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Mermaid Mini Cake Video + Bonus ASL Mini Class – Duration: 8:33.

Hi guys, today I’m going to be making a requested cake!

And its going to be a mermaid mini cake!

I have divided the cake batter into

three equal parts

and I put food coloring — blue and green food coloring

in this one to make a teal, aqua color

and I put

purple food coloring in this one to make it purple

and for this one, I just left it white.

So, now I’m going to stack the cakes together.

So I forgot to mention that I used a cake leveler

to make the cakes flat so I could be able to stack them.

Okay, so now I”m going to

use a melted chocolate

and whipping cream that I melted together in the microwave.

And I’m going to use it as a drip

around the sides of the cake right here.

I have printed out a mermaid template

and cut it out, and put it on fondant,

traced it out, and I put it —

— I made it

like this.

So, what I did was, I used edible glitter

mixed it with a little bit of water, and just brushed it

to make it shimmer.

I, also,

cut out some circle dots

and did the edible glitter, as well.

I’m going to attach her

to one of the prettiest parts of the cake.


I think I’m going to do it..

right here!


Now I’m going to attach the dots, as well.

Colorful dots.

You don’t have to use all of them.

Whatever fits on the cake.

And it would look like this.

I have used chocolate molds

and in seashells

and, as you can tell, I used

pink chocolate and white chocolate

Then I put it in the microwave, for about

30 seconds, until it started to become

melting, like, pourable, spreadable.

Then I put it in the fridge, for about 10-20 minutes

Then I popped it out of the mold

And it came out like this.

I’m going to attach sand —

this is not real sand — this is actually golden Oreos

I took off the filling and

I smashed it in a ziploc bag, until it became into crushed


I’m going to put the sand

around the edges of the cake

and on the sides.

Now I’m going to,

excuse me,

attach the seashells on the top of the cake.

Now I’m going to put some blue pearls —

edible pearls — on the top of the cake.

This is the mermaid mini cake. I hope you guys enjoyed it

Don’t forget to share, like, and subscribe.

And like I’ve always said in my previous videos,

if you have any requests, you can always leave a comment below

and I’ll be sure to make it happen.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one!

Now we’re going to taste the cake!

I don’t have a fork.


Now I got my fork!

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I Bought A GoPro! | Hero 5 Session | Test Footage & Mini-Review – Duration: 2:30.

That’s right. I bought a GoPro. It’s the Hero 5 Session or the Hero Session

5. However that’s supposed to be pronounced. As you can see I already tore

the box open and it’s already strapped to my head and the red lights already

blinking. We’re just gonna get right into it. Let’s go!

Sorry Nikon. You’re staying home.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Look at the size of the block!

I’ll tell ya, I never come back here and people always say it’s really

comfortable back here. They’re not kidding. It’s really comfortable back here.

So I know this video is long overdue. I really wanted the last scene to be

a game of tag. But nobody wanted to play tag.

Anyway quick thoughts on this fun little camera…

Hope you enjoyed this. If you did, hit that like button. Comment. Share. Subscribe.

And if you’re interested in doing a video with me even, if it’s nothing like this,

E-mail me. Contact me. Let’s get in touch.

I’m Dom Ouano. I’m a filmmaker here in San Jose, CA.

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Election of Barack Obama: Mini-Documentary – Duration: 5:17.

[Putu] On November 4, 2008, Barack Hussain Obama, more known as Barack Obama,

was elected as the 44th President

as well as the first African-American President of the United States of America

With winning with a majority vote from the US public against his Republican rival; John McCain.

“Yes, we can” was a memorable phrase used during his campaign as it inspired Americans to vote for him.

In which, his election into office changed US Politics, foreign relationships

and social standpoints in America (USA) and the rest of the world.

[Patricia] The Election of Barack Obama had impacted the US and the World,

Obama became a focal figure in the American history even before his initiation.

