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To teleport you to my ship

You think you can assault plumbers that just walk away

Actually yes


Potted hyperdrive spinning up you&039;re not getting away again

Very only just get me away from here


Can&039;t believe you just drink up a um

lamb and sardine

Land sardine smooth meat smoothies aren&039;t man food a meat. Smoothie is pretty much the definition of baby food

Now that you mention it oh

Yeah now I remember

What&039;s wrong

What do you got it, it&039;s like he said agra girl was here

We set a trap for him brought four squads of our best men Prince. He must have brought rad with him

He stopped here to call his ship down

You can see where the plumbers waited for him


Yeah, he didn&039;t system

Look at where the sand shiny. That&039;s from the transmat beam. He used to travel up to his ship

I&039;ve got to save those aliens from Agra Gor he&039;s halfway across the galaxy by now

Not in that ship. He is it I shot out his hyperdrive. It was Gipp. Probably less the rate

It&039;s leaking he has to land for repairs

But you&039;ve got a couple minutes to talk to me in private right sure think he can manage mad

depending on why a

Grigore is an awesome ocean like me maybe I just feel


Our responsibility is to Ben he promised. I&039;m not entirely trustworthy


Was about to come looking for you kid

Ambush get him hard

Then how did you magnets for what it&039;s worth you were

Bring in the prisoners said they&039;re holding pens up right here

Nothing I can&039;t find a trace of them Gwen

I think they want us to pull over

The Air Force has assigned me to handle all of the weird stuff

weird stuff

aliens monsters


You know that three hours ago someone set off the old security system. We sent troops to investigate, but they&039;re being kept away by bees

They&039;ve got a kernel error. I&039;m not very good with rank

How&039;d you get in here? Where&039;s my I took it from you before I arrived

disgusting things

Entropy pump the power source of my old time portal which was not by the way a failed experiment

He intends to use it for his own purpose. Why don&039;t you just go back in time and destroy the engine or something?

Traveling in time weakens the fabric of space the reality in Los Soledad is already paper-thin

I&039;m a time traveler. How do you know? I won&039;t eventually say it first

All right, then you and your team can give it a try, but if you fail

Try to remember who your friends are hey if you&039;re giving out free future advice

I want some I could tell you not to lean against the chronal randomization


Yeah, we are

Who wants to go save the world?

But we&039;re dependable

Good call with no soldiers around we could go all-out

You said all that

If the rate we&039;re going we&039;ll be inside before a grigory even knows we&039;re here I need more time


What&039;s wrong with that I know dalip EGIS doesn&039;t even know how to fight

It&039;s just waste bivalvan egregore must have transported him away



My other buddies. I look sharp

and remember first I

Continue to take them back to Ausmus

But you forced me to improvise

You&039;re overloading that entropy pump in a few minutes. It&039;ll blow

not without more power

You can&039;t do that is that why you it&039;s not a lie

It happened to me when I was a kid. You won&039;t be able to help yourself. You won&039;t be

No soul

Good work, man that&039;s because my plan succeeded


No, thanks, necessary

This is the part where you give up?

Always welcomes well anyway, this is our stop

What was so important it couldn&039;t wait until after my interview, and I was hoping to keep it that way

So far I&039;ve been able to deal with them without your folks knowing what&039;s going on, but now

Well, I can&039;t do this alone. It&039;s how they want to play it fine one of those creeps comes after our families

We put him down permanently

meaning what you

Know exactly what I mean

Well he&039;s not and I don&039;t know about you could help is so hard to find

Particularly if you carefully bury the remains

Yeah, yeah, are we done it? I need the best at my back and that&039;s you too. It&039;s what we do now

Every time I did my attacks Tennyson&039;s home. They&039;re beaten

Everything okay, my body and spirit are in total balance son

What next

See what&039;d I tell you pretty easy to take down now so

Who wants first crack at him only way to get to him ugly?

I&039;ve waited a long time for a rematch careful what you wish for

Hey clown left this one off

You&039;ll get your chance on cross

Yes, you used to be afraid of clowns, don&039;t you remember?

