Geographic displacement of US plants in the Canadian automotive sector

In a recent article by Dennis DesRosiers, a prominent analyst in the Canadian auto industry, he pointed out that transportation costs and uncertainties associated with long delays at the Detroit-Windsor border were pushing manufacturers and product suppliers away. Local automobiles – a runoff already cleared in southwestern Ontario. and southeast Michigan. He added the following points and ideas:

Development follows the infrastructure

Vehicle assembly plants and parts plants move away from Detroit and Windsor to the Sarnia-Fort Erie Corridor

This change affects employment, population, tax revenues and economic vitality in southeastern Michigan and southwestern Ontario

The auto sector in Michigan and Canada is now more aligned with an east-west corridor starting in Sarnia and ending in Forth Erie, rather than a north-south corridor starting in Windsor and ending in east of Ontario.


As everyone knows, the auto industry makes manufacturing decisions several years in advance. As indicated by the automotive industry (for example, a CPSA report), increased transportation costs and uncertainty about the reliability of the Detroit / Windsor border crossing are a major drawback for the region. The industry has mitigated these disadvantages by changing the location of product manufacturing and the location of suppliers. The risk here is that these changes are growing at an ever faster pace given current market losses and the financial pressures facing the sector.

Car manufacturers and their suppliers use this corridor bypassing Windsor and Detroit. The corridor gives them access to suppliers in New York and central Ontario, and almost direct access to Chicago via I-69. In addition, CN's large-capacity rail tunnel in Port Huron facilitates the shipment of finished parts and vehicles.

An example of this move is the recent announcement of Toyota installing its new assembly plant for the mini RAV-4 SUV in Woodstock, Ontario, between London and Hamilton, all along this east-west corridor. . The location of this plant covers Toyota bets by allowing it to use Windsor / Detroit if the border is repaired

Break the myths about tires

People may know a lot about cars, but when it comes to tires, it's a big zero. Today, we will break some myths about tires.

Myth: Tires should be inflated to the pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire.
Fact: The sidewall indicates the maximum tire inflation pressure, not the recommended pressure. Follow the inflation pressure recommendations listed in the car owner's manual or written on the door post.

Myth: A tread is needed for excellent traction on dry roads.
Fact: A tire with no tread provides the best results in dry traction thanks to the maximum amount of rubber in contact with the road. A tread, with its empty grooves, actually decreases this traction on dry roads. The role of the tread is to act as a squeegee in wet conditions. It removes water under the tire and channels it through the grooves to improve wet traction.

Myth: Performance tires work faster because of sticky compounds.
Fact: Partly true but the polymers in the tread are not the reason. In fact, advances such as new polymers and heavy-duty steel constructions allow high-performance tires to last longer. The lifespan of high performance tires is approximately 45,000 miles, which is comparable to the figures recorded for the family car passenger. Res. Fast wear is usually due to high speeds and aggressive driving.

Myth: Wide tires provide better traction in all weather conditions. The installation of oversized snow tires on a car offers better traction on the snow.
Fact: completely wrong. Wide tires tend to float on thick snow and the horns of the tread are unable to dig up the road surface and gain traction. Narrow tires provide better traction on the snow. Narrow tire that cuts snow more easily and provides traction.

Myth: All season tires are enough for a uniform winter season.
Fact: may be true in some areas, but in places where snow stays on the roads for days, winter tires are the best.

Myth: Tires should not be rotated from one side to the other, but only back and forth.
Fact: Radial tires can be crossed from one side to the other in the direction of rotation, unlike tires with bias pleats. Regular rotation of the tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles ensures even wear of all the tires in a vehicle.

Myth: New tires should be placed on the drive wheel for maximum traction.
Fact: True only on a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Always install new tires on the rear axle. Most tire buyers buy new tires for the drive wheel position in order to get the maximum adhesion. In doing so, they are transferring the bulk of their pulling capabilities from the rear. The vehicle is more inclined to over-ride.

Myth: The government tests tires for traction, temperature resistance and tread wear resistance, and attributes molded shades to the sidewall.
Fact: The Uniform Tire Classification is a federal law that requires tire manufacturers to classify their own tires based on their resistance to wear, traction and temperature. Tire manufacturers test the tires and attribute their own qualities and not a government authority.

Myth: A ripple on the tire sidewall is supposed to be a weak point and can cause it to fail.
Fact: A ripple is created when the materials overlap in the tire casing and is actually the strongest part of the tire.

if you can land it, then go for it… but if you wad it up and wind up in the hospital, well, your last words better have been "hold my beer and watch this!"

