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Smart goals – مجموعة الوليف – السلسلة التدريبية – الهدف الذكي – الحلقة الثالثة عشر 13 – Duration: 4:49.


Welcome again to Al-Waleef training videos

In order to complete our success journey

starting by the power of decision

Then how we can cross over the weak minutes

and now we’ll learn how to build

A SMART goal

I meet many people

a cross my training sessions or some my friends

When a ask them what’s your life goal

they response i want to improve my self

this is nice and hopeful

But it’s lack of transparency with your self


My friend you should know that

any goal you assigned to achieved in your live

should have a certain steps to follow

and design your goal to fit this steps

Which we called it the SMART goal

let’s us move to the board to learn more

As we said SMART goal

has a specified terms to be followed

Specific means when you decide

to improve your self you should

clarify the field you want develop into your self

Politically, economically, socially, Administratively

you should specified the role you want to be in

Lose weight, buy something you should

Specify it.

here we have to measure our achievement process

For example

I want to improve my English language up to level 6

Level 7, It’s not logic to say that

my target is to improve my language without

mentioning your limit in order to measure your success

Achievable means the target should be able to attain

We face many people they try to achieve

unreal and almost impossible

for example

(( He said : “in considering the existing circumstances”

I want buy in two months a Rolls Royce car))

this is incorrect goal because it’ll

lead you feel frustration

you should consider your

resources while you’re putting your goals

and then you deiced if it’s achievable or not

the fourth factor is Relevant

all of us when we create a big dream or goal

For example: ” Develop your personalty,

enhance your language, dismiss some habits,

create a new habits or to read number of books

all of this goals should have a

small and tiny goals related to big ones

So if i decide that this years my goal is to read 10 book

here small steps well lead me to the big goal

so i should read daily 30 or 10 pages

Because you find some people they put goals

without any purpose just for challenging

A goal without any relevant to the major goal

Non-relevant goals

Finally Time based

that’s mean you should limit

your achievement with a time line

you want to improve your English language

by 6 months

set a time frame or their well be

loose in your efforts and potential

because people they love to delay their duty

“I will develop my self by the coming years “

“I will enhance my language skills by the coming years “

So after all of this remember the goal should be

Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and Time based

My friends we talked about

The power of decision, then

Weakness minutes and how we cross it over

and in the last

How we choose our SMART goal

I hope that’s this three steps helps you

to be a successful person in your life

and to change your life to a better conditions

Thanks a lot and see you soon