Auto news on Youtube Aug 15 2018

Hey this is Joe Maza Your Neighborhood Car Guy at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet. Today

I’ll be showing you how to save your presets on your 2018 Chevy MyLink screen.

Alright so the way that we’re gonna find our radio is we’re going to look on our

Chevy MyLink screen and find the “Audio” button and press it. The way that we

switch between AM FM or SXM radio is we’re going to find this little radio

button and we can press that button and it’ll switch between AM FM or SXM,

Sirius satellite radio. The way that we preset a station is that we find the one

that we want to set it to. We press and hold, you’ll hear a beep that lets you

know that it has now been set. You can save up to 60 different stations and you

can scroll left and right to do that or you can bring it up and you can slide

left and right all the way up to 60.

You can tune between the different stations by either [direct] tuning and choosing

what you want.

Or you can just do it the old-fashioned way by pressing the button and going

through each station. And I’ll go ahead and set one more so you can see it again>

Let me get back to the first page and I’m gonna go ahead and save this to

five. Alright and you can switch between them either by pressing the

buttons or you can use the left side of the steering wheel there’s two buttons

on the back that you’ll feel with your hand and you can switch between them

until you find the station you want. And then, on the right side is the volume

control so you can turn up the volume or lower the volume. For your passengers,

they have the little knob right in the center that lets them turn it up or down.

Alright thanks for watching my quick overview of how to preset your radio if

you have any questions about your Chevy MyLink radio or any of the other

features, comment below. Come see me down at Jeff Gordon

Chevrolet and I’ll look forward to seeing you. Have a great day!