Auto news on Youtube Aug 11 2017

The Stage 1 Power Pack from Ford Performance should appeal to both manual and automatic

GT owners alike, who are looking to make a little bit more power over the factory calibration

using two incredibly simple modifications, a drop-in K&N filter along with the Ford Performance

ProCal Tool and calibration.

Now this kit will be 50 state emissions legal, it will require the use of 91 octane or higher

fuel, and it will retain that factory powertrain warranty if installed by an authorized tech

or dealer.

Prospective buyers can look forward to gains of 13 horsepower, 16 foot pounds of torque

at the wheels, mind you, and even larger gains underneath the curve.

As far as pricing, the power pack will be comparable to other tuning options on the

site at around that $500 price point and will get a simple one out three wrenches on the

difficulty meter from me, when it comes time to talk about the installation, which we will

do so in a little bit.

Now I just mentioned those advertised gains from Ford Performance, but we wanted to put

those to the test on our very own Dyno Jet, so we established a baseline run using out

manual 2015 GT, then dropped in the K&N filter, flashed the car with a ProCal Tool, re-ran

out GT, and here are those results.

Our baseline run using our manual GT gave us 382 horsepower, 359 foot pounds of torque

at the rear wheels.

With the Ford Performance Stage 1 Power Pack installed, the car is now making 395 horsepower

and 380 foot pounds of torque at the rear wheels, which is good for peak gains of 13

horsepower and 21 foot pounds of torque at the rear wheels and gains of as much as 34

pounds of torque under the curve.

As you guys can see, our numbers lined up pretty closely with the advertised Ford Performance

numbers, in fact, we nailed the horsepower right on the nose and we actually made five

more foot pounds of torque compared to those advertised numbers, which is always a good

thing to point out.

Our numbers under the curve weren’t as impressive, 30 foot pounds compared to the advertised

40, which is still a great number, don’t get me wrong, and that’s what you’re gonna feel

under normal driving situations, like to like things like that.

Now in addition to the power gain, Ford Performance does claim some other benefits here using

their stage one kit, but more specifically, their calibration in ProCal Tool.

Now stick cars will look forward to the cool, no lift feature which just basically means

you guys can leave your foot planted to the floor while banging those gears.

You’re also looking at slightly improved throttle response as well.

Automatic cars on the other hand, do see a slightly different shift schedule and firmer

shifts overall, always a nice thing to point out there.

Now both auto and stick cars can use the ProCal tool to read diagnostic trouble codes and

you can also use this thing to re-calibrate your speedometer if and when you do swap out

gears down the road up to a 409 gear ratio to be exact.

I do wanna point out that the ProCal tool is not a traditional tuner in the sense there’s

not screen, no buttons, anything like that.

You simply just plug in this thing into your car’s OBD-II port using included USB cable

to tap your laptop into this thing, and then from there just making all of the magic happen.

If you did want to look into a fancier device to get the on-board data logging, the real

time monitoring, all the fancy bells and whistles essentially, you’re gonna need to start looking

at a different device on the site here either for SET or DiabloSport, but keep in mind guys

those options don’t come with the warranty benefits that the Ford Performance Stage One

power pack is offering.

Let’s switch our focus away from the ProCal Tool here, over to the K&N high flow oil drop

in filter.

Apparently guys at Ford Performance deemed the factory filter inadequate and therefore

felt a need to include a high flow option from one of the most trusted names in the


That K&N filter will drop right into your factory air-box without modification.

It is washable, it is reusable, gonna save you a few bucks in the long run compared to

throwing out those paper element filters every year or so.

One thing to keep in mind here guys, just follow K&N’s strict washing and re-oiling

procedures very closely, this way you can enjoy years of hassle free performance from

the K&N on your S550 GT.

But at the end of the day guys, you can see this is an extremely simple power pack from

Ford Performance.

If you did crave a little bit more power, the guys over at Ford Performance do offer

a couple more power packs.

Their stage two is going to toss in the GT 350 cold air intake along with the throttle

body and calibration, or you can kick it up an notch and even check out the Stage Three

power pack which will include everything in the stage two in addition to the GT 350 intake

manifold for big high RPN gains.

Now of course the higher the power pack, the more you can expect to spend.

The big boy stage three power pack, it’s gonna set you back nearly two Gs, while the stage

two, I think, is very affordable.

You can have GT 350 cold air along the throttle body and calibration for the high of $700

price point, which again I think is very reasonable.

Obviously though guys the stage one is gonna be your most affordable here on the site at

right round the $500 price point.

But as promised let’s quickly touch on the installation here and as I pointed out at

the very top of this video, guys, very simple stuff.

One out of 3 wrenches on the difficulty meter, maybe 30 minutes to an hour to swap out your

filter and upload the calibration.

If you guys are going to be taking care of the install and not your local dealer, then

you will need to have a laptop on hand before getting started with the installation to plug

into you ProCal device.

A little piece of advice for you here, guys, go to to register

your ProCal, and download the necessary software before getting started with this install.

Once you have your software downloaded and the ProCal ready to go, head out to your car,

pop the hood and pop open that factory air-box releasing the two clips, you don’t need any

tools for this, to unveil that factory filter, toss that thing in the trash, drop in the

K&N and that portion of the install is complete.

Now with the filter installed, hop in the car with your laptop and ProCal and plug the

actual device into your car’s OBD-II port.

At this point wait for everything to power on, and you will notice that the ProCal will

ask to read your VIN along with asking for your calibration code.

Once you make your selections, go ahead and program the vehicle, and just reference the

little gauge on the actual screen, it will alert you when the upload has been completed.

At this point unplug everything and your installation is complete.

Wrapping things up here, guys, the Ford Performance Stage 1 Power Pack will deliver a noticeable

increase in power and throttle response, while being extremely easy to install.

Factor in the ability to maintain that factory warranty and you’ve got a very appealing package

for owners who aren’t concerned with making a ton of extra power.

That is my review here of the Ford Performance Stage 1 Power Pack which you can grab right

here at