Just A Car Guy: if you can land it, then go for it… but if you wad it up and wind up in the hospital, well, your last words better have been “hold my beer and watch this!”

Understand your central air conditioner SEER Rating

Each central air conditioner has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating regulated by the US Department of Energy. According to US regulations, no central air conditioner in the process of manufacture can have a SEER less than 13. Most central air conditioners generally have a SEER ranging from 13 to 20 approximately.

Unfortunately, most consumers do not really understand the meaning of a SEER rating. The best way to explain it is to compare the SEER ratings of an air conditioner to an estimated MPG for a car. Some cars reach 15 miles per gallon and another 30 mpg. All things being equal, most people would probably prefer to buy the car that gets 30 mpg on the one that gets 15 mpg. Why, well, the car that gets more mpg will end up saving more money for the consumer in the long run, although it may cost a bit more in the beginning.

The purchase of a newer air conditioning system with a higher SEER can also generate substantial savings on your monthly energy bill as newer systems are much more efficient in terms of cooling. By upgrading your air conditioning unit from a SEER 9 system to a SEER 13 system, your energy consumption will be reduced by approximately 30%. This can result in energy savings of up to $ 300 or more per year, depending on your usage rate and the cost of electricity in your area.

Do not forget that, depending on the climate and the place of residence of the consumer, your air conditioner can be one of the most essential things for a home. For example, a person living in Florida must take the SEER air conditioner evaluation very seriously when considering buying a new system. Nine out of 12 months of the year, it is hot and humid in Florida. The air conditioner will be used almost non-stop most of the year. That is why it is crucial to understand the SEER ranking and to buy the air conditioner that suits you best, as well as the climate in which you live.

So, when you next visit the market for a new air conditioning unit, do not forget to take into account the cost savings of a unit with a higher SEER. Although you can spend a little more money for the unit, you will probably have to compensate for and exceed that extra cost in just a few years.

9 working days with the union on strike has cost GM about a half a billion in profit. The result of this strike will be a 4 year contract, by the way

GM made an initial proposal to the union on Sept. 14 that included $7 billion in investment in eight U.S. plants and more than 5,400 additional jobs, most of which would be new hires. The automaker also offered 2% pay increases in two of the four years and a similar lump-sum payment in the other two — smaller raises and payouts than what union members received in the expired contract. The company said it would keep health plans intact.

The union balked because GM’s proposal fell short in key areas. The raises were too small, and the offer didn’t include terms that its negotiators liked on use of temporary workers and the length of time it takes for shorter-tenured members to get to top-scale pay. Also, GM’s offer to invest in a union-represented battery plant in Lordstown, Ohio, came with a catch that wages would be paid much less than senior assembly workers.

Something I heard on the radio that easily balances the scales versus the average hourly wage of the blue collar workers, is the ridiculous paycheck the CEO and boardmembers make.

The CEO, makes 22 million fucking dollars a year. I’m guessing if the CEO made 1 million a year, and the other 21 million were reinvested in the company, to some relevant use, that CEO would still do just as good of a job. I’ve never understood why CEOs have to one up each other until their asking salary is more than the GDP of some states, countries, or regions of our planet.

The Board of Directors of GM
isn’t as easy to get info on how much GM pays them.
For example Wesley Bush, a boardmember of GM, is also CEO and Chairman of Northrup Grumman, where he makes 24 million a year
Linda Gooden is the boardmember of Univ of Maryland, and Home Depot, and retired from Lockheed Martin as exec VP
and Joseph Jimenez, CEO, Novartis
and Jane L. Mendillo retired President and CEO of Harvard
Management Company

the next 4 highest paid members get a combined 22 million  page 42

So, though it’s not simple to find what the boardmembers get paid to run GM, it’s easy to see they have a variety of experience running other corporations

Distracted driving is a bigger problem than we thought

The numbers do not lie: in the United States, 37,150 people died as a result of distracted driving in 2017. Unfortunately, this is not the worst part of the news. Researchers find that there is no single reason for preventing distracted driving.

This means that there is no direct path to a solution resulting in more and more deaths. At the moment, the only thing that has proven successful is to educate people about distracted driving.

Another thing that experts decide to try is how to make connectivity from smartphones to cars less connected. Almost every new car on the market makes it easy to connect your phone to your car.

You are able to stream music, map routes and, in some cases, even order food, coffee, and so on. It takes a lot of drivers & # 39; far from the road, drivers aged 17 to 22 spend at least 12% of their driving time playing with their smartphones. Any time spent on your phone while driving is too much time away from the road.