He led the country through two wars, imprudent mass shootings, civic unrest, cultural demographics and many more that transformed America

and made international impacts for long-term benefits.

President Barack Obama led the country through the Great Recession

by cutting the unemployment rate over the six years from 10% to 4.7%

He implemented the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

ARRA; nicknamed the Recovery Act.

The main objective of the Recovery Act was to save existing jobs and generate new ones as soon as possible.

There was a reformation in the Economy after 2008 and an improvement of Healthcare systems across the United States.

Obama signed the Affordable Care Act which provided healthcare to over 20 million Americans who do not have insurance.

The Iraq War or the so-called Third Gulf War was a military invasion of Iraq by the United States

and its allies to put an end to the Global War on Terrorism

led by the Baath Party of Saddam Hussein; the fifth President of Iraq.

The war was brutal for both parties as it led to the defeat of the Iraq army

and the execution of Saddam Hussein alongside the thousands of casualties and billions of dollars expenses spent during the war.

In 2010, President Barack Obama brought an end to the combat mission in Iraq;

[Obama] Last year, I announced an end to our combat mission in Iraq

And to date, we remove more than 100,000 troops

Another unforgettable achievement that Obama has made was the combat mission to kill Osama Bin Laden;

the leader of Al Qaeda and a terrorist who was responsible for the 9/11 attack.

[Obama] Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world,

that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden

the leader of Al Qaeda

A social impact of President Barack Obama is the support of the legalization of Gay Marriage,

in which he delivered upon in 2015,

alongside the signing of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act in the US. Providing a greater equality of rights for the LGBT Community in the United States

Obama also signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or known as DACA;

with the main objective of this federal act is to provide children who entered the US illegally,

have the temporary right to study, work and live in the country.

Creating better opportunities for immigrants’ children to have a better future

The election of Barack Obama, as the first african american president of the United States, was a highly controversial topic at that time

with many Americans disagreeing with the concept of an African American President in the first place.

However, the election of Obama resulted in a positive impact throughout the world and the US,

with gradually diffusing racial discrimination,

roviding equal rights towards all types of people in the US,

and improving diplomatic relations between countries around the world.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”

So how did the election of Barack Obama; the first African-American president of the United States shake the world?

President Barack Obama was eminent to numerous changes that was established to support technological,

social, economic and diplomatic aspects of humanity

During his service of presidency;

most of his achievements was to proclaim peace and solving current issues that affect the United States and other countries

He wisely led the country through two wars, imprudent mass shootings, civic unrest and improving all vital aspects of the US society and the global society.

Moreover, Barack Obama did not only help his country become more stabilized,

but also conflicts relating to the US that has not been solved by former presidents and of course;

being the first African American president in US History, the first in 44 presidents to inherit a different colour and ethnicity.

[Obama] We are, and always will be, the United States of America.

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How to Make a Simple Mini-Greenhouse Using Gordeev’s Technology – Duration: 3:03.

In this video, we show how to make and install a simple mini-greenhouse.

[♪ music ♪]

We cut off 2 meters of polyethylene film from a sleeve one and a half meters wide.

This is a cheap thin film – a thickness of only 50 microns.

It turned out completely ready greenhouse…

to cover a piece of land 1 meter long and 1 meter to 1.2 meters wide.

We will not cut the polyethylene sleeve, ..

because we do not plan to flex the film and weld it with a soldering iron, ..

as in the manufacture of our standard greenhouse.

Next, lightly level 4 meters of galvanized steel wire…

with a diameter of 3 mm or more.

And biting off of her pliers 2 pieces – each 2 meters long.

On every wire from one end we bend the loop with the pliers.

The wire is ready.

If you do not have a wire – you can use wooden slats, ..

Sticks, branches without knots, window glazing beads, plastic tubes or something similar.

Length of 2 meters is also not necessary – in principle, one meter is enough.

Further we loosen the ground under the greenhouse to a depth of about 10 centimeters.

