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Did you forget?

The Divinity Sense&039;s resistance destruction can even nullify the Fighting Sense.

If things hadn&039;t turned out this way…

I didn&039;t want to think about it again.

Asahi is real.

My Divinity Sense tells me so.

And there&039;s one more thing I know.

Asahi can&039;t log out!

It&039;s because in her state of existence she has no way to do so.

Did your Divinity Sense tell you that too?

If Asahi can&039;t leave,

I will stay by her side and support her forever.

Are you crazy? You plan on staying logged in forever?

I will walk along the same path with her.

I&039;m dedicating my entire life to keep this promise.

Haruto, are you ready to spend the rest of your life here?

Your commitment is impressive.

But have you considered how Asahi feels?

What do you mean?

She&039;s the type of person who would rather resurrect Subaru than be able to log out.

I can protect Asahi alone.

We don&039;t need Subaru.

Shouldn&039;t we keep searching for a way to make her smile?

My Divinity Sense is always right. It has never betrayed me.

Asahi can&039;t log out. That&039;s why I–

Your Divinity Sense doesn&039;t know everything about the world!


I saw it.

-When Asahi passed out when she looked at the stone– -Shut up!

Don&039;t you dare talk about Asahi!

Get lost! Never come back!

Damn. Take that!


Swirling Conspiracy

I didn&039;t think

it would be this difficult to destroy them.

Your Sense is powerful.

If you hurt Haruto,

I&039;ll never forgive you.


-You have no idea how much our leader cares about– -Stop.

You stop. This is enough.

I know.

Even Asahi pointed her gun at me.

Satsuki, we&039;re partners in crime.

I thought we had common interests.


Do you know where Clive and Nozomi are?

They&039;re not within my sphere anymore.

We can&039;t go back to how things were back then, Asahi.


Let&039;s go back for now.


I&039;m going home for today.

What? Hold on.


You look surprised.

As long as you&039;re fighting over Asahi, they won&039;t take your offer.

They&039;re after the Prophet Art, not Asahi.

That is where we differ.


Letos and Angelus are seeking something else.

We all seek supremacy,

but the higher-ranked guilds are in our way.

Gnosis and Hyades.

The rumors say they&039;re allowed to contact the operating company directly.

It&039;d be impossible for a guild to overthrow them alone. However…

If Southern Cross, the Brill Society,

and the Illuminati unite,

it might be possible.

Do you mean

it&039;d be more realistic for the three guilds to fight for supremacy afterwards?

If the three guilds just sat there looking at each other, we&039;d never reach our final goal.

Come in.


The leader of Southern Cross, Letos, and the leader of the Brill Society, Angelus, are…

They know that

better than anyone.

I&039;ll awaken Asahi.

That&039;s also part of the role I must fulfill.


No way.

Don&039;t look.


We&039;re partners in crime.

No… I&039;m…

She said she&039;ll be late, so please go ahead.

I wonder if Satsuki&039;s okay.

She didn&039;t say why she&039;d be late.

She was acting strange yesterday.

Maybe it&039;s because I said that…

I don&039;t think that&039;s why.

We could be attacked at any time.

It&039;s hard walking through the city.

Isn&039;t that the teleporter over there?

How about going to the northernmost edge of the Noachis continent?

What a lonely village.

Look, Haruto!

Look at that!

It&039;s a hot spring.

Let&039;s get in.

We&039;re not here to have fun.

It&039;s good to have fun once in a while.

It&039;s not okay even once in a while.

That&039;s the last player with the name Clive.

What about Nozomi?

There isn&039;t anyone registered with that name in the Noachis continent.

What about the other continents?

I can&039;t extend my network to the other continents.

You have to go yourself and find a local informant.

If we&039;re going to another continent,

we should talk to Satsuki again.

We have to do something about your weapon.

That&039;s true.

A common weapon would break easily with the way I fight.

This is my third.

What about the one you had before, Pleiades?

Things would be perfect if I still had that.

-There, there. -Thanks for waiting.


You don&039;t look well.


You were acting strange yesterday too.

And you were late today.

I&039;m fine. I was late because I had a bad dream.

A dream?

Sorry about yesterday.

I was overthinking things.

So how was it?

I see. That&039;s too bad.

There aren&039;t many teleporters good enough to send us to another continent.

It&039;s also likely that the people after Asahi know about them already.

With this weather, we&039;d have to fly through the clouds. It&039;s dangerous.

We have to wait until the weather improves so that we can fly.