Apple and Android have their own extensions for cars. At one point, Apple asked for more customers & # 39; be careful that the Android version when entering directions and moving from one place to another. But, when it came to sending SMS, Android was by far a distraction. However, both must make a change to reduce the risk of distracted driving.

With all the new technologies in cars, enter compared to the cameras. Some people do not agree with this for reasons of confidentiality, which is understandable to the extent that it is a fundamental right in most peoples. eyes. However, these cameras can help develop autonomous cars with the data collected. In addition, this could be our solution to solve the distracted driving epidemic.

Experts can analyze data collected in daily collisions and driving habits to determine how to make new vehicle technology less cognitively demanding, or even develop an algorithm to prevent inappropriate use when the vehicle is in motion.

But to what extent are consumers really ready to give up? How much of their data do businesses have? At the moment, there is not much regulation, but it will come soon, because the new cars will soon have all this technology.

There must be some type of compromise because, when these data are used appropriately, progress can be made. For example, much of the tracking built into these cars can prevent crime. Much of the data provided can solve the mystery of accidents, including distracted driving accidents, and generate ideas on how to prevent them. The results can save money on auto insurance, medical expenses and, most importantly, invaluable lives.

However, it ultimately falls to the drivers to stop taking distracted driving habits. Keep in mind that distracted driving is not just about the mobile phone and that the car's functions keep you away from the eyes. It also includes eating, drinking, putting on makeup and more. We must finish with the reduction of the number of accidents and victims.

Contact a limousine service to go further

Who should I contact to improve the perfect night? We all have those opportunities for which we just want the best. I know I'm thinking back to the day of my wedding, the night of my prom and my birthdays and that I think of the perfection I wanted those nights to be. Whatever the day or the night ahead, this is a luxury trip that can only come from a limousine. Very few of us would consider buying one, so renting is the only option. A good limo service will be able to provide you with the luxury transportation that will make your special night perfect.

Your quest for limousine service that will work best for you should be something you take seriously. The limousine selection and prices can vary greatly, and only checking out several limousine services in your area, you can find the one that suits you. Start with the yellow pages, in print or online, to find phone numbers for local limousine rentals. The second place to check would be on an online search engine. Many limo services have websites that will give you a lot of information.

Once you have compiled a list of phone numbers and / or limousine service websites, it's time to start looking for your options. Like most of us, you will probably want to check the prices first. Most limousine services will charge you at the hour, but others can go to the day or the kilometer. You may even find a combination. Find out the fees charged by each company and estimate the amount of your costs according to your projects.

The second factor that will affect both the price and your choice of a limo service is the type of limousine you are renting. Today, there is an unlimited number of limos to rent, depending on where you go. You can find SUV limousines, limousines of traditional city cars and even limos of vans. As you can imagine, each of them usually has its own price, so this is again an element to consider when choosing a limousine service.

Now that you know the different types of limousines available and each has its own price, you can start figuring out what you want to rent. In addition to your budget, you should also consider the practical and fun aspect of what you get. Think about how many people will get in the limousine, where you will go, what the weather is like, and who will be with you to decide what will work best. In good weather or by month, you can ask your limousine service if it offers a car with a convertible top or even a hot tub in the back. If you are part of a group of people who like off-road vehicles, check to see if you can get an SUV limousine. Just do your homework to determine what will work best for you.

If you are planning a special occasion or a celebration, there is no reason not to go to the next level. You can contact a limousine service to add a touch of luxury or entertainment to your night. Make sure you do your homework by looking for limousine services in your area, their fare and types of limousines. [] they have. Get these steps taken care of and you'll be on your way to the good night.

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Educational animal magazine for children!

With all the information available today, parents have trouble giving their children how to teach them how to read. There are books, toys, games, and more, but they are not all for children and are not created just to make them more readable.

Now, as a parent, you would like to give your children reading material that interests them, if they do not interest him, they will not even bother to watch them. We all know that the only thing that interests children is animals. They are naturally curious about them and would like to know more about animals. Remember the first time you brought to the zoo and spark in their eyes when they saw all the animals, you can not even stop them from answering all their questions about the different animals that they saw.

It would be really nice if you could use this interest in animals to teach them to read better and give them more information about wildlife and the environment. You can provide your children with books on different animals, but since a book does not contain many pictures, your children will probably be bored easily. And children are also sometimes intimidated by books. Children learn better and faster if they have a lot of visual stimulation. Children must associate words with images to better process information.

Now this is where alternative reading materials come in like magazines. Magazines do not intimidate children. In fact, children are attracted to magazines because they are easier to read and contain more photos. Now, try to make you choose between a book and a magazine, I bet they will choose the magazine.