And mark the plot with rulers.

We do this on a standard bed with a width of 1 meter 20 centimeters.

We measure 1 meter along the length of the beds under the greenhouse.

We put across the bed two arcs of steel galvanized wire 4 mm in diameter, ..

or more.

The ends of the arcs are stuck into the ground approximately to the depth of the foot.

The wire length for each arc is 2 meters.

The wire can be replaced with something else: sufficiently flexible smooth branches, ..

plastic tubes and so on.

We took standard arcs from our long greenhouses.

We unfold the film, fold the greenhouse sheet in half, ..

lay along the path, and press it with stones.

We insert both bead wires between the layers of the sleeve.

[♪ music ♪]

After that, put the cloth with the wires on the arcs.

[♪ music ♪]

We rake out some land on the path, ..

if it is planned to seal the greenhouse after sowing.

Further we measure the same distances from the arcs, ..

pierce the film and press the bead wire…

our standard steel wire pins with a diameter of 5 mm.

If you do not have stakes, for such a short hotbed they are not required.

Since in any case the film on the ends of the greenhouse is firmly pressed with stones.

At one edge of the greenhouse, two or three stones with a total weight of about 10 kilograms are sufficient.

[♪ music ♪]

That’s all! The simplest mini-greenhouse is installed!

Using the same technology, you can make longer greenhouses.

With you were Eugene and Tatiana Gordeev!

Until next time, friends!

For more infomation >> How to Make a Simple Mini-Greenhouse Using Gordeev’s Technology – Duration: 3:03.


Questions and Answers Shipping Container House – Living Tiny Project ep 024 – Duration: 27:59.



Well today we’re gonna have a Q&A.

So, let’s get started.

Before we start it we need to say something.

This is gonna be a long one. We have like around 35 questions.

So, if you are not ready just…

Get your coffee.

Yeah. Just pause the video, go, get your coffee, relax, sit confortable.

And, let’s get started.

Question number 1.

That’s with you.

The first.

A hard one.

Let me…

So, the first one is…

Do you guys ever fight or discuss?

Not really.

Not really.

I mean.

Usually we have the same opinions but we always discuss or have a kind of…

As we doing all together it’s like the evolution is something natural that happens.

This always happen I’m hungry.

Yeah. The only time we discuss a little bit is mostly when she is hungry, when she gets tired.

And usually this happens when we were recording audio, like today.

And I’m tired.

Because she’s lazy to speak English so she gets tired of speaking really quick.

And then you know she doesn’t want to record five times the same thing.

So, it’s sometimes is necessary and…

But usually when we build we don’t discuss at all.

I mean when we’re recording regular stuff we never we never discuss.

But here on the audio.

And woman, there is you know this period like week of the month

that sometimes she gets weird so you know.

My turn.

Are you planning to insulate the house?

If yes, what kind? What are you gonna use on the walls? Drywall?

So, first we wanted to use EPS on the whole house… I mean before that we wanted to use

spray foam.

But it’s really really expensive and we cannot afford to get spray foam.

And in this part of our country they don’t have the spray foam that…

Yeah. The machine you know the big machine to spray foam the whole house we won’t have it here.

So we need to use like you know…

To put component A and B together.

Or pieces, like big pieces of spray foam, of foam. So, it’s not a spray foam, it’s foam.

So, it’s like 5 times more expensive as if we use…

Anything else.

I don’t know how you call it. We call PET.

That is basically bottles of water recycled and turn into like foam.

But 2 or 3 weeks ago my cousin gave me a call and he said he had a lot of EPs at his house

that he was not gonna use.

And that’s a lot of EPS.

So as we got it for free we’re gonna use all his EPS on the roof.

On the on the ceiling and one on the roof on the ceiling.

So that means that we got like maybe I don’t know 5 maybe like five 6 cubic meters.

That’s a lot but it’s only enough for the roof. So we’re gonna have EPS on the roof, I mean on the ceiling.