Isn&039;t the fog getting thicker?

-What&039;s wrong? -This fog…

It&039;s a trap! It&039;s the magic of 30– No, 100 people!

All aimed at us!

My Fighting Sense should have picked up on this.

I don&039;t feel anything.

They&039;ve cloaked their presence.

This fog is made of complex, intertwined magic.

There&039;s some Empath Sense mixed in.

This unpleasant feeling.

Are they trying to brainwash us?


You&039;re not who we&039;re after.

Satsuki, can&039;t you blow this fog away?

Satsuki, answer me!

Asahi, stay close to me!

-Asahi? -We&039;ve succeeded.


Welcome to the world of death!

The Brill Society?

They helped us erase our auras and cover the entire village in fog.

The guilds were working together.

As long as you have a common purpose, anyone would shake hands with the devil.

Where did you take Satsuki and Asahi?


Look down at our feet.

Where am I?

Was I transported?

I didn&039;t take them anywhere.

You&039;re the one who was flown here.

There aren&039;t a lot of divine champions who can do this.

-Do you mean…? -Southern Cross,

the Brill Society,

and the Illuminati, led by your old friend,

have formed an alliance.

Takanori! You&039;d go that far just to…?

Where are Asahi and Satsuki?

The Brill Society has surrounded Satsuki,

and the Illuminati have surrounded Asahi.


You small fry! Bring it on!

Where did you shoot that Empath Sense just now?

You don&039;t need to know.

A message card?

It&039;s a present from Takanori Mikado.

So, it was Takanori who transported us to separate places.

Without him we couldn&039;t have created this intricate fog

while also being cloaked from your Sense.

Satsuki, I apologize for my impoliteness.

I&039;ll get straight to the point.

I&039;m sure things would be better for you if Asahi didn&039;t exist in this world.

Asahi doesn&039;t exist in the real world.

And you were reunited with Haruto in the real world.

Why does Re&039;Union mean anything to you?

You and I are opposites.

After I was reunited with Asahi here,

the real world lost its meaning to me.

But there is one desire we do share.

For me, a world without Haruto.

For you, a world without Asahi.

Go back to reality, Satsuki.

I&039;ll make it game over for Haruto.

We should divide the world.

Well, I was told there&039;s a possibility

you might surrender after hearing this message.

What&039;s your answer?

So that&039;s your answer.

It hurts to say this…

You&039;ll serve as the foundation of the Brill Society.

As of your surrender.

Surrender? I&039;m going to lose?

To what?

-I don&039;t want to lose. -Where?

To who?

To them?

To Takanori?

I don&039;t care! Get rid of Innocensia!

I don&039;t have time for you fools right now!

I&039;ll think about things later!

Flames of Eternal Dominion!

In one shot! Here I go!

I have to get to Haruto– No. To Asahi!

What&039;s that?

Once a legend, always a legend.

You must have been amazing in your prime.

I admit it, I can&039;t win against you one-on-one!

Then leave this place.

Don&039;t show your face ever again.

Stop blabbering.

Do you really think you can escape from my followers?

What a waste of your strength.

Join me, Coeur de Lion!

-Together, our Fighting Sense– -I refuse!

You fool!


Oh, dear.

You never think about the consequences.

What&039;s wrong with these arrows? They won&039;t come out!

You… Elicia?

She&039;s just one more! It&039;s no big deal!

The Empath Sense, Ideal Fall.

When these arrows hit their target, their Sense is sealed away.

Their Sense is sealed? I&039;ve never heard of that before.

Well, then, let&039;s escape while he&039;s powerless.

Don&039;t underestimate me! Fire!

Mortar Arrow!

Ideal Fall Divide!

My Sense!

I can&039;t use it!

Come out, elemental!

Hurry. Asahi is in danger.

Why are you doing this?

I just wanted to restore Subaru with everyone.

I know this sounds cruel, but I want you to understand, Asahi.

For us, six years have passed. We can&039;t return things to the way they were.

There you go again.

Everyone keeps saying, "Six years have gone by. You have to understand."

That&039;s impossible!

Time hasn&039;t gone by for me at all!

I&039;m sad that I can&039;t log out.

But I&039;m even more sad that I can&039;t play with everyone anymore.

You just fight with Haruto.

Asahi… You–

Let&039;s form Subaru together again, Takanori.

With everyone. Just like before.

We can&039;t. I…

The only way…

I can control my feelings is to fight him.

I&039;ll clear up this misunderstanding, even if I have to use force.