Huh doesn&039;t ring a bell

We fight a lot of people

scared of clowns


So much for team wok I

Could have finally finished Gwen off if you just let me

I&039;m better off on my own into Tennyson and company we&039;re listening clown

Either of you ever heard the term

Div. I know that I don&039;t enjoy your company when but you really didn&039;t have to come along with me

Oh, we don&039;t spend nearly enough time together aunt Sandra. I wouldn&039;t have missed this for the world

You have a warm spirit going on. I&039;ll keep you safe. I&039;m the adult here. I should

Stay behind my super-powered niece carry on

Done this dance before remember it never ends well for you there time

Or any trick won&039;t work this time

Come on we got what we came for I haven&039;t not yet


It&039;s not your mother they kidnapped if it was I wouldn&039;t stand here blaming people I&039;d go get her back

The mean

Okay across my mind

Kevin we&039;re here to rescue my aunt not take the law into our own hands got it. How is this supposed to be fun?

Kind of like what I&039;m gonna do to you


Where&039;s my mother for Calais where you&039;ll never find her I

Cheat where&039;s Ben&039;s mom Oh like I just tell you

One says I never take her anywhere fun. Oh

Gwenny gwenny gwenny, gwenny. You&039;re wasting

Kill your tongue with an army behind you volcanus

Stop talking

Nice work, but that&039;s exactly what I had in mind

See this isn&039;t just about beating your cousin. It&039;s about making him suffer

after that the Rope will burn through

Then passed the work to every lowlife, you know you want to come after Ben or Kevin or May fine

That&039;s the life you chose

That&039;s one of our loved ones or hurts one of our loved ones or even bumps into someone

We love in the street. This is what awaits you?

Thank you, but process sugar is poison

Hey guys Gwen mom came to an understanding



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Ben 10 Best Cartoon For Kids Episode 56 – Morgan Gibbs – Duration: 16:59.

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newcomer julie yamamoto is as much point



nice game julie how would you know

I&039;m sorry it won&039;t happen again it better not

the finals are in three hours that should be enough time for you to figure out, how to make this up to her

and by doing so we revealed our intentions to our enemies and

lost our sole remaining plasma beam tank we didn&039;t lose his soya this rut amuses


Can see that if i&039;m ever to restore the honor of this

Okay, so i was a little late i was kind of busy and this tournament is important to her if we&039;re doing important

maybe we could try figure it out but this is julie&039;s first professional tournament

we should be supporting her she should be the center of attention especially from ben

What are you doing i was thinking but it&039;s sumo slammers in 3d

Then it&039;s their first live-action movie everybody knows live-action is better than cartoons

on account of them one do

you work hard you deserve to treat yourself every now and then

tell you what i&039;ll go with kevin and keep an eye out for those forever knights


Where have you been julie&039;s match is about to start i&039;m here hello kevin hope i didn&039;t keep you waiting

didn&039;t i just see you with gwen i guess so

Didn&039;t you want to go investigate the forever knights robbery and you&039;re important, to me my good friend

let&039;s go

something&039;s definitely wrong here but so far it&039;s working out for me

Go julie

julie yamamoto is number one baby

hey other girl you&039;re a terrible tennis player and my girlfriend&039;s gonna kick your butt

Ben any comment on wolverines editorials he says you&039;re a menace yeah i say tvs a dead medium

Sorry man you know it&039;s true

would you mind we&039;ll talk later sorry raph i

say, we stake out the museum and wait till they try

what do i have corn dog on my face

no, i&039;m just thinking about how long we&039;ve known each other i

Talk about my feelings all the time like when i&039;m mad or hungry or when i have to go to the bathroom not

To mention there&039;s probably still unresolved tension from

Ah i can&039;t believe i blew that last shot it&039;s okay you&039;re still ahead just remove shoot go away

especially you

All julie wanted was a little support but no you&039;re too busy being a celebrity chick magnet

plant the device

And of course we haven&039;t even begun to unpack the team&039;s

Interpersonal dynamics what with your relationship with gwen who is after all my cousin i&039;m truly sorry

stop understanding


apologizing stop talking about your feelings i just want to find some forever nights and pal major

dangerous they can burn a hole through ten feet of solid it must be the nights we better suit up