I’m sorry, I’m just…

On the ceiling and on the walls you’re gonna use PE T.

Yeah. It’s wool I guess they call it.

Yeah. PET wool.

So, basically on the wall it’s gonna be PET wool and on the ceiling is gonna be EPS.

Until this week we were planning to use plywood on the walls. But we were…

Yeah we are kind of almost changing our minds to use drywall.

We don’t really… we’ve never used drywall before, we don’t really know what to expect.

It seems like really dusty.

But we are still considering. We might do drywall because of the price.

And someone said that it’s quicker to do. So we might use drywall.

And it’s light.

Oh, and it’s lighter. yeah.

I will ask it for you.

Did you do any video recording or editing before?

Well, actually what we’re doing now is a long time ago one of my dreams for a long time.

Since we met.

Yeah. We met each other but we’re gonna talk that in another question.

But when we met each other I was about to start my first documentary.

that was…It was not my first documentary. My first try of a documentary.

That didn’t work that well. But…

It worked in parts.

So basically how I got into video was that in 2005, that means 13 years.

Yeah. 13 years ago I took some sabbatical time and I went to Europe for 5 months.

And I ended up in Morocco to meet a guy, that was my ex-girlfriends mom’s friend,

and he works with documentaries for like 30 years.

So I ended up in the film festival of Marrakesh and after I went to Marrakesh was like:

Now I know what I want to do in my life, I just want to be a filmmaker.

So, I came back to Brazil and I was like: nope, I want to be a filmmaker.

And I wanted to go to a film school in Chicago but it was too expensive,

and I ended up not going to Chicago instead I tried to do my first documentary that didn’t go that well.

I went back to university… it’s just…

Long story short: I’ve been wanting to do this for 13 years.

and now it’s finally time that I’m able to do it. So, I mean…

I shot a lot of small short videos before. I did a lot of editing,

But all mostly taught by myself.

Even though I went to a film school in São Paulo, the big city in Brazil, in 2009 for 1 year,

but before that I was already editing some stuff and I mean it’s mostly self-taught.

I watch a lot of videos.

People think we are just you know recording and editing and posting videos

but a lot of the time we spend on the week it’s watching other people’s videos. So we learn with it.

So. Do you guys have any helping with the video production or it’s just the two of you?

Well, basically. You know how people say I’m a one-man band? We are a couple band.

So basically do everything us, me and her.

The only thing sometimes we have help is for the drone footage.

Sometimes you see a drone footage that you know that drone is moving but we are both working.

Of course it’s not us.

We have a friend.

So, you met him already on the footage probably episode 3 or 4

he is holding the big plate of the wall.

But Andre our friend, our lawyer, a partner, he’s a really good friend, he is our drone pilot, main drone pilot.

And other than that, we shot, we edit, we post, we take care of Instagram, YouTube and all together.

Just the both of us.

How long does it take to produce/edit one episode?

To produce, depending on the task we take more time doing a task or less time.

Usually we… you take like 2 days at least to edit it.

Now I… I used to take almost a week editing this season’s episode.

First season I used to take almost a month to edit one episode.

Now I take like maybe 2 or 3 days to edit, color correct and audio correct.

And I do the subtitles.

And she does the subtitles.

So while I edit she have a little bit of free time to watch her videos and do her stuff.

And when I’m done I give it to her she does the subtitles and I study the rest.

Like how to build stuff, how to use this machine or how to I don’t know just random stuff.

I need to write the posts, I need to do the description.

So basic I do the editing she does the subtitles I do the thumbnails.

There is a bug on the on the lens. Can you see it? Walking around the lens. It’s weird.

Your turn.

Can I record my band’s video clip on the top of your deck?

I mean he’s talking about the… it’s he.

Yeah. I mean, you could.

It’s actually a friend that has a really cool band, we like it a lot.