Make her lose consciousness.


Wait! I never said it was okay for you to touch Asahi!


If Takanori tries to get Asahi Kuga back,

self-explode immediately.


No wonder I didn&039;t notice.

He hid his Empath Sense in the fog I made.

It&039;s ineffective on those in the same class as Asahi, Satsuki, and Haruto…

but it could work on intermediate players like these.

You bastards! Snap out of it!

Damn! I can&039;t get them all!

Stop the brainwashed ones.

But don&039;t hurt them!

-Don&039;t let them get away! -Yes!

Wait! Don&039;t go!


What&039;s going on?

Southern Cross and the Brill Society

have merged into one as of today.

We are now the strongest guild, both in terms of numbers and force!

And we have the Prophet Art!

The Prophet Art?

Isn&039;t that the power to see the future?

It&039;s a legendary Sense, right? Seriously?

This is our opportunity to rebuild a new world order in Re&039;Union.

Now we are a new guild called Divine.

Join us under Divine!

So this means Takanori was betrayed.

Hey, I hope you reconsider, Haruto.

All right. I have my weapons and my items.

I&039;ll take what I lack from the enemy.

This is no time to say that!

Divine is at least 3000 strong!

Only an idiot would attack without a plan.

I don&039;t care!

They just want the Prophet Art, not Asahi.

They&039;d stop at nothing to make Asahi do what they tell her, even if she doesn&039;t want to.

I can&039;t let them do that.

I&039;m going to save Asahi.

Even if it&039;s game over for me.

Satsuki, don&039;t come.

-What are you talking about? -I can tell just by looking at you.

You&039;re unsure about something, and you&039;ll struggle using your Sense like that.

That&039;s not true.

If I fail…

then go get Asahi back with Takanori.

If I&039;m not involved,

I&039;m sure he will be happy to help.


Hey, Satsuki…

Back then… If we were the same as back then,

we&039;d give up anything to save her, right?

When you get rid of your doubts…


It looks like I won&039;t be getting out of this alive.

But I still have to save my friend.

I have to save Asahi.

As long as this will survives,

Subaru will never disappear. Never.

You gave everything back to me.

So I&039;m going to risk my life to get you back.

Here I go!

They won&039;t kill Asahi immediately.

-You&039;re pretty calm. -Not at all!

There&039;s so much to think about!

Episode 6, "The Lion and the Dragon Unite."

It&039;s hard having attachments.


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Subaru Forester 2.0 Automaat X PREMIUM, AWD, LPG G3, Climate en Cruise control … Unieke Km stand – Duration: 1:14.

For more infomation >> Subaru Forester 2.0 Automaat X PREMIUM, AWD, LPG G3, Climate en Cruise control … Unieke Km stand – Duration: 1:14.


Shichisei no Subaru – EP 04 七星のスバル – Duration: 21:05.

I thought we were done for.

It looks like Haruto&039;s Sense has returned.

All that&039;s left is to gather the members of Subaru together!

Yeah, but…

we don&039;t know how to contact Clive and Nozomi.

Takanori is the only one we know how to contact.

I hope they&039;ll come back.

It&039;ll be okay! It&039;ll work out!

Why are you always so optimistic?

-Come on. -Do you really think so?

I&039;m sure they&039;ll all come back.

You&039;re pretty confident.

What&039;s this?

It fell from your collar.

Maybe it&039;s an item drop for beating the boss?

When did you get that?

-Asahi! -Asahi, are you okay?

What was that just now? Was it Asahi&039;s Prophet Art?

You guys…

saw it too.

That might have been my six years.

Seven Senses of the Re&039;Union


That was your six years? What do you mean?

I don&039;t know. That&039;s just what I felt.

If you don&039;t know, then how are we supposed to know?

Don&039;t think too hard now.

Think about it later when you remember something.

Yeah. Thanks, Haruto.

-You&039;re being really nice to Asahi. -What? I&039;m acting normal.

Hey. They&039;re back.

Did they really defeat it?

They&039;re so rude.

Why are they all looking at us?

Let&039;s go to your room, Asahi.

I&039;m beat.

-Welcome back. -What&039;s that?

I asked the flower elemental to gather rumors for me.

Is it true that they beat Purgatorio?

It sounds fake.

Rumors are spreading that we beat Purgatorio.

So, that&039;s the reason for that weird aura just now.

Probably. But…

The rumors are spreading too fast.

It&039;s been less than two hours since we beat him.

That being said…

It happened with Leonovitch as well.

