but you can&039;t get it there it goes again now watch it come right back

See you later doggie dooz

Too bad about that stick it seemed real nice for stick. I wonder why I didn&039;t come back

Rowley Bob said he needed to start over with a new version of his

Invention so maybe we should help him by getting rid of this one floor

We&039;re trying to get rid of you

Bob says we&039;re always leaving our toys here, so this is the perfect place to get rid of the stick

That&039;s perfect place to get rid of what leave us alone cupcake oh

This is a weird game that stick likes to play keeps wanting to come back to us because that&039;s what Bob made it to do

See you later stick I mean we don&039;t want to see you later stick yeah you think

You&039;d get hold a girlie

It just keeps wanting to play with us some more

Okay, if that stick is gonna keep coming at us

That stick won&039;t be able to find us if we hide in there

One that stick just cool boy Eddie boy boring boring in here, and then we&039;ll have to run away again

What&039;s this sound

Did you just please stop trying to come back to us the sticky situation

Me neither, but at least we did with Bob wanted us to do. Yeah well

You want to get rid of something we get him gotten loose

Listen are you two having a doggy?

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Morgan and daddy go to Lowes – Duration: 12:20.

I see blue Daddy.

You see blue?



It&039;s blue.

There&039;s blue here daddy.

I see blue here.

What blue?

It&039;s my color. It&039;s blue like this.

Your favorite color?


That&039;s good.

It was here, but you didn&039;t…. here ?

But, what was it? A car?


What was it? What was it that you saw that was blue?

Blue. I saw the blue thing and you …. here?

What was it? What was it that you saw that was blue?

I saw something blue.

What was it? A car? A truck? What was it?

But it wasn&039;t anything.

It wasn&039;t anything?



And you want to go to two stores?


We are going to Lowes. What other store do you want to go to?


You want to go to Costco?


But what do you need from Costco?

I like…I want more.. NUTS for mommy.

How do you say that in Spanish?


Very good! Nuts!

I want more nuts for mommy, you and me.

But we have nuts in the house.


Red (looking at traffic lights)





I want a smoothie from here.

You want a smoothie?

Why didn&039;t you stop?!?!?

You told me very late. I can&039;t stop now.

You have to tell me earlier.



What are you doing?

I am doing neah neah neah, but not like a baby….like a big girl.

Like a big girl?

Yes i&039;m saying neah neah neah like a big girl.

Is that how big girls act? Saying neah neah neah?

Just a little.

Just a little?



neah neah neah.

Did you play with Mia today?

Yes, but ??? the things with her.

And that thing has chickenpox.

What has chickenpox?

Who has chickenpox?


The Squirrel?



Daddy! Music!

You want to hear music?




What do you know about Mazda?

Mazda was over there.

They sell cars there.

Yes. Mazda cars.

Yes. Very good.

Your car is a Mazda.

Yes. I have a mazda.

Look at your horn.

My steering wheel?

No. I said your horn.

Yes. It&039;s Mazda.


It&039;s my steering wheel.

Oh.. my horn?!?!?

It&039;s a horn.

Yes…that&039;s what I said.



Yes? my love.



The strawberry tells you to turn that way and you are going that way.

The strawberry?


Yes. the arrow. Very good. the green arrow.

But I don&039;t have to turn.

Daddy! Green!

But there are many cars. I have to wait a bit.

But daddy if you wait the light will turn red.

It&039;s going to be red if you wait.

But sometimes we have to wait.

But it will turn red if you wait!

But what&039;s going to happen if the light is green, blue.. I mean red.

Nothing is going to happen.

But you can&039;t go!

Yes. I can&039;t go.

You can&039;t go and have to start all over.

Yes, but I have to wait a little and then I can continue.

(something about stopping and yesterday) ???

I have it.

The mask almost fell.

Yes. I caught it with my feet.

You caught it with your feet.

Yes. I put my hand down so that I can play with it again.


Daddy! What does this say (???)?

What does it say?


What does it say?


But what does it say? I don&039;t understand.

Over there!

Wait a bit.

A bit.

A bit.

You are going this way?

I am going straight.


Because Lowes is straight.


What owes?


Lowes. What Lowes?

The store, Lowes.

I don&039;t know what you are talking about!


You don&039;t understand?


What a pity that you don&039;t understand me.

Only a little.

Only a little?


Captain America!


I said Captain America!

That&039;s a plane.

No. That.


Oh. That&039;s a flag.

Like my flag!


It&039;s the United States flag.

What is it doing?

So the cars can go?

So the cars can enter (the car dealership) when they see the flag.

Daddy! This isn&039;t Lowes!

Yes. Lowes is a little bit farther.


You can&039;t see what see what you are doing.

I can see what I doing. Why do you say that?

You can&039;t see what you are doing with so many … cars?


I can&039;t see Lowes.

I can see Lowes.

I can&039;t.

But this is Big Pig?


What does this sign say?

the sign says.

I don&039;t know what the sign says


It says Big lots and Waterbucket.


Not Lowes!

Big Lots and Waterbucket?





Big Lots and Watermarket?



I don&039;t like Walmarket.

Mommy does?

Mommy likes it?


What a pity. I am going to talk to her.

We don&039;t like Walmarket. It&039;s a bad store.

Optimus Prime!

Yes. You are Optimus Prime!


I see Lowes.

You see Lowes?

Lowes here.



Why is there bus here?

What bus?

Yellow bus.

That yellow bus!

Yes. I don&039;t know my love.


Is Lowes a school?

No. Lowes is not a school.

Why is the bus here if it isn&039;t a school?

I don&039;t know why the bus is here.

Here we are!

Here we are!


Bye picture!

Bye picture

Bye video!