So basically, I don’t know in the future you might see a video about his video clip on the top of a roof.

Yeah. It’s a possibility.

Which computer program do you use for 3d model? Which program do you use for video editing?

For the 3D model we just did some stuff, we didn’t finish it yet.

Yeah. We don’t have the plans for the whole house, you’re just doing along the way.

Yeah. But we’re using Sketchup.

Sketchup Pro.

And about the video?

Video editing we use Premiere Pro.

We used to use Final Cut back in the days but I didn’t really like the changes on Final Cut Pro X or something.

So I switched to Premiere and it’s pretty good. And right now it’s working.

It’s perfect.

It’s not perfect because when we shot with the Iphone there is some bugs on the …

Yeah. We have a few bugs. We stop shooting with the Iphone.

Now we only shoot with our main camera.

Because randobly the video loses its audio when we use Iphone footage on the videos.

Oh, by the way. I think we forgot to put this question: which camera do you use?

Some people asked it.

Currently… we used to use in the beginning until maybe Episode 8 or something

we used to use a Canon 5d Mark II, the old one that I have I own that since 2009.

And now use all the Canon lenses, but we just bought in December for the channel,

we bought a Sony alpha 6500 or something.

Yeah, 6500.

And we use a video mic Pro for the microphone, for everyday use.

And when we record audio we are using this microphone.

We don’t have a cell phone here. Can you get my cell phone?


We basically use the Sony A6500 with the video mic pro.

Broken one.

And we use, for interviews we use…

this mic, that a Sennheinser, I’ll put it in the description below the model.

And we use a small audio recorder.

And just so you guys know this is really good but it’s really old.

I own this since the first documentary I tried to do in 2006.

And still this only… not the only but the best mic I have ever owned .

That’s really good. This I bought in 2009.

So, next question.

How does it work with permits for a shipping container house?

Here in Brazil it’s the same: a shipping container house or a regular house is the same thing.

You just need to you know each state has their own permission each city has their own areas and you know

the codes and stuff.

So you need just to follow the code. Basically it’s the same thing as a regular house.

I don’t know, let us know if in your country is different but here is the same as a regular house.

Are you planning to have a staircase to the top of the deck?

How about the railings?

What are you planning for the top deck?

You can answer that.

So, we are planning to have a staircase or a ladder.

Not a staircase, a ladder.

But we didn’t decide it yet.

The thing is the plan originally was to have a staircase.

But then we thought that we don’t want a a railing on the top.

I mean… the house would look bad I don’t like the design I don’t … the railing.

I know people say… they are concerned with safety.


But that’s the reason why we don’t want to have a staircase, otherwise if you’re not at home

people come to the… because we are not the only house in the land, so people

come around. So if people see a staircase they’ll come here and go straight up to see the view.

And if you are not here and someone falls it’s our fault.

So basically we want to have a roof that people go with us up.

So, when we’re not here no one goes up. So the idea is to have a ladder instead of a staircase.

So in this way we take off the ladder and it’s not like a you know like….

We didn’t decide it yet.

It’s not like a public area.

I don’t want to take it off.

But, he always want to take it off.

Yeah. She wants to have a staircase, but I mean.

I always say that this is a deck for adults.

Even though.

If you are scared of height you won’t go up, that’s the main thing.

It’s just for adults and who is not scared to go up.

So, we are not planning to have anything around.

Yeah. The idea is to have a…

Just plants maybe.

Yeah. We want to have plants, like vase of plants around. Maybe that’s gonna be the railing.

But railing railing I don’t think so. We might change our minds. We never know, but…

And the plan is to have the deck to protect from the sun first.

And to use it as a relaxing place.

Just to see the sunset.

The question was what we plan with the deck.

The deck is basically a place to…

Do a barbecue.

To have maybe a barbecue or something.

Sometimes, but not often.

I mean barbecue there are so much space underneath to have a barbecue, we don’t need to go up.

