Auto news on Youtube Apr 29 2018

Hello everybody! Yes, that&039;s me!

I&039;m in the Kia Euromotor dealership

as you can see by that Kia logo down there

That&039;s our gear

And this is the car we&039;re going to drive for a couple of days

White, like the one that just passed by

I have a stupid friend

He left me 30 minutes ago

He&039;s having issues with some paperworks

and he wanted me to go there

bringing down there every bag I have on myself right now, plus all of this:

I guess you can see it

two tripods and two heavy bags

Bart, are you here?

No, he&039;s not here

Bart, are you here?

No, he&039;s not here

Bart, are you her…no, silly me, you couldn&039;t get in here

Bart, where the hell are you?!

Well, what can I say?

I&039;m in the showroom since…

unbelievable, he&039;s calling me right now

Tell me


Are you amused by your bad parking?

Very bad!

Let me greet a friend


You arrogant folks, you parked in a forbidden area

Yes, he&039;s working on it

Looks cool in white

Yes, the opposite of our initial thoughts

It looks very nice!

Which was your first thought?

Well, it could&039;ve looked like an Italian taxi!

Yes, but this is a different white, a nice tone!

Why did you stop the music?

I&039;m turning the cameras on

One, two, three!

Ok Enzo&039;s GoPro is recording, can you press REC on Carlo&039;s one?

Is it recording?

I think you turned it off bro

Hello We Drive followers! Welcome into the Kia Stinger for a new video!

This is a focus about the driving assistance systems

No hands, let&039;s see!

An orange light comes on, you see?

Now Carlo is surpassing us

And the orange light on the side mirror comes on

I found a skull in the car


The back A/C zone looks like a skull!


Let&039;s stop at the next gas station

so we can film the rear camera scene. Ok

No, scratch that, let&039;s do it in Polignano. Let&039;s go to Polignano!

We are headed to Polignano. Let&039;s go to Polignano!

Giuseppe, control the camera!

* Sings Imperial March *

We were filming, but now we are stuck in the traffic

We are stuck between Polignano and Mola di Bari

A real struggle!

We found a perfect location just outside Mola di Bari

we filmed a test drive in Italian and one in English for the first time

let&039;s give it a try!

We are going to film the intro, where we are going to show…

Carlo is taking some photos

You look beautiful! Beautiful! Good! Like this! Look in the camera!

Make love with the camera! You are beautiful!

Am I beautiful, too?

You are!

You need to see these pics!

Let&039;s put it in screen

Ok, this filming day is almost over

We need to film some b-roll of the exterior of the car

We&039;ll film them later on this week

Look how beautiful it is!

Carlo and Giuseppe are filming the intro of the video

And I was thinking: we&039;ll have the car for 4 days, we are 5 in We Drive

and guess who&039;s not going to have it for a day?


So I&039;ll take my revenge

thanks to a nice feature of the Stinger!

Goodbye Carlo, goodbye Giuseppe!

Well, we are waiting for Giuseppe with the Stinger

today we are going to shoot static b-rolls, and dynamic ones, too!

Yesterday we couldn&039;t do it because of many accidents on the road

So we are shooting them today in Mola di Bari!

We are about to start shooting

Here&039;s a little bridge, called slider

And there&039;s the Stinger, all alone!

Dear viewers, you need to know that our camera operator

our director, our Fra is a genius

He couldn&039;t put the slider inside the car

so he decided to film some sliding scenes with a gimbal

while sitting on an electric moving seat

Start, wait, you go first Carlo

Go Giuseppe

Change the different driving modes

Go back

Go Giuseppe

Go Carlo

Go. Go. Go. Go.

It has heated seats in the back!

Yes! The front ones are heated and you can also &039;&039;vent&039;&039; them

&039;&039;Vent them&039;&039;

While Enzo is investigating in the holes and the center of gravity of the car

the Jedi mind tricks of Giuseppe keep on going

Ok, enough, or people will start to imitate me

Let&039;s discover the technological cameras of the Kia Stinger

Let&039;s see the rear one

You should close it

Now I&039;m going to run over him

Do it

Goodbye Carlo!

We did it!


&039;&039;Hello one and all welcome to Seen Through Glass!&039;&039;

Ok, we just finished shooting the static b-rolls

And now we&039;re going back to Bari for some nice dynamic b-rolls!

Bart came here to give back the Stinger to Kia

Our experience ends here

so let&039;s go hug her for the last time