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This DV8 Angry Eye Design Grille is for those of you that have a 2007 and up JK and are

looking to change up the front of your Jeep by swapping out the grille.

Now, there are a few different angry eye grilles out there or grilles with this little eyebrow

as it&039;s sometimes called.

This one, in particular, is still going to retain that seven-slot grille look, but give

the eyebrow up top here, give you a little bit different contour to the rest of the grille.

And this comes in a sort of glossy textured finish or in a white which is a more paint-able

finish, so you do have a couple of options there.

Some of the other grilles out there that will give you this angry eye look, delete the seven-slot


They&039;ll give you a mesh section up front there that you can put different inserts in, like

the Rugged Ridge option and that one&039;s gonna be a little more expensive.

This one&039;s going to be a little bit simpler, not change up the front of the Jeep as much,

but still give you a completely different look for a few dollars less.

Now, I know that this is one of those items that is very polarizing.

You either love it or you hate it and a lot of people don&039;t like what this does to the

otherwise iconic front grille of your Jeep.

However, if you are one of the people that likes this look, if you wanna change up your

jeep, you don&039;t want it to look like all of the other ones from the factory, then I do

think this going to be a pretty good option when it comes to angry eye grilles.

Because, again, it&039;s fairly simple, a little bit lower price than some of the other ones,

but it still gets the job done of changing the look of the front of your Jeep.

As far as the construction, this is made of an ABS plastic which is going to be very durable.

You&039;re not going to be able to get a crack in this if you catch a rock chip or anything

like that.

That ABS is gonna hold up really well.

And it&039;s also going to be something that isn&039;t going to fade over time in the sun.

It&039;s gonna keep this black look for a good long time.

As I said, this is available in both this textured black finish and also a white paint-able

finish, so you have a couple of different options there.

I&039;m gonna give this installation a very simple one out of three wrenches and you should be

able to get this bolted onto your Jeep in right about an hour if not less.

The first step is, of course, removing your factory grille.

And you&039;ll do that by giving the turn signal sockets a quarter turn and removing them from

the housing, removing the plastic clips across the top of the grille, and then just giving

the grille a pull to release the metal clips along the bottom.

Then you can remove those turn signal housings from your factory grille, install them in

your DV8 grille and go ahead and set the grille on the front of the Jeep, replacing the plastic

clips along the top.

Finally, there are going to be two screws that you&039;ll have to attach through your new

grille into your core support to make sure everything is held firmly in place.

After that, it&039;s just a matter of reinserting your turn signal sockets into the back of

those factory housings and you&039;re finished.

So this grille is gonna run you right around $220 and that is going to be less than the

Rugged Ridge option and also less than the Wild Boar option.

So it&039;s going to be one of the less expensive grilles that are out there on the market.

It&039;s still going to install easily, it&039;s still going to give you that aftermarket styling

that you&039;re after and it does appear to be a pretty well-built grille, especially for

the cost.

So if you&039;re looking for something a little bit more budget-friendly, maybe without as

many features as some of those other grilles, I think this is going to be the way to go

to save a little bit of money.

So if you&039;re looking for an angry eye grille to change up the look of your Jeep, I would

definitely recommend taking a look at this one from DV8 that you can find right here


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Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Replacement Exhaust Manifold (2007-2011 3.8L JK) Review – Duration: 3:44.

This Rugged Ridge Replacement Exhaust Manifold is for those of you that have a 2007 to 2011

JK with the 3.8-liter engine and are looking for replacement exhaust manifold because yours

is cracked or otherwise rusted out.

If you&039;re somebody who does a lot of deep water crossings, plays in a lot of mud, when

you have a very hot exhaust manifold making contact those very cold liquids, you can often

times get a crack.

And it&039;s not often easy to fix an exhaust manifold by welding it.

You&039;ll end up with a very strong section when it&039;s welded and you&039;ll just end up with a

new crack right next to your weld.

So, replacement is often the best option.

These are, of course, available from both the driver and the passenger side of your

3.8-liter and you can also get this as a pair if you need both of them.

These are also available in stainless steel.

So if you&039;re looking to keep the rust at bay, you don&039;t wanna go with a mild steel manifold

like it was on your jeep from the factory.

You can upgrade to the stainless but, of course, it is going to be more expensive.

This manifold is going to be cast iron.

It is going to be a direct replacement for your factory exhaust manifold, so you&039;re not

going to get any sort of benefits out of this like you would a header.

Oftentimes, a header has a slightly larger port, it has a different design to allow greater

flow, it might be something similar to a long tube header which is designed to give you

some additional torque and/or horsepower.

This is just going to be a straight replacement.

It&039;s not going to be any additional power or any additional benefits.

However, this is going to save you some money over going to Mopar for a factory OEM replacement.

The install for this header is going to be a little bit of an involved process and I

am going to give it a two out of three wrenches.

You&039;re going to need pretty much every tool in your toolbox in order to get this installed.

The process really starts by doing the disassembly, removing your collector off the end your exhaust


You&039;re going to have to remove all of the bolts that are holding the manifold in place

and then replace it with the new manifold and a new gasket while you&039;re at it.

Now, you can run into a lot of issues when you&039;re working with exhaust because you will

have some rust on it.

And often times, its bolts and the studs get brittle and also rusted, so you can end up

with some broken bolts.

It&039;s definitely a good idea to spray everything with a good penetrating oil well before you

get started with this install to help avoid any of that breakage.

Now, getting the old exhaust manifold off and getting the new one on is really just

a matter of a couple of bolts but the difficult part, the time-consuming part comes from removing

everything else that you might need to remove to get to this location because it is going

to be a little bit tight in there.

You&039;re gonna have to work from both the top and the bottom side of the engine.