But to see the sunset is really nice.

To see the fireworks on New Years right in front of here on the city. So it’s really cool.

So basically it’s a place for people that come and have never seen the city from the top.

It’s a place to go up in enjoy the view and relax. It’s a sunset place let’s call like that.

Maybe sunrise.

Yeah. Sunrise no, sunset.

It’s you now.

Oh, it’s my turn.

Let me choose.

A hard one.

A tough one.

Did you purchase the property?

The land I didn’t purchase it’s my family’s. My dad owns this land for almost 30 years.

So I grew up here.

It’s not the main place where he lives. My family doesn’t live here.

His office is down in the end of the land.

So basically we didn’t buy but we did rent it somehow.

Let me explain it.

Before we start the building my dad said we can use this small piece for a while if I did something for him.

So I worked for him for a while for like two months building something for him.

And then as a payment… as an engineer.

I don’t know people, some people don’t know that but I’m an engineer, I have an engineering degree.

Civil Engineering.

Even though I have no experience with engineering I have a degree.

So I was the engineer for his building, not building just like a contention wall.

And then as a payment… he didn’t pay me anything, he paid me the right to use his land.

So, thank you.

It was a good deal.

And now we have a really cool place to you know live.

It used to be his farm.

Yeah. Here used to be like a farm but it’s right by the city.

With cow.

We have like chicken, as you guys know already, we have like a garden and stuff.

Yeah. We used to have a cow here back in the days.

When I met you.

Maybe… my dad wants to put a sheep here now.


So you might hear something different soon.

We’ll see.

Are you going to save the water from the roof?

Yeah. We are planning to have a place to save the water.

But someone said that maybe the water can contain chemicals.

Yeah the thing is we planned to use the water, that was the main plan.

But someone commented on the video saying that as the woods treated with stain,

maybe the water is going to be contaminated for you know for plants and stuff.

So we’re going to use for something we don’t know for what yet.

But we are definitely gonna have a tank to hold this water and then we…

Maybe for plants that are not to eat.

Just for flowers and stuff not for food.

Is that mine now?


You like it, right?

How many shipping containers are you using?

What is the size of the house?

One by time.

How many shipping containers are we using?

We are using only one. A lot of people think we are using 2 shipping containers.

But you can watch the *second episode where we explain what happened.

We planned to use two 20-foot shipping containers in a L-shape

but we didn’t receive the shipping containers we bought.

So we decide to buy in a different company. They didn’t have 20-foot, they don’t only had the 40-foot

and the 40-foot could not go up the hill where the land is located.

So we decided to cut it in half and you know turn around.

So basically have one 40-foot High Cube.

So it’s one 40-foot HC shipping container cut in half. So basically it’s one shipping container.

Second question.

Sometimes we call them as 2 because it’s easier to say this one and this one.

Yeah. We call 2 but it’s one. So, it’s one divided in half.

What size is gonna be the house?

So, it’s basically… I think after insulation it’s gonna be 27 square meters inside the house.

Plus a deck on the bottom level.

The deck is gonna be like 3 meters by 2 or 3 by 175 or something like that.

And we have like 42 square meters on the top.

After… the thing is after we did the deck we decided to shrink the decks on the bottom,

because it’s really hard to work with wood for us.

Yeah. After the hard work we had on the top deck and in the amount of money we spent,

because it was a lot more expensive than we thought.

The bottom deck was supposed to be 3 by 4 and now it’s gonna be 3 by 1.75 probably.

We’re just saving some money.

Today would you buy two 20-foot instead of one 40-foot HC?

That’s a tricky question.

Actually last week we were thinking that if we would go back in time instead of two 20-foot we would by just 1.

Yeah. It was enough for us.

I think one… now the house seems even too big for us.

I think we would buy just one 20-foot and do the whole house in one 20-foot.

But as we cannot go back in time and we have this already we are just gonna keep going.

