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Auto blog on youtube: Auto news on Youtube Apr 1 2018

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Building LEGO Speed Champions Ford GT & Ford GT40 | Part 1 | Super cars DIY – Duration: 11:19.

Hi! This is Matvey Star channel! And today we have LEGO from Dubai.

We have two racing cars, Ford, like real!

Now we are going to open the box.

and start putting everything together.

Oh, I forgot about the stickers.

Look at these stickers, we have a lot of them.

so let`s see what we have.

We do not want to loose any details.

We have our manual ready,

All the details on the table.

and two small packages.

we will put details from them separately.

once, I with my friend mixed all the pieces, and it was a mess.

We tried to build a ship. You have to separate the pieces.

Cool, you have everything ready.

Almost,one package left.

These pieces we will place together, as they are small.

Look, what a batman shoes you have.


Ok, we can start.

We will start with this car.

This black car, right.

and this winners pedestal.

Right, pedestal for winners,

and there is a cup also!

Let`s start!

Let`s start with a winner man.

well, he is not on a pedestal, he has a flag, and he gives the start for the race: ” Ready, set, go!”

This one!

White costume, blue hat, and a flag.

legs, head, and a hat, here we go.

and, the flag, the most important. It is not so easy!

Show us the flag.

Here it is. We need to find a sticker on it.

Here it is.

You need to stick it on both sides of the flag.

Like a checkers board.

Got it.

Ready, set, go!

The man is ready.

Now we will arrange the driver.

Legs, body, head, and helmet.

will he has hands? sure, they are attached to the body already.

It seems, that he has no shoulders and neck.

here it is. Ye, I see.

Oh, well, guys, we forgot about the cup!

I straight his legs so he can stand up with the Cup.

cause the Cup is heavy and he can lean forward.

Let`s arrange the pedestal!

Look, what we have!

Look, we now have our pedestal ready!

But this is not the end.

We need need to put a big sticker on it.

The pedestal is ready!

Now we will start to arrange the car.

Every set has different kind of pieces, depending on the car.

this is the first piece.

now you are searching for the parts, you need?

This is what we get so far – a single piece.

This is the base of the car.

this is another piece we need to attach.

What is going to be? -Do not know yet.

This is a driver`s place – this I know for sure.

We finished the first part and now starting the next one.

We have attached other small parts of the car, now we need more black pieces.

and they go over here.

one more -goes over here.

This two will cover the tires.

like this, already looks like a car.

and this one goes over here.

Now we will stick the number on it.

Now we will put stickers on the second part.

the same number, right?

and over here. but this one will be on the other side or at the back? It will be on the other side.

there is no place at the back.

like this, here we go!

Here is our car, guys.

now I will arrange the glass of the window.

and the sticker.

like this,

and this is what we get!

The window goes up like this.

up and down, here it goes.

it can be opened and closed like this.

this is like fire-escape.

Like I said, guys, this is a fire-escape door.

for the driver, over here, he gets out.

Now the wheels and some additional pieces.

These are for two parts.

For one car, and the other, for the second.

Is it difficult to put everything together?

Sometimes, yes.

The box says: from 7 to 14 years.

I`m already 7 yeas old – I can do this.

This goes over here.

This one is the special piece – the part of the car for the racing.

now we will arrange the turbine for the car. Here they are.


now we need to get the size right…

you need to measure it, yes?

Yes, sometimes, they have a different size.

Like this one is very small.

and the other one is bigger.

so we will not put them in a wrong place.

we need this one.

6 centimeters.

Oh, this is hard! -Let me help.

wow, that was not easy.

Here we go, thanks God!

This is still not the end. We need to finish the front.

The wheels are ready from one side.

Ok, we have all the wheeels, what is left then?

over here we need some parts more.

The wheels are still not ready, now we will make them look better.

Did you want to sing a song?

Which song would you like to sing?

OK, I see.

Wait, the wheels are still not ready!

Look, now the wheels look better.

There is more!

Not finished?

Next, there is gonna be- subscribe to my channel -but not yet!

We will travel and do a lot of cool stuff together.

and play, well, I am going to play.

I think it goes over here.

This is the front.

over here,

It is like this, look.

I have attached it, now it is a bulldozer.

and this goes over here!

and here we get a bulldozer.

check the bulldozer, guys.

here goes the last sticker.

well, it is not a bulldozer, but it looks like one.

it can dig.

it has a scoop.

Finally, guys, the car is ready!

Here is our car! The black one!

You made it by yourself!

Let`s turn it like this.

Here how it looks like.

This is another side of the car.

Cool! This car is so cool!

Nice car, beautiful.

And the next one, guys, is going to be this one – the red-blue and white car.


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