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This is a car of extreme sensuality.

It&039;s a car that wants to be seen.

And it asks for admiration.

It asks for you to get inside.

To guide him through.

To speed it up.

It&039;s a car that requests for scream and for noise.

It&039;s a car that screams, that makes noise.

I&039;m talking about the Ford Maverick!

The scenes you are about to see are factual.

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Oh God!

Even though we see design details all around,

which are very well done,

by which you realize that the car was beautifully designed,

and received a lot of thought on it,

it&039;s details

that are very masculine.

I&039;m in need of some air, I feel out of breath.

I feel a great oppression here and I need to overcome it.

So we&039;re going to have to give it a go!


It&039;s strong.

This animal is strong.

Let&039;s go then.

It shakes great, shakes like a strong car.

This is very good!

I feel like I still could not overcome it.

There is many trucks on the road, and the smell of tires.

And it&039;s everything black inside here.

It has a hard accelerator pedal,

the clutch is also hard, and the brake pedal is too light,

all of these are confusing to me,

it&039;s confusing my head.

This car is a moving armor.

And I feel like a warrior inside here.

I feel like a warrior very well protected by the car.

This is very good.

I don&039;t feel at ease to be talking through, I just want to interact with him and understand what his secret is.

To understand what he wants to communicate to me,

because the language he is talking to me

I just do not understand.

As I feel that as I get used to his growl, to the force of his sound,

with the brutality that the car inspires, more and more pleasure starts to reach me.

That which was nasty and strange at first, suddenly it seems like I&039;ve been on the Maverick

during my entire life,

that we are very close to each other,

for a long time.

We have a car here of strong noise, with a very solid structure,

and with a contact to the ground that is just delightful.

It&039;s elegant, I&039;ll use the word elegant for describing Maverick&039;s dynamic behavior.

Can you realize this?

This gearbox gets me into trouble.

His noise is too strong.

This car makes me feel in safety like no other

that I have ever driven in my life.

I feel the most protected, the safest man here

more that I ever felt to be.

It made me get in contact to all the times that I&039;ve been oppressed throughout my entire life.

I&039;ll have to get off the high heels, I&039;ll have to stop fighting him.


I could not do it that way.

I&039;m gonna have to drive it on barefoot,

so I can feel it better

and so I don&039;t let all this sense of oppression

to control me.

I feel the car like it&039;s front wheels are on my hands, as if I have my hands on the wheels of the car through the steering wheel.

I&039;ve never realized this before, I&039;ve never felt it like this before.

It feels as if I&039;m actually touching the wheels of the car while I turn

the steering wheel of the Maverick.

The gear knob is also big, it fills the hand.

Everything here inspires and stimulates me to a sense of security and brute force, to a sense of physical strength,

to a huge sense of protection.

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Ford Ka+ grows up: Blue Oval&039;s new city car in pictures – Duration: 6:42.

Ford Ka+ grows up: Blue Oval&039;s new city car in pictures

The new Ford Ka+ isnt really a direct replacement for the outgoing Ka; its more of a super-sized city car, designed to mop up the budget end of the supermini sector, which now prioritises five-door practicality over three-door offerings.

So while the fashionista and bright young things will, Ford hopes, continue to lap up the Fiesta in increasingly premium trims, the Ka+ has been subtly repositioned to operate at the bargain bucket end of the scale.

Yes. Even Blue Oval types mention austerity brands like Dacia. Why should they hog all the sales in this fast-growing sector? one executive asked CAR. The car you see before you is their riposte to the Sandero, et al.

Its not exactly a looker, is it?. Truth be told, the new 2016 Ford Ka+ looks worse in the photographs than it does in the metal. But be under no illusion: this is not a cool, or wantonly desirable small car.

Rather this is another South American import, following in the tyre tracks of the Ecosport as the next fruits of Dearborns One Ford global car strategy. .

The Ecosport baby SUV hardly set the world alight and many titles – including CAR – criticised it for wayward dynamics and its short-cut, sub-par fit and finish. Ford vows its listened and fixed many of those launch woes.

Sales of the improved model are up 62% in the first four months of 2016. Engineers go to great lengths to claim the Ka+ has been thoroughly overhauled to make sure it meets European demands – first time round.

The new B-segment budgeteer is not even built in Latin America; its now produced in the Blue Ovals state-of-the-art factory in India. See the new Ford Ka+ at the 2016 Paris motor show. Ford Ka+ engines and specs.

The engine line-up in the Ka+ is delightfully simple. No high-tech (read pricey) EcoBoost engines here; its just a 1.2-litre petrol engine, tuned for efficiency and refinement. Two versions will be offered:.

 Launch model, 114g/km CO2, 56. 5mpg Less powerful model, coming later . Fords small-car chief Darren Palmer told CAR how the new Ka+ has been comprehensively overhauled from the South American donor product for duty in Europe.

The springs, dampers, anti-roll bar, rear torsion beam, steering set-up tyres, engine mounts and front sub-frame are all re-engineered for service here – and theres a flurry of extra sound deadening to provide a quieter cabin.


The new Ka+ is due in UK showrooms in October 2016, priced from £8995 for a Ka+ Studio 70ps. Step up to a Zetec for £9995 – or the more powerful 85ps model for £10,295. .

Although base models will be relatively stripped-out, Ford does offer a variety of equipment demanded by todays youth: air-con, Sync voice-activated systems, AppLink, parking sensors, cruise control, heated seats and more gadgets are available.

Ford has just finished building the current Ka, which was produced in a joint venture with Fiat since 2005.

This third Ka range marks yet another global twist in the ranges 20-year history; its certainly seen a lot of change since the New Edge original.

Its all about the size, stupid. The new Ford Ka+s raison dêtre is plenty of space for not much cash.

Its only 4cm shorter than the Fiesta, but 29mm taller – meaning there is genuinely loads of room inside for a car that doesnt quite broach the 4m length supermini threshold.

The boot offers 270 litres of space and there are 21 cubbies dotted about the cabin. .

CAR has sat inside the Ka+ and can vouch for the roominess on offer. Its one of the most spacious small cars weve encountered for a while – and the quality of materials impresses too.

Seems like the work that theyve done to avoid elephant hide plastic grain and hard, shiny surfaces has paid off, but this is still some way short of a VW Up for interior quality. .

It feels more like a contemporary Fiesta, rather than a cheapo Latin import.

If they really have made it handle like one too, Ford could have an appealing small car on its hands in a segment which is growing and now accounts for 22% of the European market, or around 3 million sales a year.