It’s gonna be a good house in the end.

Yeah, for sure. But it could be smaller.

It could be smaller.

It’s mine. I can choose.

Oh, yeah.

Do you plan to live in this house until retirement?

That’s a tricky question. Are you planning a retirement?

Retirement. What is retirement? I mean… That’s a tricky question.

The thing is the idea… I’m convincing her still but…

it’s gonna work out.

The idea is to live in this house until we have enough… a big enough boat to live on.

Yeah. You heard it right.

The idea is to live here until we have a boat to live inside a boat.

When we had the idea of building the tiny house was the idea of downsizing to a small house

and then downsize to a small boat.

Instead of going straight from the house to the boat it seems smart to get used to a small place on the land.

And then going to the boat. And we didn’t have money to buy a boat. So…

I mean we have a boat.

And it’s cheaper to build.

I mean to buy a big boat, we have a small boat so it’s not big enough for us to live on.

Yeah it’s a little bit too small to live on.

But the idea is to live here until we find a boat to live.

If you consider this a retirement.

Yeah. I mean, it could take maybe 2 years, maybe 10 years.

So hopefully 2 years.

Not, 3 years maybe.

I would like to live here more time.

Yeah. Maybe 3 years.

Or maybe we change our minds, when it’s ready so cool that we just don’t want the boat anymore.

But for now we are planing on one day on living on a boat.

That’s your. No, it’s mine. So, I choose.

You chose.

When you cut the walls, windows does the effect the…

When you cut walls/windows does that effect effect effects the integrity of the shipping container?

Did you have any problems with?

Well as… I think we talked about that before but the shipping container is made out of curtain steel.

And it’s all structural.

What I mean by that is that it’s not only the you know the beams and columns that hold the thing together.

Even the walls are structural.

So if you cut a big hole you have problems with integrity.

But if you cut small pieces it’s no problem.

We only had a problem when we cut the connection in between both containers,

because the wall was like maybe 2.4 meters by 2.7 meters high.

And when we could nothing happened, but we could feel the floor moving more.

Not much but you could feel the vibration of the floor have changed.

So to fix that we just put an extra support on the bottom on the footings.

So it was fine.

But if you cut like you know some people want to buy a shipping container and cut the whole side.

You need to do you know, but extra columns and extra reinforcements because you will have problem.

So. Do you have a regular job? What’s your profession?

This is our regular job.

Yeah. Let’s start with professions.

What did you go to university for?

I’m an Environmental Engineer.

And he is a Civil Engineer.

But she has some experience. She worked on the field for a while.

So, she worked as an engineer.

I went originally to school when I graduated high school I went to a business school for 5 years.

And then I wanted to quit on the middle ended up not quitting so I know.

On and off I went all the way to the end in 6 years.

After that… in the middle of that was when I wanted to study film.

But I couldn’t afford to study film because it was really really expensive.

I wanted to go to Columbia College University in Chicago in the US.

And it was too much in that time.

So I decided to instead of quitting I decided to go all the way to the end of my bachelor degree in business.

After that I studied film in a film school São Paulo/Brazil for 1 year.

The course was 2 years but I wasn’t getting as… what I wanted.

So I decided to quit the film school.

So I learned a lot of course, it was really cool. I met a lot of good friends that work with videos.

That’s what I learned from.

Friends for life actually.

Really good friends .

And then, after that I came back to Florianópolis, I started working,

and I decided as I was working with real estate I decided to do

a Master degree in Real Estate and Construction Management.

And that’s when I met a lot of engineers.

And I always thought that if I would go back in time to university again

I would go for an engineering degree. So I started a civil engineering degree when I was 27.

That means that I finished the degree when I was 32 I guess.


Currently we are both 34 years old.

Yes. So basically I had no… I have no experience on engineering.

Even though I have a civil engineering degree.

And that comes to the second question, here, that is: how can we afford what we’re doing now?