Who dares intrude

okay but sure we work towards a consensus that lets us both feel invested in the flange forget it

when did you get, to be such a baby will it hurt

But the signs clearly say do not touch the exhibits

Signs that&039;s the best you got where&039;s the usual smack talk

there were aliens in central america they came for the scenery but they stayed for the chocolate

Hello i hate to interrupt everyone&039;s evening is everyone having a good time i think i feel a knot on my way?

heads up one side hero stuff to do

Where&039;s the other us what am i a gps

three of you the more the ilaria boys it&039;s slammer time

this is a lot less fun than i thought it would be

time for a meeting of the minds



Thanks you should have been there and by that i mean you should have been there

okay gwen

Ben i know you&039;re all fighting bad guys

actually i already saw it when

during your match


Whatever you&039;re selling we don&039;t want any i never trifled with you guys in fact i&039;m here to help i&039;m selling insurance

peace of mind for just a hundred thousand dollars a month i can guarantee that this castle won&039;t fall down

not friendship

wow ben looks like quite a big turnout from your fans the wanna bands

thanks chet but the real fans prefer to be called ben attics and

you know not forgetting you

some sake charity events like this or a poor apology for the damage caused by your various battle good man

kind of tastes like filler

music there&039;s a door right there if you&039;re done with your interview

for the record this is a total coincidence

hey i was gonna ask the store if i could have that


Really appreciate all the attention but this is not the best time could you try and take this a little more seriously

what really that&039;s what grabs your attention not that they just show up smoothie machine and the collectible cups

nobody cares about your cups what&039;s next

She offered i&039;m being polite

Forever knights huh i thought you were gonna ask me about the trans-fat conspiracy the government wants us tea i bought a goat action figure

okay nerds i&039;m out of cookies what about the forever knights i know they&039;ve been acting weird for weird all right

why don&039;t we just ask them what&039;s going on

The forever knights operate in absolute secrecy to get in contact with one of their leaders would take james old frame them sorry

james i must go


we&039;ll need an address jimmy

this is the place all right

it turns out another castle was knocked down last month they say they were remodeling yeah right

jimmy are you ready for gymnastics cray i&039;ll get him back

don&039;t bother we&039;re here

Down the hardware boys these are my friends go clean my room the pigsty in there

great, to see you guys all

right argit what&039;s the scam

Scam oh i&039;m hurt deeply hurt

Right there&039;s got, to be a catch look you know i love money more than anything in the world what?

did you say almost anything in the world meet my new best buddy andreas

Why don&039;t you take you&039;re staring him we&039;re scaring, him

easy big guy it&039;s okay this is the friends


margit is andres his friend

andreas moves through rock like we walk through air and he can make earthquakes

Making them know they chose to work for me so nothing bad happens to their nice castles i&039;m providing a service

this is totally wrong you know what a concrete fist tastes like

face it ted no one can match up against my big buddy edge flunking nobody barges into my castle your

Castle so this is your castle is it it sure is who the heck

now wait a minute big fella let&039;s not get hasty i said dagonet i&039;m here to restore the honor of the forever knights which

So bottom line you want me to stop being king of this castle instead

that army

Stick you lessly soft and luxurious robe to make it look like i&039;m the one in charge


You think anyone&039;s dumb enough to believe that or dagonet the greatest warrior ever born i totally knew who you were i mean who doesn&039;t

we&039;re pals now right

hey wait

What&039;s gonna happen to andreas the monster

We&039;re forever knights we slay monsters i think i still have one of your quills in my butt oh?

i&039;m surprised your money didn&039;t protect you she ever gonna drop that nope never yeah

They&039;re doing what yeah yeah dagon it said they&039;re gonna execute him summarily and that&039;s the worst kind

We have to save him please

He&039;s my best friend

come on oh george well i&039;ve got other plans

what do you think you&039;re going i was scouting her escape route taking point near that&039;s the most dangerous piece a

space furman hi guys remember all the fun we had with the smoothie machine and everything

this, way big fella justice stone

Ruined but there&039;s still a way to use it to kill the being, so helpful knights, to me

There&039;s no escape for the guilty the sentence will be carried up

All been andreas could absorb the whole thing no

he&039;s a big boy let him decide andreas can you hold that bomb realty joke ever

No i lost everything do you know how much money i had in there

None of you know you wouldn&039;t



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