If this is not something you&039;re comfortable with, I would definitely recommend taking

your jeep to a shop and having them install this.

It will probably save you some headaches.

This manifold will run you right around $150 for one and about double that for the pair

which you would expect.

And again, this is gonna be less expensive than if you are to go Mopar and get a replacement

exhaust manifold.

These are also going to be less expensive than the stainless version from Rugged Ridge.

But either way, they are going to get the job done.

They&039;re going to be as similar as you can possibly get to and OEM exhaust manifold.

And if you&039;re looking for a replacement, I think this is going to be a really good way

to go to save you a few dollars.

So, if you need to replace your exhaust manifold, I would definitely recommend taking a look

at this one from Rugged Ridge that you can find right here at

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Jeep Wrangler Alterum Jeep Logo Elite Front Floor Mats (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install – Duration: 3:11.

These Jeep logo elite front floor mats are for those of you that have a 1987 and up Wrangler

and are looking to add some floor mats to both protect your interior and also change

up the look of your Jeep a little bit.

In general, a floor mat will give your Jeep a little bit more of a finished look, and

these ones have the Jeep logo on them.

So, if you&039;re looking to add a little bit more branding to your Wrangler, this is going

to be a good way to do it, all while keeping the cost down a little bit.

This is going to be what&039;s known as a universal fit floor mat.

So, as opposed to the Husky, the Rugged Ridge, the WeatherTech floor mats that are all molded

specifically for your year and body style of Wrangler, these are going to be something

that aren&039;t going to fit quite as tightly, but it&039;s also going to keep the cost down,

as I said.

These aren&039;t going to have sides that wrap up on them.

So, if you have any sort of melting snow, if you have a coffee spill in your Jeep, these

aren&039;t going to contain that quite as well, but for your normal, everyday wear and tear

and dirt that you might have on your shoes as you&039;re getting in and out of your Jeep,

these are going to add that protection and, as I said before, they are going to change

up the look all for less than some of those premium brands.

Because these are a universal fit floor mat, they do have rubber nibs on the bottom which

is going to help to keep them locked in place in that factory carpet.

Of course, worst case scenario with the floor mat is that it slides up underneath the pedals

and can get in the way while you&039;re driving, and these nibs are designed to keep everything

in place, keep them from moving around.

They do have a little bit of a textured design that&039;s gonna help with grip.

It is gonna help to hold a little bit of moisture and also that dirt.

Lock it into the mat so it&039;s not gonna be moving around on you.

You can then take out the mat, shake it off, hose it off, whatever you wanna do to clean


And this does have the Jeep logo on it.

In general, when you&039;re purchasing anything that has the Jeep logo on it, you can expect

to pay a premium.

However, these, because they are a universal fit floor mat, they are still going to be

some of the least expensive floor mats that you can get on the market, and they still

do have that Jeep logo.

I hesitate to say that you even install this set of floor mats.

You really just set them in place.

The whole process isn&039;t gonna take you more than five minutes to complete, especially

with these because there is no other type of retention.

You really just lay them down on the carpet, and that&039;s it.

As I said a couple times now, these are going to be one of the least expensive floor mats

that we have on this site, and they come in at right around $40 for the pair.

When you are getting something that has a Jeep logo on it, in general, you have to pay

a premium for that, but these are still going to be less expensive than a lot of the other

ones because they&039;re not going to be specifically fit for your specific Jeep, and they don&039;t

have big sides on them that are going to contain spills.

So, if you&039;re looking for a lighter level of protection, you want that Jeep logo, and

you wanna save some money, then I think this is going to be a good buy.

So, if you&039;re looking for an inexpensive Jeep branded floor mat, I would definitely recommend

taking a look at these ones that you can find right here at

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Jeep spruces up Grand Cherokee range for its 75th birthday – Duration: 3:56.

Jeep spruces up Grand Cherokee range for its 75th birthday

Premium SUVs are hot property right now, with cars like the Volvo XC90 and Jaguar F-Pace stealing the limelight with good looks and luxurious cabins.

In the meantime, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has stood in the background, mainly because competition is so strong.

To celebrate Jeep’s 75th birthday, though, the flagship Grand Cherokee has been treated to a little treatment with tweaks to the range including a couple of new trim levels and improved economy figures.

Not an awful lot. The 2016 Grand Cherokee now comes with a stop-start system and electric steering, which has brought down CO2 emissions to 184g/km and boosted fuel economy to 40.4mpg for the 30 CRD diesel. .

There are a few new colours to choose from too, and acoustic glass has been added to improve refinement on the move. What about the 75th Anniversary edition?.

You’ll have to be quick if you want one of these. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 75th Anniversary (pictured above) is limited to 125 examples in the UK, while there will only be 30 SRT Night models to get your hands on. .

The 75th Anniversary model is powered by the familiar 30-litre V6 diesel mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Birthday treats include bronze exterior detailing, 20-inch bronze-coloured alloy wheels, a panoramic sunroof, black leather seats with orange stitching and plenty of 75th Anniversary badges dotted around the car to remind you what you’ve bought.

And the SRT Night – is it as good as it sounds?.

You may have guessed the SRT Night (above) is based on the bonkers Grand Cherokee SRT, powered by a 6.4-litre V8 engine producing 468hp and a huge 460lb ft of torque.

There’s a smattering of matt black detailing on the outside, 20-inch black alloys with Brembo brakes and a black interior to match. .

Jeep’s so-called Performance Pages have been added to the UConnect touchscreen infotainment system, where you can select various driving modes and features, including performance timers and gauges if you really want to make use of all 468hp and drain your bank account in the process.

When can I buy them?. The 2016 model year range is available now from £45,050, while the 75th Anniversary costs £50,550 and the SRT Night will set you back £69,865. .