The thing is when I was finishing my civil engineering degree I decided the I wanted to take an extra step

and start a Master degree in structural engineering.

And I searched all over in different countries

and we decided that I was gonna do my master degree in Australia at Sydney University.

So we moved to Australia in 2016, in February 2016.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about the whole first season of this channel.

We have a season called Odd Life first season. There is a playlist.

You can watch all about it. We have 19 videos about this experience we had.

So basically I saved money for 7 years.

Not 7 five. No 7, 5. No 7 years. No 6 years.

Since we are together.

Yeah. I saved money from 2010 to 2016 and use all this money to pay for the master degree.

Plus we sold all our belongings back then: our car, we sold our furniture from the place we lived,

that was rented but we had a lot of furniture.

Half of our sailboat.

Yeah. We have a small *26-foot sailboat that we owned the whole boat back then

and to pay for Sydney University I sold half of the boat for our friend André,

that’s our drone pilot that you know already.

So André is our drone pilot, our lawyer, our friend and our partner on the sailboat.

So basically he paid for my first semester at Sydney University for my master’s degree.

Paying for the boat.

And the rest of our savings was… we were gonna use towards paying the rest of the master.

But when I decided to quit because I don’t know was just not… I don’t think it was being worth for what I wanted.

And it was really expensive.

It was really really expensive.

And the cost of live in Australia for us is really expensive.

So, basically I decided to quit the master and I talked about that on the other season that you can watch.

And we decided to take a 4 month sabbatical trip to decide what we are gonna do for the future

I mean for this year.

But that time we didn’t know anything.

And that’s when we decided to come back to Brazil and to start building our house.

And that’s how we can afford the house, is with the money that I saved towards doing a master degree.

So as I quit the master degree I had enough money to build the house

because it was really expensive. So it’s I think it’s gonna be…

We have a little bit more even to you know to buy equipment, cameras and stuff. So…

We basically decided to take the risk, take the chance to come back, build our house

and build a Youtube channel.

So basically what we have is savings enough to work for 1 year maybe 1 and a half years.

Only with the videos. We don’t have an extra job, we don’t have a side job.

We work full-time 7 days a week 24/7 on the building on that channel.

And that means that the reason why we’re working hard is because

we really really really want this work to work out.

And we really want this to become our job. I mean not like a boring job but to become our dream job.

That’s what I always wanted, for like 13 years I’ve been wanting to live producing documentaries.

And that’s what we are doing right now.

So basically we have 1 and a half years to get the job done.

I mean, to somehow finance ourselves with the channel.

So basically people ask if we don’t have a Patreon. If you don’t know what’s Patreon you can check. That’s the link.

I mean you can type that on the browser and check.

We do have a Patreon, actually. We’ve never talked about our Patreon page because it’s not 100% done.

I mean we’re still working on it. We have all the description of one we want,

We recorded already the video. We are editing the video that it’s a presentation about what we are doing.

But we didn’t have the time to talk about that yet.

So, if you want to check just go to Patreon and check it out.

That’s a…

It’s really really helpful if you want to join us on Patreon.

Because as I said before we have the money to do the house right now.

But we don’t want to quit. People asking: so what are you gonna do after the house is done ?

Definitely we want to still do videos.

We might have a wood and steel welding workshop.

Or we might…

build a sailboat. Or we might buy a really old sailboat to fix rebuild and live on it.

I mean, the ultimate dream is to live aboard sailboat. So that might be one of the next projects.

But it’s just an idea, don’t stick with that just that. That’s just an idea.

And the way to do that, the only way we can afford to do that

is if the channel actually works and if the channel can finance itself.

And that’s why we have the Patreon. But we’re going to talk about that in the future.

Just for now just live as it is.

That’s how we…

We are paying with our savings and we don’t have a side job.

That was a serious question. I’m even tired. I was like…

Speaking too much, but…

Q&A Part two next Monday

Join the crew

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