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I&039;m gonna leave this channel open.

And I will be listening.

You really think your people are gonna hear ya?

I gotta try.

Somebody did the same for me once.

For as long as he could.

Did it work?

It didn&039;t work.

It&039;ll work.

I repeat.

Highway 365, mile 27, heading west.

[White noise]

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&039;Morgan Begs For Help&039; Talked About Scene Ep. 411 | Fear the Walking Dead – Duration: 2:37.

[Walkers growling]


Sarah: Man.

Jimbo really boned you.

Right. So you gonna help me or what?

Depends. You gonna tell us where we&039;re going?

[Growling continues]


It&039;s I-81, exit 77-C.

Second road you pass, you go along for 10 miles.

I&039;ll tell you where we go from there once you get me there.

How do I know you&039;re telling the truth?

How do I know you&039;re actually gonna get me off of this thing?!

You gotta get us the whole way.

[Walkers growling]

You go along that road I was just telling you about

till you get to a billboard for cat food.

You turn left.

We go about five miles, and then we&039;re there.


Who&039;s going first?

W– I-I&039;ve been living in a — in a brewery

since this whole thing started.

I-I haven&039;t been out until now.

I mean, I…I don&039;t do this kind of thing.

[Scoffs] Me neither.

[Growling continues]

Sorry, Morgan.

You made it this long without us. I think you got this.


Hey, you can&039;t just turn around and — and walk away!

Sure, we can. You did.

What are you talking about?

The bridge.

We knew it wasn&039;t out.

You said you were going to help your friends,

but…guess we&039;re not the only ones

pretending to be someone we&039;re not.



[Growling continues]



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