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Podcast thursday, may 25th 10:30 4 p.m.. There meteor strike

there it is

News yes scoop, no come on the least you can, do is bloom or something

Let me tell you something 7-7 intergalactic bounty hunter for hire


The difference between me and a pile of boards

Well i guess, that, about wraps things up

Cover this on your website guys i’ve got real news i intercepted the vanguard of an alien invasion

and stopped it before it could start or didn’t happen i

Had video but i think the plant must have taken it when it retreated

Back into the cave i figured you’d, want to check, my work

Still in the shop but think you can, give us a ride


Alien, invasion

No, put it but he, was here like a pod or a bulb from space

Sometimes when i eat late at night i have nightmares so real i wake up hitting the ultimatrix

No, thanks i’m allergic let’s get you home

And who uses water jimmy plants that’s, who i’m not imagining this

Your will is my command

If the water table graphs aren’t enough to convince you, what do you have to say, about this

Receipt this is a shadowy blob no credible person, would ever take this as real proof

Jimmy, joe billy an invasion to take over the entire earth uh i didn’t say, he

Was leading it i said he may, be involved he needs our help

What no, no i’m telling the truth

Well it’s certainly the truth that if someone who claims to be been medicine’s friend, would be traveling i love this


Wish you’d just come to me jimmy but, my mom, says i’m supposed to clean my room it’s a, mess bye

Don’t run, away, from me jimmy

Why are you running your email adresses been bad one?

Real reporter follows his hunches i have a hunch i wouldn’t live to post my story

Let’s get a beat and talk about our feelings i need a hug

call gwen tennyson

where are you

He’s right everything is going

Why, don’t, we all get in?

Be happy to silence this creature once and for all the master wants to know, why it couldn’t

Absorb him earlier if there are others with his natural resistance, we need to know. How it works

You’re, not bad at all or gwen and kevin so fun the world will be a garden and everything will be perfect

yes master

This, thing made a perfect plant copy of you including your dna

The humans are free

Destroy them i’m gonna enjoy this not nearly as much

Ice work kid i don’t think so

um guys, my reporters gut, is telling, me this isn’t quite over i

Can’t let a battle pun be the last thing i hear

That’s it i’m totally going weed whacker on this thing?

we will

Jimmy you’re a real reporter

Yeah, from now on we’ll know to take you seriously no?

Save yourself, some embarrassment

Kevin concede, my speed are you, kidding, me tennyson i’m still in second gear want to make this interesting last

One to the campsite has to do the cooking you’re on i want pancakes

Is this really necessary

Looks, like an escape pod out

I don’t recognize the design careful, whatever’s inside might be disoriented and dangerous

you, don’t remember anything not before i woke up and met the three of you i

Don’t sense any injuries

Maybe, we should call her the vermin whisperer of course you can you have to go


If she wants to stay who are, we to say, no maybe we can, help you get your memory, back a

Minute ago, you were trying to get out of camping and now it’s gonna be fun are you working, some kind of angle

Gwen i know it’s important to you that, we all spend, some quality time together

You’d, be surprised i’m sorry for tagging along i hope i’m not intruding

you’re, not you’re fun to be around i


Brought, some stuff to make batter if we’re lucky we’re having

A fish fry tonight we’re going to capture fish, and eat them i can’t, do that i’m sorry

It’s fun ben grandpa max said to gwen that’s, why, i ride sidesaddle

That’s not how, it happened it’s funnier the way i told it

Squirrels nothing but point, what about

Julie she was only a little too good-looking for me just barely in your range but. Okay, that’s not what i mean?

You’re, lucky to have your grandpa i don’t even know if i have a family

I’m sorry, won’t happen, again i said it was awful i didn’t say stop


Figured you’d explain it to me later, fair enough come on the ravine is up this, way

It’s not far now i know i said that before

does it bite

No i’m pretty sure that bear you were going to fight for me does though that’s different if you

Want to be scared of the bunny i won’t judge if i’d known it was you there wouldn’t have been a warning shot

Guess that’s, where you made your first mistake

If you’re, not after the ultimatrix then, what yunus

Out of this tennyson you don’t understand what you’re dealing with


Problem this weekend was supposed to be the three of us not the three of us plus ben’s new girlfriend?

He’s up it’s hard enough for her without all the pressure from you. Pressure you’re treating her, like that and you cannot keep a girlfriend

Sunder attacked us in the forest, we got separated? She’s wearing, my extra clothes i can, track her

This, way although i can’t imagine how she got way up here, oh she can, absorb animal powers she was jumping like. 20 feet high

Maybe something from your ship could be when we found you i’m pretty sure you weren’t carrying anything

Kevin i want to know who i am i’m skinny

You, want to know, who you are i can, tell you huge

What did you?

Like it really thought you could beat me?

well yes

Last mistake you’ll, ever, make he’ll, make plenty more mistakes

That didn’t come out right

what am i

Where do i come, from where are my parents

You have no parents you’re a thing a machine, why are not surprised

As what are you doing here

Attending to trivialities that should have been easily handled, by my proxy my concern

Uris is that what you’ve been calling the unitrix

Unitrix, is that my name you know, who i am

So when i cut. My hand opening the space pod it sampled your dna randomised it and created unis

So basically you lost your duty, you can’t just store a human being she’s not human

She’s a construct. No more alive than any of your


I’ll fight you azmuth

i believe you would

very, well unitrix eunice

Do i still get paid, what did she give you