Auto news on Youtube Dec 14 2018

Hello, today we are driving Suzuki’s small wasp,

this is the new Swift Sport.

This small car hides a turbocharged gasoline engine,

which has not particularly impressive power of 140 hp,

but they have only 970 kg to drag.

Suzuki returns to the old, real, clean, revealed automobilism.

So from the minimum,

from a very light and small car with a small and not very powerful engine,

they are able to deliver true joy from driving.

The turbo engine also has 230 Nm,

so 1 Nm is about to pull a little over 4 kg,

per 1 horsepower falls to just under 7 kg.

This means a decent dynamics.

Not super sporty, I would not call it a hothatch.

But it’s a fast and very enjoyable car for riding.

The sprint to 100 km/h is not particularly impressive.

It takes 8.1 sec, the maximum speed is 210 km/h.

But for so small and so light car this is quite pleasant.

Behind the wheel are a lot of pleasant emotions.

Behind the wheel the new Suzuki Swift Sport

offers a very interesting combination

between sport handling, direct steering,

comparatively fast, enjoyable gear shifting

and quite interesting and enviable ride comfort.

For a sports car.

The suspension is tight, the unevenness takes them tight,

but by no means bounce and not too firm.

The gears of the 6-speed manual gearbox,

come in nicely, but in no case sporty with a click.

The clutch is relatively tight but not heavy.

This is rather a balance between a comfortable and a sports car.

The steering wheel is otherwise very tight, the commands are direct, the cornering slaughter is unrecognizable.

Emotions behind the wheel are definitely not missing.

1.4 gasoline turbocharger,

Offers fuel consumption, here on the on-board computer writes 7 liters per 100 km.

Given that we were having fun behind the wheel.

Which is a very good indicator of a sports-oriented car.

Right now, because we’re on a highway,

I have included note what kind of systems –

adaptive cruise control with distance from the front car,

this is a pretty basic sports car,

betting on the original car values, the lightness…

Still, we have quite modern assistants –

Lane Warning Assistant,

adaptive cruise control, which keeps distance from the front car and adjusts speed with it.

We even have a crash warning assistant,

which activates the brake if the driver does not respond.

You also see this design.

Inspired by sports cars,

you have a sports bumper, a sporty carbon-coated threshold.

Suspension is also sporting.

It is lowered, you have 17-inch wheels.

See how powerful it looks from behind.

Look at these two huge exhaust pipes how powerful make the car looks like.

In fact, they are a little lying, becauce is not so powerful.

The interior is frankly sporty.

With this red details on the speedometer and tachometer,

here you have a red stripe.

Quite decently assembled, with pretty good fit quality,

you have the feeling that you are in a quality car.

The steering wheel is quite comfortable,

with sports grip and sport stitching.

In general, a very nice car to drive.

The pleasure behind the wheel also has its price.

This car costs nearly 39,000 leva (19,500 euros).

That’s a lot of money for this segment and for Suzuki,

but when you drive it, you may find it worthwhile.

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