Maybe someone&039;s spreading the word.

Who? And why?

For now we should focus on what we have to do.

We have to find a way for Asahi to log out.

Right. That vision we saw just now, it might be a hint.

Maybe Asahi saw that somewhere.

It&039;s no use. I don&039;t understand at all.

Especially that modern facility we saw at the end.

It&039;s not linked with the world of Re&039;Union.

We don&039;t even have a clue.

-It&039;s because there are still only three of us! -Three?

When we were all together, we always overcame these kinds of challenges.

First, we have to revive Subaru.

We can&039;t do anything until we have everyone.

The problem is finding out whether Clive and Nozomi play Re&039;Union.

Do you want to start off with a visit?

I know a good informant.

You&039;re right. Asking an informant is the best way to find someone.

The informant uses elementals as familiars and shares their sense of sight.

With ten at once.

Magic is so useful.

What&039;s wrong?

It&039;s them! Southern Cross is here!

Southern Cross? Why did they come to a remote place like this?

Who knows!

Southern Cross? That name brings back memories.

Most of the high guilds have survived.

Takanori&039;s Illuminati is now one of them.

-Let&039;s avoid any unnecessary trouble. -Yeah.

We&039;ll visit the informant later. Let&039;s get away from here.

Are they after us?

Nice to meet you. If I may…

I&039;m the leader of Southern Cross, Letos.

Hand over Asahi Kuga.

Coeur de Lion and Innocensia, we welcome you…

-The legendary Subaru… -Satsuki…

We&039;re surrounded.

But the sky is open.

We&039;ve got a thousand guild members. There&039;s no escape.

A ragtag group of a thousand is nothing for us.

Don&039;t act smart. Subaru is just a rusty legend.

You&039;re nothing–

What&039;s going on?

The Brill Society?

Hey, Letos. I haven&039;t seen you in a while.

Angelus. Trying to steal my prey from under my nose.

That&039;s not like you.

I just want to talk to them.

Retreat, Letos. When we&039;re done, we&039;ll leave.

What did you say?

Or do you mean to turn this place into a battlefield and get bogged down?

Though, I&039;m sure there are others who would like that.

I&039;ll withdraw.

I&039;m glad I didn&039;t have to use my Sense.

I&039;m glad you&039;re safe.

I&039;m the leader of the Brill Society, Angelus.

You&039;re not the same leader from Union.

True. I&039;m the second leader.

I don&039;t despise you all like the first leader did.


What are you trying to do?

I have a proposal. Come under my protection.

I knew that&039;s what you wanted.

Re&039;Union is a utopia for me and all the players.

That&039;s why it needs appropriate management.

How&039;s that related to becoming your ally?

We&039;re not after your powers.

It&039;s because your existence, and Asahi in particular, distorts this world.


Regardless of whether the Prophet Art is real,

people who want more power will fight over it.

It&039;s already begun.

You&039;re one of them too.

I just can&039;t stand having this world disturbed.

If Asahi stays with us,

no one can touch her.

It&039;s not a bad offer for you either.

No way.

We&039;re Subaru.

I don&039;t want to be confined by a guild.

You fool…

We decide how we&039;re going to live here ourselves!

We&039;re not letting anyone tell us what to do!

I see. I won&039;t force you.

Force is also distortion.

Your existence is like a joker card in this world.

If something happens to disturb the balance in this world,

I&039;ll to do everything in my power to defeat you.

Southern Cross and the Brill Society are on the move.

We&039;re monitoring them.

Please continue.

Outlaws and hypocrites.

Are you after my Asahi?

Know your place.



He&039;s late.



Sorry I&039;m late.

It&039;s okay. I just got here too.

Oh, really?

Let&039;s go.


Thanks for coming.

If we&039;re going to seriously get into Re&039;Union, I want to get a new machine.

I don&039;t know much about the latest hardware.




Anyway, we&039;re done here. See you.

Satsuki, how about lunch together?

Yeah, it&039;s delicious.

It&039;s good, right?

I know I said I&039;d treat you to lunch since you came with me today, but…

You&039;re the one who said we could go anywhere.

Yeah, but…

I couldn&039;t get a hold of Clive.

You couldn&039;t reach him?

I sent e-mails and messages to the addresses I remember,

but they all came back with errors.


How about you?

I didn&039;t get any errors, so the address is still valid.

But the messages haven&039;t been marked as read.

I guess Nozomi won&039;t come either.

Clive lives overseas,

and Nozomi goes to a different school.

Six years have gone by.

Here&039;s the cake set and the carbonara. Thanks for waiting.


You can&039;t call that lunch.

I used to dream about eating as much cake as I wanted when I was a kid,

but when I actually tried it, it wasn&039;t a big deal.

That&039;s too bad.

Asahi also said she wanted to eat a mountain of whipped cream.

I wonder if Asahi&039;s okay.

What do you mean?

We&039;re leaving her alone at night, right?

I wonder if she&039;s lonely.

I feel bad that we&039;re the only ones doing this.

When I contact the operating company they just say she&039;s not registered.


isn&039;t this beyond our control?

If we told the police there&039;s a dead person who&039;s still alive in the game,

they wouldn&039;t listen to us.

We need more information to get them to do something.

We should at least try talking to Asahi&039;s family.

"Asahi&039;s alive in the game."

How can we tell them that?

I think you just want to keep Asahi to yourself.

What? What are you talking about?

I just don&039;t want to regret acting careless!

We don&039;t know what&039;ll happen if she gets a game over again.

I know that!

What? What happened?


-Sorry for disturbing you. -I&039;m going home.

You&039;re late, Haruto.

I&039;m not that late.

Where are we going today?

That vision we saw yesterday,

I&039;m curious about it.

Asahi, you said it was your memory of those six years, right?

I just felt that way.

I wonder why I thought so.

I thought we could try searching for that place.

Satsuki, do you have any ideas?

I can&039;t tell where it is from only that information.


We don&039;t even know if that place is somewhere Asahi saw in reality.

It&039;s no use. I don&039;t understand at all.

You must remember.

Asahi, do you remember?

The first place the Prophet Art was activated.

Yeah, I remember that, the Tower of Heaven!

That was a really weird place.

The view from the top was like "Woah!".

What do you mean by "Woah!"?


Is something wrong?

Nothing. The Tower of Heaven. Right.

Let&039;s try going there.

It&039;s the same as it was back then.


That was easy.

We were much more desperate in the beginning.

You were the most desperate!

Oh, really?

Satsuki had already awakened her Sense when we came here, right?

Yeah, but…

back then, even though my Sense was strong, I couldn&039;t control it.

Everyone saved me.

Satsuki, wait!

The last stage is ahead, right?

It should be.

Satsuki, are you ready?

Are you feeling okay?

You&039;re acting strange today.

Don&039;t worry about me.

Let&039;s go.


-Do you remember what to do? -Yeah.

Intruders confirmed.

Entering annihilation mode.

Let&039;s go!

Melt them, Vatical!

Eternal Bullets of Flame!

That wasn&039;t very hard.

We were still at a low level back then.

The second round is coming.

We had a hard time with the fog last time.

Satsuki can blow this away with her light element now.

I&039;m counting on you.


-Satsuki? -I&039;ll do it instead!


Are you okay, Satsuki?

-I got it! -I&039;m counting on you!

Take this!

We barely made it the first time after I used the Prophet Art.

This time it was easy with just us three.

What happened? It&039;s unlike you to get caught by a Roper.

Then the two of you should&039;ve tackled this dungeon alone!

What are you saying?

I was just a little careless.

I&039;m sorry.

Do you remember anything?

No. Nothing!

Can&039;t you be more serious?

Hey. Is it okay to leave Satsuki alone?

Now that you mention it…

Let&039;s go back for now.

-Yeah. -I&039;ll get out the teleportation device.

What? If you ran out, let&039;s use mine.

No. What&039;s this?

I don&039;t remember ever putting this in my item box.

Is that the one you picked up the other day?

I left that stone at the inn.

The shape is different.

What&039;s this?

It&039;s so nostalgic.

Asahi, wait!


Takanori, what are you doing? Give it back!

This is dangerous. Don&039;t look at it.

How do you know?

My Divinity Sense is telling me it&039;s something bad.

And you passed out when you saw the same thing before.

How do you…?

The high guilds get that kind of information.

Are you trying to kill Asahi, Haruto?

You don&039;t deserve to be the one protecting Asahi.

Are you saying that you do?

I&039;ve made preparations in Re&039;Union to do that.

Unlike you.

Do you want to test that out?

Stop, you two!


Now we don&039;t have to worry about Asahi and Satsuki getting involved.


Oh, it&039;s a hot spring.

We&039;re not here to play!

But you went on a date with Satsuki.

She just came shopping with me.

And you had lunch together too!

Episode 5, "Swirling Conspiracy."

That&039;s not fair!